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21 Apr 2019 20:47:15
Manchester United need to make some tough decisions, at a time when Real Madrid have reached a position where they need to be decisive, we are sat there being at best indecisive, yet think we compare to them. Sorry but it is a major mistake appointing Solskjaer, the club needs to deal with it up front now, immediately right now. If the club goes through summer trying to support someone who does not have the necessary experience it will be a disaster. Have the guts to realise the mistake and deal with it.

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21 Apr 2019 20:56:11
I will add that the manager needs to be given the authority to deal with players that are not committed and get rid of them but that manager is not Solskjaer.

21 Apr 2019 21:35:11
So your calling for a sacking after a month? Knowing how utterly rubbish most of this squad is?

21 Apr 2019 21:37:00
It really is time to make some harsh decisions, followed by Ed Wood taken away from all footballing decisions including contracts and signings.
Get a dof in fairly sharpish.

21 Apr 2019 21:53:06
Liverpool fan in peace. why do you think the club appointed ole already?

I get that with having the job already he can look at what he wants to do in the summer, but surely he would have been doing that regardless.

Or was it that no other manager fancied the job so they gave it to him.

Just think there was no need to give him the job until the summer, because let's be honest I don't think that there would have been a host of clubs after his signature.

21 Apr 2019 21:56:15

Sacking is a strong word, but there has been a mistake in the appointment that needs to be dealt with. Do we stay with the emotional sentimental appointment or not?

21 Apr 2019 22:06:33
Dress it up how you want your still calling for a sacking. Who said it was an emotional appointment? As the scouser just said we needed someone in place now, before summer starts. Or would you have preferred a manager starting July 1st, saying well actually I'll give everyone a clean slate and no signings?

21 Apr 2019 22:19:32

I am saying there has been a mistake and we need to be decisive. I wanted a process that considered the best options, did we really have that? I want the best manager for the job, take the emotion out of it, do we have that?

21 Apr 2019 22:19:54
Even if it did happen, where ed would look even more foolish with a bizaare u turn, who would we get to manage this circus at this stage? Yes it was strange to appoint when the season is not yet elapsed. Let alone the fact that he may be way short on experience. I realise we only see a snapshot of what is the whole story. Perhaps signings need addressing etc etc - so they jumped the gun and appointed Ole. In retrospect Mourinho had to go anyway (understand again we only see part of that story) . the players he wanted didn't come and he sulked. The remaining players are just not good enough for this club. I think we have no choice but to plough on.

21 Apr 2019 22:27:37
The manager is not the issue at this club, I said all along stick by Jose, the club not doing what José wanted and the players downing tools for him, Ole gets United and what it takes to play for them, he may not be the best manager in the world but to call for his head to replace him is ludicrous we need to stick by a manager and let him manage or we will forever be in this circle. Pep could walk in here today in the structure we have with the players we have and struggle.
Things need to change up above and we do need to be ruthless cz there are some absolute dross at this club and some rotten eggs, Japanese knotweed attacking the house I believe Rednev called it 😂 he is bang on btw.

21 Apr 2019 22:33:10
I agree mort but it looks like an emotional appointment, he had an easy ride for a few games, got through psg luckily, then most united fans that were happy we scrope past psg, everyone got carried away, ex players, players, fans on emotion said give him the job, I seen rio on bt, get the contract give him what he wants,
We rushed it and for me made a mistake.
Now today we look at the players, their not playing for the love of football, not for the love of united, but for the love of money,
I'd dock all their wages after today, and a united player launching a clothes range last week, do that when you retire, they retire young enough.

21 Apr 2019 22:35:59
Personally I'm with red man, I think ole is the wrong appointment.

I think whoever came in was going to make the team have a big jump in performances.

Ole has done nothing in his management career and I feel that you needed someone coming in who would be respected a lot more by the players.

Your in a slump and I don't see ole doing anything to get you out of it.

You will buy in the summer but come the start of the season with all the pressure and expectations, how will the team handle the pressure.

21 Apr 2019 22:43:59

21 Apr 2019 22:48:19
Lavers. They appointed Ole because they had not had a single approach from a top manager in the interim, and any approach they had made was rebuffed. No one wants to work for Woodward now. Ole's initial success gave them all the cover they needed. It seems to have backfired.

21 Apr 2019 22:50:15
How do we know Poch wasn't sounded out, took one look at the state if things an thought you know what the grass isn't greener I'll stick where I am. Course woody ain't going to announce that. So he goes with option b.

22 Apr 2019 01:25:55
Lvg had a much better cv that didn't work. Jose cv even stronger and the fans and players hated it soo much people stopped coming to the ground. Ole made mistakes today but he has to have a chance to make his team with his players before he's written off.

22 Apr 2019 01:37:06
Ole is fine, we have bigger problems to resolve, Carrick is well thought of and Loch maybe be receptive to a change in a year or two.

We should be moving players on who are either not good enough or don't want to be there as well as correcting the dumb transfer and contact decisions made more recently.

Ole can restore what is expected of a United employee over the next year or two and perhaps we can move on from there. Quick fixes don't exist.

21 Apr 2019 23:52:16
Red Man,

Today was a dereliction of duty, a two fingered salute to the manager and the fans. A display of insubordination and indifference.

If we don't stand behind our manager then we absolve this indulgent bunch of all responsibility. There can be no hiding place for charlatans and prima-donnas.

I wholeheartedly disagree with your post. Your talking about sacking a Club legend after a matter of weeks when you have just watched 11 imposters stroll around Goodison Park enjoying the sunshine.

Talent is nothing if it's not backed up with hard work and endeavour. Sadly our most "talented" players have neither. It's time to hit the reset button and let these fraudsters be indulged at other Clubs.

On Wednesday night we should show our support to a manager that delivered us a treble. We send a message to the players and the board exactly where our loyalty lies in a demonstration of solidarity and defiance. We will not accept players that simply want to stroll around the pitch or a trigger happy CEO that seeks to apportion blame at every door other than his own.

You want the Club to sack the only man that actually cares and will no doubt be suffering the most tonight.

It's gone beyond credentials or experience now it's about showing we don't turn on our own and root out the real problem at our Club which is apathetic, disinterested and unambitious players and owners.

Surely Ole deserves the opportunity to put this right and get rid of the players that are disrespecting our Club. I enjoy reading your posts but come on the only way to sort this lot out is to get rid of them not the manager.

22 Apr 2019 06:29:56
Just get rid of the sulking players.
Everything else will follow.

22 Apr 2019 07:13:24
Morning DLIB

I have no doubt Ole cares and will have suffered like the rest of us over the result, however, that doesn’t make him the right manager. We all care but none of us can manage the club. The failed manager of Cardiff is now managing one of the worlds biggest clubs, appointed on the basis of what, 10 games in his managerial career? . I would hope he could be persuaded to resign as the job is too big, bigger than he realised. He may be a club legend but does he have the gravitas to sort out a crisis? Make no mistake, the club is in crisis and the blame for it is at Woodward's door, however Ole is not even SAF light. SAF had player issues but had experience to deal with it and I can’t see the same in Ole.

The players, I said the tail was being allowed to wag the dog when Mourinho was in charge, same applies now and the core problem makers need to be rooted out and sold, no matter who is manager or their standing as a player. Maybe if the club had supported the last manager this would have already been sorted. Once sacked we should have looked at Pochettino and Allegri in a proper appointment process yet didn’t. As we had with the Moyes apologists, there will be some who say no one else was available, wanted the job, only Ole, utter nonsense. It is a crisis and it needs the leadership which we have been sadly lacking since the one leader at the club retired. Even so I can’t see it and think we will bumble on, buy some players, not good enough ones, not sell the real problem players because they are an expensive asset and the structure above, the decision makers will stay the same even if a DOF was brought in. It may take a bigger crisis to get the changes really needed and that could peak by Christmas.

22 Apr 2019 08:09:11
If spurs don't have CL next season and Poch doesn't have any money to spend. would he have not been an option as manager?

22 Apr 2019 08:28:04

what your saying is all well and good . but how do you know Poch or Alegri weren't approached and just said feck that . there is to many rotten eggs there.

If they were able to get One of the best managers ever the sack. the problem isn't Ole,

Its Woodward not backing the manager and I don't mean financially I mean backing him .

Do you honestly think that Jose didn't go to Ed and say we need to get rid of this Root Pogba, he's a virus …. And Ed thought about it for all of 2 seconds and said nah we need the commercial asset to be making money . so deal with it.

Ole will always have the backing of us fans its the players who should feel our wrath, some of them have just signed to get the big bucks and celebrity that comes with playing for our club.

I know I'm 100pct behind Ole he needs 2 seasons at least and we need to accept the mess we are in and jump on board and let him work with our full support until he weeds out the dead wood and replaces it with true players.

22 Apr 2019 08:45:44
Lavers are you taking the mick here.?

"Ole has done nothing in his management career and I feel that you needed someone coming in who would be respected a lot more by the players"

He mightn't have done much as a manager but . as a player he has done it all in one of the best ever teams .

If some of the Sh1t bags in our current squad can't respect that . then who can they respect . Klopp and Poch haven't won much more as managers than ole. and certainly haven't had the playing career he had . Jose probably the 2nd best manager ever in the modern game couldn't get their respect .

The problem is the players and the recruitment policy and for that you have to blame Ed.

22 Apr 2019 09:52:59
That’s a great post DLIB. Red man I enjoy your posts but to be calling for the managers head is a joke quite frankly. Where is the loyalty and support? It’s quite clear the issue here is the players. It has been for the past 7 years. They’ve failed for 4 managers now. Woodward is another cancer to the club. Ole may not have the most glittering cv, but he has united running through his veins. He knows the United way and the values that made our club great. We’ve lost that. We’ve sold our soul to the devil. What I say yesterday was nothing like the United I fell in love with. Instead of pushing your agenda how about support the manager in a time where we all need to pull together. The knives are out from the media and rival fans. They at revelling in our demise. We don’t need our own fans contributing to our demise. You cannot pick and choose which manager you decide to support. You like Jose so you have him a chance. But didn’t give Moyes a hope in hell. Sir Alex said whoever is manager it’s our job to support them. Quite frankly I’m shocked that you are calling for his head.

22 Apr 2019 08:03:00
I have been a regular to this site for at least 10 years now, only in a reading capacity though. This is my first ever post:

1) The owners, since they hindered us with a huge debt all those years ago, we have failed in so many ways. Lack of proper planning on and off the pitch, the real lack of investment in the Sir Alex years, then onto blundering our way around the transfer market signing players for stupid sums of money and giving out ridiculous contracts, we've signed players for all the wrong reasons, which is why we are in the state we are now. Coupled with the under investment years ago, we are now in a pretty poor position overall. I am not saying the Glazers physically bought these players, but they are owners and for me overall it's on them, as they have overseen all of this from above in some form or another. They failed to adapt to the rising challenges of City, Liverpool, Chelsea, PSG and the other large European power houses.

2) Ed Woodward how on earth is this guy still involved so heavily in the football side of things. For me he is the true issue, in our extremely poor transfer dealings in the last 5 seasons. Which has seen the likes of Di Maria, Falcao, Fellaini, Pogba and co come in and waste huge sums of money in transfer fees, agent fees, signing on bonuses, wages and who knows what else. Which sadly hasn't made us any better or achieved anything. We have go from manager to manager, and really haven't moved forward or improved. I think now we are at our lowest point in years. It's so painful watching this great club being torn apart slowly from the top down. Why has our recruitment been so bad for managers and players, why have players been given such stupid contracts, why do we still have Young, Jones and Smalling in our defence after all this time, why haven't we got a DOF yet and so on.

3) The Sánchez deal. For me this is the worst signing in our history. I am just not talking performance. I am looking at the bigger picture here. A player who came in on the biggest contact we have ever given out. A reported 350-400k plus per week. He has underperformed, apparently has a bad attitude as well. But the biggest issue is, we have now opened the flood gates for current players to try and milk us for massive deals, plus future signings will also now want a piece of the action as well. This deal was wrong on so many levels and will now affect us for years to come. The true cost we will never know unfortunately.

4) How have we allowed the players to become so influential in the overall clubs demise and performance

5) How have we just sat back and watched City over take us on the pitch and off it. They are miles ahead of us, with a clear strategy for the future. Even Liverpool appear miles ahead now as well.

6) Was or is Ole the right man to take us forward? Again possibly poor planning or the cheapest option. I honestly hope he isn't a yes man and he really will make us strong once again. I will 100% support him though as we can't keep going round in circles like this.

7) It's really alarming when you look at our current squad and there is only 6-8 who are of the level we need moving forward. That's based on ability, determination, work rate, quality, potential and age

8) I think we have now come to a crossroads, where we blamed Moyes, LVG, Jose but in actual fact overall it's a combination of the players and the senior team at the top, who are mainly to blame. I am not saying the managers are completely innocent but we are really seeing the deep rooted issues with the team and club now. I think Ole is really struggling with it and we have a huge task on our hands.

9) Where do we go from here?

10) I honestly think a season without Europe would do us good. Have a massive clear out, reduce the squad size and wage bill. Bring in 4-5 suitable signings and beef the squad up with youngsters.

11) Let's hope the Glazers go in the near future and new football focused owners come in and create a winning structure for the future of the club.

12) Is Gary Neville talking about Pogba and who else, when he said there is a rotten core in the squad?

13) For me this summer, has to be the biggest test we have had, it's a massive clear out. Which could see a churn of 12-15 players in and out possibly.

14) We are the biggest club in the world commercially and have the biggest fan base. But we have failed to maintain our position in terms being competitive in England and Europe. It's time to start working out how we get back to the top and stop signing players who aren't invested in making us great again.

I know all these points have been discussed over and over again. But it is heart breaking seeing us fall this far. Let's hope Ole does getting the backing in the summer, let's hope he does clear the deadwood out, let's hope a DOF or technical director gets appointed, let's hope Ed does move away from the football side of things and for the future we manage to rid ourselves of the Glazers poisonous rain at our club.

{Ed002's Note - (1) Nonsense. (2) You clearly don't know how the club is run. (3) Hasn't worked out well. (4) I have no idea what this mean. (5) So? The club has no right to be winning everything. (6) The fans got what they craved. (7) It is a great pity you cannot give your support to the players. (8) The club has fans who are far from the brightest who are never happy with their lot. (9) Like other clubs you get on and try and improve, but as you can't support the players it will get worse - what the fans deserve. (10) Ridiculous. (11) You know absolutely nothing about the owners, is this what the idiots on Twitter are telling you? (12) Do you trust every word Gary Neville utters? (13) Because they lost yesterday? (14) You sound as arrogant as the Liverpool fans.

"Ole" doesn't need "backing, Manchester United need a coach who knows what he is doing. I am sure the "deadwood" will be pleased to get away from the fan base, and appoing a Director of Football is not going to make any difference at all. Your whining about the owners is, like most Manchester United fans I see on here, from a position of utter ignorance of the club.}

22 Apr 2019 11:16:01
Jedi ole may have done it as a player but that doesn't mean that he will do something as a manager.

Mourinho lost respect because of his negative tactics and playing players out of position.

The United of old played good attacking football and when they attacked you fancied them scoring. The attacking football which klopp and poch play.

Untied under Mourinho and Ole sit back and hope to catch you on the break.

United have spent hundreds of millions since fergie left but bought the wrong players.

Last summer Mourinho kept going on about a CB, but why didn't he prioritise that position instead of buying Fred?

22 Apr 2019 11:24:32
The Ed is correct, we have no devine right to win anything, yet many still come on here with the belief we are still at the top of the tree. We are not, we were, but the last six years has seen our power drain away. We never hit the European heights even under SAF because we were limited in our outlook. However the club is run, I can’t see an obvious strategy and we seem to lurch from decision to decision without clarity of the path we are looking to go down. Four managers all different. The frustration is that other clubs like Liverpool and City seem to have defined the path. All great dynasties come to an end, we never accepted the end of ours, yet keep holding on to SAF ideals, tried to recreate it with Moyes and are now hoping Ole will get inspiration from him, instead of moving forward. I might get be wrong and no doubt the Ed will correct me, but I seem to recall Liverpool cleared the great Shankly out of the way once he retired and it brought the greatest period in their history.

I stand by the belief we have appointed the wrong manager, throwing money at it in summer isn’t sufficient.

22 Apr 2019 17:15:06
So are you going to back him or not?

21 Apr 2019 19:28:16
Ole is going to have to run The Crucible a lot sooner than he thought, and how he comes out of this test will shape the future of this club.

If that performance isn't proof that this squad is broken, then I don't know what is. Ole looked genuinely hurt. I'd love for him to drop the majority of that squad for the remaining 4 games. They don't deserve to wear to shirt.

The bare minimum you should do as a professional football is work hard. Tactics fail, players make mistakes, you can have a bad game, but if you're going to put on a Man Utd jersey, bare minimum is effort. The squad is rotten.

Lingard releasing his new clothing line during the week. I get that footballers have other interests. Wait 3 weeks, focus on your football. Manchester United used to be a club that secured sponsors to help us achieve our goals on the pitch. Now we're advertising company that sometimes plays some football.

I said it after the Barcelona game and I'll say it again. Rip it up and start again!

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21 Apr 2019 19:42:39
Great post mumbles.

21 Apr 2019 19:43:54
Don't think there is much there that anyone can disagree with Mum lea. Spot on.

21 Apr 2019 20:01:32
Mum lea - Mumbles obviously!

21 Apr 2019 20:37:55
Good post mumbles.
Betty don't be so sure. The odd one has a line drawn in the sand and they are not for turning.

21 Apr 2019 20:41:10
Everton ran 8k more. That's shocking and shaming.

21 Apr 2019 20:56:52
I thought that this was a good squad?

21 Apr 2019 20:59:31
Mort - worse than that I saw a stat today that as a team we have been out-run by the opposition in 15 or 17 games under Ole. What makes that even worse is the fact that more players have been getting forwards than under Jose, so that can't just be down to tactics. Yet again, we need to look at the personnel on the pitch, not the ones sat on the sidelines.

21 Apr 2019 21:38:51
No sorry Betty apparently its all the manager. Out of his depth. Its never the players. Its tactics, the manager, the weather, the ball, Harvey the rabbit, Santa Claus.

21 Apr 2019 21:39:39
But in Oles first few games we out ran the opposition. He made a point out of saying it's the bare minimum to be a Man Utd player. That was his first few games. What changed?

21 Apr 2019 21:46:08
Cos they're a pack of lazy persons mumbles. They know the seasons over, nothing to play for. Some of them also know their off in the summer whether its out of contract or transfer. So their not bothering to play.

21 Apr 2019 22:52:42
No but wait guys Ole has got 30 points in 15 games and mourinho 25 in 15 games. Hahahha

On a serious note - Ole isn't the right manager but he needs the chance to clear out 60 percent from our first team.

Smalling, Jones, Young, Matic, Perera shouldn't be anywhere near the first teamyet we game 2 of them a new contract and i think Woodeard needs his head checked.

Pogba, Martial and Lukaku they can leave too as they won't win us any titles and that dejected look on Martial when he misses a chance is just classic.

Apart from DeGea, Dalot and maybe Rashford it wouldn't bother me if any of the others left or not.

On a a side note Pogba did look like he was running around chasing balls for a change but i just think everyone else was just poor.

This isn't a quick fix like Ole said and its going to be another 3 or 4 years of winning nothing.

21 Apr 2019 23:51:38
For all u folks who are angry right now, I just say, its my birthday today and my team just a performance for the ages and not in a good way.

What's the opposite of a birthday present?


22 Apr 2019 01:38:37
I want ole to be a given a fair chance but it's hard to defend him when he plays our best CB at rb and a rb at lb. On top of that plays rashford wide and lukaku up top.

We don't have a good enough squad that much is clear the over reliance of Pogba to create is killing us. People talk about Herrera matic fred mctominay none of them create anything the whole midfield creativity is down to one man and when lukaku and martial have zero movement there is no real threat as pogba has no one to give it to.

Huge transfer window needed and it seems like some strong man management to motivate these players is going to be needed to because despite everything we are only 2 points of top 4 and the rest are also inconsistent. We don't have to be good just not as bad as the other 4 teams.

22 Apr 2019 06:35:11
Great post Mumbles.

mnk. It's because we don't have any other options.
Everyone wanted Young dropped.
Now there is no cover or squad depth to address the problem.
Shaw suspended means we have no left back.
Lindelof has played right back at times for Benfica and Sweden.

21 Apr 2019 19:31:47
We are similar now to the Gunners and Scousers a few years back one of Mr two good results then bad results, we laughed as we won league after league. Well the shoe is on the other foot, something is not right in the dressing room and needs to be sorted. What bothers me most is the turn around from poor under Jose to excellent under Ole but know back to no effort again, why? Same players different attitude. Can't blame woodsy for this or Ole l believe it's a group of players dictating the effort. So Ole needs to find who and clear them out of our club. Against City l would put in a few of the young lads at least they will try, City must be looking forward to the game on Wednesday.

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21 Apr 2019 17:40:36
Not posted for a while.

Im not 'doing a beast' either

Iv said all along that ole has fone a brilliant job, i mean he had turned things around 100%.

However, i feel an appointmwnt of new managwr should have come at the end of the season. We were in a vwry difficult place needing a new manager but part way thru a very important season so i see why they gave it to ole.

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21 Apr 2019 17:58:08
We were probably going to finish 7th or 8th. Now we are probably going to finish 5th or 6th.

Same back line for years gone by. Different managers. Same results. Forget who’s in charge. The recruitment has been dire and the players we have and have signed are not good enough.

21 Apr 2019 18:32:52
Although appointing Ole was a bit premature i feel, in fairness you can't blame him for that performance today. The millionaires just weren't bothered. probably a bit warm for them too bless them. No bookings from frustration either . 6 or 7 fouls. a little trot about for the afternoon and then hop in the porshe and off home for the evening for most of them. Seriously, that is embarrassing .

21 Apr 2019 18:55:54
Bring back moyes.

21 Apr 2019 23:09:45
maybe some of the players want out and it will be easier to force a move if United do not finish in the top4? i heard there was a significant pay reduction in their contracts. the decision to play Lindelof right back to accommodate Smalling and Jones i could not understand. That performance was so dire it was baffling.

21 Apr 2019 14:50:35
As posted on here, Last year I took myself down to the park to watch 22 players give 100%, 100% of the time.
No primadonnas, no tactical play for more money. Scrappy but a good watch for no money.

Along comes Ole and I am nearly recovered when players send things downhill again in a fit of peek. I think Ole needs to have a real clear out. I would like to see us trust our academy more otherwise it is a waste of money having it. Let us grow players here a leave the "greats" who need a hat two sizes bigger where they belong (somewhere else) .

Given the right support I still think Ole will get it right, it just isn't going to be soon.
We have CEO who doesn't know anything about a successful football deal, or appointing manager, Owners who care as long as the shekels roll in. Players that don't play and the net result is supporters that don't support. (Just read site posts especially the live chat. )

I will continue to hope and support from a distance - I just find it too painful to watch.

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21 Apr 2019 15:08:37
I hate what we have become. We are a laughing stock. Overrated and overpaid. Not one of them is fit to wear the shirt. At leafy when I used to go in the 80’s there was passion and desire and fight and pride to west our famous shirt. This lot are a DISGRACE everyone of them nobody gets a free pass. The u18’would of put up more of a fight.

21 Apr 2019 15:19:50
Know how you feel.

I didn’t expect anything from today’s game but perhaps also expected more than we got today.

We don’t deserve a top 4 finish and neither do I want it. We are so poor that it needs to be exposed rather than allow to continue.

Ole may now feel that the job he has at Utd is bigger than he thought. We need to get rid of every single player that is not of the right standard along with those which want away.

We need a deep push on the reset button.

Everton kept the pressure on today for the first goal which is something we can’t do. Instead we have Rashford trying to score a free kick from 30 yards out when we should be delivering it into the box and applying pressure.

Everything is so poor.

21 Apr 2019 15:31:43
If I was Ole tomorrow I'd have the entire senior team and the u23s in a room, say congrats to half a dozen of the u23s you will be playing in the remaining games and say to most of the first team you have played your last game here.

I think some of them already know they're going hence that performance just.

21 Apr 2019 15:36:25
Can’t believe what I just watched. Hope all of the anti JM fans were watching today and have been for the last month. The players are an embarrassment. No passion, no desire and no cohesion amongst themselves. This is what happens when you throw money around to sign players that have no desire to play for your club. They should be ashamed of themselves and don’t deserve to wear the shirts on their backs let alone the ridiculous wages they earn. I’d be fired if I performed half as badly as the players have since the second leg in Paris. I can’t say I’d be too disappointed if that were the result after today’s match.

21 Apr 2019 18:08:54
The irony on this redseven is that not only these highly paid craps turned on Jose Mourinho, the so called fans backed the players and got Jose sacked. Now that they have an old united player (nothing special) incharge, they see fault in the players. Standards have shifted from the manager to the players. My question is where is Giggs or Scholes? Has he suddenly retired from punditry? Havent seen a comment from them in the past 2 months? We have become a joke and i don't feel like i have missed a game if i don't watch one.

21 Apr 2019 19:11:45
Nothing left to play for this season.
Preseason starts Now. - Blood the youngsters.

21 Apr 2019 19:55:41
Not pogba martial or rashfords fault is it.

Former Liverpool Managers - Part 8 - Captain Turned Manager

21 Apr 2019 10:57:07
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Former Liverpool Managers - Part 8 - Captain Turned Manager

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21 Apr 2019 10:51:31
Bold words from Ole, hopefully not just words and his ruthless streak comes to the fore.

Expect Greenwood to be a big part of next season, Rashford too clearly and Dalot (although not sure where postionally) .

Would love to be a fly on the wall when he tells certain players they're not for him. I'd be busting a lung out there over the last few games to make sure I wasn't one of those guys.

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21 Apr 2019 13:26:38
what did he say?

21 Apr 2019 14:17:58
Clearly, the players listened and there's a reaction. Awesome words, whatever they were.

21 Apr 2019 14:24:50

21 Apr 2019 14:39:44
I'm watching this game and its like we are back to sqaure 1 and worse! now this is a test for Ole to pick these players up and himself . I had the feeling we would do bad today! hope the 2nd half can improve . Fred what posistion is he meant to be playing in? he's bumping into his own players . why did not one United player go to the ref and say the 1st goal was dangerous play as it clearly was . long time reader first time poster .

21 Apr 2019 16:16:03
As with most fans I am hating the past month whilst I thoroughly enjoyed the previous months under Olly. Is this our true form, attitude by players or the fitness kicking in for the efforts they put in to get us back. Maybe a combination of the two.
Either way I hope that Olly and the board are now brave enough to rid of the primadonas that don't try, go with youth and hunger and that we fans have the patience to let it bed in and time to work.
I also hope for the last few games we see some of the u23s given a game and the old guards be told thank you and see you in the summer for a chat on your future.

21 Apr 2019 19:17:17
No chat. Just get rid.
Wouldn't trust them no matter how well a little chat went.

Review Of The Day 21st April 2019

21 Apr 2019 07:29:01
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 21st April 2019

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21 Apr 2019 04:58:05
Hi Guys,

I'm a long time lurker, rare poster. Been here since almost 10 years.

We constantly hear the term "United Quality" or rather, "Not United Quality". So, I thought I'd ask the forum what we mean by United Quality?

My only point being that it's a squad game and everyone will obviously never be the same quality and you need the Park's, O'Shea's and Fletcher's as much as the Cristiano's, Giggs' and Cantona's. So should there be a minimum threshold or a role specific measure of "United Quality"

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21 Apr 2019 07:47:51
Good post, it's a team game.

21 Apr 2019 08:47:32
Fair point Japs, it's just a throwaway phrase really, isn't it. There is no real way of measuring 'quality', it's it's very subjective and down to personal opinion. And let's face it, whatever 'United quality' is, it seems to have gone downhill in recent seasons.

21 Apr 2019 09:31:58
It’s a good question, for me it’s less about being United quality but being a United player. Fellaini for all his skills and attributes was not a United player. I can’t articulate why I feel that way but he just wasn’t the right fit for our club. Lovely bloke, gave his all, but not right for us. Sometimes it’s abIlity, sometimes style, sometimes attitude. I guess we all have a slightly different view of what it means.

21 Apr 2019 09:41:46
I think Ole described it best in his recent interview and Fergie used a few of these phrases often, take ownership, have hunger and desire to win, play without fear, are they for and going to run themselves into the ground for the club and teammates, it’s more about a personality type as much as it is a skillset to be united quality imo.

21 Apr 2019 10:00:18
Good post Japs,

I think its a team game but you also need top class players as its got a lot more money and owners from all around the world.

City for e.g have 2 top class players for most of their players.

Liverpool are doing really well but not all their players are top class apart from their first team but its their attitude towards winning and Klopp being a top manager to get the best out of them and he has been backed by their owners.

I think having the right attitude is just as as important as being a top player. If you don't have the right attitude you will turn into a Pigba/ Martial type of player no matter how much talent you have.

21 Apr 2019 10:29:16
Just read the quotes from McTominay yesterday. Its the attitude, the desire coupled with talent.

Fellaini is a great example of the contrast. Technically no he wasn't United quality. But attitude wise he was more of a United player than some still here.

21 Apr 2019 11:42:03
For me its about how you apply yourself in training and matches.
Not everyone is a messi a Ronaldo or even a scholes or rio.
But good examples are neville fletch o shea. They tried to be as good as they could be. No over inflated ego. They made the most of their opportunity and worked hard to maintain it.
That for me is united quality.
Making the most of what you have. Bringing that to the team and doing it or trying to do it every week .
Its not about the flicks or tricks or the odd moment its about applying yourself the united way.

21 Apr 2019 15:54:10
Well if you want to an example of what is not the United way, just look at that utter shambles today. Not one player played with any desire or passion. I can’t quite believe what I just witnessed to be quite honest.

20 Apr 2019 21:51:47
I agree with many posters on keeping Lukaku, get the full backs up the pitch and putting in some quality crosses and he will thrive, it's about supply. He is not a player to take down the ball and beat 3 players, he needs a ball to attack from crosses or run onto in the box and he will score, he has always given 100%.

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