23 May 2019 20:41:33
Quick question, was wondering if any of the eds have heard anything on our reported interest in the Pedro of Fluminense? Thanks in advance.

{Ed002's Note - I would not hold your breath with interest from elsewhere.}

1.) 24 May 2019
24 May 2019 00:39:51
Thanks ed, assuming the interest is from Real Madrid? I’ve read they apparently had a provisional agreement to sign him last year before a knee injury scuppered the deal.

{Ed002's Note - I can name four sides who have a decalared interest and have spoken with his club.}

2.) 24 May 2019
24 May 2019 03:50:03
Ed please share in sight. why we are always second or third choice when it comes from buying young talents from Brazil and Argentina? If we target them, it's via other European league.

{Ed002's Note - Culture, food, unattractive part of the country, scouting not a priority etc..}

3.) 24 May 2019
24 May 2019 12:34:22
I'm not too fussed. Every Argentinian or Brazilian we've signed has flopped. I'd prefer to avoid south Americans in general.

4.) 24 May 2019
24 May 2019 11:45:03
Ed I guess work permits are also an issue with signing Young South American players?

{Ed002's Note - No more so than they are for other clubs, but yes, players need work permits.}

5.) 24 May 2019
24 May 2019 13:33:13
Rafael was decent.

6.) 24 May 2019
24 May 2019 13:43:13
Heinze was not bad as well.
I believe he won player of the year in his first season.

7.) 24 May 2019
24 May 2019 14:01:04

Why do you think the North West is so bad?

I share my time between London and Manchester offices and manage partners over all of Europe, I would prefer to live in the North over most of the places I go. London is dirtiest, more homeless, more drug addicts, more crime, more knife attacks, more terrorism.

Barcelona, Madrid, Nice, Paris, Amsterdam, Nordics are all decent and Germany is good, I get the draw but London nope.

Cheshire is nicer than Surrey and just as pretentious. The only advantage I see is flights.

I must say out of all the places work takes me Milan is the biggest dump - parts of that place makes Atherton look nice!

{Ed002's Note - Clearly you work in the roughest parts of London and you seem to know very little of the other cities you mention.}

8.) 24 May 2019
24 May 2019 15:38:52
They are all much of a muchness all these cities. There's the touristy bits, the nice residential parts and holes. Personally I don't care for London I prefer Manchester or Liverpool or Newcastle but that's personal preference. I know people who love London.

9.) 24 May 2019
24 May 2019 16:22:57
Mort that's not quite true, Heinze did well and Romero has never let us down. But I do agree that more often than not they have failed to live up to the hype.

Personally I feel we always do better with Northern European's, Scandinavians and Eastern block. I feel they seem to settle into life in northern England better than those from a Latin background.

10.) 24 May 2019
24 May 2019 17:49:42
Heinze, Rafael, Tevez all did very well for us.

Veron was ok but hard to dislodge Keane and Scholes.

11.) 24 May 2019
24 May 2019 19:04:14
Utd road, this must be a different London to the one I live in.

12.) 24 May 2019
24 May 2019 19:10:56
The Manchester I live in is a lot different to the one Ed often talks about as well so maybe people are just looking at different parts of the city.

{Ed002's Note - New Hampshire?}