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12 May 2019 17:10:17
Well lads enjoy the summer.
Luck for us the season is over because this is a relegation team form.

This is utter rubbish.
Now we have to buy our way to the top and try to finish at least 5th because we are no way near to any of the top clubs.

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12 May 2019 17:36:57
Top 4 is a struggle. We need major changes and the posion moved out of this club.

12 May 2019 17:02:53
Well that brings to an end a bad season. We had a good couple of months when Ole took over, he gave us hope, but then we reverted to type.

We can't defend, we can't play good football and we can't score.

The recruitment this summer is even bigger than we think. We need new players all over the pitch.

Thank god this season is over.

Roll on August.

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12 May 2019 17:34:40
This was a mad season. I can't understand what happened to us. We have no identity, we are a club not a team.

Our main target is to try to teach top 4 the next 2-3, seasons and then the reach the top. Right now there's nothing positive to see, nothing, nada. We are rubbish and probably playing the way we are playing we are close to relegation zone.

12 May 2019 17:50:27
The problem is our utterly dependable consistency.

12 May 2019 12:17:19
What team would you like to see today nothing really to play for I'd like to see some u23s today also Herrera seeing tho it's his last game for us.

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12 May 2019 13:08:01
DDG, Valencia, Bailly, Lindelof, Dalot, Garner, Herrera, McTominay, Gomes, Greenwood, Chong.

It won't happen, but i would give all the kids a game, If one or two of them play well then great. I would also play both Valencia and Herrera to give them a swansong and allow the fans to thank them.

11 May 2019 21:32:57
What team would people like to see put out tomorrow, I think ole should start thinking next season now and show us the players who will still be here plus the youth players he has in mind, this is my team I want him to play tomorrow .
Romero, dalot, lindelof, smalling, Shaw, mctomminay, garner, pogba, chong, gomez, greenwood. Unlikely those 3 will start upfront but would love to see it at some point in the game.

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05 May 2019 23:38:47
Watching Ashford today he is turning in Pogba, arrogant, to good to be here. He has taken ever free kick around the box in the last 20 games and s bored once l think. Today he was holding into the ball too long and started this come and try and take it from me attitude that Pogba does continuous. If he is like this off the pitch he should be sold too. We think back to Rooney who held the club to ransom that where it all started and since we have repeated this error over and over. The manager should be in charge if a player even thinks he's the boss get rid.

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05 May 2019 17:38:13
Along with our many problems going forward, with the need for such a big over haul of players, unfortunately I see one problem that will haunt us for a while yet. That is the belief that Rashford is our first choice striker. He is a long way short of being a top striker, poor positional sense, poor in the air, average link up play and thinks he can score from 30 yards whenever he gets the ball.
I know I will get stick for this but he is not good enough, and we won't compete as long as he is our go to striker.

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05 May 2019 18:29:32
He is on level with the Machedas, Welbecks and januzajs of this world. If he wasnt Mancunian, he would be playing in the championship and the likes of cardiff and Brighton would be fighting for his signature.

07 May 2019 15:08:11

He is an England international and has been first choice under LVG, Jose and Ole, I'll trust them over you if that's ok. Some of the posts on here are pure madness.

07 May 2019 16:50:08
GDS2 i'm not quite as critical as UA, but on your rating, the same applies to Smalling, Young, Lingard and Jones, we must have a team of world beaters.

08 May 2019 16:59:53
guarantee if he was in pep or klops team people would be getting wet over him,

i actually feel sorry for our strikers.

12 May 2019 15:10:32
You are wasting your time on here. Common sense never was common.

05 May 2019 17:32:34
Martial didn't play today so whos being scapegoated for us not beating huddersfield?

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05 May 2019 16:19:18
Even if we had 15 games more than our opponents we wouldn'd make top 4. At the end of the day Mourinho was right, we do needed a miracle. The weels are broken before even starting running.

This game was a joke. There's no positive to take from there. luck for us, Everton and Wolves were too inconsistent Otherwise we would be battling for the 10 spot.

We are a team that will fight for Europa League for the next seasons.

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05 May 2019 16:01:46
Abysmal, Neville summed it up really when he said there's nothing to like about this united team. Can't agree more. A long road back to where we want to be I'm afraid, hopefully we get recruitments, fitness, injuries and training right going forward or we will be saying this again next season.

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05 May 2019 15:59:48
What a pathetic, truly pathetic excuse of a team this is. Started well and yet again we fall away after 20 minutes. This team are not fit enough to play at the top level. This team is not good enough to play at the top level.

Play the damn kids, they might show more passion and a will to win than that bunch of overpaid rubbish. No leaders, Gary Neville summed it up when he said there's nothing in this united team he likes. I agree.

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