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09 Feb 2019 15:43:28
Go Go Manchester United.
A Joy to watch us again.


1.) 09 Feb 2019 16:51:58
Really good team display.
Got to rest a few for tue. Great goal by martial dalot is improving all the time and the midfield 3 are looking like a much better unit with all 3 performing their roles really well.
Lukaku looks a little off in this system is the only slight area of concern he may well find himself with an impact substitute role with sanchez getting more game time being used as the rotator for jessie martial and rash.
Its very difficult to find fault with anything ole has done so far. Full credit to him his staff and of course to all the players.

2.) 09 Feb 2019 17:44:33
Well said Ken.

3.) 09 Feb 2019 17:51:09
Ole has been top class so far.

4.) 09 Feb 2019 17:53:43
Dalot was impressive today, right from kick off running with the ball and winning a free kick. He’s not going to be the best defender at his age but the potential is there.

Another great win, up to 4th 🙌.

5.) 10 Feb 2019 10:22:33
Just sit back and enjoy it chaps - won’t last forever but it’s great to be excited about Utd again. I was at the Fulham game - so much fun to be part of this fan base - 90mins of singinng and was a super atmosphere.



23 Dec 2018 14:17:59
Amazing game, Amazing performance.
Does not matter the opposition these are the games were we should perform the way we did.

Enjoyable game at last.


1.) 23 Dec 2018 15:41:53
i would suggest a quick check on Cardiff results before going over the top.

2.) 23 Dec 2018 16:16:50
Cardiff have won 4 out of 5 of their last home games. They lost to the amazing Man City team at home this season 5-0, where as we only beat them 5-1.

It's not that we beat a team that look like they will be in a relegation battle right up until May. It's the manner in which we beat them. That is something we haven't seen from a United side since Sir Alex retired.

The fact that rival fans feel the need to comment tells us everything about how our performance yesterday has made you sit up and take notice.

It's a long road, but it feels like we are on our way back. You guys looking over your shoulder helps confirm that.

3.) 23 Dec 2018 16:20:16
Cardiff’s results at home aren’t that bad.

City beat them 5-0 earlier in the season. The rest are close games and they won their last 3 home games before yesterday.

No one as a Utd fan is getting carried away but there was a noticeable improvement in the way the team played yesterday and that’s the most goals Utd have scored in a PL game since 2013 which is far too long ago.

Prefer to enjoy the performance and result and be optimistic.

Glass is half full.

4.) 23 Dec 2018 18:23:31
I didn't get to see the match but only the extended highlights. It was great to see the attacking intent. I don't think anyone is getting too cocky by beating a team at the lower half of the table. We are just happy that we are at least seeing our players attack. There were multiple times when I could see 5 or 6 of our players in and around the opposition box trying to make something happen which hasn't been the case in a long time.
People have been critical of the players for not trying enough so it is fair if we are praising them for their effort.
Matic has been getting a lot of flak for the past months. Can anyone tell how he performed against Cardiff? He has never been the fastest but if we play a high line and press then I think we can see much better performances from him.

5.) 23 Dec 2018 18:59:06
Look over our shoulders sharppy. Come on, you don't really believe that. Cardiff are shocking and united players played with freedom but they will revert to type in a few games when the novelty wears off. if they wouldn't play for Jose what hope has Ole got. I for o e hope you improve massively so that Ole gets the job full time because I guarantee you will not challenge if he is the full time boss.

6.) 23 Dec 2018 19:30:49

You’re on here mate that tells us everything we need to know I’ll be honest.

7.) 23 Dec 2018 20:00:33
Fruitba, GDS has hit the nail on the head. Your top of the league, playing well and in with your best chance of winning the title since Gerrard slipped.

Yet you find yourself on the United page after our best league performance and result in 5 years.

To be honest I feel a little sorry for you and your lot, if you do win the league this season will you truly enjoy it for the football and the glory, or will you just want to come on here and rub it in our faces? If it's the latter, then I feel a little sad for you as I think that takes away a lot of the joy of it if rubbing it in our faces is one of the most important things.

But that's me. Of course if you do win the league this season and you come to the United page just remember you'll still be one league title behind us.

8.) 23 Dec 2018 21:25:10
Lads/ Shappy I grew up with United winning everything and us struggling and having so many false dawns. I check the United page every week no matter what the result. all my mates and most of my family are united supporters. I'm not here to rub amything into anyone's faces. we have won nothing yet. All I'm. saying that this united team is so far away from challenging it's not funny. And if u think Ole is the right man well it says more about how far you have fallen than anything. yes i want to keep united down because if they get it right well then they could dominate again for 20 yrs but be under no illusion I wasnt worried yesterday watching your match and decided to come into this page to see how you felt about it.

9.) 23 Dec 2018 22:24:00
How can you say whether he is or isn't the right man for the job (putting aside the fact that it's an interim role)?

Unless you watched him and analysed his time at Molde or his brief spell at Cardiff, I don't think you can reasonably comment either way.

10.) 23 Dec 2018 22:43:52
Fruitba, I don't think anyone think Ole is the right man long term. But he might just be the right man right now. He has a contract until the end of the season. If we win every game between now and then convincingly then maybe we should talk about Ole staying longer or being all that.

I think all United supporters are doing in enjoying a good performance, our best in 5 years.

The fact that fans from many other teams don't want to let us enjoy that or feel the need to try and burst our bubble tells us more about the mentality of those fans than it does about the next six months at our club.

The funny thing is over the last 5 years opposition fans have been coming on to the the Untied page less and less as we have declined and obviously those fans feel us less of a threat. To see those fans retiring after one good performance reasserts to us just how big of a club we are and just how much those opposition fans fear us coming back.

So thank you kindly for making us feel more positive about Saturdays performance than we already did.

11.) 24 Dec 2018 00:42:29
Fruitba. Your words.

“yes i want to keep united down because if they get it right well then they could dominate again for 20 yrs. ”

. Fear.
Thanks for coming.

12.) 24 Dec 2018 17:47:57
Fruit and nutba.



18 Dec 2018 11:20:25
Jose Mourinho leaves Manchester United with a worse defensive record than Huddersfield, the same goal difference as Leicester and the same number of wins as Bournemouth.

But he's not solely to the one to be blamed for this mess. Now the board has to think wisely about the next step before appoint the New manager.

The likes of Pogba and co have to leave the team. They're toxic.

Anyway i'm glad he's gone, it won't change immediately our position in the league but I'm hopeful to é Joy watching us play again.

Best of luck for Mr. Mourinho and thanks for the things he did.




16 Dec 2018 19:17:25
I wish there was a reset button or a way to freeze your position in the league, quit and come back next year.

That small club mentality at Anfield today was dreadful. We will be luck to finish anywhere near top 6.

Next season will be better.


1.) 16 Dec 2018 20:19:27
The tragic thing is we are now resorting to “Next year will be our season” oh how the mighty have fallen!

Today was woeful, we offered nothing. Without wishing to sound dramatic, if we do not change how we are operated so we seem a marked improvement in recruitment and a balanced team, if this decline continues I would not be surprised to see us being a bottom half club rather than fighting for top 4 and titles.

2.) 16 Dec 2018 20:40:24
Next year will be better, we just gave smalling a new contract, I suppose Jones will be next, we need to get rid of players, not giving them new contracts, then the manager needs to go with them, then Woodward needs to go, it's not a ******* business, it's a football club,
Username a lot of posts there lately about not supporting the club when we are going bad, that's not for me, I'll support united through thick and thin, but someone needs getting the door now.

3.) 16 Dec 2018 21:53:01
Don't think it's all that bad having a CEO whose focus is on the business side. Makes sense actually. David Gill was an accountant originally I believe. The problem is when their arrogance means they undermine the football side. The contracts given by Woodward I believe are the biggest issue right now. First it has created an unhealthy complacency in the squad that they know they'll get paid more here than elsewhere regardless of effort, and, worse, it means we cannot move players on and fix up our squad. Because of this, and his dodgy recruitment approach, any new manager will not be able to get the squad they want. It will take years to sort this message out. Woodward should be removed from the football side of things as a matter of urgency -- not because he's a bad football man, but because he's a bad people man. We should replace Mourinho because his attitude has impacted morale awfully and, as a club, there's a realisation that having a progressive and expansive approach is what we crave as much as success.

4.) 17 Dec 2018 05:16:41
Next season will be better, not our season but better. I don't know if we can play worse than that. Its not about the board its player management, poor tactics, lack of urgency, desaire and plan.
And of course, lack of more quality players.

We play defensively, poorly and clueless and they all manage to score. What's the point?

He HAS to go.

5.) 17 Dec 2018 06:47:01
New it would be bad when Fergus left but didn't see this crap coming absolute shocking.



08 Dec 2018 16:55:08
Even thou was against Fulham, it was good to see us score more than a goal at home. Supporters deserved for too long.

Dalot had a superb game, Rash, Lingard and Lukaku had a very good effort running up and down for the ball.

Every single player played well today.

Shame we hadn't a clean sheet.





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09 Oct 2018 08:42:24
Why would DDG sign a new contract?
We don't know where we are going.

He will be a huge loss if he leaves. But the way things are, I don't see any top player staying if given a chance to leave!





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17 Dec 2018 05:16:41
Next season will be better, not our season but better. I don't know if we can play worse than that. Its not about the board its player management, poor tactics, lack of urgency, desaire and plan.
And of course, lack of more quality players.

We play defensively, poorly and clueless and they all manage to score. What's the point?

He HAS to go.




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03 Dec 2018 10:40:22
Manchester United hired 3 wrong managers to make to transition. Mourinho maybe came in a very wrong time, but he hasn't done anything to help himself so far.




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03 Dec 2018 10:36:15
It was a poor result for Sotton against a very poor UNITED.




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02 Dec 2018 13:31:59
The question is why would you keep Mourinho? His CV or his form currently? His History proves, 3rd season is a disatriuos as it gets.
With him til May we will be in between 6th and 10th on the table, anywhere near top 4 will be a miracle.




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01 Dec 2018 19:34:49
Hahahahhahahha joke right? At last we got a point against a very top team.