15 May 2018 22:43:59
Really want luke shaw to stay at the club, yeah he may be over weight or whatever critics say about him but the guy is still young? with good coaching he will be a class left back and will come to bite us in the back side in a few years.

1.) 15 May 2018
15 May 2018 23:14:16
Coaching no. He needs to fix himself before anything, he’s had plenty of chances. If he were to stay he should be on a pay as you play contract that would get his arse in gear.

2.) 16 May 2018
15 May 2018 23:55:37
Lacks the discipline and fight for me. Had enough time to make himself our left back. Personally sell him. Don't think he good as people make him out to be.

3.) 16 May 2018
16 May 2018 07:14:33
What is his deal.
I don’t see how a guy that has all this in front of him looks so out of shape.

I read somewhere that his attitude at Southampton was poor too.

4.) 16 May 2018
16 May 2018 07:43:49
If Jose is staying as manager then we may as well cash in. Maybe another manager will get the best out of Luke, but the relationship/ trust between player and coach isn't going to be beneficial to him.

Shaw has been very good almost every game he has played to my eyes, but then he is dropped or slagged off. The manager clearly doesn't like the way he plays the game and Luke obviously lacks the desire to amend his ways to fit the managers wishes. Shame as he impresses me and I think given a run of games he will improve even more. For Young to be constantly picked ahead of him tells us all we need to know about his future I fear.

5.) 16 May 2018
16 May 2018 07:54:50
You mean he needs coaching to tell him to keep in shape because he is a professional athlete and the minimum requirement for his job that he must live like an athlete?

I do hate some of these tv pundits but when they talk about mental attitude not being right in the team I see permanently sad faced martial, tubby shaw, preening pogba and think yep, they have a point.

6.) 16 May 2018
16 May 2018 07:56:59
I agree with you there Beast, It was in one of our recent games Shaw burst forward and hit the post. The response from JM was to berate him for forgetting his defensive duties. Tells us all we need to know.

7.) 16 May 2018
16 May 2018 08:29:45
Shaw needs to go, for whatever reason his physical fitness and attitude for a top end professional is lacking and Repeated managers have not had faith in him.
His time with us is done.
I hope he moves and is successful but we need to move on and get a true number one left back in with Young as cover.

8.) 16 May 2018
16 May 2018 10:49:26
Similar to what rashford is doing . These young players think they are superstars . Which Cleary not the case as yet. Agree with recent posts how many more chances does Shaw need . It's a privileged position to be In being a high earner at such a young age. For me Rashford is going backwards in his development. Become very ball greedy of late.

9.) 16 May 2018
16 May 2018 11:50:37
Pogthedog: "It was in one of our recent games Shaw burst forward and hit the post. " Sentence should end - and he was sent a bill for smashing it the fat sod!
Seriously if a 22 year old needs cuddles and kisses to motivate him to get himself into shape and play for one of the biggest clubs in the world, it shows his worth, 0.As for his ability, since his leg break he really doesn't commit to a challenge which is probably a physcological problem that we can understand but it could lead to further injuries. Cruel to be kind ;get rid.

10.) 16 May 2018
16 May 2018 12:38:26
Not sure why many of our fans are slagging off Shaw - have you actually watched him play, it seems like you are hating on him simply because the manager doesn't rate him?

He plays as an attacking full back - we want this.
He works his socks off - we want this.
He battles and looks like he cares - we want this.
He is often in our top 3 performers when he actually plays - we want this.

He has been one of our most consistent performers when he actually plays. So those of you criticising him are simply parroting what the manager says or judging on things not related to his actual performance in my opinion.

Sure he could look trimmer, maybe if he played consecutive games he would look better on the eye, but who cares about that. Definitely could be more professional off the pitch from what I read, but surely the actual performance is what matters most?

I personally hate how Pogba strolls around the pitch all game, he looks like a supreme athlete but he doesn't play like one - he plays how Shaw looks and Shaw plays how Pogba looks, so looks can be deceiving. Most of us want somebody like Sandro, Rose or Alaba - all of them play in a similar way to Shaw.

If Shaw played a few bad games on the spin I could understand the lack of support, but the fact he rarely does despite being treated like rubbish should tell us a lot about him, more so than managers with axes to grind or reporters wanting to appeal to the masses and take the easy angle.

Luke Shaw could do more to help himself, but how many times can you get slapped down for doing nothing wrong and then still want to fight back, especially with fans choosing to ignore the performance and just parrot the BS.

11.) 16 May 2018
16 May 2018 13:10:10
I have watched Shaw play, He has pace, likes to attack, but his end product isn't good, defensively poor, But like many of our players he has moment of brilliance but is not effectively offensively or defensively.

I don't know how he performs in the training, but he had limited chances to improve his game.

12.) 16 May 2018
16 May 2018 14:13:32
Kenedy - is that Valencia you are describing as well?

13.) 16 May 2018
16 May 2018 14:46:06
The Beast, We need new LB and RB, to compete.

14.) 16 May 2018
16 May 2018 16:17:21
Beast I agree with a lot of that .
It's the same with martial the hating started when he was rumoured to be on the move .
For what ever reason people need to justify the sale and treatment of the player.

15.) 16 May 2018
16 May 2018 17:29:40
Think Jose will just let Damian leave. Young will be back up to Valencia and Shaw will be back up to Sandro.

16.) 16 May 2018
16 May 2018 17:56:39
Definitely mate RB and LB are essential, but only if they are permitted to play like modern full backs, otherwise it's same old same old - lacking numbers in attack.

Totally agree Jred - I'm waiting for the Pogba transfer hype to kick in and watch people go 180 on that once it becomes clear that he (his reps) is attempting to manipulate the club through the media and he'll be on his bike.

I treat it all with a pinch of salt, but I do want to stand up for players that actually do the job as far as I'm concerned when/ if picked that is.

17.) 16 May 2018
16 May 2018 19:06:30
I don't see how anyone can judge Shaw properly without not only giving him an extended run in the side but also having him play behind a consistently selected left sided winger.

18.) 16 May 2018
16 May 2018 22:44:00
Does anyone watch Shaw? He’s unfit/ borderline fat for an athlete and is constantly out of position!

Enjoy your career at Newcastle lad.

19.) 17 May 2018
17 May 2018 12:52:53
3 managers have all had the same issue with Shaw,

maybe he will watch the world cup thinking i could have been on that plane, like the liverpool full back whos only 19.

or he can go on holiday have a fun time and come back with the same attitude.

theres a point where nothing can be done and sadly i think shaw is almost at that point.

its a shame because before his leg break he was immense.

20.) 17 May 2018
17 May 2018 15:19:03
This sort of thing drives me nuts. Every time he plays, he is good, and still gets bashed. Yes, he is a little inconsistent, and his defensive positionng could improve, but what do you expect when he hardly gets a game?

It's Mourinho's perogative as manager to decide a player doesn't fit, but some of you lot citing performances as justification just annoys me, because he isn't playing badly at all. And if it's the way he plays which is a problem then the guys being mentioned aren't going to fare any better.