07 Nov 2019 08:06:07
ralf rangnick being linked to a Technical/ Sporting Director role today. Comes from the Athletic which imo seems pretty legit.

Interesting move, lots of experience and lots of good contacts around the world for young players - looking at Salzburg and Leipzig.

Could be a positive a sensible way forward. does it also creates the way for Nagglesman?

1.) 07 Nov 2019
07 Nov 2019 09:06:48
The rumour I heard was that he is scene as a potential replacement for Ole for a year or two then for him to step into a sporting/ technical director role.

He is one of footballs best multitaskers, having previously fulfilled the role of technical director and manager at Lepzig.

2.) 07 Nov 2019
07 Nov 2019 11:43:36
I am trying not to follow 'links' and will just wait till something actually happens. Will let you know during the Jan window, if this attempt succeeds. Till then, no butterfly effects for me. :)

3.) 07 Nov 2019
07 Nov 2019 15:00:29
He also wants to control everything on the football side. Potential stumbling block.

4.) 07 Nov 2019
07 Nov 2019 15:06:29
I think this will happen.

5.) 07 Nov 2019
07 Nov 2019 15:16:18
Some great quotes on the once great MEN.

"There is a lot of space for a vision for United, but I am very happy where I am.

"Since Sir Alex [Ferguson] left they were underperforming. They haven’t won the title since he left. "

"At any club, if you cannot get the right players, then you should at least not sign the wrong ones. You are in trouble if you do that in one or two or three consecutive transfer windows.

"Club building is about building the right squad by transferring the right players away and having more than 50 per cent success rate of bringing in the right players. Then you must have the best possible coaches to develop these players. "

And speaking in October, he told The Guardian: "I am happy where I am but if any club wanted to speak to me, the question would have to be: ‘Can I be somebody who can influence areas of development across the whole club? ’ Otherwise you are only getting half of what I am capable of. "

6.) 07 Nov 2019
07 Nov 2019 15:52:56
Ed002, What is your opinion on Ralf Rangnick? Would he be a good candidate either as a manager or in a technical director role at United?

{Ed002's Note - As a manager no and he is not what MU will be looking for as a DoF - he is a strategist and would be most suitable doing the same thing at a progressive club or group of clubs - such as he has been doing. MU do not fall in to either category I am afraid.}

7.) 07 Nov 2019
07 Nov 2019 17:20:08
We're a corporation that plays a bit of football on the weekend. That's the category we fall into.

8.) 07 Nov 2019
07 Nov 2019 21:28:56