01 Aug 2019 10:31:49
I see a lot of excitement over Dybala. A few years ago on here before he went to Juve, I posted he was worth looking at. I think it was Phil Neville raved about him. Talented definitely.

However, at 25 has he really hit the heights or has he not really achieved the level his talent should have taken him to? If we sell Lukaku, we sell a goal scorer, he may not fit our style, his first touch may be awful, but he always scored goals. I am not sure replacing a goal scorer with Dybala is a great idea, Dybala is not prolific, creative yes but not a prolific scorer.

Does Dybala meet the criteria hungry? I am not sure whether he is the right replacement for Lukaku and if we rely on Rashford and Martial to score the goals this could be difficult. Greenwood has real potential and Dybala may block that route a little too much.

For me Dybala is a club, media clicks type signing, another one. Very talented but the right choice at this time? Not convinced, however, the speculation deflects from the less than convincing transfer window so far and Dybala speculation has the "look we tried to sign Bale" feel of 6 years ago.

I would rather have tried for a Lewandowski or Abeymaybeng or whatever he is called.

1.) 01 Aug 2019
01 Aug 2019 10:49:15
I want someone who really wants to play for the fans and wants to be a man utd player. Aubamayueng is a really good goal scorer but do we really want another 30yr old from who we might get two years of gt play and then what. He will have limited sell on value and prob stifle younger talent like greenwood.

2.) 01 Aug 2019
01 Aug 2019 10:49:42
At the end of the day, Lukaku hasn’t worked out, and won't work out. Especially with the new style we’re trying to play.

Dybala is a fresh face, who suits the style we’re trying to play.

We all said we wanted a new RW/ AM, so now we’re potentially getting a top-class one we’re trying to pick holes in it.

Sometimes people can easily find faults in other, but are colourblind to faults of their own. Be happy, be excited. What will be will be, roll with it.

3.) 01 Aug 2019
01 Aug 2019 10:56:01
A season back Dybala scored 26 goals.
Isn't that prolific?

He can play in multiple positions which is good for tactical flexibility.

4.) 01 Aug 2019
01 Aug 2019 11:19:25
I shouldn't be too concerned with who we're linked with. The incompetent people at this club dealing with transfers are clearly not going to pull any rabbits out of the hat in the space of a week.

A bit melodramatic I know but this transfer stinks exactly the same as the last summer window and we all know what happened then. Nothing!

5.) 01 Aug 2019
01 Aug 2019 11:20:28
True red. I watched all 26 yesterday too to see what type of goals they were and where he was on the pitch when he scored. He got a lot of pens and free kicks which is good. Rashford scores 1 in 10 free kicks
I then watched Fernandes to see where all his came from. Whilst there were similar goals scored I think they would both work and add an extra dimension and GOALS.

6.) 01 Aug 2019
01 Aug 2019 11:26:08
And Red Man, why would Lewandowski move from Bayern where he is nailed on to win the league and compete in Champions league.
Be realistic.

7.) 01 Aug 2019
01 Aug 2019 11:40:04
True red devil if that's the case why would dybala do the same.
The fact he's supposedly asking for 350 grand a week tells me he's pricing himself out of a move all the news from Italy is he doesn't want to come.

Topbormin is right its a pr stunt never gonae happen time to move on.

8.) 01 Aug 2019
01 Aug 2019 12:37:10
Scott. Lewandowski is the focal point of Bayern's attack whereas Dybala is deemed surplus to requirement.

9.) 01 Aug 2019
01 Aug 2019 13:14:55
Aubameyang would be my choice for cf is he was attainable. Said at the time arsenal signed him we should of gone all out to sign him.

10.) 01 Aug 2019
01 Aug 2019 13:21:26
The issue is we could do with a proven top level goalscorer to take some of the burden off of Rashford and Martial.

However, we are a team that hasn't truly competed for the league in 6 years and currently can only offer Europa League football. What hungry, motivated player at the peak of their career would move to our club at the moment? Young players looking to step up a level, yes. Older players with their best days behind them and a clutch of medals looking for one last big pay day, sure. But top level players in their peak years? Unlikely.

So what do you do about it? Well you have four options.

1, sign an older player on huge wages who might do well but would ultimately block the path of the younger players. Also they might not be as good as their reputation suggests as they will be on the decline. Think either Zlatan or Sanchez. Not a great option.

2, Sign an average squad player. Someone to make up the numbers. This seems pointless as we have a bloated squad already.

3, Sign a top young talent. This doesn't really help as we then have three or four top young players.

4, Sign no other strikers, put faith in the players we have and hope they step up. Maybe sign a wide player or an attacking midfielder who can score a fair few goals and take the pressure off the strikers by having the goal scoring burden shared out amongst more players.

This seems like the best option and maybe the one Ole seems to be going towards.

Rather than have one player expected to score 25-30 goals, with others pitching with no one else scoring more than 10-12. Have 5-6 players all expected to score 12-18 goals each. Marital, Rashford, Dybala, Bruno Fernandes, Mata, Lingard, James, Pogba/ SMS and Greenwood could all score at least 10 goals next season, some of them could score 15-20. If all score 10 then that's 90 goals, if they all score 12 then that's 108. If one of them has a breakout season and scores 20+ then we will have a very good season.

11.) 01 Aug 2019
01 Aug 2019 15:06:17
Shappy top strikers are hard to come by especially ones who want champions league, we need to get someone who can unlock defences for the strikers we have I've no doubt martial if played through middle can get us 20 - 30 goals this season with the right service lingard is not good enough for number 10 Bruno Fernandes is the most important signing even more than Harry Maguire IMO we need a world class AM . desperately.