30 Jul 2019 17:36:03
Dybala in London with agent for swap deal with us sky sport reporting.

1.) 30 Jul 2019
30 Jul 2019 17:46:47
Di Marzio saying Maguire fernandes are close to completion and now dybala for lukaku Woodward would have pulled it out the fire big style if it comes off

A front four of Rashford fernandes dybala and martial playing main striker is absolutely frightening. 🙏🤞.

2.) 30 Jul 2019
30 Jul 2019 17:58:56
I don't think its Woodward negotiating these deals.

Also, not sure that dybala is the right signing.

3.) 30 Jul 2019
30 Jul 2019 19:06:39
I’m even less sure one of these deals will come to fruition let alone all of them!

4.) 30 Jul 2019
30 Jul 2019 20:23:13
Your deluded if you think all 3 of these deals will come off! This isn't EA sports.

5.) 30 Jul 2019
30 Jul 2019 20:44:47
Well somethings got to happen redarmy. I reckon its going to be very busy this last week.

6.) 30 Jul 2019
30 Jul 2019 21:16:48
Ed002 has confirmed that we are working on Maguire and Fernandes. weather we then get money or player part exchange for lukaku i don't know. but can't see him staying so something will happen.

7.) 30 Jul 2019
30 Jul 2019 21:30:14
I would obviously be delighted to be proved wrong angel.

8.) 30 Jul 2019
30 Jul 2019 21:32:18
Red army why is that?

The ed has said we are working on bruno and maguire and lukaku doesn't want to be here so its logical to take the swap if inter are not matching our valuation

Plenty of times teams have done double even triple deals in the last week of the window.

9.) 30 Jul 2019
30 Jul 2019 22:29:03
I don't know, we've just had our fingers burnt so many times in the past with 'almost' signing players. It's been a long time since we've signed over 3 players in one window let alone 5.

10.) 30 Jul 2019
30 Jul 2019 23:13:58
Dybala signing sounds like a wet dream. But so did Di Maria and Falcao. If he wants to fight for a struggling team then great signing. If not, I'd rather him not get in the way of a player developing like Greenwood.

11.) 30 Jul 2019
30 Jul 2019 23:22:11
Us United fans

It’s going to be a busy transfer window this July.

It’s going to be a busy August as far as transfers go. A lot to be done but i’m Confident we’ll get it done.

Two weeks to go and a few signings to get over the line, still hopeful though.

Into the last week now, Woodward has a lot of work to do. Hope we can get it done.

Deadline day, 4 signings still to be completed, but I’m confident we’ll be much stronger with these 4 signings

Ever the optimists 😊.