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14 Mar 2018 22:00:57
You've got to salute Chelsea tonight. They have gone to Barcelona and lost heavily but with a bit of luck, the score could have been totally different. They played with great intensity and skill but were beaten by Messi magic. Chelsea could've scored 3 or 4 goals themselves.
This is in direct contrast to the way our manager and team performed last night. There's no shame in losing to Barcelona but Chelsea went up in my estimation tonight as they played with courage.

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15 Mar 2018 17:00:23
Maybe content is auditioning to replace mourinho again.

14 Mar 2018 21:47:29
Having a chat with a friend with football connections earlier and he asked me a question that totally stumped me.

He said "other than Jose being more successful at it, name me one difference between the footballing philosophy of Jose Mourinho and Neil Warnock? "

I thought about it for a minute, I suggest you guys do too.

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14 Mar 2018 22:40:43
Blows your mind that does. The real question is if Neil Warnock was foreign would he be in the same position as Jose and vice Versa?

15 Mar 2018 17:02:34
Warnock sides are a lot more agressive. Maybe Dyce could be more comparable.

14 Mar 2018 21:37:37
For me, it's as simple as this, top European clubs do not have pragmatic coaches/ managers, as they're mostly attack minded traditionally, and they employ coaches who share the same mindset. Mourinho's pragmatic tactics are suited perfectly for teams who are 'underdogs' hence the success with Porto, Inter and Chelsea. Those tactics for those teams should NOT be used for traditionally attack minded teams. His time at Real was a fluke purely because they had a player in Ronaldo who was at the peak of his powers, and it glossed over what was an uneasy tenure. His tactics hampered the team rather than aid them (although they still won La Liga), and Ronaldo called him out on his defensive mentality a few times. The year they won La Liga, Mourinho didn't even win the Manager of the Year, Pep did, which speaks volumes.

Mourinho at United is a simply a mis-marriage of styles. Same with Moyes (historically setting up his teams not to get beat) . LVG was a manager out of touch with the modern game unfortunately.

United need a manager who is more intune with the traditions of the club. I for one, if Jose was to go, would like to see Luis Enrique come in.

{Ed025's Note - good post that park

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14 Mar 2018 21:19:34
I watched in disbelief last night but then again no. Mourinho for whatever reason does not know what is obvious to most fans. Fellaini is a donkey.
Young is not a left back despite the praise for his performances, Shaw is still better.
Sanchez has not brought his A game to the team and therefore should be dropped until he can play as a team member. Pogba seems to have lost the plot, which is an £89m shame. Lindelof was an awful purchase. Jones when fit is better than Smalling. He has certainly picked 2 awful teams this season why change a winning team.
Mata, Should have started.
De Gea, Valencia, Jones, Bailly Shaw, Matic, Pogba or McTominay, Mata Rashford, Lingard, Lukaku, is probably the best 11 on form Martial is borderline for the starting line up. We also have some impressive u23's that need to be given a chance. Sir Alex made some mistakes over the years with rotation, I remember one against City, but by and large he got the combinations right and always introduced youngsters. my biggest gripe is the dull nature of the football. Van Gaal's football was dull but less effective. In the past we may have lost but attacked effectively, I would prefer that to what we are seeing now, but and it is a big but, we need to be in the CL.

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14 Mar 2018 21:08:46
Chelsea must be kicking themselves .
Messi is a joy to watch best I've ever seen.

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14 Mar 2018 21:37:04
What's happened to morata can't get in the team then comes on and couldn't look less interested .

15 Mar 2018 08:51:24
jred - maybe he was dreaming, thought it was Tues night and he had actually signed for us after all.

14 Mar 2018 20:51:21
In the style of alcholics anonymous :My name is Bohzman and i'm a Jose-choholic. But last night was the last straw. I bought into the "he's not pretty but he's a winner" attitude. I feel ashamed of myself having gorged on Fergie's cavaliar style for twenty years or more, and then to have practically taken the opposite belief. I say this with no sarcasm - believe it or not. The great teams never change - Barca/ Madrid - their style is timeless - they have always enthralled and always excited. Manchester United's history deserves more effort than this. wheres the passion? . Charlton, Robson, Keane, even Mark Hughes wouldn't have put up with that on the pitch last night. I'd even take a 3-3 draw from last night - to go out in "some" sort of glory. As a passive nonspeaker i have contributed to this. but i say this I no longer back Jose.

{Ed025's Note - nice post mate, you are not alone..

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14 Mar 2018 20:00:18
Huge reaction today following last might’s debacle and emotions run high but let’s ask some straight questions.

1. How did Fellaini get picked? He’s been out for ages, he’s clearly not match fit and if we are playing 2 in the middle is he a good option to play alongside Matic?
2. If McT is playing so well, why drop/ rest him?
3. After a rousing display from the left against Liverpool, what logic decided to switch Rashford to the right?
4. How many games does Sanchez need to stink out before he is ‘rested’?
5. On a similar subject, what thought went in to buying Sanchez? Any?
6. Having played well in recent victories, why was Mata dropped?

The international break is coming so how hard was it to pick the same team for Seville and Brighton? Playing well (apart from Sanchez), confidence high, 2 more wins and we would be sitting pretty. But no, let’s tinker and over complicate things, complete madness.

I was sitting on the fence but I’m now well off it. This man is wrong for our club. He was always wrong and will always be wrong, he is yesterday’s man who is being overwhelmed by the tidal wave of exciting coaches now arriving on the scene. Chelsea secured him when he was the NKOTB, we need to do something similar now. We are better than this.

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14 Mar 2018 20:55:53
Relegated to the ‘others’ page, it’s come to this.

14 Mar 2018 21:29:43
It's because 99 hasn't been posting today someone has to take up the slack.

14 Mar 2018 21:36:53
Nice post AJH - I would contribute further but it's on the 'other' page! lol.

15 Mar 2018 07:58:51
Ha! Welcome to the Main Page's stunted, sleazy little sibling. I've made myself quite at home, here :)

14 Mar 2018 18:43:09
Watching Besiktas v Munich. Unbelievable atmosphere . 5-0 down full ground the whole ground bouncing. The atmosphere at every ground in england is pony.

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14 Mar 2018 08:36:15

Well That was terrible.

Jose got it so wrong with pretty much everything in both legs.

Funny thing is that i am sensible enough to accept that it can happen to the best of us.

What i can never accept and the only thing that gets me in "beast mode" is the lack of effort from our team. Its as if lvg stole our mojo and we have just not gotten it back. Apart from a little gush of effort from one of the younger kids or a hard press by sanchez here and there and that's about it. I just don't understand why no one in the coaching staff, least of all Jose, is doing nothing about it.

Thats why i love simeone, u get the sense that he can get passion out of a post box, not unlike our beloved SAF.

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14 Mar 2018 12:16:05

I liked you post until you said Simeone, wow he is ultra defensive. Please no more (pray hands on knees)

14 Mar 2018 13:04:08

Fair enough FZZ.

14 Mar 2018 13:32:11

Only viable options we have right now are pochettino and Jardim i would love for either of them to replace mourinho.

14 Mar 2018 14:04:49

I’d consider Rodgers me, it will probably never happen but I think he’s very underrated.

14 Mar 2018 14:47:10

I would rather bring back moyes than get Rodgers.

14 Mar 2018 14:54:11

Does simeone speak English? Might be a problem.

{Ed002's Note - He speaks a little English but has been learning for a couple of years.}

14 Mar 2018 16:26:43

I would not have simeone although his teams are very hard working and well drilled, he wouldn't be anymore entertaining than jose. Just replacing him with a younger version imo. We have to choose someone that advocates attacking football. That would then be poch, tuchel or jardim.

14 Mar 2018 16:34:19

i don't get why people keep bringing tuchel into the conversation, he is attacking coach yes but he is as crazy as mourinho and picks similar amounts of fight especially with boards of the club he is managing. Rather not have someone so disruptive.

{Ed001's Note - he also makes changes for change's sake, rather than because they improve things. One of those coaches who try to be too clever. The game is simple, but he wants to complicate it.}

14 Mar 2018 17:40:05

Completely agree Ed, it's almost like he wants to prove he can change whatever, whenever and reap in the glory when it pays off. Unnecessary changes last night lost us the game.

{Ed001's Note - I was actually referring to Tuchel, but it does apply to Mourinho as well of late. He always had success with a small, tight-knit, squad that saw very little in the way of changes to the team he would pick. Strange how lately he chops and changes almost at random.}

14 Mar 2018 18:09:19
We deserved to lose as we were cowardly and gutless. This is a victory for all teams who try to play football in the right way. Only United and juve to a lesser extent were the two defensive sides left in the CL. Juve survived by the skin of their teeth while we lost easily.
So maybe the owners will come to the realisation that our manager needs the chop as he ain't changing his ways. And they're clearly not working.

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