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08 Dec 2017 20:28:41
So, first of all, I share my birthday with Jonny Evans so put that your pipe and smoke it. Secondly, I may have had a little wine tonight so forgive me if I am less coherent than Ronnie during a transfer window.

Sunday is a big game and I hope that Jose wakes up and has an epiphany but I fear it will not happen. I believe it is better to die fighting than running away and in football that is also true. Inspire the troops, give them hope and belief, rouse their spirits, fill their hearts with pride and desire. Let’s not turn up to stifle and try and nick a goal on the break. I don’t care if they are the best team, like Pierre the famous French fighter pilot, let’s go down in flames (google it) .

We are United, a team steeped in history and tradition, we live or die by our standard, there are times to stand up and be counted, Sunday is one of those times. We win, or we lose in a blaze of glory, to be a United fan there are no in betweens.

Time for more wine.

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09 Dec 2017 01:43:34
Jesse's performance at Arsenal will have given him food for thought. Maybe we can press high with a few players and cause some chaos amongst their back line. Worry is that Matic and Ander would have to play out of their skins.

The motivational piece is way more important than formation. Win your battles all over the pitch and you'll get a win.

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09 Dec 2017 10:50:17
We’ll park the bus and try to catch them on the counter and via set pieces.

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08 Dec 2017 08:31:48
Not a fan but have heard a rumour that not only do you fellas want danny rose, but that jose would also like deli alli as well, i know you'll all say, 'well who doesn't and the likes of Barcelona and madrid are sniffing around, and the fact that daniel levy still hasn't forgotten how you snatched a certain bulgarian from them, and yes, alli is playing in a very good side, but the whisper is he may feel he can't progress any further; and the stimulus of playing champions league regularly and mixing with the best players could raise his game even more, so fair enough if you say 'codswallop! ', but that's what someone told me, the thing is, if alli did indicate he wanted to join you, i reckon levy would ask something ridiculous like 200 million, out of pure spite! anyways must dash, got to take my tablets now for the hallucinations i've been having! oh yeah, stuff city!

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08 Dec 2017 10:48:56
Is it just me or does anyone think Alli is overrated. And I would have a preference for other LBs before rose too.

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08 Dec 2017 13:39:07
They are english so you have to part with a bit of youl if you want to buy them for some reason. And they are on better wages than other leagues apart from Asia.

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08 Dec 2017 14:26:59
I think we will be signing Rose. As ed002 has stated on spurs page that he is leaving in january.

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08 Dec 2017 14:50:33
i've heard they want to delay official signing of Rose until deadline day after our game with Tottenham.

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09 Dec 2017 11:19:57
Dele Alli has bags of potential, but he mustn't settle for mediocrity and from what I hear he is not. He has acquired help regarding his representation and for his endorsements too. So there is every possibility if MU, Barcelona or RM wanted him, he would want the move. Levy will be very hard to deal with, however I'm sure he'd rather part with Dele than Kane. If I was Levy I would cash-in on Dele and pay Kane a king's ransom in salary to make him Spurs' main man for the next 5-10 years. Then reinvest the Dele money smartly and continue to build around Kane.

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09 Dec 2017 12:46:25
Danny Rose will be a great signing. I’d keep Shaw (at least until the summer) and let them battle it out for the LB/ LWB spot and equally do the same with Valencia / Young on the right. On that note hats off to Young for his incredible form.

If we need to raise funds, Blind and Darmian are obvious casualties in this for me.

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09 Dec 2017 13:06:50
I think Darmian would raise a tidy amount, he's a decent fullback in Italian terms. Blind due to his utility is also another decent player.

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11 Dec 2017 02:31:58
Deli Ali suddenly become rubbish, after a slowish start? He's a young lad. His form is going to be hit and miss at times. I'd have him here every day of the week. Makes things happen and takes chances. Mind you, José would soon knock that nonsense out of him :)

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