02 Jul 2016 12:43:55
Official confirmation from Borussia Dortmund. Mkhitaryan is a UTD player.

Brilliant news.

1.) 02 Jul 2016
02 Jul 2016 12:56:44
So that is defence and the forwards strengthen, midfield next?

2.) 02 Jul 2016
02 Jul 2016 13:05:47
I Agree. Still think we need another CB though Stoatweed.

3.) 02 Jul 2016
02 Jul 2016 13:03:22
Wouldn't surprise me if we bought an older CB yet.

4.) 02 Jul 2016
02 Jul 2016 13:48:46
Manolas would be a good option although I'd still love Varane in there!

Also a lot of people underestimate Inigo Martinez of Sociedad?

5.) 02 Jul 2016
02 Jul 2016 14:18:40
Ed mentioned victor lindelof, 21 year old Swedish centre back plays for benfica, know anything about him Ronnie?

6.) 02 Jul 2016
02 Jul 2016 15:19:34
Again, good young centre-back currently at Benfica, who would demand the earth for him, but he's also Swedish and maybe Zlatan could be a factor?

Would still prefer Varane though?

7.) 02 Jul 2016
02 Jul 2016 15:51:20
I've not really watched both of them enough to make a sound judgement but I'm sure our scouts have done a good job on them, he's only 21 so pretty young for a centre back yet, think he would probably be behind bailly and smalling in the pecking order, cheers ronnie.

8.) 02 Jul 2016
02 Jul 2016 16:39:45
I would be quite happy to go into the season with the defenders that we have.

9.) 02 Jul 2016
02 Jul 2016 17:42:00
The key is de gea for me stoat, as long as he stays we'll be OK with what we have, but there's no harm in strengthening our central defence, it's been neglected for years now.

10.) 02 Jul 2016
02 Jul 2016 19:02:32
I'm not sure about central midfield. I'd be quite happy going into the season with Schneiderlin, Herrera, Rooney, Carrick and Schweini, maybe Blind too.

Carrick must surely now be relegated to a backup role, but remains a good dressing room influence. Not sure about Scweini, but if Jose gets him performing like he can, he's still a top player.