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08 Dec 2018 19:12:20
How refreshing is it to see our right hand side being used in a game? First time in ages we've got a fullback who can overlap, cross and he's actually quite skillful, some of his crosses today were fantastic. Hope he keeps it up.

{Ed0333's Note - good player him. Has fire in his belly too.

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08 Dec 2018 19:53:01
Yes, need more of them Ed0333, like Herrera, also excellent today. Needs to work on his defensive side but looks good so far, a HUGE upgrade on Johnny Jerk off lol.

{Ed0333's Note - I watched your game and I honestly thought you had a bit of effervescence and identity in your play today. I never thought you’d play better without Pogba and Sanchez. Doesn’t that sound crazy?

08 Dec 2018 19:58:03
His athleticism and final ball are phenomenal for his age. By the end of the season he might just be our best full back. Our team FINALLY looked balanced with him pushing up on the right flank.

{Ed0333's Note - he’s got a great future ahead of him at this rate mate.

08 Dec 2018 20:26:35
I think that may be a bit harsh on Sanchez personally Ed, we look a lot better when he's played upfront for us this season, movement, agility, technique, he can p
Press, think he's been a bit unlucky this season, we look better without Pogba, Lukaku wasn't great, Valencia, Fellaini. Was a good game to watch, eptomised, for me, by Herrera.

{Ed0333's Note - I still think Sanchez should be on the right.

08 Dec 2018 20:54:47
I agree Herrera was good today Scholes and I would probably have in our best possible team, but I thought his defensive awareness and pressing were his best asset. He's overly cautious on the ball though and only commits himself forward when we break high up the pitch. Him and Matic were stepping on each others toes today a bit today and didn't see the need for both of them at all. Fred on the other hand, all be it for the short time on the other hand, showed a willingness to drive the team forward either through incisive passes or clever runs in between the lines, he should have started really.

08 Dec 2018 21:05:53
Was at the game today lads done well.
Change in tactics a bit, thank God and surprise surprise a bit of a better performance .
More intensity, better press cm 20 yards further up the pitch at least .
Rash showed his potential again I am amazed people question him . lukaku pushed on pressed the cb instead of dropping in to 70m line .
Matic wasn't playing as a 3rd cb .
Well done Jose give a little bit of a glimpse of what the team can do .
That said they are a poor team on that performance.

08 Dec 2018 21:36:03
That said they are a poor team on that performance?

09 Dec 2018 07:52:34
He means Fulham.

09 Dec 2018 08:07:51
I was wondering 😂.

09 Dec 2018 12:50:44
I have felt of late that our weakness down the right has been as much a destabiliser as the misfiring midfield and makeshift (by that I mean chopping and changing either due to form or injury) defence. Like most here I assume, I have played in various positions but a key to a strong defence is a group who plays together regularly and learns to play as a unit with each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Dalot did very well against Fulham. He provided what we have been lacking the last 2 years from Tony. Width on the right, someone to go past players and some balls into the box from the right and be a threat. I have been a Tony fan he has been a good servant but his day is past. I hope Dalot can stay in the team and develop further. He certainly looks to have the potential. This will also make it harder for teams to stop Shaw/ Martial when they return. Mourinho should learn from this. You are old enough if you are good enough. Simple as that.
Well done Dalot for finally bringing some balance to this United team.

08 Dec 2018 19:10:43
A good day in Manchester. Whilst i am happy for a City loss, i am devastated at who is top of the table today.

PS- it may still change as there are still 10 min to go at Stamford Bridge.

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08 Dec 2018 17:54:12
Well done boys!

'Its only fullham' - don't care tbh.


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08 Dec 2018 18:40:47
Yes, a good win and a good performance, let’s hope we keep a winning team.

08 Dec 2018 19:57:30
I thought Fred looked great as well when he came on.

08 Dec 2018 17:38:07
Diogo Dalot looks a player lads. Some phenomenal crosses, I remember ed 001 saying he's very highly regarded over on the Liverpool page in the summer.

That performance was everything we wanted, everyone working hard, and working for the team. Big shoutout to lukaku, looked much sharper, had much better movement and his touch was there today. Rashford, fantastic.

But the two players who I feel made the biggest impact were Herrera and Mata. I lost count how many times Herrera won the ball back, and he really set the tone, especially first half with his pressing. Paul Pogba take note. Mata, may just be the be the most technically gifted player we have had in years, his goal was just beautiful. So many nice touches in and around the box, linked well with dalot by creating him space moving infield.

Hopefully we get a big performance from pogba on Wednesday night and a few younger lads get a chance. Great performance.

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08 Dec 2018 19:27:27
Absoutely caolan

Mata and Herrera - 2 of UTDs forgotten game changers

Not the best against every team but ran astic against a team that their style suits.

Ander especially because he was one of our out n out vest players not so many seasons ago.

08 Dec 2018 17:23:00
Well that was boring!

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08 Dec 2018 19:28:14
No bites mate. He fish are sleeping.

08 Dec 2018 19:36:58
They usually are asleep after we win. Nothing to criticize so let's just go to sleep. Our "fans".

Its 1 am in India and i am still buzzing.

08 Dec 2018 20:39:51
Well united addict -

Hello to India from us in England.

{Ed0333's Note - Namaste

09 Dec 2018 06:17:32
Greetings from India for you guys too. 🙏🙏.

08 Dec 2018 17:10:58
What's different the past 2 games why all of a sudden are players running and hounding the other team.

Energy passion and movement.

Where has this been all season.

Let's hope it continues.

Rashford again was fantastic and dalot. finally someone who can cross a ball.

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09 Dec 2018 00:06:54
Because the meecenary pogba wasn't playing.

08 Dec 2018 17:08:44
Dalot unreal today, we looked a lot sharper without Pogba.

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08 Dec 2018 16:55:08
Even thou was against Fulham, it was good to see us score more than a goal at home. Supporters deserved for too long.

Dalot had a superb game, Rash, Lingard and Lukaku had a very good effort running up and down for the ball.

Every single player played well today.

Shame we hadn't a clean sheet.

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08 Dec 2018 15:47:05
Is this Manchester United for real? Nice to see us playing well for a change, fluid and attacking.

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08 Dec 2018 16:42:42
Do you think its a change of tactics today? According to some on here jose has been tellung pogba martial fellaini valencia to be bone idle and stand still but today he obviously told the players to run around a bit.
Yez its only a poor fulham but a few virus's missing today and matic looks better. No valencia we have good attacking runs. Rom and rash moving off the ball. No forward player just playing for himself and moving when he feels like it.
Dalot man of match as i write this in 85th min.

08 Dec 2018 16:56:10
Notice who isn't starting.

08 Dec 2018 17:38:17
We are showing pogba too much love when he doesn't try for France they get on his back that's why he had a big world cup . he is here 2 and a half years picking up 300000 a week and not getting stick from fans at old Trafford . it's an easy ride for him.

08 Dec 2018 17:38:32
Can't even win without people pointing fingers and making digs. Pathetic really.

08 Dec 2018 17:49:34
All I m saying he needs to improve.

08 Dec 2018 18:02:41
All I'm saying look what a different team we are without him. Much better performance.

08 Dec 2018 11:04:30
I was interested to read this morning a story that we may be about to sign a young player called Noam Emeran, a 16 year old at French club Amiens. I understand he is a striker and a lot of top clubs were after him. Reports are that a deal could eventually cost £8.9million, with bonuses.

We did the same with players like Chong and Puigmal. It will be interesting to see how these players work out in future. Players like Garner, Greenwood and Chong should be starting to knock at the door next season. I hope that we are getting these players like Puigmal and if it happens Emeran, with a view to play for the first team in years to come and not as a conveyor belt to make money. I wonder who has the Muelensteen coaching role at the club these days.

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08 Dec 2018 14:21:24
Some comments attributed to JM this week that the club can no longer just go and buy the best players from the other Prem league clubs. Maybe this is now a shift of recruitment emphasis?

I think we would all like to see some youth players breaking into the first team. To make that possible you have to have world class promise developing in your youth set up. Hopefully a good move.


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