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Review Of The Day 15th April 2018

15 Apr 2018 06:55:52
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 15th April 2018

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15 Apr 2018 07:59:00
Ed001 this is about one of the best read 🤣👍
First sad the there are worst idiots and morons than those in Liverpool who are threatening Mike Oliver. Sad that football has come to this.
Second that Pep post is above the best that I’ve read. Sure we are all small little kids who don’t know anything about football. What a bloody loser and sour grapes idiot.
Last but the best is Fergie party popper 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Pure class and funny. Not that is the commitment of a great manager. 🤣🤣😂. Can’t stop laughing.

{Ed001's Note - there are loads of stories about Fergie to use as fillers in the future, he did a lot of those kind of things.
Pep annoys me, he lacks grace in defeat.
As for Oliver, this is sadly becoming normal on social media.}

15 Apr 2018 08:42:31
Keep it coming on the fillers 👍🤣.

{Ed001's Note - I will mate, though I am trying to use different clubs and managers to keep it interesting. I have a load of little stories saved up ready though.}

15 Apr 2018 08:56:51
Btw ed great article review👊👊👊.

{Ed001's Note - cheers Singh glad you enjoyed.}

15 Apr 2018 12:13:32
I think that's a bit hard on Pep. Here's what he said.

"If you have now 87 points, five games left, it's because we did outstanding when people said it was a big failure what happened last week. They don't understand absolutely anything about football. The Champions League is seven games, you can win the Champions League but the league is every three days in the same month. I'm sorry but it's much more important what these guys have done the whole season. "

No doubt Real Madrid fans will be delighted if they win the European again, but it will remain questionable whether that will be enough to balance out being 18 points adrift of Barcelona, being behind their Madrid rivals, and having to endure a pretty negative overall league season.

Could it be that Pep's comments are directed more towards his players than at the general public. Despite the loss in the ECL, he is saying how proud he is of his team's stellar achievements during the course of the whole season.

{Ed001's Note - so you agree that going out of the Champions League is not a big failure for a team that was put together for the sole purpose of winning the Champions League? I think Pep is talking out of his backside and trying to cover up what was a failure by talking about a success. They are separate things and should not have been compared like that. Succeeding in the Premier League is not what he was brought to City to do.}

15 Apr 2018 12:55:12
Agree Ed001.
I think Pep is trying to downplay and cover for his blip albeit Liverpool did a great job on them. There is nothing shameful about admitting you didn’t do that well but trying to trivialize this major competition is just bs.
Why are so many people so hard in Jose when we lost? At least Jose didn’t try to bs and trivialize the competition. Pep is just BS mate (capitalized) .

15 Apr 2018 16:37:33
666red didn't Jose say it was normal for United to go out of cl. do you find that comment better than peps.

15 Apr 2018 18:05:53
Sure that is better than Pep.

15 Apr 2018 05:58:02
Just saying, but if we'd have played like Spurs did at home to City and rolled over and had our belly tickled, Jose would have been hung, drawn and quartered. Meanwhile Poch is the man a large majority want in charge. Spurs have always bottled it when it counts under his stewardship so far!

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15 Apr 2018 06:33:11
Eric no matter what, a lot of people will not give credit to Jose 🤣🤣. Other club supporters is giving him 💩 and even some of our supporters are.
I’m not a super Jose supporter but he is afterall our manager so as I support ManUtd I will support the manager. If Jose is bad I’m sure the board will know when to look for an alternative.
For me I would be look at his ultimate performance next season before I judge him. We will have an indication mid season and then we can manager hunt if if is showing regression.

15 Apr 2018 08:51:05
Jose is the best in the world.

15 Apr 2018 15:06:38
I think the debate about low press and high press was surely answered? The simplicity of the first goal was just pathetic. For the Tottenham CBs to be squeezing so high up the pitch with the pace of Jesus and Sterling against them was just plane stupidity.

{Ed001's Note - it really depends on the situation. The problem was a lack of pressure on the ball, as their high press was non-existent. If you have pressure on the ball, then you push the centre backs up, if you haven't then they should drop off. That is nothing to do with high or low press, it is basic defending.}

Premier League Match Preview Sunday 15th April 2018

15 Apr 2018 05:10:55
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Premier League Match Preview Sunday 15th April 2018

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15 Apr 2018 06:58:32
Great read Ed. Game to watch is Newcastle vs Arsenal.
Two “old birds” who have faced each other: Benitez being a strong strategist and Wenger being good digging his foot. i'm quite sure it will be an exciting game though not sure who will eventually win. My head tells me Arsenal should win but my gut tells me Newcastle will upset Arsenal.

{Ed001's Note - both in good form as well. Surprisingly good form.}

15 Apr 2018 15:37:20
Ed001 told you it was going to be a good match.
Looks like guts reign. Newcastle was set up to win and Arsenal unfortunately didn’t turn up. Benitez is just too strong for Wenger. Wenger has been too stubborn to evolve. I hope Jose will learn from such.

{Ed001's Note - Arsenal lack passion.}

15 Apr 2018 04:13:13
Just saw the replay of Spur-Citeh game.
How come Baldy not making noise about the penalty wrong given? It was outside the box! He is just a pure whiner and sore loser. He should be sent to the stand permanently. Also still wearing that yellow political thing and FA not taking action? He should wear yellow underwear so he still have his conviction and not get into trouble 🤣🤣.

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15 Apr 2018 06:41:44
I think that’s a bit harsh. He is a top bloke and a fantastic Manager. As for the ribbon, I applaud his stance, he knows he will get into trouble but he is prepared to take the punishment to continue to highlight something he passionately believes in.

15 Apr 2018 07:14:55
Pup guardiola is indeed a great manager, and he loves that region of spain the EU refuses to acknowledge have a case for independence, and as for being a top bloke, not so sure, if your someone he needs in his team then yeah, he's your dad, brother and bezzy mate all rolled into one, but if he deems you surplus to requirements, your toast-yes, that's part of the business he operates in, but for example, i seem to remember his assistant manager at Barcelona taking over when pup left and went to america on his year out, the guy got throat cancer and from what was written and reported at the time good old pup didn't seem to care enough to bother to visit him in hospital, now if i got that wrong then i apologise, or maybe there were background issues that were kept private, hence no visits, but that's what i recall at the time, some players also commenting on how pup was noticable by his absence, maybe he's changed and is an all round good egg now, no doubt he's one of the best managers around, but how good would he be in charge of a team with a limited budget, he's never had that worry, jose, klopp and lvg have been at clubs where limited funds have been an issue and showed their class, i find it interesting how good old pup doesn't seem to want to test himself like this.

15 Apr 2018 07:46:05
AJH I did not say he is a lousy manager. I feel he is an okay manager who inherited a good team and had strong financial support. Financial support much like Hose but better team than what Jose inherited.
We have all always say to detach politics from sports but here you seem to imply it is ok to wear that ribbon when he is appearing as the club manager? That’s not consistent. I couldn’t care less what f he wear whilst not on official duties or if he wears during his off days. Hell he can even wear whilst showering or to sleep. But after the FA punished him he still wear, is he trying to challenge the authorities or is he just having nothing between his ears? If he passionately believes in that then he should go back to his country and start a movement with his monies. At least Mata is donating some of his salary fo what he believes in!
If he is a great manager or if Jose or Klopp thinks they are great, very simple: take the challenge or a mid table club and let’s see where they can bring them with the limited funds.
Having said I agree with Co82 above.
On another note I’ve always felt Moyes did a good job all those Everton years. His biggest mistake was to try to wear a shoe he can’t fit (not knowing his own capabilities) . He would have been one the best manager inEverton’s history but he chose the wrong move and got punished big time. Anyway done is done. Wish him the best.

15 Apr 2018 10:43:25
You didn’t say he was lousy, you called him baldy, a sore loser, and whiny. Show me a good loser in the Premier League.

15 Apr 2018 14:29:44
Eddie Howe does not behave like the famous and great Mr Pep Guardiola. He just accepts it and move on?

15 Apr 2018 15:12:23

I think that is the longest sentence I have ever read, I was exhausted by the end of it!

16 Apr 2018 02:53:55
Had my 3 wetabix this morning, nothings impossible DodgyBanter!

14 Apr 2018 20:38:47
if you have ever read the everton site you would be familiar with grumpys post so i'd urge you to leave a message on there to mark his passing. nice for his lad to know all the friends he had on site and the big influence he's had on it.

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14 Apr 2018 22:39:09
I read his post a few nights ago.
Very sad news. R. i p.

15 Apr 2018 03:03:36
We are on the same way. R. I. P.

14 Apr 2018 18:52:02
Massive WELL DONE to the U18's

Lets hope we can go on and beat Chelsea now.

come on lads.

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Review Of The Day 14th April 2018

14 Apr 2018 07:25:11
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 14th April 2018

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14 Apr 2018 09:06:42
That your new profile pic Tris? You look hot baby.

{Ed001's Note - I always look hot!}

14 Apr 2018 09:43:14
To be honest I thought it was Rooneys next career move into modelling and wondered why he was doing a photo shoot for Switzerland.

14 Apr 2018 13:58:09
Has Luke Shaw got a Swiss Granny?

Premier League Match Preview Saturday 14th April 2018

14 Apr 2018 05:52:55
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Premier League Match Preview Saturday 14th April 2018

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14 Apr 2018 08:36:10
Good preview Ed thanks.
Imagine Eriksen scores and Kane claiming the intent was there to score 🤣🤣🤣. I’m LMAO 😂.

{Ed001's Note - I still can't believe Eriksen has allowed his goal to be stolen off him like that.}

14 Apr 2018 09:00:57
I thought the FA made the decision?
Bloody bias and cheats just because they want Kane to catch up or win the GB from Mo. you know I don’t like Liverpool but that’s not the way to do things. If Mo wins then so be it. If he breaks and sets records so be it. He is what he is and I think he is quite respectful and a decent human being. No arrogance so far (not yet) but I think he is an okay guy who will go far. Hopefully won’t be spoilt by the toxins from “these days” football. Ridiculous from FA, Spurs and most of all Kane. Leaves a desperate bitter taste from from FA-Spurs. Pathetic 🤦‍♂️.

{Ed001's Note - the FA did but Eriksen would have had to agree to it or Spurs would never have appealed.

As for Salah, he has done so much for his home village and surrounding area, donating £500k to a hospital amongst many things, and does come across as a genuinely nice bloke.}

14 Apr 2018 10:04:14
Yeah Ed maybe Eriksen was told to agree knowing he is a nice guy and team player? 🤫🤔🤭
As to Mo there is not doubt (so far) that he is a nice guy. He comes from humble beginning and has not lost his mind yet. I do pray he becomes a great person. It reminds me of Park Ji-Sung. He is a very unassuming and nice guy. Very humble and helps many people. Never complain and put his all in his every game. Under-appreciated.

{Ed001's Note - fingers crossed.}

13 Apr 2018 21:45:32
"I am going to fulfil the year that I have left but I don’t know if I will renew, ”

“We have started talking, although nothing has been decided yet. ”

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13 Apr 2018 22:06:55
Can’t see him staying. He’s reaching the last peak years of his career, and wants to be a starter. Same with Fellaini. We have a big investment to make in midfield over the next few years.

13 Apr 2018 22:25:20
Looks like he will see his contract out like fellaini .

13 Apr 2018 22:49:12
We should sign him to a new contract and He should b3 given more game time.

13 Apr 2018 22:57:52
Love Ander but not quite good enough for the highest level.

14 Apr 2018 05:02:19
I really like Ander

Shame the other players don't have as much passion for MUFC like he does.

14 Apr 2018 06:27:18
Eros, he was our player of the year last year, and look how he payed against City. Not sure what has gone on but he hasn’t had a fair run this year.

14 Apr 2018 09:07:25
Eros? Sorry Eric, I renamed you there.

14 Apr 2018 11:13:03
Herrera ia a good squad player.
Always gives 100%.
If he stays i'm happy if he leaves i wouldn't be gutted.
Id rather give me an extentention on same terms so if he doesn't get anymore game time next season and decides to leave then at least we get a fee and he is the type of player that won't let you down if he plays regularly.

{Ed001's Note - I am sure you would rather give yourself a contract on his terms! Not sure how that would Man Utd giving you a deal though??}

14 Apr 2018 12:13:33
Sorry ed typo obviously 😂 not 'me' him.
That said they might be better off giving me a contract over fellaini but to be honest herrera has the edge over me😂😂.

{Ed001's Note - just checking...}

13 Apr 2018 18:56:19
I didn't divorce my wife when she decided to shift allegiances to Arsenal rather than United. Perhaps I should have. In the end I managed to wean her off the game by taking her to OT for a United Arsenal match. It was the one where Rashford scored twice. We were in some very good seats on the half way line. The United supporters next to her behaved so vilely in their language and manner she felt overwhelmed and threatened. It completely destroyed her interest in supporting anyone. I don't think she really understood just how deep the passions run until then. We had also been to the Etihad a few seasons earlier and sat in the Arsenal seats. It was nowhere near as bad.

In another match against West Ham in those same seats at OT a couple of WHU supporters had acquired seats in front of us (not the Mrs. this time) . West Ham scored the winner in the closing seconds (later disallowed for a marginal offside) . The two supporters cheered the goal. The United fans around them started threatening them with violence. It was disgraceful.

. but then was it any better in the 60s when I started going to OT in the days of United Aggro? It's never really been a place for the timid or easily offended.

{Ed001's Note - it was before then in the early days. It was after WW2 that support became more tribal and less friendly.}

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13 Apr 2018 19:45:19
I don't go to games anymore. I'm not scared or intimidated so much as disgusted at the people around me. What about others? Anyone admit to being one of the yobs we're complaining about? Why is it ok in a stadium and not anywhere else?

13 Apr 2018 20:49:44
I would be guilty of using bad language at a game, now I wouldn't single anyone out or abuse them,
I would be the kind of bloke, play hard at the game, shake hands after.
I'd have no problem having a chat meeting other teams fans after.
In Ireland at the big gaa matches there would be tension, bad language, fierce rivalry, the odd bit of hate and a very odd few belts thrown between fans, but they could be sitting together and walk out of the ground together,
Their wouldn't be any groups waiting for each other.
Now I played hurling and seen plenty of fights and rows on the pitch but we would shake hands after.
Now some refs are good and some are one sided
I watched a programme last year of the all Ireland football final and the ref had a microphone attached and it showed every word said during the game and he was a good fair ref took no messing off the players but he spoke with respect to the players.

13 Apr 2018 22:42:03
Remember going to my first (and only) GAA game years ago, Leahy. Down v Kerry in Dublin. Asked one of the fellas where I should sit, and he just told me anywhere, there was no segregation. I nearly fell over!

13 Apr 2018 22:42:22
I love a rugby crowd. Passion without abuse. Same as the players (for the most) .

13 Apr 2018 22:51:07
Lol 99, the rugby have great passion and respect
Even when the other team is taking a free kick. not a word, silence.

13 Apr 2018 23:26:21
I think the rugby crowds are amazing at murrayfield, millennium stadium and in Dublin. But twickenham is a posh boys fest. No passion and it’s an old boys club. I found it very tame when I went and I prefer football crowds.

I will admit I get frustrated when I go to old Trafford but I’ve never been one to stand up and hurl abuse at the referee or the opposition players. I’ll boo but that’s as far as I go. It’s embarrassing to see grown men abusing players and then to watch there 5 year old son copying him and doing the finger. I would love to be able to take my kids when I have them to watch a game of football but I’m not sure it’s the example that I would want to set.

14 Apr 2018 00:15:35
Park I agree with you and other posters that talked about going to games and all that. I have kids myself and no one wants them to see this.
But I have a but, most of us grew up with football violence was a lot worse and if our parents didn't bring us to games where would we be now with football. I'm glad mine bought me to games when I was young,
And for me it made me a bit streetwise to the whole thing,
I took my oldest girl to old Trafford when she was 8 and I told her you will hear bad language and stuff like That, she said ok then after a few games took no notice of it, she has been to other sporting games as well and takes all that comes with it in her stride, Now my second youngest is a bit softer and she doesn't like when things get heated but she still goes to games.
And my youngest is hard as nails and takes no notice what so ever.
I love old Trafford and will always take one of my girls when I go but I really do look out for them when there, don't leave them out of my sight.

14 Apr 2018 09:28:42
Society has moved on a lot and what was ok 20 years ago isn’t ok now. There is no racist chanting now apart from the odd moron and hooliganism is now very isolated and much less prevalent than it was (it hasn’t gone away) . I also believe that in the next 10 years a lot of players will come out and most fans will just shrug their shoulders and say “so”? There will the odd homophobic idiot as we have seen in rugby but society has moved on and those people will stand out as the bigots they are.

Having said that not everything has got better. People dropping their kids off at school whilst wearing their pyjamas, men waking round town centres and shops with bare chests in summer, t-shirts with offensive words or phrases on them. Swearing is prevalent on the TV, I remember when the f word on T made the front page of the press, not watch Gordon Ramsey and try and count how many times you hear it.

However, in football, some challenges remain. In some big games the hatred you can feel is palpable and if I’m honest a little ridiculous. It’s a game, a sport. Nobody wants to win more than me but I don’t hate opponents. I’m sure a lot of United fans hated Michael Owen and suddenly he’s scoring the winner in the Manchester derby; Liverpool fans loved him but now hate him as he came to play for us. Sheesh people, grow up.

Singing at grounds is fabulous but some songs would get your I arrested if you sang them int he street. Why is this ok? Well it isn’t but nobody has the balls to deal with it. Offensive gestures, fans abusing players, all under the eyes of stewards and sometimes police and nobody bats an eyelid. If the stewards starting ejection people, or noting their seat numbers and writing to them (season ticket holders) then we might see a change. It’s like the standing up issue, the Council threatens to close the ground but yen doesn’t so everyone carries on standing up.

I was at Anfield in ‘92 the day we lost the League, sat in the Liverpool end opposite the Kop (we bought tickets outside from a tout) . It was my first experiment of Anfield and I have never experienced hatred like it. They knew we were United fans but we played badly, lost, we behaved ourselves and left very early before any trouble started. Contrast that to when we went to Coventry where all around the ground you could see United shirts and not a hint of trouble. So it’s something tribal, long held rivalries, or games against your main competitors that brings out the worst in people.

Whatever it is we need to keep the passion but lose the hatred. I don’t really enjoy going anymore, maybe I’ve just got old or maybe I’ve moved on and football hasn’t.

Revolution, that’s what we need.

{Ed001's Note - a lot of football historians believe the problem stems from segregation, and I think they have a point. When Liverpool and Everton were sat together it was nothing like as nasty as it has become now they are segregated. Not sure how we would reverse the process to return to mixing in together and showing respect to others though.}

14 Apr 2018 09:50:01
I remember reading something once about how in Manchester an Liverpool fans of both clubs would sit together in the derby games. And how when one team was away they'd go watch the one that was home that weekend. can't imagine it now.

14 Apr 2018 12:16:31
The only punishment that seems to have any sort of effect is points deductions. Particularly if it results in losing a title or relegation for a team.

The only issue is that it punishes the normal fans who don't act like idiots.

14 Apr 2018 13:15:51
Tony, you, me and Beast should be the next participants on Grumpy Old Men. My frustration at modern-day society has me tearing out what's left of my hair.

14 Apr 2018 14:02:11
Me too Stevie, and don’t get me started on adhering to all the new rules. I don’t have an ‘ism’ in me but it’s hard keeping up with all the rules about what is ok and isn’t ok.

14 Apr 2018 22:09:36
In many ways the vile abusive language at matches is just a reflection of how standards of respect and tolerance have fallen in society in general. So called comedians just have to utter the F word to get a laugh. Listen to people speak everyday and F word is commonplace. Robbery and theft is so prevalent that the police don't have the time to investigate properly. There has been a breakdown in dare I say good old fashioned values. This is because families are fragmented. We have a society where kids grow up not knowing who their father is because he is absent. They therefore have no role models or if they do its the wrong type. This is not to slight or offend the amazing efforts of many single parents but it cannot be a coincidence that there are so many problems in our society. I took my kids to a football match at Chelsea. They were 7 and 8 years old. The steward told them to take off their Utd scarves so as not to provoke Chelsea supporters. How perverse is that. Then during the match there was a torrent of four letter words from surrounding Chelsea fans. When I complained that there were kids present we were told to F off. The stewards were not interested when I complained. Contrast that to rugby matches and you see the problem. Football has to encourage fans to mix and it has to enforce a strict policy of no tolerance for foul and abusive language from the fans. It also need s to do more to encourage the next generation of fans. Having mixed family seating areas where young families of both teams supporters sit might be the way to start.

{Ed007's Note - Vote Tory! All these bloody single parents bringing their kids up to swear at football matches! They're probably paying for season tickets off their benefits as well! The filthy B@$tArds!!!!!!


14 Apr 2018 22:31:41
i think it's a reflection on general society, only in the past 100 years or so because of the influx of immigrants from other countries people are being more progressive and more accepting of people different than themselves (whether it has merits or not is not discussed here), so what you essentially have is a group of people who heavily invest their identities in their local football teams because of a) a lack of education (hooligans don't help in this regard) b) zealous tribalism where you're unaccepting of anything that's considered different than what your club may permit, notice how there is a very stern opposition to foreign fans in the premier league despite them being responsible for the revenue etc? it stemmed from that.


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