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22 Jan 2013 20:13:53
Couple of rumours going round that SAF is at Celtic Park tonight? Seems Arsenal have upped their interest in Wanyama, could SAF be preparing a move?

I love the final week or so of the transfer window, rumours are going to be cranking up now, good luck Ed's :)


P.s, that was a genuine rumour I heard about SAF being at Celtic Park, not sure if it's gospel though!

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He is here, AVB also here

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Wanyama 33 GOAL...

ed07 will be able to confirm

oxred {Ed002's Note - Both Manchester United and Arsenal both remain interested in Wanyama but are reluctant to pay the sort of figure Celtic are looking for right now. Given that Begiristain has hinted that Manchester City are considering making a bid for the player as well, one or both might look to try and tempt Celtic to sell and the player to drop his Champions League ambitions for the rest of the season. Wanyama suffering from anatidaephobia could well block a potential move.}

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Ed002, very witty, I know of at least three ducks that regularly attend OT.

Also isn't SAF in Qatar?


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Word is ferguson doesn't want this one slipping through the net (wanyama) and signing for another premier league expect a bid for wanyama in the next 48 hrs from united

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Wonder if he's actually there to watch Forster?


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SAF did not travel to Qatar, MP leading the trip

Rolanski {Ed007's Note - I am just back from the game, the main reason AF is up here for Sean Fallon's (assistant manager to Jock Stein) funeral tomorrow. Forster is out injured just now.}

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thought fergie did not travel with the squad....

would like to see this one wrapped up early if city are stiffing around..


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Ferguson could not spot a decent midfielder if he came along and slapped him around the face..... we have been waiting for keano's replacement for far too long and nobody apart from Carrick is capable at OT

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Forster wasnt playing. he is injured. it would take 20m in this window for celtic to sell wanyama there is interest from a lot if top clubs in europe, with barca rumoured to be interested and he still has a good bit on his contract

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Fergies only going to make a bid if a rival offer materialises he's was penciled in for a summer recruit but fergies hand may be forced as be doesn't want to miss out!!

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23 Jan 2013 08:18:03
Why are so many people here talking about us bein after a keeper ddg is class he's going 2 make a few mistakes but the potential this lad has is unreal some of his saves on sunday alone were brilliant please give him time!as for the defensive midfielder we are after for me phil jones is perfect for me run carrick very close for man of the match on sunday and the lad is only getting back to fitness!also michael carrick is the most underated player iv ever seen has bein class this season and never gets the credit!redwill

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Agree with all redwill post. DDG will be worldclass, look at rafael his perfect example of patience and learning experience. In my book Rafael cost us 1/4 final vs bayern and maybe the title last year against everton, but i'm glad to see he as really improve and be one of the best united player in 12-13 so far.

Jones and Carrick could be what we need, but box to box midfielder would be welcome. Nobody know how long scholes and giggs can go on, will have to adress our midfield someday.....


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22 Jan 2013 18:33:22
Hey guys,

I'm just wondering with Ashley Cole signing a new contract, are Chelsea still looking to sign Luke Shaw? and is it likely Utd would go in for him.I think he is quality and is pretty young too, totally fitting our bill.Also might be easier to get seeing as the management has changed?
Opinions anyone?

RedKen {Ed002's Note - Interest in Shaw is nothing to do with Ashley Cole. Southampton has no intention of selling Shaw and Manchester United has not shown any interest in him.}

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Id like us to go in for Ben Davies if we were to go in for a defender. The lads got bags of talent and could be a world class player given the right mentoring.

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Anyone else had a chuckle at the reported 200k/week Cole is apparently getting?

isn't it funny how on the one hand they don't want to give him a contract for more then one year, but on the other hand they see him as the best (paid) defender in the world?

We would have offered him 100k/week but for 2 years, maybe.


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22 Jan 2013 17:33:13
Whats the availability of Viktor Fischer ED?

Anon {Ed002's Note - Viktor Fischer is subject to interest from Manchester United, Manchester City, Hamburg and Werder Bremen. Ajax is negotiating a new contract with him.}

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22 Jan 2013 14:21:22
Looks like Zaha is in the bag. Haven't seen much of him myself but surely of he's worth the fee being discussed then leaving him there on loan is a waste? I'm not 100% on the rules around how many players we can register and perhaps that's why but makes sense to me to get him in now to integrate and maybe make an impact and let Palace have a couple of youngsters to help their promotion push? Or if you judge our squad by opinions on here let them have half our first team! Ben

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Loaning him back? Great. So, we haven't strengthened at all, then. If we pick up 1-2 injuries to signifcant players, we'll struggle in the final months of the season. Not saying Zaha is the difference-maker (I don't rate him) but I do NOT see the sense in sending a handful of players out on loan and not bringing anyone at all in.


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Couldn't agree more Ben if your spending that much money then I'd have him with the 1st team as for zaha I watch Cardiff city a lot with my son an he's very very talented

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It's much more difficult to settle a player in in january. Even more so if that club is Manchester United at the top of the table fighting for the title. He'll be under a lot of pressure most certainly from the media, especially because he's the exciting type of player that is expected to 'wow' people. The last two fairly big signings we made in january were Vidic and Evra which are both defenders.


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Although I agree it would be nice to get a player in NOW the price is irrelevant really IMO. If they do keep him for 6 months then they will have to pay a loan fee, which will be subtracted from the transfer fee in any case. Have you thought that perhaps Zaha was ONLY available in Jan if he loan was agreed to? They were the early rumours and CP are desperate for promotion. If that's the case it still makes sense for us to get him now for a fixed fee before things change. The other positive is that he will play almost every game at Palace, which is good for his development at 20 yrs old. I think he would be used very sparingly with Young, Nani, Valencia, Kagawa and Welbeck all playing in similar positions.

It would be nice for us to bring someone in to make an immediate impact but if the Zaha deal is true I'm sure the manager will have thought it through and there will be good reason for the loan.


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Noname, I go to watch Cardiff City quite often, they're flying aren't they! Finger's crossed they keep it up then we'll have EPL footy on the doorstep :) I see they've signed United old boy Frazier Campbell today, hopefully he bags a few in the chase for promotion.


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If Utd are paying 15m+ for Zaha I wouldn't want him at palace the rest of the season what happens if he gets a bad if it was 8m then yes but twice that no


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I think you missed my point RED_SKY as I was saying DON'T loan him back in response to the reports he is set to be loaned back.

Ozwald, Vidic and Evra both worked out alright and they weren't loaned back. If anything it's more difficult to integrate a new defender than a forward anyway as defensive mistakes are more costly. I don't buy the "It's difficult to settle someone in January" line that SAF uses now and then (think it's more of a ploy tbh), especially when Zaha is only moving a couple of hundred miles in the same country. Zaha could be given the rest of the season learning from his new team mates in training, getting the odd sub appearance and witnessing (plus possibly playing a small part in) European football and a title run in. Or he could be playing the likes of Ipswich and Peterborough.

Gav, money talks and the fee being talked about is enough (if true) for us to want him in now. Sure a few youngsters on loan would sweeten the deal for Palace.

Pardoe, totally agree on the injury front. Zaha has proved he can cut it playing Championship football. Even if he only makes a few sub appearances I think he'll be in better stead for next season if he's with us from January. No offense Palace fans!

No name from Cardiff, I hope you're right!

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22 Jan 2013 13:24:03
Zaha will sign for United on Fri/Sat and loaned back to Crystal palace for the rest of the season, he will then join United permanently in the summer and push for a starting role.

De Gea is not for sale and United aren't after another keeper at present although Begovic has been shouted on numerous occasions over the last year.

We are trying for Victor Wanyama of Celtic for the summer but this could change as Arsenal amongst others are trying to sign him this window, Fergie really rates the player as do two or three of United's scouting team.

OT Ghost

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Celtic fan here. Rumour going round that ferguson is at parkhead tonight. I'm assuming checking on Wanyama {Ed002's Note - Both Manchester United and Arsenal both remain interested in Wanyama but are reluctant to pay the sort of figure Celtic are looking for right now. Given that Begiristain has hinted that Manchester City are considering making a bid for the player as well, one or both might look to try and tempt Celtic to sell and the player to drop his Champions League ambitions for the rest of the season.}

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22 Jan 2013 12:20:24
These two new transfer 'sagas' are getting very very dull now. By this of course I mean Zaha & De Gea. Now the latest is Barca will sign De Gea and we will get Valdes - I really hope that this doesn't happen, Valdes incredibly inconsistent. And then the other one is this whole Zaha thing - please let this be resolved, we can't have this dragging on all summer if we don't sign him now.


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Is de gea goes to barcelona then I would ask for thiago or sanchez in return.

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We will not be swapping DDG for Valdes so don't worry yourself Fresh! I think Zaha is coming and I assume the deal will be sorted in January, but we'll have to wait and see.


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I would hardly call the Zaha transfer a "saga" to be fair. Transfers are not straight forward and simple, especially when there is to be a loan back option involved. This is an exciting prospect we have here, the best young english player at this moment in time you could argue!


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Pepe Reina will end up at Barcelona in my opinion.

Andyp MUFC

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22 Jan 2013 18:05:59
valdes to bayern

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Valdes to bayern lol I think your forgetting they have neuer who is a superior keeper and younger

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22 Jan 2013 09:46:30
Lot of rumours flying around about possible ins and outs

Just wondering what realistically everyone expect to happen regarding this and next window?

I don't expect huge names to come in as united have never really gone abiut their business this way (van persie excluded)

Ins :
I can see a bid for modric
And maybe someone like gaitan

Im on the femce about ronaldo whether he would come back or not.

Thats all I can forsee


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I'm sticking to my guns that we will go for Zaha, Ronaldo, Cabaye & Lars Bender/Wanyama. And then Nani leaves, perhaps Valencia is replaced, Macheda leaves, Scholes retires and Giggs + Ferdinand signs a new deal.


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I can see this going through...and for those who keep saying Zaha is an exp buy and blah blah we bought ronaldo for 12.5mil who played similarly to zaha...selfishness crossing was rash etc...however we have seen what ronaldo became winning trophy after trophy...fergie has probably done extensive research on this player and I was shouting his name out last year when CP took us on in the league cup and Zaha kind of tore us apart. however I would like to see a few other players come in...i would retire fletch by the end of the season if he doesn't overcome his latest illness and bring in a proper DM...i would also sell Nani and Valencia - both have dropped in form for us and we need an out and out winger in our arsenal...Zaha would be one and I would go for rodrigues of Porto...although an exp buy could be our flair player and with three top wingers playing for us we could bring back trophys to OT...just a though

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First of all Zaha will arrive, but only if United agree with a suitable fee.

Modric, Gotze, S.Bender & Eriksen will stay another season at their Clubs.

Rodriguez, Baines, Lewandowski & Ogbonna will move in the summer to the highest bidder. Probably not us.

Players I think we'd be in the Market for in the summer would be Cabaye, Strootman, Gaitan, Wanyama. All around the 15-18m Mark where we usually spend on a player.

Digne French LB 5-7m
Cabaye/Strootman/Wanyama 15-18m
Zaha/Gaitan 12-15m

Nani 15-18m
Scholes retired
Macheda 2m
Bebe 2m
Giverin (4 players 1m)


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You really believe we will sign 2 top central midfielders AND 2 wingers INCLUDING, you are optimistic.


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Its more hope I guess Gav, I think perhaps Ronaldo, Zaha and Cabaye could be it. I'm still not sure SAF will ever buy someone like Wanyama. Those are the three that I think SAF may want though (assuming that Ronaldo doesn't sign on at Madrid for a new deal).


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A bit more realistic, Fresh! I'm struggling to see Ronaldo back here but I'm happy to live in hope on that one. Those 3 players would improve our squad no end TBF.


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22 Jan 2013 07:47:06
I'm not too interested in Zaha. But I hear that Arsenal might be interested in Wanyama. I live in Glasgow and see plenty of this guy. He's a rough diamond. I would much prefer to see United spend the cash on big Vic.


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