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19 Aug 2018 18:59:58
To the manager and the players, you need to hang your head in shame. Fans have travelled 12 hours to watch this utter dross, they need an apology from every single one of these overpaid persons.

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19 Aug 2018 18:55:52
Rashford, man or myth?
Been a big fan up to now but I'm beginning to question him, bad decision making, runs down blind alleys, odd good goal but generally a poor finisher, takes too many on and tries to do it all himself, don't give me that bumf about being young and potential, he's an international player and should be performing more consistently.

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19 Aug 2018 18:34:45
I only saw the second half of that game, or at least the first 35 minutes of it after which I turned it off in a funk. I think we'd managed one shot by that stage.

So let's say things don't pick up and Jose is gone by Xmas, who's his potential replacement? Or are we once again in the position where all the good guys are unavailable.

Can anyone make these players appear to actually care?

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19 Aug 2018 18:49:17
Its no just the football side of things that need to change we need a manager who doesn't slaughters players in front of the media that sort of stuff needs to stay in the dressing room. The players have had enough of him that's the impression I get anyway.

19 Aug 2018 18:15:38
This team has talent. The players are good enough. The blame lies squarely and solely with Mourinho.

Jose has not got the passion, he has lost the fire and he certainly doesn't have the trust of these players. 3 years of destroying their confidence, talking them down and falling out with them. Those of you who want Pogba, Martial etc. out are bonkers. These players all have talent and would shine if they had someone who actually wanted to be Man Utd manager in the dugout.

Jose has destroyed the playing side of the club, I was dead against his appointment but hoped we would see the old Jose. Never have I been so disappointed to be right. The time for him to go has passed, sacking him now would be stupid but if had any pride he would have walked away.

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19 Aug 2018 18:10:37
It's going to be a very long season. In terms of playing good football, we are among the worst teams in PL. Too boring to watch and if we manage few results like this, he's gone.

No passion, no urgency, no heart, nothing, it's crappy football. But hey, it's just the beginning of the season.

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19 Aug 2018 18:06:17
Don't look like a team .

So come what's the excuses today? Not spent as much money as the other team .
Our players aren't as talented as the other team?
Our manager hasn't been backed?
Our owners haven't put enough money in?

And people say pep is a fraud.

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19 Aug 2018 18:03:21
Personally, I blame Scholes, and the rest of the Scouse media for that display.

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19 Aug 2018 18:02:36
Absolute toilet. So. Is it Joses tactics or do we just not have the players to play like City Liverpool and even Spurs?

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13 Aug 2018 09:46:41
I thought Pogba did ok, didn't really like his performance. Slow to release the ball, half the time he lost the ball. Slowed the game down when he didn't need to quite often.

He did look a man against boys at times which was good to see, strong as an ox and worked harder than usual.

I think too many of our fans are so desperate to see Pogba fulfill his potential, any decent thing he does is magnified and anything bad he does seems to be brushed under the carpet. I understand why, but he was very wasteful for me, especially the first half, almost a liability at times.

I'd give him a 6 or 7 out of 10. The amount of praise he received doesn't reflect his actual performance for me though. Even Milner looked far better and that is saying something!

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19 Aug 2018 18:52:38
What game were u watching he was shocking the whole team were .

19 Aug 2018 19:09:23
Post from last week, Scott 😁.

10 Aug 2018 22:10:50
Interesting game, between Pogba and Shaw for our best player. Pereira looked capable and Fred was busy and good on the ball. Would like to see him be a bit more incisive with his passing though.

We need to remember we haven't got all our players back fully fit yet. Pogba clearly faded before being subbed off.

Darmian was a constant concern, hopefully we are only holding on to him until Valencia/ Young are ready to start.

Sanchez was hard working but seemed to lack a yard of pace and his touch was poor at vital moments. He looked very good in preseason against half fit or semi professionals. But against top opposition who are fully fit he doesn't quite look up to the mark.

Personally I think he needs to play as part of a two with Lukaku to see the best of him.

We'll see, for now let's look at the positives. We are top of the table, and Pogba and Shaw are joint top scorers. Lol.

{Ed0333's Note - I would play Sanchez on the right side of the attack he’s too good a player to be performing this poorly.

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Manchester United Match Posts

Manchester United Match Posts 3


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