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04 Feb 2019 10:50:10
Guys - not sure if discussed but what are the thoughts on what paul ince said i.e he could have done what ole has done. My feeling is that he probably would have won a few games alright but I don't think his persona is on the same level as Ole. i'm not saying Ole is or isn't the answer but he is more "manchester united" than Ince is. It would worry me that the "Guvnor" ego would resurface and players would rebel again. he seems hurt he wasnt in the mix for the interim post.


1.) 04 Feb 2019 11:30:43
We wouldn't give a caretaker job to "the sacked one" especially with a last ten matches coached record being 0 wins, 1 draw and 9 losses the complete inverse or Ole's.

2.) 04 Feb 2019 11:32:22
Ince is just trying to keep himself relevant.

He loves to throw a controversial headline out every now and then, he made a career in the media by badmouthing us, and imo has done enough to distance himself from United fans over the years. He’s nowhere near the United legend that Ole is if previous comments are his actual thoughts.

3.) 04 Feb 2019 11:37:16
How did Paul get on in previous jobs?

4.) 04 Feb 2019 11:40:54
It strikes me as something someone with a lot of insecurity would feel they needed to say, as though he's trying to tell the world, 'I'm a good manager, honestly! ' It weirdly reminds me of Mourinho feeling like he had to tell us all he's turned down three job offers since he left United. 'I'm a good manager, see! '

I catch myself doing it sometimes in conversations - dropping in info about me doing well in my career so the other person knows I'm 'legit' - and I hate it in myself when I see it. I like Ole so much because he doesn't strike me as the type to feel he needs to do that.

5.) 04 Feb 2019 11:45:02
He is just bitter, he has a huge ego and has a chip on his shoulder about not being offered "top jobs", even though he has struggled at ever club he has managed.

I agree to an extent that any manager coming in would have to an extent lifted the cloud over the club and we would have seen an upturn in performances. Yet for me the real key is the results and the tactics. Not only are we playing with more freedom, we are playing to our strengths as well.

I've not seen anything from Ince during his managerial career to suggest he has the tactical nuances in his locker to get the results in unfavourable circumstances.

6.) 04 Feb 2019 12:38:28
He's a total twonk.

Most managers could've come in and made an improvement. However I suspect that Ince wouldn't have been one of those.

Ince has done nothing but bad mouth the club for years. He burned his bridges when he signed for them. Glaring example of his twonkiness. Since then he's done nothing but turn the fans against him. Decent player, bad manager, shocking pundit.

7.) 04 Feb 2019 14:32:55
Ince is an empty vessel making noise.
He has zero credability when it comes to football management.
He is an absolute arse.

8.) 04 Feb 2019 15:11:23
Ince is one of those old school players that thinks the modern game owes them something. If ýou watch him on MoTD he is constantly making mistakes in his punditry. When commenting on the United v Leicester game when Leicester starting brightly and had a few chances in the second half, he commented that they started the game wonderfully until Gabby Logan pointed out it was the second half. The devil is in the details and he doesn't pay attention.

He hasn't got an eye for detail. If he was smart he would have started off coaching somewhere instead of moaning about not getting a job.

He gave his son some awful advice too and he doesn't seem like he's a student of the game. If he thinks what Ole has done was easy then he's even more deluded than I thought.

9.) 04 Feb 2019 16:05:17
The joy in his reaction to scoring against us for Liverpool, should answer the question.

10.) 04 Feb 2019 17:34:26
I said before he’s ‘making a part of himself’

We all know I meant pratt.

Everything is easier with the benefit of hindsight. Ole is in the hot seat and doing the business, something Ince has demonstrated a number of times that he’s unable to do. Pratt.

11.) 04 Feb 2019 18:58:49
He could have been a legend at United but his attitude got him moved out and he’s been a prat ever since.



26 Dec 2018 23:57:13
Shoot me down with the "every game as it comes", "take a pill its only two games" and whatever i haven't thought of, but, imagine and its still a long long shot. if Ole guided us to fourth. how would people feel about Poch etc coming in? Ole has such charisma, likability that it would be hard to see him off into the sunset? Ok, ok, its conjecture but its not impossible to make up the points. Perhaps spurs are hoping Ole will do a great job. thoughts?


1.) 27 Dec 2018 07:26:23
Sometimes the right man for the job doesn't appear to be the best candidate on paper.

Ole has a chance to prove he has what it takes, let's see what happens.

Make no mistake if we get top 4 and a good run in the UCL while playing good football and making the supporters happy then Ole stands a great chance of getting the job full time and if he does then he will have earned it.

But as it stands it is only two games against not the best opposition.

Whether Ole is good enough will be determined when he comes up against Poch and Spurs, Tuchel and PSG, Sarri and Chelsea, Emery and Arsenal, Klopp and Liverpool and obviously Pep and City. If he can prove himself against the best managers and the best teams and prove himself equal to them then he will have earned the right to be Manchester United manager full time.

In the mean time let's enjoy the ride, we are seeing entertaining football, played with passion, flair and attacking intent. We have a manager who is saying the right things, has the right attitude with the press and is putting his positive stamp on the team. Bringing smiles to the players faces and to the fans.

It took Jose 5 games at the start of this season to score 8 goals, and that was with two years of work with this squad of players and the luxury of a whole pre-season. However, Jose also conceded 8 goals in his first 5 games this season. Does that make Ole a better manager? No, but it shows he is a better fit for our club.

2.) 27 Dec 2018 07:42:04
Bohzman, spurs are not the only ones hoping he does a great job.

I for one would prefer Ole to Poch IF Ole can demonstrate that he can do the job. He is certainly doing that at the moment even if it is early days.
United are in his blood. He understands the club and the ethos.
Best way forward for me. If he shows he can do it, then get him the best support team there is.

All going well so far.

3.) 27 Dec 2018 10:08:13
Thanks guys, yeah we in are early days for sure and this question could be completely irrelevant come February, March or April but I for one would like Ole to take the place by storm and leave a real dilema. Thanks for your thoughts.

4.) 27 Dec 2018 10:25:19
I think we need to try and not to be prisoners of the moment. I love ole and I am loving what he is doing at the moment. I am itching to watch united and I haven’t felt like that in years. But harder games will come and it will be easier to judge whether he is capable of staying or not. I think we just need to stick the the plan. He is here as interim and only that. Poch should be the one who takes over in the summer as I think he is a better manager and is better suited if we want to get back to the top.

5.) 27 Dec 2018 10:44:21
Poch for me is still the perfect long term candidate, ole at the moment is just showing how bad things had got under Jose .
That said it will be interesting to see where ole can take the team over the coming months.

6.) 27 Dec 2018 10:48:17
It's too early to be having this conversation we were good against a poor cardiff and average against the worst team in the league at home.

7.) 27 Dec 2018 12:23:31
Great start for ole. There is some positive vibes for the 1st time in a long time.
As it stands ole is here until the end of the season.
If he does exceptionally well then he might give the club something to think about.
I love his attitude and his positivity.
We have lots of areas to restructure within the club.
A dof?
New manager?
Several contracts coming to an end.
But it all seems less daunting when the team is playing well.
Only time will tell if ole is a potential candidate long term.
Poch seems to be most peoples choice and for me he stands out above any other epl candidate such howe dyche silva etc who have all been mentioned on here.
Lots of other options out there if poch doesn't fancy it and if ole isn't selected.

8.) 27 Dec 2018 13:14:18
It is very early, but I for one have a very open mind.

9.) 27 Dec 2018 15:10:04
Don’t think there can be a person on here that would I not want OGS if he does a great job! I’d much rather him than Poch if he can do the business.

10.) 27 Dec 2018 16:51:03

We are a bunch of sentimental softies and it is one of the reasons the club haven’t won more than they have, have never established themselves as world No1 fully. Madrid, Barca, Bayern and the Scousers all did it but they weren’t hamstrung by sentiment.

We all love Ole Solskjaer, it connects us with that wonderful balmy night nearly 20 years ago that sends tingles down your spine, maybe it was the greatest moment of the club, who can forget where they were, I can’t. However, here we are two games in and some are showing that sentiment about him as manager. Yes, he has brought freshness, but the club needs more, it needs a new approach, a restructuring from within whilst developing youth. Take a step back and realise Ole is a good Guardian for 6 months, brings some positivity to the club but can he handle setbacks, pressure? There is none at the minute, as a temp he can go in with a smile but wait until he has to be tough, perhaps unpopular with one or two, who need to be shifted out, how will he fare then? It is different when it is permanent and the expectations grow massively.
Let’s enjoy his effervescence and positive outlook, but let’s not mistake that for what is needed and that is Pochettino.

11.) 27 Dec 2018 17:18:48
I know. Look where going for CV's, experience, plans and reputations has got us 😉.

12.) 27 Dec 2018 19:00:25

Right, Let’s not plan or bother with experience and give it someone who we all like, says the right things and right now has won two games. We would be lurching into another crisis whilst the Scousers have a plan, whilst City have Pep and we would leave Poch at Spurs. Playing for fourth from then on, but hey Ole is one of our own. Woodward cannot afford to get this wrong, neither can the club, it is too big. There is no part for sentiment.

13.) 27 Dec 2018 19:51:06
I never said I'd give him the job. My tongue-in-cheek comment was aimed at those who believe a CV and a plan is all that is required. Sometimes, someone just fits. I see it in my job all the time. Guys with loads of fast-track qualifications and big ideas, but not one clue how to get the best out of people.

14.) 28 Dec 2018 15:02:40
Don't forget all the comments about poch not winning anything .
People will change there view now the special one has gone.

15.) 28 Dec 2018 18:03:59
Yeah, jred. I thought a history of winning trophies was an absolute prerequisite for wanting to manage Utd. 😁.

16.) 29 Dec 2018 09:30:24
Nou and Jred

It is about getting the right manager for the club. For me Pochettino is challenging and displaying what it takes and I believe is ready to take the next step in winning trophies. The sentiment overflows on here but getting the next appointment wrong will be disastrous, with Pep, Klopp and Pochettino at rivals we will struggle. Take the sentiment about Ole away and make a decision. I said when we went for Jose that Poch was a dark horse, should be considered, however, I think he has now displayed enough to be first choice. Of course, our owners may prefer to play the sentiment card so they don’t have to pay Spurs for Poch’s release clause, so sentiment may suit that. It is a massive decision yet some want to make it after 2 games, it’s sentiment driving it.

17.) 29 Dec 2018 17:45:58
You really have a low opinion of your fellow supporters, if you think we"re so stupid and sentimental, that we'd want a manager in just because he scored a few goals for us.

18.) 30 Dec 2018 16:21:21

We have been through Give it to Giggs, now it’s give it to Ole. You find most match goers are different when you talk at the game, but now with social media it’s full of sentiment.



22 Jul 2017 11:30:01
If these questions annoy the editors so much why do they get posted? Why also does abuse back to the poster have to be used? i'm all for banter and so forth but why not just not give them air time at all. After years of this is there no better method? Surely a polite 'please use search function' would be less conflicting if these questions must be posted? As a constant reader i get no pleasure from reading that sort of thing.


{Ed004's Note - If he can direct abuse at us I'm hopeful he has a thick enough skin to take a negative comment or two back. He was told to read the previous posts and decided to take it further. I usually end up deleting those replies but it gets tedious when more than one reply then gets posted in. This way the poster knows he's on thin ice rather than be just banned.}

1.) 22 Jul 2017 11:44:54
If you get no pleasure then don't read, the eds aren't here to make you happy, they are here because they enjoy what they do, well most of the time I would hope anyway.

No one makes you come on here, so if you don't like it then go forth and multiply.

2.) 22 Jul 2017 11:55:21
They are taking time out of their busy lives and responding to people like us who have no real idea of what's going on. Rather than moaning about abuse, why not just say nothing at all and ignore it? This information is free! Just appreciate it. You won't find this anywhere else. If the eds need to put a couple of posters in their place then so be it. People are offended so easily jheez!

3.) 22 Jul 2017 12:29:44
The eds give there time and knowledge for little if any money at all and have to put up with posters not using a search function or links to other clubs pages provided. It's not surprising eds get fed up. Without these pages free of charge I might add we would have zero insight at all. It doesn't take a lot to have a scroll thru or type a name in. Eds will answer if it's something they can help with or have something new to share. More appreciation and less abuse please.



04 Jul 2015 20:45:31
to all the Eds

just a thank you for your continued work on this site. I don't post really but your insight and knowledge is very much appreciated.

I visit this site multiple times a day and really value the answers and commentary given.

all the best


{Ed004's Note - You're welcome}

1.) 04 Jul 2015 21:17:39
Here here, I second that, great work by the Eds not just in the transfer window but all year round, thanks.



23 May 2013 13:51:56
Is it not more likely that Moyes will have a look at the squad and decide in the Jan window or next year? Surely splashing out 20/30 mill in the summer is foolhardy considering he will have a different viewpoint and could possibly get more out of certain players, tactics etc? The though of Bale coming in or Ronaldo coming back seems like pie in the sky. Are the board really going to hand this over this summer? Granted we need certain players but I can't see see too much ''knee-jerkery'' going on


1.) Utd cannot afford to have him fail, so I can't believe they won't make some really good signings to start the season off with the fans really behind him.
Lets face it this can be construed as a weak signing if he doesn't hit the ground running

2.) Utd never does much business in the Jan window because that when prices are inflated and desperation sets in (especially if Utd doesn't do any business in the summer). Plus, most of the scouting and short lists have already be done before Moyes came in. SAF will also still be a major part in who comes in/out. While I agree that Bale or Ronnie will not be coming in, I think it would be foolish not to supplement our squad to attempt to slowly mold to how Moyes plans on playing.




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Vidic has been earning 4.5 - 5 mill a year for the last number of years, surely he can retire on that? Anyway wherever he ends up (inter etc) he'll surely bag at least a couple of million . I wouldn't worry about his financial position.
He's been a truly top player though - I felt he covered a lot of Rio's / Evra's / Evans' shortcomings. Sadly we don't have any defenders capable of carrying him for a year or two a la John Terry at Chelsea.





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15 Mar 2019 19:00:39
To win this trophy we'd have to beat a team of this quality at some stage so we may as well look forward to it. You never know we might even put it up to them, after Paris anything is possible!




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06 Mar 2019 16:32:04
One of the great traits sir alex had was his belief in the team he sent out in every game. He always thought he could win. I hope Ole adopts this also. Sure the odds are against us but go out and give it everything. Last year against Sevilla was gut wrenching. i don't want to see that level of performance ever ever again. If we do lose i'm hoping for a spirited performance at least. the shirt demands that much.




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03 Mar 2019 20:45:27
Agreed, i see him as an "outsized" in the most respectful way inside the box goalscorer. Usually, vardy, aguero, salah etc are a certain size so big rom is expected to be a Heskey, quinn, crouch etc but he's not . he's a six yard box poacher. he was on the wing lately and did well. i like his tenacity. He's not my ideal player for united but my hat's off to him.




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03 Mar 2019 11:59:03
If its not liverpool who win the league it'll be city - so either way i won't be pleased but United's upturn lately is much more of a positive focus for me. All is much rosier at old Trafford so frankly I've no appetite to consider things like that. How we aim to close the gap on these teams is a more interesting debate.




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28 Feb 2019 11:07:38
Injury free (which seems to be an issue with him) i'd still love him at united. He may have lost a half yard but even still on his day he's top drawer. If he wanted to leave he'd likely cost a fortune I'd imagine. it's not my money though so it'd not bother me.