29 Aug 2019 09:28:23
I've bee told pogba is pushing for 500,000 a week to stay at United and they are considering it.

This is also holding up the de gea deal.

Feel like its 1 step forward 2 steps back with this club and it is so annoying.

Anyway onto the game at the weekend, I see another difficult game but I think we will get over the line.

Have fun chaps.

1.) 29 Aug 2019
29 Aug 2019 10:25:37
He needs to be sold. His heart isn't in it. Ed002 has stated numerous times he wants go. If he left, the team can move on and stop babysitting him throughout games.

2.) 29 Aug 2019
29 Aug 2019 15:38:21
I’d sell him even if it ‘weakens’ us in the short term. We’ve moved Lukaku and Sanchez on, that’s 2 gone, Pogba is the remaining one who seems to not want to be here. If the price is right, take it.

3.) 29 Aug 2019
29 Aug 2019 20:32:24
I agree, let pogba go. £500,000 if true is a joke. Obviously there is no knowing if it is true or BS. Ed002 might have an inkling i guess but won't want to comment, which i don't blame him for when it comes to money.

I'd rather get rid of Pogba now, accept we have a huge battle on our hands this season if so, but be ready to recruit well in January or summer, with a cleaner slate having cleared out some of the big money problems, and some of the crap footballers we have been stuck with.