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11 May 2014 21:11:07
Jim White on ssn has just reported the we have bid £27 million for Shaw. White believes Saints will reject this and wait for a higher amount, allegedly above £30 million.


1.) Interesting that this is being broken by ssn now. I think its a matter of days and a lot of work has been done behind the scenes. Van Gaal announced first, Evra leaving second, Shaw joining third.

2.) 11 May 2014 21:37:48
Really hope this comes off he's been quality all season




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07 May 2014 22:51:49
Just wanted to say a few words on a topic not yet fully broached. Whilst Wilson does look a real talent and Lawrence looks promising we need to take a step back and try and remain reserved. How often have we seen it here at United that a youth player comes through, plays one or two games outstandingly and then completely fails to live up to the hype. I'm not saying it's going to happen, but there are ways to prevent it.

We have to not overhype. This is the dangerous one. We'll see comparisons to Rooney and others soon enough and we, the fans, need to play these down. These don't help the players, not at this stage of their careers. Helping players confidence is one thing, inspiring hubris and arrogance is another. Let's wait until they are performing consistently well at the top level before making these judgements. At least 10 or so games, and preferably half a season. The facts of the matter is it's up to the fans to do this, no one else. And we, as a group need to remember this. If the club gives them the right development and we give them the right support, there is every chance we could have one of our first true homegrown talents in years being a world-beater.


1.) I think LVG will have no problem with keeping young players grounded, he's got a great record with working with younger players. I also think it's vital we keep giggsy because he is crucial in the development of so many young player with his advice. I'm sure I read somewhere where Giggs said he helped adnan a bit ( correct me if I'm wrong )

2.) The way I see it is that it's a bit of a trident. You have the Media, the Management and the fans. The media will attempt to create controversy (click baiting etc) or publish something people agree with. The management will do whatever they choose to do in terms of player development, the behest of the media or fans plays little to no part in this. The fans, well they do a multitude of things. But the majority of fans have a tendency to overhype and dramatise how good a player is or is going to be. There is a well know fifa (game) ratings page which has received 500+ comments (which is a lot of traffic for this place) since the debut all debating how good this Wilson lad will be, some saying as good as Messi. It's ridiculous. If the fans can remain calm and reserved, whilst giving the lad proper support, then the management and the media is under no pressure to influence a player one way or the other. I believe the fans are the focal point of the trident, and it is ultimately our lead the club and the media will follow, from their desire to keep the majority of the people happy most of the time for their own obvious benefits.

I know it often doesn't need saying, or it seems negative, but we're our own worst enemies at this. We hype a player to the stars and then we're surprised he started believing it. Believing it so much so that he no longer felt he had to try, that he was gods gift. It's our faults as much as anyone, we're the facilitators of it. I know it's difficult to create a united front of fans on one particular issue, but the more people who take a similar mentality the better chance we have of seeing our young players mentalities kept right, so they might have every chance to live up to their potential.

3.) There is always the risk that the player turns out like Macheda, but under the right tutor they will be fine.

4.) Macheda never really was a disaster just didn't have enough games foe him bit like robbie brady good talent not enough games



06 May 2014 18:44:16
Southampton Executive Director Les Reed has cast doubt upon the alleged transfer negotiations occuring for Shaw and Lallana today. He repeated earlier comments made in an official statement by saying (when asked how hard it was to deal with the constant transfer speculation) "It's been very easy because none of it is true, there are no deals done and no deals being discussed."

When asked whether or not there were any informal discussions taking place Reed stated that their was "Absolutely nothing, absolutely nothing and I can clearly say that."

However there is a silver lining in our quest for Shaw with Reed also saying immediately after the last comment "I'm not saying it's not going to happen, but at the moment nothing is being discussed."


1.) We all know that is lies.



29 Apr 2014 16:22:18
Hey guys, we're being linked to two top up and coming left backs, Shaw and Kolasinac. My questions for you all is;

1. Who would you rather have?

2. Who do you think we'll get?

Personally my answer to both is Kolasinac. Whilst I'd love to have Shaw on virtue he's English and has that nice attacking guile, he'd cost a ridiculous sum of money and he is a bit defensively frail. My brothers a southampton fan and even he acknowledges how many goals this season have been conceded because Shaw was marauding up the flank. Further Kolasinac would be relatively cheap (no more then £15 million at the absolute maximum) and is probably just as good a prospect. And though he may not be as good at attacking he is much more solid as a defender and that is what we badly need. I've said before he's like Ivanovic, only quicker. Also in general we've seen how hesitant Southampton are to sell and I think they'll stick to that unless they get stupid money. Shaw himself has continually said he's happy at Saints and wants to continue his development there so it's not like he's pushing either. Schneiderlin did an interview in France a week or so back saying how none of the players would ever ask to leave. Kolasinac on the other hand is more then willing and is twisting the arm of Schalke (What with stating an offer) in order to leave.

In short, just as good, more pragmatic and more likely in my book.


1.) I asked about Saed Kolosanic last week but ed2 didn't think interest was likely unless something has changed!
I for one hope we go all out for Shaw and go all out for all of our targets, we need to prove a point this summer and next season!

{Ed002's Note - I am still of the opinion that there has been no offer for Kolasinac.}

2.) 1) I would much prefer Shaw.

2) I think Shaw is far more likely.

Southampton have given Chelsea and MU a figure so I don't see the hesitancy to sell that you are talking about. They have also held talks with MU so must be willing to negotiate a bit. There must be some wiggle room there.

Whatever Shaw says is irrelevant. He is under contract at Southampton and I wouldn't expect him to say anything other than what he has said. He is professional. Will we sign Shaw? I'm not sure, I hope so.

3.) Ed002, here's a question for you and it may not apply to Kolasinac, but why do players and agents say there have been offers made to them when there hasn't been? Is it to get their client a better contract? This kind of thing happens often and some of the players who say MU have made them an offer are clearly not good enough, so why does it happen?

{Ed002's Note - Sometimes players will say something that is taken out of context - as a breed footballers are not terribly bright. Newspapers will sometimes relay rumours from foreign publications without understanding the nuances of the language. As a rule, agents will try and get interest in the players they represent but they will not be given any firm offers - they would go to the clubs. Some agents do act as intermediaries for clubs and undertake negotiation on their behalf. Generally clubs will not be impressed with agents speaking out about players who are contracted to them, and will make agents aware of their displeasure. Something SAF did on a number of occasions.

4.) 1- Kolascniac
2- Shaw.

I think Shaw is the more promising left back, since he's about as good as Kol only younger but there are other things we need to consider.

Saed is bigger, taller, faster and stronger. He is also a better defender, and can cover more positions. He played at center back and defensive midfield on numerous occasions and proved to be quite handy in both positions. And with our luck in defense extra cover would not go amiss.
He is also more capable in the air, therefore would be better suited to games against Stoke and West Ham, and will not suffer the Rafael curse ( being dropped for taller players ).
He offers more defensive stability, and while he lacks Shaw's ability on the ball, he is more handy on the overlap because of his sheer pace and strength.

Imagine having Valencia at right back, but with more height and defensive ability. He would also come 10-15 million cheaper than Shaw, and if we buy him and manage to sell Schalke one of our unwanted players ( Bebe might be an intriguing choice if he has a good world cup, as would Nani and Valencia, and they would most definitely need one of them since they are likely to lose Draxler and possibly Meyer/Goretzka )

2- but I think Shaw is more likely simply because he is English. We are an English team, and will always go for the best available English talent. I get that we need to keep our identity, even though I'm not as fussed about it as other posters ( keeping in mind I'm not an Englishman ).

5.) Shaw is a much better player and a few years younger and will probably go on to be one of the true greats of the game easy choice for me Shaw all the way and Ricardo Rodriguez as back up if we don't sign Shaw as he is better than Kolascniac

6.) Saed is also not stronger than Shaw or as fast Mick1 he mite play a bit safer in his choice of play but that's about all he has on Shaw who is without doubt the best left back to come along since Roberto Carlos

7.) Thanks Ed.



21 Apr 2014 18:33:06
Obviously there's been a lot said about Welbeck potentially leaving and with it reported by the beeb, who don't exactly participate in idle rumours or gossip, I'd reckon there's a high probability that he's at least unsettled.

That said, making the assumption he would leave, who would people here most want him to go to? As a proper United lad I know we'd all want the best for him regardless.

Personally I'd want to see him go to Southampton; firstly they are not direct rivals. Secondly they have shown a clear ability to nurture developing talent over the years and could help reach his potential. Thirdly it would be nice to see him develop among other young English players which would help with the posterity of quality of the national team. Fourthly it might help with a potential deal for Shaw, I know people talk about swaps but they're very rare; but it could still help with preferential agreements and fostering better transfer relations between the clubs. Fifth, I honestly can't think of a better club for him to go to in order to develop further, at least not in England and he's unlikely to get approached by the top foreign teams.

That's my take on the whole thing, but what does anyone else reckon? Also what do people think he'd go for? I'd say no more then £15 million in all likelihood.


1.) I genuinely think a move abroad would be more beneficial. I think it would improve him as a footballer; sharpen up the areas of his game where he is currently lacking.

2.) I think a move anywhere would be great :)

3.) Hi Raiden. Yes, send him to Saints because when he plays with Lambert he looks a world class player but when he plays with Rooney he looks rubbish-but then so does Sturridge! What is it I am saying? Have a look at the assist stats. for Lambert and Suarez and it will become clear.
Not direct rivals? Probably not because whilst we might finish ONE place below Utd this season what was the situation last season-ie. who is on the up and who is not?



10 Apr 2014 09:46:44
"Any players we've quietly discussed it with are more than happy to join Manchester United." - David Moyes.

This implies two things; one that the calibre of player United are able to entice hasn't dropped, due to this being said in regard to it affecting the clubs attractions to players. Secondly that talks with players are at a very advanced stage as that part of the conversation is unlikely to happen otherwise.

I guess whether or not he's right is still out for jury though. Eds, do you have any idea what players he could potentially be talking about or which deals are close, if any? Thanks.


{Ed002's Note - Why not read the posts rather than waste my time asking me to repeat everything.}

1.) You've just been put in your place Raiden! Seriously though, if you scroll through the posts you'll see Ed's predictions for our summer spending.

I don't think there'll be as much business coming in as everyone hopes, IMO it'll be 3 signings.

Better luck on your next post though!

2.) Raided it implies that Moyes believes what every player or agent says about players wanting to join us, so stand by for another summer of chasing players who sign new contracts at their existing clubs. I hope I am wrong but why can't we agree deals to be completed at the end of the season like others.

3.) ..........deleted nonsense................People can't spend 15/20 minutes scrolling through posts on the chance it might be there every time they want to know something.................more deleted nonsense...........

{Ed002's Note - You are lucky I bother providing anything at all on this page. I don't have the time nor inclination to keep reposting to save the knuckledraggers a few minutes.}

4.) No name,

Ed002's opinion is extremely valuable on this site and is one of the main reasons a lot of people come on here, he gives us some facts instead of usual nonsense rumours. There is a search facility you can use, or maybe this site is not for you and you should run along instead of abusing the editors.

5.) Ed 002 - Have you though about adding a section for any posts which have an editors comment involved?This way people won't moan about scrolling down and you won't have to keep referring people to read the other random posts - they can just scroll down a shortlist of potential ones where an Ed has offered their specific insights or rebukes. I'm not techy but pretty sure it would be easy enough to apply a rule like that to when you or your colleagues get involved.

{Ed002's Note - We are not going to do any more than we are doing. We have tried different things in the past but people still whine.}

6.) Just put ed002 in the search bar, brings it all up




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Peps more likely to leave then the players. And the one thing I hate to have to point out here is simply; how often do you see one club, unless relegated, sell 3+ of their most important players? They would need to be in dire financial straits or such alike for that to happen. More over, it's also rare that one club sells several players to the same team. You have to look for precedent here and there really is very little like it. The same things happening in this country with Southampton, everyone assumes they're going to be cannibalised and stripped of their good players. Why exactly? It just doesn't happen really. The Bayern hierarchy, already disillusioned with Pep, are more likely to remove him then remove the players. I could see maybe one or two players bailing out though, hopefully we can still get Kroos.




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I'm always a bit sceptical when a player/agent comes out and says another team has made an offer for them. Simply put why would they come out and say that? Maybe he was naive or too honest. Or maybe he was just looking to stir the water a little bit and see what presents itself.

On the other hand if we were interested I would be very happy to see him a red. He's a fine young player, reminds me a bit of Ivanovic, only a bit quicker - very intelligent movement and positioning. Obviously if I had to pick between him and Shaw I'd pick Shaw, but only really on the virtue he's English. This guy would probably cost half as much and we could easily make him as good if not better.




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Well that is obvious. Reeds motivations are likely two fold; one to assure fans they will be keeping they're best players, no coincidence that this comes with the recent release of their season ticket prices. Second to assure Pochettino that his best players will not be sold from under him. A possible third would be too stem the constant speculation around players which might be unsettling them, but from the evidence on the saints side their is nothing to suggest anyone is unsettled.

Equally though, considering his motivations, would this not further mean that they do not want to sell? If a club does not want to sell and a player does not want to leave the transfer will not occur. Reed and Pochettino have stated the club do not want to sell. Shaw has not stated he wants t leave, and has in fact in all his interview repeatedly stated his continued happiness at his club.

In short there is nothing to suggest Reed is lying, in of itself or in the overarching aspects of his character. Your presumption that he is lying is literally out of thin air. This belongs more in the conspiracy section.

Perhaps Shaw will move. The transfer window hasn't even started yet and it's a long window. Evidence at this exact moment suggest he stays for the forthcoming future, and it distinctly weighs against the idea that a transfer is already part-way negotiated. Just because you choose to believe the whispers in your ear and the speculation of know-nothing journalists does not mean your right. We both have access to the same information, just we are perceiving it differently. And you are perceiving the information with such horrendous bias, so little objectivity that it is really hard to take any of your arguments seriously. No disrespect intended of course.




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The evidence provided by Les Reed, with considerations to his motivations, is more credible then the Eds (no disrespect). The Eds, by nature of their relative anonymity and the fact they do not provide evidence, though are acknowledged to have keen insight, are less credible, though more credible then most other non-official sources. On this front Les Reed as a source supercedes the Eds, therefore if the two make contradicting statements, we are to assume one is more accurate then the other for whatever reasons; taking into account motivation for such statements as well as the prospect of deliberate or accidental misinformation from both sides.

To cut a long story short Les Reed is more believable then the Eds. See this is the difference between you and I, I feel, that I hope for a conclusion but accept the evidence given, whereas you have already decided upon the conclusion and now merely seek the evidence to fit, regardless of the evidence to your opposition.




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Nice and cryptic there raffa. If you know anything, do let us know. Otherwise I have to presume you're full of it. Apologies. Also Syd, I don't think he's lying. But that doesn't mean he's telling the whole truth either. Hell, this is the first piece of real information come out about this whole saga. Just a shame it isn't exactly going to way we want it.

Do remember though - Just because he's said nothing has happened yet, doesn't mean nothing will happen.





Raiden's banter replies


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Well that's statement is synthetic a priori, Sydney, so obviously you're not wrong. My point is, what determines whether or not Southampton are even willing to sell him depends on the circumstances of the club (TBD in the next few days/week) or upon an offer so ridiculous that rejecting it would be foolish.

Basically if Pochettino goes the club is trying to consolidate, and £27 million probably would be enough, if he stays they'll wait out for more or not sell.




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No I don't think so. Jim White also said he thought Southampton will wait out for more if they do sell.

Interesting though is a lot depends on what Southampton do in the next few days in regards to their next 'plan', Pochettinos future and whether or not they plan to spend more in the window. We are kind of dependent on external circumstances on this one.

So keep your ears open on what they do in the next few days as it will be heavily indicative of whether or not they will be willing to sell Shaw.




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I don't think Willems is that likely. At least I've not seen anything about it at all. It always tends to happen at any club that players of the same nationality of the manager get linked in regardless of whether or not there is any truth to it. My Southampton supporting brother got very angry last year when everyone was just linked random Argies to his club.

I suppose it's a possibility what with him working in the national team, but it'd probably only be one other player if any. Personally wouldn't mind it though, he's a very talented player and he wouldn't cost a bomb like Shaw would.

I think Reus has to be our main target. We have so few players who like to get inbetween the lines and make runs beyond the defence. Too often we have had to try and pass or cross it in the season. So I very much hope we sign him, if the interest is genuine.




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Completely agree with RF. People are getting to carried away and are confusing what they want to happen with what will happen. People saying they are certain, or fully expect certain players to sign for the club. I honestly cannot fathom where they get such confidence from - Fresh and Syd are you guys actually agents or club reps in disguise? ;)

Thing is, and a lot of people are missing this, is we are buying from the weakest position in our history of the PL. The market is horrifically inflated, we don't have Europe, we have no Sir Alex, our stability, consistency and success is finally doubtable. If you're a top player then there are many better options out there then our club at the moment and those clubs are also in the market right now. It's not going to be as easy or as good as everyone hopes it will be. I'm not being pessimistic, I'm just trying to match my expectations to the reality of our situation, rather then the reality we hope for.




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I still think Pep will leave Bayern before they start breaking apart that team. Coupled with no Europe, signing the very best players will come hard. As for Shaw, we know how stubborn Saints are. I like to think he will come to us, but probably not till after the WC and for an absolutely stupid transfer fee. A lot of people are really optimistic about this summer; but we're buying from the weakest position in our history; we have the money, but players fees and wages are grossly inflated, we have no Europe and for the first time the stability and consistency and success of this club is in doubt. People quoting £150 odd million to be spent - I don't see it, and even if we did that doesn't get you all that much these days when you're thinking about wholesale squad reform.

I'm very reserved about this window. I don't think we'll sign Kroos, Reus I'm on the fence for and as for Shaw and Carvalho the amount we'd pay for them for what we're getting would be utterly stupid. Next season will either be very bad (as in no challenge, maybe no Europe and one or two of the best players leave) or very good (as in 2nd place and a great window). I don't see us having a middle ground.