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18 Nov 2012 23:33:46
SAF addressed the problem of not enough goal scored last season ruthlessly by buying RVP and it made a point. Now we're leaky at the back and the midfield is at it's worst it's been in the last 15 years, these problems need to be addressed.

I'd like to see a midfielder brought in in January, I'd say wanyama (spelling) but he's cup tied in the CL isn't he? So cabaye could be an option well he'd be my proffered option then we could move for wanyama in the summer.

I'm not too sure about the defence, Jones Evans and smalling are a good 3 to have Vidic I don't see returning to his best of the last 3 years so maybe he would need to be replaced, I'd say hummels but he would cost in excess of 20m; subotic would be a better option IMO


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If Celtic don't qualify then Wanyama won't be cuptied. I'd like to go for him, but for some reason I think Fellaini is the man that the boss wants.


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Defence was poor for the goal but on Saturday our attack were poor because Norwich defended so well. We therefore still need someone in midfield who can create good chances when a team know how to defend !

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V.Wanyama is a CLASS ACT, and id prefer him to Fellaini. He is much, much better defensively and still offers going forward. Our attack is adquate as it stands. Plus, as Fellaini can...Wanyama attacks the ball in the box at the sharp end of the pitch, and has scored excellently for Celtic

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I dont think wanyama is as good as people make out, hes been playing in the spl and lets face it its not the best of leagues. Id love to see sandro in the middle of midfield. hes a big strong guy who would make our midfield a lot more stable defensively. In terms of a playmaker in midfield i think isco would be the best bet. Hes only 21, and he looks more than comfortable in la liga, he creates chances from nothing and he is a great prospect we could get at a very reasonable price

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18 Nov 2012 21:56:08
I honestly think Nick Powel is ready to be a regular, yeah he's young but so was scholes etc, if fergie gave him the nod i think we'd have a top class player who would only get better and better and give us a good goal return in the process, im just stating the obvious really, but true never the less :)

Rouge Diablo :)

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I agree get him in there........ scholes and giggs are legends but had there time........let the young boys play....... that's what we are all about...... there are a few in the under 18s that are worth a shout as well....... they're young but so were the babes and I'd rather be playing these than the geriatrics {Ed007's Note - You need to insert spaces in your post. If it is one long continuation of characters it stretches the page and it's format. I sorted this one but in future they will just be deleted.}

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I young Nick Powell would have provided more than a ageing Ryan Gigg's against Norwich that's for sure.
Kev Darko

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I think Nick Powell should be a regular on the bench gaining experience and then he should be shipped on loan to a lower pl club in Jan, that way we will have him ready by next summer to have an effect on the first team.

Another one id like to see guetting a chance is Petrucci. Atm i think he is the one most ready to become a first team regular.


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18 Nov 2012 21:52:30
R.I.P. Kenny Morgans

Chris in Tamworth YNWA

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18 Nov 2012 21:20:08
R.I.P. Kenny Morgans ex Man Utd player and Munich survivor, who died aged 73. Ollivander LFC.

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18 Nov 2012 21:10:42
Some people want SAF to retire, others are defending him to the hilt. However...can we not have a sensible debate? The greatest Manager of all time is now 70, surely,there comes a point when his judgement is not what it was. Is that time now? His achievements are unparalleled and he has delivered so much in the last 25 years but that doesn't mean we should be blind to what we can see. The problem with a legend is that nobody ever wants to tell them they are wrong. In effect, SAF is untouchable; he will decide when he leaves. 'Quite right' I hear you say, he deserves nothing less. But at what point do serious questions get asked? If Cleverley is good enough for England, why is he played so infrequently for us? If this is a 'big year' for Anderson, would it not make sense to play him a little more? If Powell is in the 1st team squad, why does he never play? And the obvious one...why are we starting a 38 and a 39 year old as often as we are?

Yes, yes, I know we have qualified in Europe and are only 1 point off top spot but it feels like we are at a critical point here. To have gone behind 11 times is a worry, despite the heroics of the forwards. We are rumoured to have bid for several midfield players so SAF appears to be aware of the problem... but we bought RVP and Kagawa, neither of whom will fix the midfield issue.

Hey ho, I'm not looking for an argument, just interested what people think. in my view, it's time to salute the legend that is SAF...and appoint a new man.


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That was Giggsy's first start in a while and score had a long rest, missing a few games in a row not just before the Villa game. I think people are being over dramatic.

A manager isn't like a football player, it isn't physical so there is no reason why a manage would wither with age, if anything he'd grow with greater experience. People have to realise our squad is in a stage of transition and we might not be playing the best football but SAF is setting the squad up for years to come not just immediate results. I think he's doing a fantastic job. We are one point behind City who have spent millions on class players. We're still more of a threat than them to any other team. We also have a couple of important players out injured lets not forget. I wish people would open their eyes to the bigger picture with this..


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Fergie mite be getting old but he's still the best manager around and what ever anyone says he will pik who deserves to play an not just because ppl say he's wrong an should play this player for this one.

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Giggs and carrick both started the spurs game......any similarities........I agree with that said by ajh.......strange the quotes by fergie about Ronaldo....price clause????........time to give youth a go, it's what we're all about........fergie has always been brave with selections, could it be that with age caution invades your mind

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Sorry to say this but if it wasn't for our capture of RVP we would be lucky to be in the top half of the table.Our midfield is the most pathetic I can remember and I am 48yrs old.As for the defense well do we have one?Put simply if we can't score a few we lose points.

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Cleverly is good enough for an average over-rated team like England, but isn't and probably never will be good enough for a top team like United.

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Meant Scholes* not score lol.


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Cleverly should be our 1st choice, we look better everytime he plays and so do england. fletcher andersson and powell deserve more time on the pitch. scholes still class but gotta be used sparingly butt giggs shouldnt start again maybe the odd sub appearance and wish carrick wasnt rated so highly by SAF because we look poor when he plays
Will Red

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Scholes is still good in small bursts but this will be his last season. Giggs, the legend that he is, should just do a Gary Nev in January. I feel our best midfield is when Ando and Clevs play, energy and pace, which is lacking everytime Carrick plays. Hope fergie sees sense and gives them a chance

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Agree with the original poster. SAF has been superb, in fact the best of his generation and many generations.
But as you get older (i should know) you do get set in your ways. This is not a crtisism, just a fact.
When the time comes soon, a new manager will be apoointed with fresh ideas and approach and we will carry on being the best club in the world.
Most important thing is that SAF should step aside when he is ready and I am sure he'll do that.

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20 Nov 2012 12:11:30
I think all well said, SAF has always master classed a United squad and sure he is working on it BUT for now we need to WIN and WIN without panicing.
MIDFIELD: We are missing someone like a young Scholes or Keano in midfield. Where the game-play when not in our hand can be broken and possesion is restored. We should look at buying a CDM and move carrick + Powell (my choice) up the field.
DEFENCE: Ferdinand is ageing and is not a match to BPL anymore, Evra looks like he is lost and is happy to conceed possesion very easily, dosent derserve the captains Armband. Happy with jones & smalling Wingers Nani and Young are no ameatures, both need to live up to d class of MUFC (get them some competition need be).

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Good riddance to red nose taggart when he goes , and look forward to the decline of man citys little neighbours

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At many times over the last few years (namely since Chelsea and later City started to spend big), Man United have relied on that 'invisible force' that gives them a psychological upper hand over their opponents - made up from their history, their mentality and...Sir Alex Ferguson.

Although I can accept that lately some of his decisions have seemed as though screamed 'stuck in my ways', I am sure there is a better answer than "Sir Alex Ferguson's decision making is going in his old age"... I think it is disrespectful. I am sure there are other reasons for not replacing Giggs & Scholes, probably financial.

But I ask - who will replace the great man and once he is gone - will the badge of Manchester United carry that same invisible force!?

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18 Nov 2012 15:27:48
Eds are they any truth in the latest Rodriguez rumours and what do you make of the Ronaldo rumours cheers.

Caoln. {Ed007's Note - There isn't really any Ronaldo rumours, it's just a spin put on an interview with AF. Porto's price of 40m Euros is the stumbling block for anyone looking to buy Rodriguez.}

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Cheers ed, do you see a move for Rodriguez happening in January or the summer?

Caolán. {Ed004's Note - I reckon it will be the summer before we make a move for him}

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18 Nov 2012 15:19:08
This might seem strange to some of you but I can see the green shoots of a good team starting to shine through and I believe in my heart that Fergie is seeing the same thing. Hoping that DDG is going to come good I think he showed signs of improvement against Villa. Smalling is really impressing me and just needs some games under his belt. He dealt with Holt all day yesterday and was not at fault for the goal. Jones will add a bit of steel when he returns and gets some games under his belt. Powell has impressed every time I have seen him. Chicha will score goals for you if you put the ball infront of him in the box. RVP is world class and hopefully will remain fit. If anderson is played in an attacking role I feel he can bring pace to the team. The Keane brothers will soon be pushing for a place in the team. So not everything is bad. I cannot explain the midfield as I was going on about it 3 years ago and we have all been saying we need quality. I just feel that as he has done in the past Sir Alex will pull something out of the bag. He always deserves the chance. Back on top next week. I AM KLOOT

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It's nice to see you pointing out some positives KLOOT, I am being honest here it has cheered me up a bit. If we can just invest in a few more decent players the future of our club can still be bright. I believe the next 2-3 years will be massive for our clubs future based on managers, players and owners.

Have a good week everyone!


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I too think there is an enormous amount of young raw talent at the club. The exception, as pointed out by KLOOT is the midfield, where, apart from Cleverley, Anderson and Kagawa, we have squad players or those who should have retired at leat a couple of years ago.
If we invest in Strootman, Wanyama andIsco, then we would have a very good team.
Mike B.

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Pointless having decent players and emerging talent when the weakest part of the team ie midfield hasnt been addressed and is continually costing us games and trophys.i still stand by what i posted 4-5 weeks ago that we will end up potless this season and the blame is firmly on fergies shoulders

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Wer just need a hard hitting DM/HM who can win the ball in the middle of the field. Carrick can push further forwards and this should stop every team we play from strolling through our midfield like a model down the catwalk.


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18 Nov 2012 15:09:56
To all you people who are going on about us not losing yesterday if Rooney had played. Well would he have played on the wing and gone past players to the by line and cross a ball for our forwards? Oh yes and who was that fat bloke who played against Everton at the start of the season at least a stone overweight making Fergie furious. It was like last season when Darren Fletcher didn't play and all of a sudden he became a wonderful player rather than a good journey man player. I AM KLOOT

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We know you don't like Rooney but it is obvious when he plays united are a better team. Any club in the world would miss a player like Rooney if he wasn't to play. Yesterday there was no urgency and no fight, two things which Rooney has in abundance. Take away your personal feeling for what Rooney did and judge him as a footballer and I think your opinion would change.

I would say comparing Rooney and fletcher are a bit like comparing chalk and cheese to be honest.


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What a stupuid post, fletcher shook off the journey tag before and on the way to the 2008 champions league final rooney is a match winner whether hes played on the wing or in am.

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18 Nov 2012 13:19:11
Is there any possibility that james rodriguez could be coming to the club in januaey? {Ed004's Note - Yes there is a possibility that United will make a move for him in January}

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Hope this happens we badly need a left legged winger

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Guys we need any winger who can cross a ball.

The last month or so has been desperate.

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18 Nov 2012 12:54:59
Is this rumour about zaha, hummels and bender true?

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18 Nov 2012 12:52:23
I agree that the team needs to be revised now that our great players are reaching the end of their careers.

I believe that De Gea is not good enough in goal and I am not sure about Lindegard being any better.Why we didn't sign Friedel or Given as a short term replacement for Edwin I am not sure.

Rafael whilst good going forward is not as good as either Jones or Smalling at right back. One of these should partner Rio at the heart if the defence as he has lost his edge/pace.
Buttner should be encouraged rather than left on the bench. He is the future not Evra.

Midfield should be Fletcher ,Anderson and Kagawa -when fit. Play Cleverly on the left where he can run at people. Valencia is just going thro an indifferent spell -he is to good to discard.Tunnicliffe has great potential and should be given more games.Young is not good enough and should be sold.

Ideal strikers are Van Persie an Rooney with Welbeck and Hernandez in reserve. What has happened to Henriquez. Is he not due to get a game.Just some tweaking needed and perhaps one signing in January.

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Biggest load of rubbish I have ever read. Buttner is a liability, De Gea will be one of the best goalkeepers in the world, Cleverley is too slow and lacks the skill needed to be a winger

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I agree and disagree, De Gea is only 22 and therefore will improve.. A lot. Rafael will become a great right back maybe even one of the best in the world. I also believe Rio should be sold this summer and replace by either Hummels/Dede/Ogbonna. I agree about the midfield.

I would like us to play a more 4-3-3 style with Kagawa at the point of a midfield of 3 and Anderson and Fletcher sitting behind him. Rooney on the left, RVP in the middle and Valencia on the right.

I think Valencia has been told to not cross all the time and try to go into the center, I hope we start to see his old ways soon.


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Ok right:
1. Young is more talented than any of our midfielders apart from Rooney if you include him. Dont know what Young has done to deserve that statement he showed more skill and quality against Norwich than the others on the field.
2. How is De Gea not good enough? He is one of the most talented keepers I have ever seen. He has done nothing wrong since that mistake against Fulham (I think) for the goal, bar a few dodgy punches from crosses.
3. Buttner is not capable of replacing evra this was shown in the CC against Chelsea, people see him making a long fumbling run scoring a lucky goal and all of a sudden he is capable of replacing Evra, no way near im afraid. He is a deputy to the number 1 and nothing more, he admits this himself.
4. Fletcher is not at pl level and probably wont be again. Hence why we are looking at Wanyama and Bender. Cleverley and the rest of our midfield simply cant cut it at the very top, no matter where you put them.
5. Henriquez is rumoured to be going on loan to Wigan soon, though he may have to prove himself in the championship first before Martinez will take him.

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Yeh Valencia is a little one dimensional this playing through the middle wont come easy to him. I'm just waiting for Januzaj to step up in that position. He will be immense! I think he could do it as early as next season if given the chance. I also think Powell will eclipse Cleverley soon and hopefully provide a little magic in midfield like Ravel was suppose to do.


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I have read some crap in my time on this site and this is up there with the very best of it. Friedel or Given? So you want to sign a 41 year old who when he joined Liverpool proved he wasn't a quality keeper. Even leaving aside his age there is a difference between a keeper who makes 10 decent saves at a team who is under lots of defensive pressure. It is easier be alert and stop shots when your team is constantly under pressure. However it can be a different story when asked to make one or two saves after having little to do throughout the game. This for me is what showed up Friedel when he went to Liverpool. Remember the spotlight is far greater at a club like United than it is at Spurs or Blackburn etc.

Given is past it as well. I'm Irish myself but Given showed during the Euros that he is not as good as he once was. Also considering Given is under 6ft tall, top teams tend to have avoided making bids for him, although I do think in his day he could have done a job for Arsenal in his day.
I don't know what you're talking about regarding Rafael. He has been fantastic this season. If anything Jones has been the one who has proved he has the most to learn since he joined United. Remember the Basle game in the champions league. He was torn apart but average opposition.


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Glad ur not our gaffer mucker, freidel in goal, cleverly on wing, whatever next? Jimmy Bullard to shore our mid field up!ha. Just support the team lad and keep ur tactical know how for FIFA 13

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Biggest load of rubbish 4 sure.rafael is the current best rb in the gea is top 10 best keepers in the world and improving.cleverly on the wing seriously?.either you crawled out of a hole or completely dillusional.

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18 Nov 2012 12:30:38
Who would be people's dream signing in the summer (realistically). Mine's would be lars bender. He can pass, run,shoot, has good feet. He is perfect

Do people think a midfield of bender sitting with anderson and cleverly ahead be good enough for champions league? It would certaintly be more exciting and high energy than the dross we currently play.

Would a manager like mourinho, guardiola etc see that midfield of bender, anderson and cleverley and fletcher( some games) good enough


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Hummels, bale, strootman, Vidal, isco & falcao

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No name, he said realistically!


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Out: Nani, Anderson, King, Macheda, Vidic (if a good price can be got)
That should get in about 50m or more

in: Hummels, Wanyama, Ronaldo/Bale/Rondriguez

Dan {Ed004's Note - Think we need a left back and possibly another cm}

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Mourinho and guardiola would probably only keep cleverly and bring in a whole slew of new midfielders.

Shahrm {Ed004's Note - Possibly Anderson as well. I reckon he would be a decent squad player and I like Powell}

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Ed004 I am undecided on Anderson, as squad players generally get some starts. He seems to get these token 10 to 15 minute game times where I think it's too late to make an impact.

If this was the year he was going to make or break, the manager is not giving him the opportunity to prove it one way or another.

Shahram {Ed004's Note - No I don't see him getting a chance. I would bet more than half the people on here were calling for him to come on vs Norwich probably even before kickoff.}

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18 Nov 2012 12:23:42
Why are we constantly being linked with wingers when we need a midfielder. We dont need another winger who will give the ball away and lump balls into the box. We need someone to pass the ball through the middle and not play long diagionals to wingers hoping they do something with the ball.

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18 Nov 2012 08:56:25
Does anyone know how Lucas Moura's getting on this season? Haven't heard a dickie bird. {Ed002's Note - He is just finishing up his season in Brazil.}

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He is doing really good with Sau Paulo right now, he should be with PSG in January.


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18 Nov 2012 03:42:16
whats the deal with 4 centre midfield players on the bench, arguably 5 with jones, that leaves a keeper and welbeck. how do we expect to change a game with that. i'd think it was common sense to at least put a winger on the bench even it is a youngster. its better than playing someone out of position.
take a chance you never know

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I feel SAF had galatasaray in mind.
They say its a horrible place to go, maybe he rested players so that he doesnt have to play youngsters
Still a very stupid reason if so.
anderson in place of giggs & could have put henriquez on the bench. If they still lost sorry united are outplayed then.

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Considering we had no central midfielðers on the pitch, you're correct, there is no sense in that

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18 Nov 2012 01:21:04
By the performance of the last few months we need not just a player who can break the play up and make powerful runs but a player with real technical ability like silva or Oscar. Kagawa is none of them so far. Chelsea have three of these guys we have none. Also we love to see Felliani bought because he offers you something completely different a physical presence. Lastly would like to say that I have been always a Baines fan and he's the best in the league.

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You have just descirbed Victor Wanyama.


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How is kagawa not a flair player ? And neither is Victor Wanyama

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18 Nov 2012 11:50:36
Yea, players with real technical ability! We have three and u have none but u are still ahead of us in the log. U shd be grateful to Old Fergie who knows how to win games and stop moaning. Difference is while u have four class strikers, we have one bad striker - the worst in the league, yet he starts all games while our youngsters who to me are capable of doing the job are either on loan or not given any chance by the manager.

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Kagawa is that man, just not being used properly

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18 Nov 2012 01:22:46
Just got back from Norwich. Amazing support for the boys that deserved so much more from players who seem to lack any sense of urgency. Why did our wingers not take the last man on. I wish the real Tony V would come back I miss him so much. Ashley Young just frustrates the F**k out of me. Stop looking to go down and get the ball into the box. I notice grief on here for Chicho well will somebody tell me one time he got any kind of service from the wings. But the real thing that had everyone scratching their heads was the fact that we were a goal down being over run in midfield and lacking any kind of pace and who does he bring on Paul Scholes. Was it some kind of delayed birthday present. The man was 38 yesterday and you expect him to bring pace to the game. Fergie is saying he could play another season now how scary is this. If by some horrid horrid chance we don't win the league this season will Fergie come out and say I was wrong. Everybody told me I needed some quality in midfield and I didn't listen. Already it is making the City game a daren't lose game. I am sorry if I seem down but i am tired and very angry a support like the team got today deserve so much better. I AM KLOOT

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It's as clear as crystal but fergie refuses to see it.........carrick has to be his love child.......giggs is finish and I pose the question would he ever have started in the centre when we had a midfield.......the ruthless fergie never stood for sentiment......when robbo was finished he was replaced......we have never replaced scholes giggs or keane

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18 Nov 2012 08:50:28
this is in regards to previous posts of kloot
if rooney has played the match yesterday we would have won the match any ways no matter if giggs and scholes kloot please stop moaning about rooney and dont ever think of selling rooney because he is like oxygen to the united team,and there will be no life if we loose oxygen.

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I agree with all of this KLOOT; after the goal I was thinking that it was time for Anderson and Cleverley to come on to provide energy, bite and penetration in midfield .... but no, we get the ageing Scholes, who, great though he was, is no longer able to play at the fast pace we needed to get back into the game.
As I have posted elsewhere, I fear that we are likley to lose the upcoming City game and be about 6 points behind them going into the Christmas schedule. By early January they could be out of sight if we do not improve our performances.
Mike B.

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18 Nov 2012 00:39:01
Surely the almighty Ferguson would notice that Carrick/Scholes/Giggs/Ferdinand/Evra are all past it? Why is he always playing them? What happened to statement "You can't win anything with kids" which then motivated a bunch of youngsters to win many trophies?

Has Fergie forgotten that? Anderson and Cleverley aren't the best but they are the best midfield pairing we have..

I have never said this but.. I am looking forward for a new manager and coaching staff to take over, maybe then they will address the midfield and sort this god damn team out.

We have to sort it out, I just wish Fergie went with youngsters again!


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I agree. What are we going to learn about our youngsters if there not being given a chance. Totally agree with why pogba left now sat in the reserves watching ageing players limp through games and getting ocer ran.

We need new ideas and a new manager to take us forward as football is changing but we are standing still with our 4-4-2 wingers and lumping hopeful crosses into the box all game.

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After all SAF has done at the club, and now you can't wait for him to go? I find that simply mind blowing, surprised any United fan would say that.. He's still the best manager in the world.


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Ozwald, he is too stubborn to move on with modern football, when your struggling to beat Norwich City, Aston Villa, Southampton.. We are meant to be a club competing for the Champions league and the title.

I love Fergie and he has revolutionized our club, but he still continues to play Giggs/Scholes/Evra/Ferdinand when they are all no longer United quality. But still he lets the play.

The day Fergie retires will be a very upsetting day, but in the last few years I think everyone has noticed the club slowly going down hill due to stupid tactics, Line-ups etc.


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Ozwald. Ferguson is a legend and in his time was the best manager. But times change, football has changed. Yet Ferguson is still stuck using outdated tactics. We played barca twice in CL finals and on both occasions were totally tactically outplayed. Citeh did the same to us last year and do this year. Yet Ferguson is too stubborn to change.
We all love and respect the man, but times move on and I can think of at least three managers that are better than him at present!

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How can you say you want fergie out , who else is capable of what he has done?

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Ozwald I'm with you 100% on this. Sure I moan when we play poorley and drop points, but never will I want to do back to the pre SAF days. We went 26 without the league, now it;s fergie out after only being 2nd for a week. When SAF goes Moyes will take over anyway.

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