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10 Nov 2012 21:38:00
I have to say I was so happy to see De Gea in the last 5 or so minutes when they repeatedly whipped the ball in to the box he was coming out very convincingly and punching the ball well when usually he would stay on his line which I think is riskier.

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Yeah I agree. He really dealt with those crosses like a boss.

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Punches weren't completely convincing IMO but I agree it is very encouraging!


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We just need to stick with the kid, he will be world class, the best shot stopper in the league, once he consistently does what he did yesterday in the last 10 minutes he will be the top draw and everybody will rsee why we spent what we did on him.


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Yeah I have complete faith in him. Honestly think he is the most talented keeper we've had in my life. I include Schemeichel (spelling) in that. His reactions and shot stopping are second to none and he is only 20. Iker C says he will be better than him and that says it all really! Really excited about the future with him DDG!


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I agree... But I got a funny feeling that he dont have the intentions staying in England the rest of his career. Hopefully im wrong.


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Maybe Steffen. But I dont see him going to Real as he's an Athletico boy. Whether he might want to go to Barca in the future is another matter altogether.


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Dan I think DDG is a really great prospect, but to even consider him an anyway a better keeper, or even prospect than the great Dane is like comparing the ordianary Cleverley to the Great Scholes at his best 8 - 10 years ago.

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Haha I agree Cleverley will never be a patch on Scholes but based on raw talent I think DDG is better than Pete. He's not as big though which does hinder him a bit. I hate it when people say a player needs to bulk up but he really could benefit in doing exactly that. His distribution is a bit off as well but at 20 he is head and shoulders above all other keepers his age in the world. He has a 20 year career and will improve every year.


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De Gea is a great shot stopper but still looks un convencing on crosses. Schmichael was the best keeper we ever had and in best the the premier league, he always bossed his area and forwards knew if they challanged him they would know he was not going to pull out of a challange. Schmichael had a presence about him that I have never saw since with a keeper, as another poster said I dont think De Gea will spend the rest of his carrer at Utd.

Damian M

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He is 22 just to clarify. Still extremely young for a GK. Bags of potential and he can use it to be as good as he wants to be

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10 Nov 2012 21:00:00
I'm fed up with everyone slating individual players. So...I'd like to make a wider point. The issue we had in the 1st half was a lack of pace and energy and endless pointless passes. When we picked up the pace in the 2nd half we looked a completely different team. Now I know we swapped some of the players, you could see the energy of Hernandez and the difference when Cleverley replaced Scholes, and even Anderson for Rooney. But, the lack of pace in the 1st half needs to be addressed. Patience is one thing was boring.


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Your right.... if one individual should take the stick then it has to be fergie..

why does he continue to pick those players and in that formation...

it does not work in europe and it does not work against energetic teams...

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We are through to the knockout rounds with games to spare and top of the premier league, we've been behind in ten games and come back to win eight of them (after team talks, from guess who, SIR alex ferguson,) if you dont like ferguson youre not a united fan, do one.


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Not sure yo u can eve give Fergie stick this time. We had a strong team but the midfiled wasn't very mobile and then he made changes at half time

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It's been bloody obvious for 3 to 4 years now........we used to steam role teams with a vibrant, powerful full of running we try to bore teams into submission.........united have never been a tactical team, we've always been better when we up and at em, with loads of tempo. Scholes is a legend, but his legs are gone.......carrick has never been a player IMO, the only walking midfielder to play for united........Anderson and cleverly have to be given a sustained run in the side at least until compare this midfield to the nineties teams is comparison!

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Also I think the performances of Young and Valencia are slightly worrying. Don't think either of them beat their man once in the first half, and when Valencia did beat him a few times in the 2nd half, he put in poor delivery. Rafael and Evra were better going forward than our two wingers!


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Not to worry about valencia. He will have many good games, it's a long season. He also has Rafael to overlap who causes all kinds of problems.

I think the last couple of ankle injuries have knocked Valencias confidence a bit but you can't write him off.

I'm sick of everyone getting on the players' back if they have a couple of porr games. Nani is consistently poor so I agree in that situation but people slating Valencia on here are undoubtedly the same people that were saying we should sell Hernandez in the Summer. Do you never learn

Dan H

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I was really disappointed on saturday night, the comeback was great as usual but with no disrespect to Villa we should be beating fairly comfortably, i understand things can happen in a game and we don't have the right to win every game but the first half was beyond woeful.

I am constantly annoyed with our midfield.
Scholes is one of the most gifted players i have ever witnessed but its come to the stage that we is more a hinderence, he can see pick out a 50 yard pass which is a pleasure to watch but he is a yard or two off the pace due to his age, other players know this and get tight at every opporunity, this is why i dont understand SAF playing carrick alongside as he doesnt tackle or stamp his authority on the game.
With the midfield this left the defence exposed and imo i cannot wait for the return of Vidic, Rio justs seems to be playing out his career, good positioning but like scholes doesnt have the legs anymore.
I believe if we sign a DM and another Dman we would be a force in both EPL and CL, our forward is the best ive seen in a long time - Rooney,RVP and Chico are on top form and will score goals galore but we cant keep giving teams the lead as it will have games we cant score and could cost us later in the season.


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Pretty much the same all the way all the way through against Braga. Away support was fantastic at both games.

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10 Nov 2012 20:36:58
Our central midfield is way too slow, both attacking and defending. There were times when Scholes and Carrick were walking with the ball when we were attacking and also walking back when we defended.

Scholesy is a great, but he can't be trusted in a 2 man central midfield anymore. He should only play in a 3 man central midfield where he has cover or not at all. Sad but true.

We can't keep depending on our forwards to pull us out of a hole as we're gonna face a good team who will punish us and not let us back into the game. WTF is Mike Phelan doing on the training ground, surely he should be bloody coaching the defence, is that not his job??

An Dun Red Devil

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Mike Phelan sits on his a..e and picks his
nose....we need a change in thats dept with fresh ideas.... ie gary nev or ray wilkins

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A couple of problems in midfield.
1. Not physical enough.. we get bullied too easily
2.Carrick. Sits right on top of back 4 when defending allowing opposition to build pressure.
3. Pace. Too slow moving ball forward in midfield. Especially Carrick( 90% sideways or backwards)
4. Selection. What has Anderson to do to get a run in the team. Helps to drive the team forward.


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Carrick is wilkins(the crab) in disguise, sideways or backwards with the ball. Scholes needs to retire so we can bring on the nxt gen of central midfielders, scholes and giggs world class but please dont drag it out.

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Wanyama would provide the much needed physicality.


P.s. Where are those who wanted Hernandez sold ?

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Scholes was the player who picked out Chicha with a pass that no one else in our squad could do for our first goal. He isn't the player he was but he still has a lot to offer.
Flyhalf Mitch.

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Carrick was has been poor and at best avergae. He sits too deep, invites the opposition midfield to attack. He suits the game when we play with 2 other midfielders as does Scholes. The play is a lot quicker and our midfeld more mobile when Cleverley and/or Anderson are in there. Carrick and scholes together are just too slow and predictable, as proved to be the case against a team struggling in the premiership. Yes, great ball from Scholes for the goal but against more solid teams we probably wouldn't have had that opportunity

Dan H

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Why have a go at Mike Phelan - he isnt the first team coach, Rene Meulensteen is and has been for 4 years

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10 Nov 2012 19:59:27
Ok so he tried winning on the cheap. He knows Cleverley is injury prone so he put Scholesy in. Just hasn't got the legs now at 38, very lucky to be given fouls that obviously were not against Ireland.

Typical post Euro away performance with loads of possession but no lungs to up the tempo. We should have lost tonight but have won, so lets just take it and run.

Hold our breath during this week of silly inter friendlies especially for RVP.

Next up Carrow Road I expect more of the same like tonight but will start Cleverley next week. Send the kids and Ryan to Turkey and hopefully be unscathed going in to QPR and West Ham at home, where we need to up the goals for column

Have a good night everybody

Mike the Moston Red

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10 Nov 2012 19:55:58
2 goals so far for little p and some of you want to off load him he scoring and important goals to come on united smash another this games for the taking now.


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10 Nov 2012 19:52:55
And some people wanted hernandez gone! Amazing what a little pea can do! Did anyone notice that De gae has gotten better at handling crosses? He did well today dealing with crosses, looked confident! Glad smalling is back, didn't have the best of games, but did win a lot of balls in the air.


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10 Nov 2012 19:29:30
Happy with that result, of course, but serious questions are being asked of us. We're doing well to answer those questions at the moment but we cannot keep relying on this type of comeback. Delighted to see Hernandez get back to form. Last season teams were focusing on stopping him play but this season he is being given more freedom as teams focus on Rooney and RVP.


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10 Nov 2012 19:28:11
No matter how talented Lewandowski is I dont care. For what Chicha has done for us I would rather he stays and Lewy doesn't come. Chicha was the only player that looked like he had a sense of urgency. He put in a shift, loves the club and can make the difference. Wouldn't give him up for any other striker unless we could bring Ronnie back.


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Good to see someone praising him he is a good player and scores important goals.

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The ?? Are all pointing to Rooney rather than Hernandez.......he is at least a stone over weight......he gave so many balls away today it was unbelievable ....... And don't me on carrick!

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I think im gonna get him on my shirt


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R u taking the piss lewy is 10 times the player hernandez is!

He scores more goals and he is the perfect target man great feet and touch the next RVN.

Hernandez would be lucky to be on the same pitch as lewy!

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Hernandez has a better goal to game ratio than Lewy. We have RVP as the furthest up front what is the point in getting Lewy as well he wouldn't fit into the system with Kagawa, Rooney, Valenci

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10 Nov 2012 16:58:46

De Gea

I'm suprised not to see one of Cleverely or Anderson play.

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Scholes and carrick again.......toooooo slow! Both Anderson and cleverly should be on. By the way how many passes has Rooney misplaced so far. 80% I would say

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When will we see manchester united wingers take on their opponents and dribble them.or even run with pace past defenders or opponents?most times we lack ideas of what to do with the ball..most times today aston villa were content with letting us paass the ball around knowing we couldnt make d most of our posession in the final third

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10 Nov 2012 14:35:15
Ed002; Stories popping up about Sneijder again, any idea if there is any truth in these and a potential move in January?

Thanks for the info the other day btw.


rpc {Ed002's Note - I have nothing new related to the matter.}

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10 Nov 2012 13:59:45
I see all the papers are linking Utd with another bid for Wesley Sneijder at a cut price... I will give it a week before a paper suggests a swap deal with Nani for Sneijder.

Having said that I would bite there hand off if that deal was offered in January


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Here we go again...!


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Same here, would be a dream swap.


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Where would he play would a disaster already struggling to fit in kagawa


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10 Nov 2012 11:11:50
Question for the eds, what is the chances of man united buying victor wanyama or ryan shawcross in the january transfer window? Thanks. {Ed002's Note - I would have expected that Wanyama would sign a new deal at Celtic after the move to Arsenal failed to materialise rather than move elsewhere to sit on the bench. QPR had an offer rejected in the summer. Manchester United and Arsenal both remain interested but will likely be reluctant to pay the sort of figure Celtic will be looking for in January.

A move for Shawcross is something I know nothing of right now.}

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Is it true that Martin Ferguson was spotted at one of Celtic's home games not too long ago? If so then usually it means whoever it may be (in this case Wanyama) is a serious target. Baring in mind Martin Ferguson was spotted watching De Gea and Kagawa before they joined due to him being the chief scout?

Ozwald {Ed002's Note - I rather suspect it was someone else being looked at.}

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QPR bid 8m on the transfer closing day for Wanyama. This was rejected out of hand. After his exploits against Barca,
his value has risen immensely.
He rejected 40k a week when it was put in front of him, earlier this season.
He seemingly (or his agent) wants at least
60k. His contract ends in June 2015.

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Ed002 who do you suspect he was there to see? Tony Watt perhaps?

Frictiondixon {Ed002's Note - I do think Watt was being looked at again.}

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10 Nov 2012 06:17:55
Gud morning fellas, i think we wud be playing with the same formation we used against chelsea and arsenal. Plz eds, when is kagawa's return date.

Stanod {Ed002's Note - Ten days to a couple of weeks time.}

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