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12 Feb 2018 14:49:20
{Ed's Note - Raghav has posted a new article entitled, Surely Manchester United are capable of playing better

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12 Feb 2018 14:58:23
Thank you for posting this Ed :)

{Ed033's Note - ok, thanks for sending it in.

12 Feb 2018 12:05:20
Why won't Mourinho try Sanchez on the right? I've been thinking this since we signed him, that it was more a "look at what we can do" signing, rather than one that was well planned or desperately needed, because as we all know, full backs and midfield are far more pressing, than another forward currently. Obviously I'm glad we signed him, but until we actually find a way to use him and everyone else, our attack is disjointed and Martial is not a right winger. Sanchez has played there for Udinese and Barca, so he can do it. I don't think we will see the best of him till we do. Obviously yesterday was a joke, but I don't think it's a coincidence that we were actually playing okay up until we signed him and had a settled attack. So Mourinho should try something different, because it is not working and our form is getting worse, which is worrying with a lot of big games coming up soon.

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12 Feb 2018 15:55:18
Elvis, a sensible and accurate post.

12 Feb 2018 11:46:13
It's going to be an interesting summer this year. There could be significant churn at our club. I would not be surprised to see 9 players leaving the club:

Cameron Botwick-Jackson, Sergio Romero (maybe as not played much), Zlatan, Mata, Fellaini, Carrick, Darmian, Blind and Smalling (if we can convince anybody to take him) .

Most squad places will hopefully be filled by TFM, Tuanzebe, D Mitchell (having a blinder at hearts), T Chong and A Gomez (both maybe a bit young), Perreira (if he doesn't opt to stay in Spain permanently.

Then hopefully 3 new players. 1 DM, 1 creative CM and a RW. As to who I am not sure, but they need to have desire and not be afraid to work hard a la Sanchez.

The youth might be inexperienced, but I hope they will show more desire than some of our stale senior players. I would rather watch the youth get a chance and suffer a few loses than be forced to watch more dross like Saturdays performance.

I know Jose said we would sign two in the summer, but I suspect that is before players leave. Once we shift a few I suspect he will look to sign more.

On a positive side if we intro the youth highlighted above that means we can potentially move on jones, smalling and young in due course as our quota of home grown players will improve. We might finally find out if they have been hanging on due to their passport rather than their ability. Interesting times ahead.

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12 Feb 2018 17:20:28
Where as every league season seems to be Liverpool’s year to win the league every summer now seems to be our transfer window to get things right and it feels like forever ending. We have splashed the cash now for several seasons don’t get me wrong but without getting things right on the field and to be honest it’s not acceptable to have spent this amount of money without getting anywhere near a league title. Buying big names who become available will not close the gap if they don’t fit the system. We want a brilliant team who no there jobs and bring out the best in each other not 11 brilliant individuals who are playing for themselves.

12 Feb 2018 10:32:15
Since we have signed Sanchez we have won one and lost two of the three games he has played in.

Now we were all over the moon to have signed him, and I'm not saying he is a bad player. However, his signing and introduction into the team has disrupted the balance of the side.

Sanchez likes to play on the left and cut in onto his right foot. He also has a tendency to drop a little deeper and go looking for the ball.

This has forced our most inform forward from his favoured position on the left over onto the right which has clearly affected his form. 5 goals and 3 assists in the 3-4 weeks before Sanchez signed and none since he has been forced to change position.

It isn't only Martial it has affected, Pogba has played twice with Sanchez and both games are a contender for his worst game in a United shirt.
Sanchez cuts in earlier on the left than Martial does, Martial also makes more runs to the goal line and cuts the ball back. Sanchez moving infield sooner and deeper on the pitch is finding him in the spaces Pogba likes to play in. It's clear that Pogba is a far better players going forward than defending, yet with Sanchez often occupying the space Pogba plays best in his natural game is being disrupted and his influence is being cut short.

To play Sanchez in his favoured position is to cut off the influence of two of our best young offensive players. No wonder we are looking less effective going forward.

The options are to either which Sanchez's position and allow Pogba and Martial to play in their best positions or to wait it out and hope that the two young Frenchmen can learn to adapt.

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12 Feb 2018 13:17:42
I understand what you are saying shappy but ultimately they all should be playing better. Sanchez actually looks to be our best forward at times.

There is no reason in this world how you can justify pogbas recent play by saying that Sanchez influences this. Pogba has just been playing very badly recently and it's up to him and only him to change that.

I can't for the life of me justify players form on the signing of a world class forward. Lame excuse for me.

12 Feb 2018 14:19:59
Angelred, I'm not laying all the blame of Pogba's loss of form on Sanchez.

Pogba has been the creative hub of our team this season. He was fantastic at the start of the season, our form dropped noticeably when he was unavailable and picked up again when he came back.

He has made more chances, has more assists and has completed more dribbles than anyone else in our squad.

He's a guy who makes things happen, but to do so he needs space to move into. What I'm saying is having Sanchez play in that space is going to have a limiting effect on Pogba's game.

His lack of defensive nous, or off the ball work rate has been the same all season, yet no one really picks up on it until he is unable to effect the game going forward. Then suddenly he is judged on other aspects of the game.

I said the other day that for me Pogba is closer in style to Zidane that he is to Viera, he is an attacking midfielder who is blessed with size and strength.

If you want to see the best of him you need to let him play to his strengths.

Sanchez has been our best offensive player since he signed, yet he hasn't set the world alight, one goal in three games. Yet for him to play in his favoured position we have to sacrifice our two most potent offensive players so far this season.

It doesn't make sense, football is a team game. I guarantee you that Sanchez will play better if Pogba and Martial play better. So why not give them the chance.

Play Sanchez on the right, which is a position he has excelled in before. He earned a move to Barcelona playing on the right, and while at Barcelona he played mostly on the right.
He only played on the left at Arsenal because they had few others to play there with Chamberlain, Walcott and Iwobi all playing almost exclusively on the right.

People say he plays his best football there, but I don't think that is true. He had a couple of very good seasons there for Arsenal but his best season there was as a Striker last season.

In fact at no club can be claim to have had his best season at that club playing on the left.

He himself has said he prefers to play off the striker.

So I don't see why Jose keeps persisting with him on the left.

12 Feb 2018 16:35:48
Because he is the best player we have for the left mata is currently the best on the right.
Personally i'd play them both with rashford up top and play matic pogba and herrera in midfield.

12 Feb 2018 18:02:53
I agree Ken apart from the Rashford bit pal.

12 Feb 2018 18:27:55
Ken is it a team game or a individual game?

Surely you set your team up in a manner which is best for the team as a whole and not for an individual.

Playing Pogba and Martial who have been our best offensive players all season in a position that doesn't get the best results for the whole team to suit Sanchez isn't a smart way to do things.

Sanchez has proven to be as effective anywhere across the front line, where as Martial is significantly better when playing from the left. Pogba needs freedom and space to push forward in the inside left channel.

I don't have favourite players or a favourite formation, I just feel you should play in a manner that is best for the whole team.

12 Feb 2018 18:28:14
Rome wasn't built in a day . Players will need to adapt .
Lukaku Sanchez martial will make a good front 3 .
Not rocket science really .

Big change for pogba tho completely different role for him now we have Sanchez.

12 Feb 2018 19:22:24
It will take time to gel no doubt.
I don't think that martial Lukaku and Sanchez will be our front 3 next season or for the European games this season. I hope he switches to a 4 3 3 particularly for the cup games ahead. Bailly should be available in a week or 2.

We are still a cup team unfortunately and not withstanding some obvious improvement this season we are still a long way off having the quality and consistency to compete for the title.

But we do have a manager who can set teams up to win a cup.
Its not a shock when we beat any team and its not a shock if any team no matter how lowly they sit beat us. Simply because we don't have enough players that want to win and to put in the work and sacrifices needed in order to win. Standards have slipped at our club. Mediocrity is now accepted as the norm.

12 Feb 2018 19:48:45
Lol your posts always cheer me up.

12 Feb 2018 20:02:28
By the way never mind switching to 433 . we played that on Sunday.

12 Feb 2018 21:31:54
Did we i don't think so.

12 Feb 2018 08:31:18
everton fan here just picking up from a thread further down when you are very dismissive of calvert-lewin being compared to rashford.
if you look at stats both are very very similar bout averaged a goal roughly every 4 games.
i personally think calvert-lewin is a better player as he is doing it in a struggling everton team, if he was in this united team with your players around him he would out score rashford with ease, just my opinion like and i don't expect any of you to agree just thought i would point out i agree with shan that if rashford wasnt a local lad a lot more united fans would want him gone.

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12 Feb 2018 09:06:30
I’m a fan of both and hope neither is constrained by poor management. Granted Calvert Lewis escapes the hype which sometimes can benefit a player but both talented young lads.

12 Feb 2018 09:50:10
i agree john am not saying rashford is a bad player ad have him at everton in a heart beat was just pointing out to the fans who earlier said it was shocking to compare both players that there very similar players.

12 Feb 2018 10:26:52
Rashford is a young lad who has won a euro final, played for England at a tournament, put man of the match performances in for the national team and scored goals despite rarely playing as a striker . He will be selected for the upcoming world cup and could feature for England upfront, left or right hand side . He has had dips in form but I doubt many utd fans would be happy if he was swapped for Calvert lewin.

12 Feb 2018 10:42:29
no one said you should swap him slate151 and if you read my comment i said calvert lewin would score those goals he has scored if he was in a man u team and not a struggling everton team, and he was selected for england because he plays for united mate let's have it right would he be playing for england if he was playing for say west brom or stoke? not a chance mate am not saying he's not good enough just a fact that had he not been at united he wouldn't have got a look in.

12 Feb 2018 10:59:56
Your point was u thought that they were comparable, the swap comment was to highlight given a choice I'd guess most utd fans would prefer rashford but I think most Everton fans would aswell . Your building a player up who may have lots of talent but has done nothing as yet to a player that has had achievements at a similar age . Many people may think utd could upgrade on rashford but Calvert lewin wouldn't be an upgrade in the vast majority of people's eyes he would be a downgrade .

12 Feb 2018 11:15:10
He plays for England because he plays for United, I think you have made the opposite point to what you wanted to make there to be honest. The fact he’s playing regularly for United and Calvert Lewin is often not even getting into the Everton line up sums it up really.

You are comparing goalscoring stats of 2 players who play in different positions as well, Rashford is often on the wing not a main striker, and I assume DCL didn’t score on his debut in almost every competition he has played in. Not saying DCL isn’t a decent player, he obviously is, but fairly sure everybody would agree we are much better off with Rashford.

12 Feb 2018 11:17:46
the achievements you say he has are pointless arguments tho go by stats and ability they are similar yes rashford won the eufa cup but your telling me if you swapped rashford for lewin man united wouldn't have won that cup? his achiements are all based on the fact he plays for you mate he's a good player but would be seen in exactly same light as lewin had he not came threw your team that's a fact.

12 Feb 2018 11:30:56
People debate on here wether yr main man who scored all yr goals last year is good enough not one of his understudies . Sit in a bar anywhere in the country and ask people about the England squad they would choose and see how many times rashford name crops up compared to DCL .
Rashford wasn't an incidental part of a team that won trophies he was a reason they did. All this well he plays for England cause he plays for utd stuff have u ever considered how good a youngster has to be to break through the ranks at utd, dislodge seasoned internationals and hold down a place.

12 Feb 2018 11:35:33
who did he dislodge? he broke threw at a time when you didn't have great options now he is slipping down the pecking order because your buying those seasoned internationals your talking about.

12 Feb 2018 11:39:52
also both players this season 25 games 4 goals. rasford has pogba mata martial lukaku to feed off while DCL has sniderlain rooney and lennon for most the season, and he has also played on the left a lot this season to accomodate niasse now and rooney earlier in the season so as i say very similar players.

12 Feb 2018 11:42:42
How is it a fact utd would have won the Europa if DCL had came through the ranks, got a place in the side and won the trophy, none of that is fact u don't know if he would have been deemed good enough by utd, if, he could of got in the team or if they would have even won, how is any of that a fact it didn't happen, rashford did it that is a fact it did happen.

12 Feb 2018 11:49:25
slate you didn't answer my question mate who did he dislodge? what seasoned international did he dislodge?
alls am saying is if DCL had the service rashford has had he would have scored more goals than rashford.

12 Feb 2018 11:58:57
truth is am bored in work and i knew someone would bite and help me pass some time, while i do stand by the statement DCL would score more than rashford given the service i do agree rashford is a very good player, thanks for getting me to lunch tho haha.

12 Feb 2018 12:13:21
Johnny they aren't even playing the same position, rashford has played more times than any other utd player this season I believe . In order to make those appearances he has to get past a host of players . Utd have used him as a provider from wide area's most times so he duznt feed on to much mate, if he started centrally his goals ratio would be higher, if harry Kane was moved wide his ratio would suffer never mind rashford. I don't know much about DCL and he may be a good player and in the future draw comparison to rashford but as it stands not just yet I'd imagine to most people .

12 Feb 2018 12:25:56
Enjoy yr lunch Johnny u can tell everyone about Everton's other world beaters another day and wait for the call from Barcelona if DCL scores another goal . I'm just off for lunch with Beyonce and and having DCL tattooed on my arm and that's a fact well a Scouse fact I call it .

12 Feb 2018 13:01:16
we don't have many world beaters mate but DLC is class as are a lot of our kids breaking threw we on the rise while jose drags you slowly further away from city.

12 Feb 2018 13:22:37
Ok mate IL keep an eye out for him during the world cup, unless he's busy on his playstation pretending he's rashford at the time .

12 Feb 2018 13:34:34
doing well for england isn't he what have england won again?

12 Feb 2018 14:01:14
Yeh yr rite if England don't win the world cup rashford is clearly pants . Clearly we would stroll it if rashford wasn't playing . What with all the masses demanding DCL start upfront I'm surprised there's not a petition in to downing Street .
Short of bubonic plague striking I think DCL can book his summer hols . Are there anymore Everton players we should Google to find out who they even are before they take a throw in and u compare them to pogba or sanchez.

12 Feb 2018 14:10:30
Wow, this is getting close to "I know you are you said you are so what am I? ". You didn't get 'a bite' you got people telling you that you were wrong, they are different things. It is an interesting discussion and it is clear you are a massive fan of DCL and good for you, but I suspect he won't have as good a career as Rashford, and if he does it won't be with Everton.

By the way, the seasoned international he pushed out is now playing for you on massive wages.

12 Feb 2018 14:20:03
GDS2 i didn't realise rooney played out on the left for yous mate my mistake.

12 Feb 2018 14:35:48
IL leave it at that we will just have to disagree about what's his face JFK, DCL or whoever being on a par with rashford, take care mate all in fun.

Review Of The Day 12th February 2018

12 Feb 2018 07:40:05
{Ed's Note - Tris Burke has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 12th February 2018

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12 Feb 2018 08:24:50
Are we really any further forward now than we were when Moyes or can Gaal was around. I agree with beast league positions can lie. We’ve spent a kings ransom since Fergie left and honestly how many of these signing would us posters really of signed. I can only think of 2 off the top of my head Pogba and Sanchez so what does that say about these so called great managers. I want attacking football not backwards and sidewards slow dross. Been a supporter since late 70’s and never been this disillusioned before. Please can we have the Man Utd back we all fell in love with.

12 Feb 2018 09:10:13
My previous post wasn’t a ‘you have no fans at home’ dig by the way so please don’t misconstrue that.

12 Feb 2018 10:40:56
"Are we really any further forward now than we were when Moyes or can Gaal was around? "

Yes, demonstrably so.

12 Feb 2018 11:17:22

People have very short memories don’t they, we are so far ahead of then it’s unbelievable, no surprise people say things like that after a defeat though. I do kind of understand it, losing can bring bad feelings and make you think the worst. Have to step back and look at the bigger picture sometimes.

12 Feb 2018 11:32:31
I agree a lot of the transfers haven’t come off but when you’re such a global brand quite honestly will the Chinese/ Indian/ African hordes of fans wait for players to find their feet, will they buy shirts with 'Smith' On who may well be class in a few years or will they only buy the shirts with a fella from a Nike/ Adidas/ puma advert? There is a lot of commercial pressure at United, IMO and so sometimes the name on the back may be chosen instead of the u unknown player?

12 Feb 2018 14:36:44
Gds2 are you for real. So far ahead it’s unbelievable. Your standards aren’t that high then are they. Kings ransom spent and still utter dross being served up.

12 Feb 2018 15:04:06
Wait, wait, wait Blackpool. I know it's a lot easier to make up an argument that no one is making to argue against, but it's more noble to address what was actually said.

Even if a King's ransom was spent and utter dross was being served up (whether it is dross, below average, not very good, or better than people make out is another debate entirely) the point I made (and he agreed with) is that we are better than when Moyes and Van Gaal were in charge. In every demonstrable way, (results, goals scored, points) we are.

That does not mean we're brilliant or that we are all happy with how we are playing.

Also, GDS's standards could be very low indeed (I've no idea without asking him) but could you explain to me how his standards affect a comparison between two options? Are my standards low to prefer a slap round the chops to a kick in the balls? I'm not saying I want a slap in the face, I'm just saying it's BETTER than a kick in the balls.

I remember watching Moyes and Van Gaal's teams perform. It was utterly painful. We are a lot better now. Please, if you disagree, tell me how I'm wrong about this specific sentence. I'm happy to listen.

12 Feb 2018 15:30:34
Rwwd, we certainly are not a lot better, a little better maybe but come on are you really saying your happy with performances. With the money spent we should be performing a hell of a lot better. i'm sick of all this nonsense about formations, it’s players that win you games not formations or tactics.

Football has generally gone backwards in my opinion. All this utter tripe with sports science is laughable, yes they may be fitter and better athletes but certainly not better footballers. How many of these supposedly world class footballers could of hacked back in the 60s and 70s not many.

One question Rwwd, do you enjoy watching them?

12 Feb 2018 16:38:07
I just spent almost an entire post explaining that being happier does not mean being happy.

I've enjoyed watching them about 50% of the time this season. I enjoyed watching them around 20% under Moyes and LVG.

It's not a controversial point to make. I just wish people would stop being so over the top about how abysmal we are.

We're pretty good relatively speaking. But compared to what we expect, what has come before and what City are doing, I'm the first to say it's not good enough.

12 Feb 2018 16:55:02
Your deluded pal if you think we’re pretty good.

12 Feb 2018 19:02:39
Saying the team 2nd in the Premier League are ‘pretty good’ is deluded? I’m happy to leave it to anyone reading to decide if that’s a fair or charitable appraisal of me. Have a good one.

12 Feb 2018 06:44:27
A long time passive reader, becoming active to vent some realism.

Man Utd has fans all over the world because of one single point- Slick and Swag football! period.

We have been living in denial that we have been doss after Sir Alex retired and have splashed huge cash, yet there is hardly any signs of the swagger football.

You do a close scrutiny of the manager, the lack of passion and bunch of primmadonnas etc. But when you take a step back and ask yourselves 'why do you watch football and Manchester United? ', the answer seems redundant.

The team's 1st responsibility is to entertain, which they have failed from a long time.

This simple concept first needs to be inculcated in the team from the utmost highest authorities. I don't care how they achieve it- spend money, get sterling players, managers, tactics etc, But high time they did this- else days will come when people will stop watching the matches because they fall asleep in the couch while watching the same since it defeats the purpose of entertainment.

Always remember, the first testament for any sports is to provide the entertainment- which Man Utd is really lacking from last 5 years.

PS: This is not a knockback of yesterday's defeat, just has been feeling the same from a long time.

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12 Feb 2018 07:59:57
Very true post. since many years. exictment is gone. Earlier I couldn't bare a draw, now I digest even a defeat. earlier I don't miss watching a match and now if I miss it by any chance I don't feel a big loss. earlier if there is defeat my temper is too bad to kick anyone. now I feel all normal.

So ironically. Moyes, LVG and Now Jose has done a good job for fans mental development.

But I guess we were batter spoilt.

12 Feb 2018 08:32:23
Here in asia i have stopped watching matches after midnight. watching our games have become a chore. Going to pubs and sports bars has also stopped, lucky we have a huge fanbase.

12 Feb 2018 11:23:13

Yes the good Football helped get the fans but I think winnings things is what ultimately got the fans in. The most successful teams are the ones that people in other countries follow, this is why Liverpool have a lot of fans from the 80s and United from the 90s, the good Football was a bonus that we became spoilt with.

I didn’t think the game yesterday was particularly boring, we had the chances, there were 23 shots in the game, we had one cleared off the line and a couple of great saves from the keeper. If Sanchez puts the chance away (which he should have done) and we win nobody is moaning about it being boring in my opinion.

Sanchez is an absolute pleasure to watch, some of his skill and ball control is spectacular, as it stands the results haven’t quite improved with him in the team but I have no doubt they will.

12 Feb 2018 13:21:50
Well said GDS 👍👏.

15 Feb 2018 06:51:35

Did I complain about the Newcastle game in particular?
When did I complain or stand on the slating bandwagon because our team lost yesterday?

As you mentioned- yesterday's wasn't "particularly" boring- shows the distance we have fallen from the tree.

The only point which I want to emphasize is united is winning ugly most of the times without any attacking slick football.

I am a die hard UTD fan, but there is just no sense of any excitement anymore.

About the game: you mention Martial and Sanchez converting their chances and the two goal line clearences-

Don't you agree it was all defense and then long ball and then some individual skill of Lukaku or Sanchez to get the ball to test the opposition goal? This has been the case for half of our matches, Mind you- we do win, but then hardly handful of them which we really enjoyed, while you watch games of City, Spurs, Liverpool, Arsenal (to some extent) and enjoy the matches every single time whatever is the result.

We I feel are lacking purpose and are senseless about what we want to be with our future model.

If you're fine with the manner of football United is playing, then absolutely no point of mine continuing this banter.

The post of mumbaianc shows the true picture for many of the fans all over the world


12 Feb 2018 00:01:44
Not posted for a long time, but here I go. The players we have are much better than we are showing, for me it's not too difficult to sort. Shaw instead of Young, Herrera instead of Pogba, Pogba instead of Lingard. Not too far from a good side. Problem is Jose seems determined to prove Pogba can play in a 2. Every player has a stronger position, even the most flexible, but you will only see the best of them in there best position. That's fine when your paying squad player fees, but when you pay £90m you play to his strengths and build team around him. Our squad used correctly would be a lot closer to City. Jose needs to take a look at himself.

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12 Feb 2018 09:11:44
I agree to an extent using the the squad in certain ways would help you a current eve more points but a lot closer to city? I doubt it they’re on a new level this year sadly.

12 Feb 2018 11:24:36
Herrera has been very poor this season, I agree with the sentiment of what you would want to do but as it stands I think McTominay would be better in that role. It is a position we need to prioritise in the summer and with the Rumours and what Ed002 has said it does appear that will be the case.

11 Feb 2018 23:41:50
Smalling didn't win a single tackle in the whole game. I have no more to add on the matter.

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12 Feb 2018 00:40:41
He’s dross Leahy. Has been since the day he set foot in the club. How he’s still there is beyond me.

11 Feb 2018 23:40:33
Why are there no questions being asked of Mourinho and the style of football that we are playing.

Manchester United and particularly Mourinho have spent a fortune on players and yet do not look like a team capable of staying in the top four! If Pep had spent the same money on our team we would have been a far better side by now!

Surely some questions are to be asked if we actually have the right manager, I personally have my doubts.

Agree6 Disagree8

12 Feb 2018 11:25:10
Here we go again, Pep love in.


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