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17 Jul 2015 23:07:26
Eds what do you know of the news that United are apparently set to trigger Pedro's release clause?

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{Ed007's Note - Unless there's been a massive change of plan in the last day or two I'd say it's bollocks. The last thing I know was that Utd were approached and asked if they were interested in the player a while back and they weren't.}

17 Jul 2015 23:42:06
Thanks for the detailed answer Ed! Pedro was a player i thought had a outside chance of coming in, ill erase that thought now

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17 Jul 2015 18:19:37
Bbc reporting that unless we get Ramos that De Gea is staying another year.

We might lose ;20 mill but I'm happy that Real can't expect to get their way every time. 20 mill is nothing to a club our size. With the kit deal kicking in and European money, we won't miss it.

Hope we stick to our guns and Ddg has a blinder of a season and he leaves a champion once again. He has not forced the move and there is always that ray of hope he signs an extension to at least get his worth next summer.

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17 Jul 2015 19:10:18
It would be nice if they had the same stance with psg for di Maria either keep him or tell them to pay what we paid for him their desperate for him and we don't want to sell I think we should keep him now we have the players to bring out the best in him we shld not take a loss of 15 million

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17 Jul 2015 19:18:23
This is going to go on till the last day of the transfer window. Utd have a contingency in place if it does, I think it's paying oblak's release clause!! Could one of the eds confirm if they know of a release clause in lloris's contract too, I've been told that it also includes one.

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17 Jul 2015 19:43:55
if he doesn't sign a new contract i would sell him and buy a new keeper as soon as

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17 Jul 2015 20:01:55
DDG should just either stay or leave. Make him rot in the bench. Had enough of it already.

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17 Jul 2015 20:25:50
Why should he 'rot' on the bench? He's not asked to leave. He's not refusing to play or publicly slating the club. He's a young Spanish lad that wants to go back home. He's given years of loyal service, has been happy with 60k a week and pretty much single handedly assured us champions league football this season.

What an absurd comment.

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17 Jul 2015 20:28:19
I totally agree de gea is a fantastic gk and I really hope he stays but the last thing we need is for him to leave near theend of the transfer window and we can't get anyone else in

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17 Jul 2015 20:56:57
I love the stance of not selling him, DDG has never said he is unhappy here just that he would like to go to madrid, the fans won't turn on him, he will continue to play well and if he leaves on a free we don't lose anything, we never had the money and his value will have been written off. If he plays like he did the last 2 years and we have a much better side in front of him he could win us the league, I would take a 20 million loss to win the league any day of the week.

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17 Jul 2015 21:01:45
Make him rot on the bench? Great fan!

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17 Jul 2015 21:09:56
I'm sure I'm probably wrong but I saw somewhere we'd only have to sell di Maria for 48 million to break even.

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17 Jul 2015 21:22:41
Does anyone really think we'll be teaching RM a lesson by not selling DDG now! They are happy to wait and will get him for nothing next year. In the meantime his commitment to us may weaken and other players will know he wants out. We should stop posturing and sell him to RM now.

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17 Jul 2015 21:41:28
Guys don't be so naive. If you really thought he hasn't said anything publicly is out of respect, you are kidding yourselves. Due to the complexity of the dealings he realized United was not going to budge, so if he were to stay due to contract agreement he didn't want to make a bad name for himself for the remaining year. I respect him for making us reach 4th. Hands down he played the most part in it. But, he shouldn't hide his inner want and think us for fools to now know it. He should have made his intention clear than have us fans sweat all summer and plead to him. He is not saying anything because that's bad for the deal. He stills expect to leave if possible this summer. That's the real thing here. Don't fool yourselves.

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17 Jul 2015 22:56:17
Think the bloke has handled the whole thing well as the club have.

If he stays for a year and performs how he has been that's fine by me and it will also be nice to have Madrid dance to our tune they are the biggest bully in the playground( with us being perhaps 2nd 😜)

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18 Jul 2015 00:09:40
I'm with Dean 100% dg has handled it all right on the line and very professional and so have the club. No name calling or any 'sterling' behavior just an air of professionalism and class with no fingers being pointed. The club have stood staunch and shown that they won't be bullied and you've got to wonder whether van gaal has brought that to the table, he's definitely a not messing about character who's obviously respected in international football circles. I think he could lead us right into another period of domination.personally I'm proper made up how things are going at the min and I think that's how by far the majority of the club feel.I can't wait to see what happens over the next few weeks

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18 Jul 2015 00:51:50
De Gea is contracted to United for a further 12 months. I think some folk are forgetting he's no obligation to sign a new deal just so we can get a decent fee for him.

I believe he will honour the last year of his contract as he's honoured the rest: professionally.

I read De Gea's family wanted him to return home to Madrid well over a year ago and they are annoyed that Jorge Mendes hasn't been able to extract him earlier, especially as De Gea has turned down several improved wage offers.

De Gea will return home to Madrid at some point. That should either be now for the £25m+ that would be appropriate or next year for nothing. Either way I do think Woodward has played his hand well with Real. One could argue we should be putting young talents on longer than 4/5 year contracts if we expect them to be first teamers. If we had done with DDG the dynamic would be different, I.e, Real would be looking at £40m+ to sign him irrespective of the fact he / his family may still want him to return home.

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18 Jul 2015 08:57:20
RedatHeart - it's ages since I've posted here but I feel I have to respond to you.

DDG wants to go back to Madrid for personal reasons and because he wants to play for Real. He's Spanish. Of course he wants to play for Real if he gets the chance. Why should that upset us? What's your view on Schneiderlin and his lack of loyalty to Southampton? What about Sterling? Hey, he was honest in the way he behaved, right?

It doesn't matter what DDG wants or thinks. He is behaving professionally and treating his existing contract with respect, so we should all respect him for that in return.

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18 Jul 2015 19:18:25
Its 100% certain that DDG will leave this summer.
There is no chance the glazers would throw away 20 million (its what he's worth with a year left on his contract) - they are business men - not fans - never forget that

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18 Jul 2015 23:14:06

It's not 100% certain at all, don't talk rubbish. Would you stake your house on it?

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17 Jul 2015 07:10:45
Eds i seen on the everton page that johnny Evans may be signing for them, I can't see it being by this weekend but do you think a replacement will most certainly come in now next week??

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{Ed001's Note - I don't think it is as close as that, it was just talks about him. United are trying to get a centre back in quickly.}

17 Jul 2015 08:28:47
OK looks like no Sergio. Reports say Otamendi wasn't at the kit launch, maybe nothing to read into it.
Would love us to tempt dortmund/hummels with a bid.

Have a good day guys.

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17 Jul 2015 08:33:46
Any ideas on who the centre back cluld be Ed?

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{Ed001's Note - Otamendi looks favourite right now, but until a deal progresses it is difficult to be sure.}

17 Jul 2015 09:13:53
Thanks ed! Love this site

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{Ed001's Note - you are welcome mate.}

17 Jul 2015 09:43:01
I am sure Benitez would like to get one over Utd by stopping this at all costs, but the decision is still Down to Perez .
Thank god we dodged a bullet with Benteke, looks like the pool have some offloading to do.

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17 Jul 2015 11:08:00
Now there's talk that if we don't get
Ramos we are just going to go with what we've got surely we can't go into a season with s malling and Jones as our first choice CBs granted smalling is getting better but he's always prone to an injury as is Jones who isn't good enough anyway I hope it's just paper talk and he gets otamendi in to partner Rojo with smalls and jo es as back up I'm quite optimistic for this season but if we don't get another CB were going to regret it

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17 Jul 2015 11:37:32
Someone say Jones isn't good enough. Absolute rubbish I'd love a top class cb but happy with going with what we have in the players we used last season. Jones, smalling, rojo, mcnair, blackett. Please remember it wasn't defensively weak just the team as a whole took a while to find real form.

Ps. Jones is actually a better defender than smalling.

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17 Jul 2015 12:34:44
Believe United News.the problem is that Jones and Smalling are constantly injured. Rojo didn't do much better with injuries as well so now your down to Evans, Mcnair and Blackett who are not good enough if you want to win the premiership and the Champions League. They definitely need an top centre back and a forward in my opinion.

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17 Jul 2015 12:53:32
Didn't we have the fourth best defence in the league last year with only 37 goals conceded, and before people say that was down to De Gea, our defence allowed only an average of 10.1 shots per game, joint highest in the league with Southampton, so I don't think our defence is as bad as everyone tries to make out.

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17 Jul 2015 13:26:05
DDG was a big reason why. You think of all of them one on one's he saved.

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17 Jul 2015 14:58:13
States on the United website that LVG is looking to strengthen in 2 positions, I would think that means a striker and a CB

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17 Jul 2015 18:47:12
Make that three as looks like DDG IS OFF to MADRID in the not too distant future!

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