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05 Nov 2013 19:42:34
Ed 002-evening mate, and thanks for your input.
Just want to know what you really think will happen with R.Lewandovski?Cannot see, as you rightly say, him moving in January, but what will happen come summer?Is he really Bayern bound, or does he want to consider other options?thanks again for your brilliant work. {Ed002's Note - Dortmund and Lewandowski were unable to reach agreement over a new deal and they probably won't. Whilst there is no agreement in place for him to join any other club, it is clear that there has been interest from Manchester United and some interest from Bayern Munich, who Dortmund would prefer not to sell to but the player would like to join. Arsenal were represented at a game late last season in Stuttgart and I suspect that since then Lewandowski was of interest Napoli, Real Madrid and Chelsea have a sustained interest in Lewandowski but the player seems keen to run down his contract and move to Munich at the end of the season. Real Madrid are looking to move for a striker in January and could leap to the front of the queue with a decent bid. Interest from Bayern Munich may have shifted elsewhere.}

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05 Nov 2013 09:44:16
A lot of people her saying that when Kagawa leaves he will have nothing good to say about us and this will discourage players like Gundogan from joining us. I would disagree with that. Firstly, someone like Gundogan will have enough belief to know that he will succeed here. Secondly, he has to one world class to compete with for position like Kagawa does. And lastly the fact that we have Kagawa to include in the deal in my opinion makes us the front runners. Really have goty fingers crossed that we can bet him, but if not then a new move for Herrera who we unsettled should be on the cards.

{Ed002's Note - Why would you think that Gundogan is thinking about Manchester United at all?}

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I agree Ed, this happens every year with players. We latch onto a name and believe he'll be ours just because we're Manchester United. I do believe that Gundogan will move in the Summer, but his potential suitors will be the biggest names in European football, and yes that includes us but in recent seasons we've lost out on talents like Thiago, Moura and Hazard to teams who are willing to pay over the odds for a player. If Gundogan comes, i'll be as delighted as I am surprised.

Also, people sealing Kagawa's fate already is incredibly disappointing. He is a great player and we have seen what he can do. I'll just say this, we sell Kagawa this January and then Rooney decides not to sign a new deal and forces a move in the Summer. we're then looking for a number 10 alongside another option on the wing and probably another CM. {Ed002's Note - You are mistaken about this "lost out on talents".}

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Sorry Ed, but he has said in the past that Manchester United is his dream club to play for. {Ed002's Note - Of course it is fantasy football and he doesn't care about the clubs who have actively shown an interest in him.}

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Was it not the case that we were either out bid or didn't do enough to lure targets such as those I mentioned to Old Trafford? That seems like losing out to me Ed. {Ed002's Note - No - and phrases like "didn't do enough to lure" could apply to any player. These have all been done to death - try the search engine.}

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Fair enough. but I still think we haven't done enough in recent seasons (both with Moyes and SAF) to get the right players here. Out of interest Ed, can you see Kagawa leaving in the summer or even as soon as January? {Ed002's Note - The problem you have is that Manchester United don't seem to have been buying players that you are interested in. Selfishly, Ferguson bought players to fit in with the squad and win the league last year.}

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Actually Ed, IMO Manchester United haven't been buying players for the areas that have needed addressing for quite a few seasons now. We have never fully replaced Scholes, Giggs, Ronaldo and i'm fearful we won't replace Ferdinand either for another season or two. Ferguson bought a player to win the league last year and that was RvP. {Ed002's Note - There has been a great deal of effort spent looking for a new CB. You are worrying too much.}

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Quite an interesting scenario with the defence as if both Rio and Vidic leave at the end of the season (which looks quite likely), we'll be left with a relatively inexperienced defence. Whilst Evans has done well, he's 26 in January and has yet to really nail down his place in the team. Jones and Smalling have done well at times but I don't think either has shown enough to suggest they will be first choice anytime soon.

Couple of things Ed, can you see any other central defenders other than Vidic / Rio leaving anytime soon? Perhaps because they haven't progressed as we thought they would.

Secondly, we had interest in Garay but that looks to have waned which you confirmed a while back after the quotes from him came out. What CB's are we interested in now? Subotic perhaps? Read a few reports about Zouma but I can't imagine him being thrust straight into the first team (plus very young).

Thanks {Ed002's Note - I don't see Smalling or Jones moving on this year. I don't see Subotic or Zouma but I would not discount returning for Garay.}

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I was just replying to your question Ed, which implied he wasn't interested in joining us. {Ed002's Note - He is going to be thinking about those clubs that have put something on the table with his club or with his agent.}

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Jones and Smallings biggest problem are Rio and Vidic obviously. They are still fantastic prospects who will only improve. Jones is only 21 for gods sake, Smalling is 23 and in a few years both those 2 and Evans will play huge roles in the first tea, . If one more ready made top defender comes in when Rio and Vidic leave so be it, but all have a future here and all can still hit their potential.

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04 Nov 2013 23:23:30
Ed do we have any current interest in Zielinski, Gaitan or Ravel? {Ed002's Note - Yes, interest remains in Gaitan. The others, no.}

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