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27 Jul 2017 00:15:30
No live chat tonight?


{Ed033's Note - Yes there is:

Man Utd live chat



14 Jun 2017 17:49:37
$70M for a Real Madrid bench warmer? Woodward must be insane, Suarez, Neymar, Bale are worth that money not a guy that Zidane didn't think was good enough to take an out of form Benzema out the starting 11. Morata is worth $30M max no more. Why are we paying over the odds and teams like Juventus keep finding very cheap, good players? Its insane.


1.) 14 Jun 2017 18:17:43
In the membrane.

2.) 14 Jun 2017 18:30:12
Few questions:

1.) Are you worried that the amount we spend on morata would put us in some form of financial jeopardy.

2.) Are you able to put forward players better than morata at the same value because i hate to break it you, 70m wouldn't get suarez, bale or neymar in this current market.

3.) If no to 1 and 2 are you just afraid of being mocked by your peers (whether it be at the school, workplace or old peoples home) if morata flops and we've wasted that amount of money.

3.) 14 Jun 2017 18:50:42
He maybe just thinks 70 mil for a player who played 90 minutes 5 times last season is a lot .

4.) 14 Jun 2017 19:10:53
I agree it is a lot but don't see the point in complaining about it, everyone knows when man utd go for a player the price escalates to unreasonable proportions in most instances.

But it is what it is, like i said i doubt well be able to find a similar or better quality player for less money. You either leave it and trust rashford and martial to do the job which i wouldn't mind or you put the money down and hope morata does the business.

5.) 14 Jun 2017 19:12:45
Fair questions and points DSG. £70m won't cause us any problems whatsoever and if Jose thinks he'll do a job then he'll pay it, no matter what anyone's else thinks. There aren't many out there who are either available, better, want to come here or wouldn't cost a whole lot more than him. Who cares what people think or say? We have always been disliked and people have a go no matter what happens, so f*ck them.

As long as we address all the problem areas in the team/ squad, and it is done within our means, I guess what they cost doesn't matter to us. If over paying on a player means other areas are neglected then it becomes a problem.

6.) 14 Jun 2017 19:42:54
Is the £70million up front or is that figure including lots of achievement add ons like Martial?

7.) 14 Jun 2017 19:51:03
Remanutd, completely agree with your opening post. Morata is not good enough nor is he worth that money. I don't usually care about the money side but IF reports are true then we are having our pants pulled down once again.

Ive been vocal about not wanting Morata and hope I'm proved wrong but I cannot see at all how he will be a good signing.

8.) 14 Jun 2017 19:55:49
Remember Van nistelroy? 19m and had to wait a year because of his injury. Look how that turned out. Rio's fee at the time : countless examples of high fees Morata if he comes, might just prove to be a bargain the way prices are going up, but we'll just have to wait and see.
Grimisnot dead- a very good point.

9.) 14 Jun 2017 20:03:20
Fair point DSG why do we even care about the fee?

Your dead right the likes of Suarez, Bale and Neymar would cost double that. Everton want £100m for Lukaku, it's well over £80m for Belotti Monaco want over £100m for an 18 year old kid with only 6 months of professional football behind him. The money in the game has gone crazy.

If we want him then that's what we've got to pay we'd all be up in arms if we didn't sign anyone!

If the money isn't going on players it's only lining the pockets of the Glazers get it spent!

The only relevant question should be will he improve our team? If Jose thinks he will then what's the problem?

We've had this stupid debate before with Pogba and we saw last night just what a talented player he is!

I agree with Brendan if we're overspending at the expense of neglecting other positions or players then it may be a problem but I've seen no evidence that we're going to stop any time soon.

Let's just be happy the Club are prepared to spend money and not keep it for themselves.

10.) 14 Jun 2017 20:04:21
In the past it has sometimes been said that getting into a national team has been easier than getting into our team . At the moment it is easier for morata to play cf for Spain than Madrid. If cr7 had been injured for say 3/ 4 months I suspect morata would have scored well over 30 goals and bearing in mind that you always have to overpay for a quality striker 70m would seem about right.

11.) 14 Jun 2017 20:07:10
I personally don't know much about Morata and I haven't seen him play that often tbh but I imagine the club and the manager know what they are doing .

That £90 million for pogs ain't looking that expensive anymore 😂.

12.) 14 Jun 2017 20:22:01
The prices currently are ridiculous for Strikers, but that needs to be tampered with the fact that currently these are guessed figures and may differ in reality. Also there appears a dearth of quality strikers and that also increases the price.
On Morata I have tried to look at his play over the past few years (from videos online. yes i Know! ) and he looks more and more like a Mourinho striker. Seems qhysically strong, quite tall, seems to be good with his back to goal to bring players on to him, good in the air. He is skilful as you would imagine from a Spansih player but he does seem well suited to rthe PL.
Lets hope this one goes through.

13.) 14 Jun 2017 20:36:11
It is a lot of money. But so is every other transfer.

Couldn't care less what he costs. Good player IMO and a very good signing.

14.) 14 Jun 2017 21:07:39
People do tend to get upset what a player cost or gets paid depending who the player is.

15.) 14 Jun 2017 21:45:57
Totally agree Angel. The money is nuts no doubt. players can't be judged against their price tag its what they do for the team. Trevor Francis first million pound player. Never scored 20 in the league but scored the winner In a European cup final for forest .

16.) 14 Jun 2017 22:02:26
Yeah Ken. I used get a bit bogged down in price and wages but honestly I don't really care. I only hope that there is a good balance to the squad and we can push on and win more things.



22 Jan 2017 01:48:51
I still fail to see why we paid so much money for Pogba, he could have potential but in my eyes is far behind from what i would expect from the worlds most expensive player, Ronaldinho, Messi, Ronaldo, Iniesta, Scholes are in my opinion the only players that i would have paid that amount of money, Pogba doesn't dictate the game at all, he doesn't impose himself over the opposition and i don't know about you but i think he didn't have a good pre season because for a professional at that age he should be more energetic like Herrera for example, if you ask me we play better when he isn't playing but i hope he helps us reach top 4 this season.


1.) 22 Jan 2017 02:53:00
This seems like an overreaction to me. Pogba was very poor in the Liverpool game and didn't play that great today but in the games leading up to that he was performing very well and starting to get into a rhythm. He is an all round midfielder capable of changing games, is in his first full season in the premier league, and he is still young.

2.) 22 Jan 2017 03:20:52
I think he's done really well. Iv missed a couple of games due to work but he has been creating a lot of chances. He's hit the woodwork several times. You need to get the 90 million out of your head, that's not his fault. He'll only get better and better mate. He just needs to increase his concentration because he can do the difficult things easy but he makes the easy things look hard.

3.) 22 Jan 2017 04:27:13
what is it with people, so midfielders are only supposed to dictate play or be some sort of roy keane clones that's it nothing else, mata's missed chance was down to pogba playing a great pass to zlatan, that is the sort of things pogba does, he will make runs with the ball, some of which take out sometimes 2 or even 3 opposition players out of the equation, create chances, he is not and will never be a scholes or a lampard or a xavi etc. wherein they are very very good at a particular thing, he is in simple terms a player who will never be 10/ 10 at one particular thing but rather a 8/ 10 at everything, also what is he supposed to do, he is a mf he has 4-5 goals and similar no. of assists even with our dismal finishing upto this point in the season, can he do better definitely yes, but people somehow expect him to score atleast a goal or get an assist or something every game just because he is came at high cost, that is your problem not his.

4.) 22 Jan 2017 05:10:45

It's not your money so you don't need to worry about transfer fees. For years we have complained the midfield takes no risks, are happy playing safe and don't go forward. Every time pogba gets the ball he is looking to go forward and create something, sometimes it doesn't come off and when it doesn't he can look poor but when it does he can unlock defence. I don't think we have seen the best of him and I think the Liverpool game has set him back a little but for me he is fine.

We obviously 'overpaid' but as the richest club on the world that is to be expected, nobody is 'worth' £90 million, but I am sure the club are making money just from his brand which is slightly more appealing than TC23.

5.) 22 Jan 2017 07:05:53
I understand your argument but it's still too soon to judge. I thought he was overrated but I have been impressed with how he is settling in. He got some stick at half time yesterday on the chat but I thought he did well. The challenge is we have too many static players and yesterday not enough width.

My issue with him is the external marketing guff which is distracting when he should be focusing on his game.

He may prove to be an expensive flop, he may go on to be a true great, I think we need a little more time before deciding.

6.) 22 Jan 2017 07:22:50
I am not prejudiced against short sighted people. Lol

7.) 22 Jan 2017 08:51:26
I think we need to forget about the price tag and what we need to ask is if we are better with pogba than without I defy anyone to say we're better without he is 23 so much time to develop and get better and he will .

8.) 22 Jan 2017 09:56:29
I think he's done well this season. Yeh he's had a few poor games, but who hasn't? He's only young and still learning a new league. He's scored 6/ 7 goals, had a few assists, hit the post 8 times, and had we been more ruthless in front of goal, he could have ten plus assists now. The price tag is not his fault. He can't control that so why do people bash him over it?

9.) 22 Jan 2017 10:20:28
I think Pogba is right for us on many levels. He seems a right fit for Mourinho, is developing and over the next year I think will become what Toure was.
Also I imagine that commercially he will take over from Rooney which will be good for the bits we don't like talking about.



08 Dec 2016 22:28:25
Performance was ok in my eyes, opposition was very bad imo, they didn't have any sort of imagination going forward. Its always good to win but i still fail to see what pogba offers to the team, i think without him we play faster footy in the middle of the park. Anyways i hope we win against spurs because the pressure will really kick in if we dont.


1.) 08 Dec 2016 22:38:23
Ermm did you see his pass for the goal? Sure people see what they want to see sometimes, he has created so many chances this season already.

2.) 08 Dec 2016 23:16:30
I would tend to agree with Remanutd on this one. The jury is still out on Pogba for me. I think with Pogba in the team United still look a little disjointed and less cohesive.

I think it is partially because there is no set role for him in the team. I think players like Carrick, Mata and Herrera currently offer more to the overall unit.

It will be interesting to see how it goes with Pogba in the coming months as I do not think he signed on to play Europa League at United this season as well as the next.

3.) 08 Dec 2016 23:56:08
Sure I read somewhere he has more assists, key passes, interceptions and dribbles than anyone else in the team. I think people see what they feel.

He's doing just fine for me, keep trying more, impose himself more and people will start to forget about the stupid fee. He was exactly what we needed, we just paid through the nose - or rather Ad1das did!

4.) 09 Dec 2016 06:03:34
Pogba is doing fine. I thought the team did well last night considering how the opposition set up, looked like a narrow pitch and they squeezed everything through the middle with 10 players behind the ball almost the entire match. Was an absolute borefest because of this.



11 Sep 2016 14:01:59
I couldn't watch the game live yesterday but i just finished watching the second half and i think Rashford needs to start, mourinho should set up the team to attack from the get go, i know we lost but i have this sensation that this is a team with character, determination. The game could have gone either way, we had chances, way more than city in the second half.


1.) 11 Sep 2016 20:43:58
Rashford should be the first name on the team sheet right now' I fear it is all about names though.




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10 May 2017 22:15:03
where is the sharkpod? i can't find it!


{Ed025's Note - just go on google and type in sharkopod mate..



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01 May 2017 23:43:27
I hope so, because he is so overrated, we don't need another number 10.




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25 May 2016 18:45:00
Haha I can't stop laughing.





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06 Jun 2018 01:32:32
Maybe i'm old fashioned but i'd really like to see some high tempo football with players bursting down the wings and our mids creating pockets of space with some sweet crosses into the mix and of course Big Rom banging them in

Sorry mate but do you really know who is the manager at the moment? We will defend at all cost first then counter attack that's the mourinho way.




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26 May 2018 21:35:35
I don't care if Madrid wins with that goal, the guy can't stay fit. I want Mou to build for the future so no, i don't want Bale. Promote from within if he has to but let's build a team to dominate.




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15 Apr 2018 21:08:58
Its very simple, we don't have real wingers. The players that get to play on both wings don't provide width at all. Alexis and Mata are always trying to cut inside, they never try to go all the way down and put the ball in the penalty box. We seriously lack urgency, new manager is needed but some people here are very happy with jose. This is what we going to get as long as he is our manager, its not going to get better. Football has moved on and the new generation of managers see it differently.




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05 Apr 2018 17:53:54
Thats what i've been saying for a while now, he lacks effort. that's why even young Mctommy looks better than him with half or even less the talent pogba has. I even see his lack of effort on the french national team, kante plays at a different level than pogba and anybody else who plays central mid. You can see the big difference kante does for france when you put lazy mids around him.




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01 Apr 2018 11:49:16
Podba is no leader my friend, take that thought away from your head, Lukaku? Could be, Bailly? Maybe. I think Mata is a good leader and good role model to the new younger dancing, social media addict generation. We do need a Roy Keane in that dressing room that's for sure.