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England's prospects ahead of the World Cup

22 Mar 2018 12:59:51
{Ed's Note - PutneyRed has posted a new article entitled, England's prospects ahead of the World Cup


1.) 22 Mar 2018 13:23:16
very slim hopes hopefully lads lol.

2.) 22 Mar 2018 13:55:39
Good article Putney.

Just out of interest what would be your preferred England side and formation?

3.) 22 Mar 2018 14:19:55
Personally I'd go for a 4-2-3-1, Pickford, Walker, Stones, Jones, Bertrand, Henderson, Wilshire, Sterling, Alli, Rashford, Kane. I think Southgate is planning to play with 3 CBs so I'd expect him to lose either Rashford or Sterling and add Maguire.

4.) 22 Mar 2018 14:58:50
if you look at the POSSIBLE spine of the team (Butland, Stones Maguire, Wilshere Henderson), compared to Germany, Brazil, Spain, France etc, its a wonder lol!

5.) 22 Mar 2018 15:14:37
I agree pal, it's not a bad side really .

It maybe lacks the superstar names of the past but all are good solid competent professional's.

I think Eric Dier is an absolute shoe in starter either at CB or in midfield.

I agree I think he'll probably go for 3 at the back but I'm not sure that formation will get the best out of Ali or Sterling who alongside Kane are potentially our most important players.

I think 4-2-3-1 probably gives the best balance to the side I think 3 at the back smacks of round pegs in square holes and maybe more of a vision by the manger than suiting the majority of the players in the squad.

I'd go for -

Pickford, Walker, Dier, Stones, Rose, Wilshire, Henderson, Sterling, Ali, Rashford, Kane.

Splitting hairs to be fair though mate.

6.) 22 Mar 2018 17:32:44
What prospects lol.

7.) 22 Mar 2018 18:34:44
Maybe this is red tinted specs, but atm I would probably start Lingard ahead of Alli.

Alli is clearly the more talented player but he needs to improve his work rate, he floats in and out of games too much and has a tendency to throw himself to the ground too much if things aren't going his way.

I think we need to accept we haven't got the players to be a flair team, and starting with effectively a front three of Kane, Rashford and Sterling I think we need a No.10 who will put in a shift and cover defensively as well as add to the attack. Atm in time I feel Lingard would do a better job.

I would also start Dier in midfield, he was our best player at the last tournament, then rotate between Henderson and Wilshere alongside him. Bertrand and Walker get the nod in the full back positions due to Trippers recent dip in form and Rose not really making a great come back after his injury.

Stones and Jones probably start at CB, not a huge fan of Maguire, terrible positionally and with Stones strength being his ability on the ball and not as a sweeper that could be asking for trouble.

Butland at the moment is the best keeper we have, far better organiser than Pickford who gets more plaudits for his highlight reel of impressive kicks, although they conveniently leave off the numerous times he just boots it to the opposition.

So Butland, Walker, Stones, Jones, Bertrand, Dier, Wilshere, Sterling, Lingard, Rashford, Kane.

with a bench of Pickford, Rose, Young, Tarkowski, Henderson, Alli, Vardy.

8.) 22 Mar 2018 19:35:48
England didn't get too far with all those superstar players in the past. Maybe it's better just to have a good solid side, with lower expectations, and who might just play above themselves.

9.) 22 Mar 2018 20:21:09
Stevie, we have a functional side at best. Our football authorities and our fans don't trust technical players with intelligence. We want hard workers who'll run a lot and throw themselves into tackles. Work rate, commitment, fight and spirit. That's how you win things, not with flair like the south Americans, nor with intelligence and understanding like the Italians or Germans and definitely not with technical ability like the French or the Spanish.

I mean we won the world cup before, how many times have these other pretenders won it?

People like to talk about 66 and the fight and spirit shown by the England side in that tournament. What people forget is we played that tournament with flair, intelligence, understanding and on a near equal technical ability with the rest of the world at that time. So let's stop pretending it was good old British bulldog spirit that won us the competition and let's start trying to appreciate the parts of the game we have fallen behind in.

10.) 22 Mar 2018 21:12:27
I think England's defense is fine and in rash Kane and Stirling a decent front 3 though not much depth after that, I see the midfield as the reason England have very little chance, I'm of an age where I've seen, Robson, Gascoigne, hoddle, scholes, lampard and Gerard and we haven't done it, Henderson, Jake Livermore, dier and Wiltshire just aren't in that kind of bracket.

11.) 23 Mar 2018 06:36:59
I always thought strikers won these competitions and if you have the golden boot winner you stand a good chance and in kane we have a potential golden boot winner not many better than him imo.

12.) 23 Mar 2018 08:04:33
Against the better sides I think vardy would be a better fit. We'll have less of the ball and he's a proper nuisance.



13 Mar 2018 14:50:49
{Ed's Note - PutneyRed has posted a new article entitled, Premier League prospects over the coming years


1.) 13 Mar 2018 15:15:24
So Liverpool are on the up but utd aren't as mourinho can't be trusted and we are in transition, another next year is our year picture by a Liverpool fan.

Fact is unless mourinho and Woodward completely lose their rubbish next season we will be city's biggest competitors and City won't be as good as they have been. You still don't have a keeper and you are targeting navas as your next keeper tells me all there is to know. Salah won't be as effective as now as he will be allowed much less space on the ball and he would have to prove that he isn't just a one season wonder. Even with kieta you still don't have a decent DM.

Also please don't talk about money you basically funded your cb and mf with coutinho that isn't competing with big boys or improving it is basically following the Southampton model. If Salah has a great second season you will sell him and then have to start over.

2.) 13 Mar 2018 15:30:52
Putney Red

I read your post on the Liverpool the other day and thought it was refreshingly honest and not blinded by bias like a lot of your fellow Liverpool fans seem to tainted by.

However, I have to agree with CSM here that how can you argue that Liverpool are on the up and united aren’t when we are 5 points ahead of you and in 2nd while you are in 4th? We are all very far behind City but for all your attacking football you are no closer than any of the chasing pack to city. With 30 games gone this season the table doesn’t lie. We are the second best team in the league with a manager that knows how to win. Ourr football is not the style we want but our improvement from last year is huge. write us off at your peril because we will be city’s biggest challengers for the next few years. You guys have spent just as much money as we have this season so I don’t agree with the narrative that seems to be going round that we just spend whilst Klopp hasn’t. I don’t think Liverpool are as good as you guys believe you are. Claiming you have the best front three in the world is an example of the delusion.

Like I said. I thought your post the other day was very balanced but I didn’t think you were in this article.

3.) 13 Mar 2018 15:46:57
Good writeup or at least somebody tried to write up.
It’s good to think your own team is in the rise and others are par or sub par. I feel it’s a good attempt but still not quite unbiased.
My only commend is the effort. Fair analysis or not I do not quite agree but yes good attempt.

4.) 13 Mar 2018 15:49:18
Common_sense, I'm pretty certain you didn't actually read the article.

5.) 13 Mar 2018 16:08:21
The majority of United fans back Jose and even the ones who show discontent, are only doing so because they want to see us play with the shackles off every now and then. Jose lives in a hotel therefore he's not going to be around is utter nonsense. He lives in an apartment at the top of a hotel. Anything he needs is a phone call away. He's hardly living in a Premier Inn sleeping head to toe with Lenny Henry!

You use Klopp as a reason why you can challenge for the league over the coming years, "the squad has problems but Klopp has a plan to rectify them".

I don't see Klopp as methodical type of manager. I said this the other day but it's very relevant, Klopp is awful and I mean awful at changing a game from the touchline. His substitutions are often wrong and nearly always too late. I can't remember ever seeing him change the shape of the team to effect the game. Take the United game for example. He could have told Van Dijk to get on Lukaku. He could have told Can to help with Lukaku. He could have told Salah to help TAA for 10 minutes. He could have instructed them to open the game up and go wide. He done none of this. The biggest stat, he's been in charge just over 2 years, he's dropped 50 points from winning positions. That's just one of the many reasons he won't win a title with liverpool.

Your ability as fans to warp the truth around you is like something from the matrix! Iv seen posts like "De Gea was a bit rubbish when he came to England so we should stick with Karius and he can be just as good"

Our survey says EH EH.

That's just one of many! Yesterday Grujic was the answer to your midfield problems.

Our survey says EH EH.

For the record, I can see City racking up 4 out of the next 5 titles, but if there's one team and manager to go up against the god of football that is pep. It's the anti christ Jose and his band of Red Devils!

I love reading all the teams pages. Keep them coming Putney! Good lad.

6.) 13 Mar 2018 16:26:52
great response mumbles. agree on the point about jose living in the hotel. It s a fully furnished penthouse with all his cooking, ironing etc done for him. Its not as if he is having a dominos pizza every night in a premier inn as you have said. Funny how as we are winning and jose looking happy that the problems about the hotel living go away.

Liverpool can't even keep hold of their best players. Whose to say real don't come in for Salah in the next couple of years? I would not write off chelsea either who I suspect will have a new manager and they always perform well every other season. and writing spurs off as well is very naive.

7.) 13 Mar 2018 16:48:47
I thought his was a pretty good assessment of things right now, pretty balanced across all teams. Good article.

8.) 13 Mar 2018 17:03:57
Putney - I think that was a decent assessment to be honest.

The main problem being I think you grossly over estimate your own Club and maybe a more measured assessment may have been appropriate. Sadly it has the usual signature of "it's our year" written right through it.

I think it will be hard for anybody to match the consistency of this City team over the next few seasons.

Jose has toppled Pep before and good Mourinho's teams always have a brutal efficiency and resilience to churn out results even when playing badly.

Utd have the financial strength in order to target the best players and I expect Utd to be the biggest threat to Pep's impending dynasty over the next few seasons.

Chelsea will appoint a new manager and return invigorated next season. Whilst I expect Spurs to gradually drop away over the next few seasons (for the reasons you have mentioned) I still expect them to battle for top 4 with L'pool and Arsenal.

Great post again Mumbles a lovely blend of humour and home truths. Keep them coming pal.

9.) 13 Mar 2018 17:39:51
Gents, i'm a little puzzled by your responses, I said I think Utd are improving under Mourinho and are going to only get stronger. I'm not sure why you've taken offence to that.

As for grossly overestimateing our prospects, we've matched city over the last 3 or 4 months. We're not the finished article but we're heading in the right direction.

10.) 13 Mar 2018 18:19:47
Putney. I think you'll find that United is the top form team over the past 2 months.

11.) 13 Mar 2018 18:34:33
Putney - I agree you've been in great form but I always get the feeling L'pool fans get carried away and blinded to the bigger picture.

Maybe I over exaggerated and I actually think your assessment of most teams was balanced and fair.

Ok I understand your optimism but I still think your well short of getting anywhere near City and like I've said with Utd's financial muscle and Mourinho's pedigree I just can't see how your feel L'pool will be better placed to challenge City.

You acknowledge that the squad has problems but don't elaborate and then appear to comfort yourself that Klopp has a plan but don't comment on what this might be or identity any evidence to back up this assertion.

Mumbles points out that Klopp has an awful record from winning positions and Klopp often fails to influence games from the bench.

Whilst your right to illustrate that Utd are improving and have the stats to back this up L'pool still face the same problems which keep resurfacing time and time again. You struggle to break down well organised defences and still have a very soft centre as recently demonstrated at OT only a few days ago. This being a game I might add that you all fully expected to win handsomely despite Utd's very impressive home record under Mourinho.

Anyway it's a game of opinions and I think you just lost your way slightly with the assessment of your own team and maybe got carried away with the euphoria surrounding the Club at the moment as I find is often the case with L'pool fans.

12.) 13 Mar 2018 19:45:33
Good read that putney.



05 Jan 2017 12:38:09
Hi Utd fans. What's the consensus here on your three English defenders? Jones has been getting rave reviews lately, is he finally turning into the player Fergie thought he'd be or is it like Smalling last season, an average defender performing well in an organised defence? What about Shaw, are there still high hopes for him or does it seem he'll never live up to the hype?


1.) 05 Jan 2017 13:23:26
Smalling is a decent defender, but his decision making can be poor. Jones is a surprise, he's fit and playing very well. Time will tell with him, but he has loooked solid. Rojo even looks very good and has formed a good partnership with Jones. Rojo has been lucky not to have been sent off, but we were due some luck.
Shaw has a bad attitude and hopefully Mourinho can get him back to how he played last season before his leg got broken.

2.) 05 Jan 2017 14:11:21
Smalling has been found out to some degree this season. His positioning is poor and he doesn't pass well when pressured. He is big and he is quick, so he has the physical requirements but without the intelligence he can be a liability. In my opinion he is a solid midtable EPL defender, but lacks the quality to be first choice in a team challenging for titles and competing in Europe.

Jones still has loads of potential, but injuries have always held him back. Whether he is over his injury issues or whether he is just having an injury free period is yet to be seen. Apparently he has started changing the way he looks after himself, maybe that is having an effect. I also think an extended run playing in his best position has helped him be able to focus on the basics of his job rather than them keep changing as he is shifted around the field. He could come good yet, although I doubt he'll now reach his full potential as a lot of time has been lost through injury.

Shaw I still have high hopes for, it looks like he too has to appreciate how he should look after himself as a professional athelete. But he was first choice for a EPL team by the time he was 17. You don't manage that without serious talent. He was thought of as highly as Bale was in the Southampton academy. Now that's not to say he will or even should reach Bales level but to point out that Bale didn't hit the heights until 24/ 25. Shaw is 21 and has just spent a season out injured. Let him develop and I think he can be a world beater, whether he does or not is most down to him and hos attitude from here on in.

3.) 05 Jan 2017 14:17:01
Jones' stats when he played were excellent, his defensive actions per game were far far higher than Smallings etc. He was hampered by injuries over the last couple of seasons and before that he was not given a run of games a CB. The fact Fergie and the national manager put him in midfield suggests he is seen as a player who is comfortable with the ball. This is entirely from memory but I believe his passing stats when he played in the last two seasons were in the high eighties. He's a Morinho type defender so I think he could become the player we all hoped he would be.

I'm not a fan of Smalling, LVG gave the centre backs an incredible amount of protection, whenever we tried to be more expansive Smalling got caught out. For me he's one of the players that goes, but that's just my personal opinion.

Shaw has all the attributes to be a top player, I do question his professionalism though as he looks overweight. If he can knuckle down he'll be a top player.

4.) 05 Jan 2017 14:19:37
Im not a huge fan of Smalling or Shaw, Smalling I never thought was good enough, and Shaw seems very lazy. I really backed the signing of Shaw, but now i wouldn't care if he stayed or went.

Jones, i thought the same as Smalling, is this season his season like Smalling had last year? I don't know, but i probably wouldn't be sad to see him go either unless he can prove he can stay fit and ready for more than a full season.

5.) 05 Jan 2017 14:37:48
Cheers guys, I'm hoping Jones in particular might reach his potential as England could do with a quality CB.

6.) 05 Jan 2017 14:39:30
shaw will be fine just needs a run of a games to get his confidance back and back on his game .
21 and bags of talent .
just another target on the site imo.

7.) 05 Jan 2017 15:01:16
Shaw has a lot of potential and also a lot to learn. There is no doubt his injury has set him back.

However he has some professional and self discipline issues. I'm hoping the 'tough love' treatment that Jose is giving him will be beneficial as it has been with miki. If he responds well and works as hard as he should and needs to, then he can be a really top player.

Jones had had a few promising runs over the years only to fall foul of injury. Again a lad that got a lot when too young. He has improved his attitude and professionalism and he has had a decent run without injury. If he stays fit he is an important part to play.

Smalling for me is better than rojo. But that said I think one or both will be sold between jan and the end of the summer.

8.) 05 Jan 2017 15:30:51
lvg questioned if he was fit enough when he first signed but we are talking about a 18 year old finding just what is required at the top level .
18 your still learning and a 30 mil move to a team like united is huge .
the following summer shaw took a fitness coach on holiday with him returned to training early and was praised by lvg ( people don't seem to mention this ) .
he started the season great but had a awful injury. again for a young lad this can take a bit to get over .

truth is people don't really know what goes on if the pitch but its a good excusse to have a go at a player.

9.) 05 Jan 2017 15:35:04
Sorry but both Smalling and Shaw will be gone in the summer. Jose just doesn't like either 😆😆.

10.) 05 Jan 2017 15:37:36
'I only had myself to blame last summer, ' said Shaw. 'I didn't arrive at the club in the correct shape and things didn't go to plan. The manager told me his feelings and I totally accepted that.

'At a massive club like United you have to be at your best. But I learned and this season I feel much fitter, much sharper and I have the experience of a year at Manchester United behind me. The big difference is my fitness.
Adnan and I decided to ask a member of the United coaching staff to come with us to Dubai and we paid his flights.

'He worked us in four sessions per day. We had a football pitch, a gym and an altitude trainer, we did beach runs too'The most important thing for me was to come back fitter pre-season. '

'I just hope I don't get any injuries this time, ' he said.

'I think last season was frustrating because I was picking up little niggles every time I had a couple of games. Hopefully this time I can stay fit, get a good run of games and win a title at the end of the season. 'shaw

if he can stay away from injuries i think he will be fine .
this is a top talent that at 18 united payed 33 mil for . jose wanted him at chelsea as well.

11.) 05 Jan 2017 15:45:42
But jred from many sources it sounds like that he isn't disciplined enough?

I have a feeling that he might be gone come summer.

12.) 05 Jan 2017 16:08:32
angle such as who?
the lad has just turned 21, like most 21 year olds will have a bit to learn but when fit is man uniteds and englands lb .
we will never no but with out that horrific injury i think things would be very different .

storys in the papers before xmas about rashfords and martials attitude as well .
young players plus i don't believe a lot of what i read in the papers .

people where telling me jones and rojo where leaving as well as many others .
lets just wait and see but with shaw i think a few will be disappointed, i think he will be a top player .

21 years old still learning.

13.) 05 Jan 2017 16:12:21
we will maybe see the best of shaw next season, people will of moved on to the next target by then .
ps we might have fonte by the weekend.

14.) 05 Jan 2017 16:23:25
Target? And a few will be disappointed.

Not me, I can assure you that I'd be delighted if he fulfilled his potential.

Maybe he was a target of mourinhos due to him not having the correct character? Jose is a good source.

15.) 06 Jan 2017 11:52:07
cant remember jose coming out and saying shaw has a bad attitude .

united payed 30 + mill for a very talented 18 year footballer, that's a long term investment.
he has only been at the club 2 and a half year, with half of that spent injured .
also it was always going to take a young lad a bit of time to settle .

he will be a top player for the next 10 year that's why we payed the money we did he will be a long term investment .
when you pay that kind of money for a young lad you let him find h8s feet at the club, recover from a serious injury and give him a chance .

no one had an issue with shaw not one person in this site until people critised jose about his comments "you should play when injured "

and that's the issue, jose can do no wrong for some so suddenly shaw was this shaw was that .
it only takes a couple to start and everyone seems to believe it

{Ed025's Note - i dont think any player should play if not fit jred but to be honest shaw has been his own worst enemy mate, he is overweight and even when not injured his fitness has been in question..

16.) 06 Jan 2017 12:18:43
ed he is still only 21, he will be fine next year .
when fit and over his injuries he will be first choice for england and united for next 10 year .
he is only a kid .
as soon as people give jose a hard time people turned it on shaw, rather than jose.
he was only 19 when he broke his leg and had started the season great .

the lad just needs time, he has played only played 13 games since the 2014/ 15 season . not sure what people expect?
mind you he is still only 21 so has plenty of time on his side .

{Ed025's Note - i hope your right jred, the guy certainly has talent mate..

17.) 06 Jan 2017 12:26:41
he sure does and like all players especially young ones he needs a run of games




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22 Mar 2018 14:19:55
Personally I'd go for a 4-2-3-1, Pickford, Walker, Stones, Jones, Bertrand, Henderson, Wilshire, Sterling, Alli, Rashford, Kane. I think Southgate is planning to play with 3 CBs so I'd expect him to lose either Rashford or Sterling and add Maguire.




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13 Mar 2018 17:39:51
Gents, i'm a little puzzled by your responses, I said I think Utd are improving under Mourinho and are going to only get stronger. I'm not sure why you've taken offence to that.

As for grossly overestimateing our prospects, we've matched city over the last 3 or 4 months. We're not the finished article but we're heading in the right direction.




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13 Mar 2018 15:49:18
Common_sense, I'm pretty certain you didn't actually read the article.




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16 Jan 2017 14:35:38
Hi guys, the other perspective. Pogba's arm round Henderson's neck was bad and should have been punished and it's a shame about the off side for your goal but I thought the ref otherwise did well. On balance a draw was a fair result but we're all a bit miffed after leading for 2/ 3s of the match.

I'd also say Klopp was a bit disingenuous with his comments about your tactics, you probably deserved a point and there's no 'correct' way to play football.




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05 Jan 2017 14:37:48
Cheers guys, I'm hoping Jones in particular might reach his potential as England could do with a quality CB.