30 Jul 2020 20:23:32
Evening, Ed 002,
Do you expect Manchester United to complete the signing of Jadon Sancho?

{Ed002's Note - The total cost is huge. Manchester United want him but want to bring the price down. It can be done.}

1.) 30 Jul 2020
30 Jul 2020 21:07:00
Appreciate the reply.
Enjoy the coming weekend.

{Ed002's Note - And you.}

2.) 30 Jul 2020
30 Jul 2020 21:42:44
Has his agent budged on his fee at all ed?

That amount of money going to an agent doesn't sit right with me.

{Ed002's Note - With another side he offered preferred terms, so perhaps.}

3.) 31 Jul 2020
30 Jul 2020 23:58:15
This transfer will definitely happen in my opinion the club would love a signing like this apart from the onfield creativity he brings off the field he can be a massive asset to the club for a number of years on top of that when you throw in the number 7 shirt and all the marketing and hype around it sounds like a wet dream for ed.

Right or wrong Utd value the off the field side of the game the business side if you will immensely and its one of the reasons despite not winning the league for 7 years they are still so big. Of course you can argue if they were as committed to the onfield side we would have been champions long back with the resources we have at our disposal.

4.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 07:59:51
Bar the last few Fergie years and Jose's last year we've always spent big. The problem has been the haphazard approach of our recruitment. We seem to get tunnel vision when it comes to our targets.

I know hindsight is wonderful but Maguire was never going to be an £80 million pound player. When that price was quoted we should have went after someone else. But instead we almost have to prove we're still a big club by paying big fees.

I know it's a double edged sword, we'd be complaining if they didn't spend money and now I'm complaint that we're spending too much but our money is not infinite. If the total cost of Sancho is £120 million plus his agent is getting 10s of million too, that's just not worth it.

The squad still needs serious work and that £150 million could be spent better if we weren't fixated on the marketing side and posturing.

We need to start walking away from deals like this. Making a 19 year old one of the clubs highest paid players is also a bad move. Especially with a young squad who will eventually want parity with him.

When Dortmund earmarked Torres as his replacement and City go and get the deal done for a very good fee it leaves me shaking my head. We need to identify alternatives when fees like this are quoted.

Of course I'll be delighted because Sancho is quality, we seem like we got a new car in the garden and the front of the house is immaculate because we want the neighbours to be jealous. When the inside of the house is falling apart.

5.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 09:42:57
I know it's just paper talk but if the rumours are true (not saying they are) that Sancho prefers Liverpool to Man United why are we spending 100 million plus on him?

6.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 10:31:25
I agree, I think Sancho will sign.

Firstly, he is the right sort of player we are looking for. He ticks all the boxes. Young, talented, British, right playing style, and plays in a position we need. From a purely footballing perspective its a deal that makes total sense.

While we are a club that doesn't only sign a player based on ability or suitability. Star power and the ability to increase the value of "brand" Manchester United is sadly also a consideration.

With Sancho he also fits that profile very well. A great stat highlights that only Messi has more goal involvements (goals/ assists) in the last two seasons. He is one of a few young players who look like they could be a future Balon d'Or winner. He could come in for a big fee, would be the biggest signing of the summer, take the iconic No.7 shirt and become one of the faces of Manchester United.

With Pogba's future uncertain I can see the board liking the idea of bringing in a big name English player to potentially take over as the face of the club.

While I agree with Mumbles that there are several other really good options out there who would be far better value. Sancho is probably the best player available.

7.) 31 Jul 2020
30 Jul 2020 23:18:58
Ed, just wanted to say, thank you for your patience and words during transfer season, I'm sure it can be tedious and get overbearing sometimes, but we are grateful for your inside knowledge for sure. Hope you are well and everyone on here too.

{Ed002's Note - Thanks.}

8.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 11:38:08
I wonder how people would feel if sancho went to Liverpool and ripped up the EPL.

9.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 12:46:21
No one has a problem with the player Jred. Me, Shappy and others have made multiple posts about how spending that amount on a player when a lot of the squad needs addressing is not the right strategy.

Your reply will no doubt be "the club know what they can afford" and I'm sure we can afford it. But the fact remains that we need CB, CM, back up AM, RW and a striker.

The club have shown that we have problems getting deals done and getting value for money.

10.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 13:37:00
Mumbles has it ever crossed your mind that the club has its own plans?
Simple question, if the manger wants sancho and the club can get the deal done what's your problem.

11.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 13:58:16
Things change but we have been told the club want sancho and grealish . Personally i would be happy with that this summer .
If we add a 20 year old sancho to martial rash and greenwood, plush grealish I think attack is potential sorted for a few year.
Add grealish to mctom bruno pogba matic and Fred again i'm happy .
Continue to improve and close the gap on city and the scouse .
Again as has been mentioned we look at cb and fb potential dcm next summer . Plus maybe henderson back again sounds feasible to me . Then hopefully continue to improve and z title chsllenge .

{Ed002's Note - Manchester United have been quoted a price for Grealish that they will not meet.}

12.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 14:26:53
Mumbles you may be right in we need all those positions sorting however if you buy 4/ 5 players at once it can often disrupt a squad it really is a balancing act.

13.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 14:27:00
Jred you'd be happy spending £250 million on Sancho and Grealish this summer?

Of course the club have plans but that doesn't mean they're right. This regime has shown time and time again that they're amateurs.

Every other club has winced at the price of Sancho and his agents fees. The problem is that with proper alternatives we could use that money to close the gap even further. Sancho will be a hit but that price for back up Grealish is ridiculous.

14.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 14:46:29
Again as the ed has alluded to above united will pay what they can afford and value the player at .
We are building a squad you don't have to do it in one summer.
Each to their own but i'm hapoy to speed the rebuild over the next 2 summers .
A young player like sancho could be at the club 10 year.

Very few teams will be in a position to spend the money needed to be sign sancho . Just because they can't doesn't mean we shouldn't.

15.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 14:46:32
I understand that mnk but not all those positions need to be starters. The squad needs improving, fringe players need moving on. If we are spending roughly that sum of money then I'd expect it to be spent more wisely.

I just find that attitude of "it's not your money, who cares" attitude is poor.

16.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 14:50:08
I just find that attitude of "it's not your money, who cares" attitude is poor.

Thats not the case tho is it .
The club generates a lot of money which enables them to buy players that they want.

17.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 15:02:04
Imagine Man Utd perceived reputation amongst other clubs in world football isn't very good. How we've dealt with clubs trying to buy their players and moving the goalposts at the last minute with several players.

Our record in the transfer market over the last while has been quite poor. We've spent serious amounts of money and assembled the highest paid team in football with almost nothing to show for it.

18.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 15:28:40
And you have the same attitude Ed Woodward has. We have this money so we should spend it.

Look at total squad costs and wage bills between us and other top European clubs. Then compare the players and the achievements. This strategy of blowing the communion money on a shiny new toy every summer isn't working.

You do know you won't get excommunicated for cristising anything about the club?

19.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 15:52:31
Where are we getting 250m figure from for sancho and grealish? Mumbles what do you think happens to the money if we don't spend it do you think it goes in to the stadium or the betterment of the club or do you think it goes to the owners? So why is it poor to say spend what we can afford why should the fans care if its reckless at times if the club can afford it.

We are not being given the money from a rich owner the club earns it on its merit and should spend it how it deems fit. Personally I'm not bothered how much the player costs if the club has done its research and due diligence on a player.

{Ed002's Note - By not paying debts.}

20.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 16:17:04
I don't care how much the club spends. I think it's wrong to spend so much on two players when there are alternatives out there.

Sancho will cost around £120 million and his agent wanted £50 million (But that may have changed) Grealish has been touted at £80 million. All fees taken with a pinch of salt of course.

Point still stands. If that is our budget I would like to see it spent more wisely.

21.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 15:37:59
Some like shiny new english names.

22.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 16:25:25
You mean on players you want .

I hope we sign sancho, yourself shappy and by the looks of it ken don't .

23.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 16:19:50
Ed its a serviceable debt the club is in no panic over it whatsoever.

{Ed002's Note - But they held back significant payments that are due.}

24.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 16:38:01
So what is an acceptable amount to spend and what are you basing that on?

25.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 15:37:59
Some like shiny new english names.

26.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 17:11:35
Jred when have i said i don't want sancho.
I do
Always have supported signing sancho.
I think if he is available and we can afford him we should sign him.

27.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 17:51:25
Ken ah so you just like shiny new English names 😉.

28.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 17:53:07
First of all I wouldn't be happy with 50 million quid being handed over to an agent.

If the club can afford to go and get Ole all the players he wants then of course I am happy. But what I see actually happening is, the club buy Sancho and Grealish, spend a tonne of money doing it and next year when we really need another big push in the transfer market, the money is put on ice and we go backwards because we havnt cut our cloth accordingly.

29.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 17:23:34
Ed you obviously know more than me about this but if the club are choosing to hold back on significant payments that they can make would you say that its a concern or not seeing as it looks as if they are doing it by choice? I actually don't know the answer to this I assume a club of this size would know what they are doing but this could be me being naive.

{Ed002's Note - It means the debit is significantly higher than planned.}

30.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 18:07:02
So your guessing what might happen in 12 months time?
Again surley the club will be aware of what money they have.

31.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 18:13:02
Mumbles, we don't need all those players right now. We really need a top class RW ASAP, none of the others are that urgent.

We will need another striker, or a LW if we start pushing Rashford and Greenwood towards competing with Martial, but for now we have plenty of depth across the front with Rashford, James, and Martial all able to on the left, Rashford, Ighalo, Martial and Greenwood up front, and Greenwood and James on the right (we need a first choice here) .

At CAM we have Bruno, Pogba can play here (some would say he is even better here than in CM), and if Mata stays, he can be used as cover.

At CM we have Fred, McTominay, Pogba, Matic, possibly Gardner coming through. Bruno can play here, but I wouldn't count him here unless we have someone who can adequately cover for him at CAM.

Even with expected outgoings, we should have Maguire, Lindelof, Bailly and Tuanzebe at CB, and quite possibly one more as we may not be able to afford paying clubs to take both Rojo AND Jones ;)

Shaw and Williams at LB, AWB Dalot and Laird at RB.

So we have decent cover in most positions, only really lacking cover at CAM and a first choice RW. Anything else would mean replacing players who we don't really need to replace yet. Yes, we could strengthen the squad overall by replacing some of the squad, but that isn't going to come cheap, and I'd rather see us spend that money getting a really top RW, which also improves both the first 11 and the squad as a whole than get a cheaper RW so we can also replace someone like Fred, Bailly or Lindelof, who may not be world-class but don't need immediate replacement either.

32.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 19:08:49
I am new here, but I really have to give my opinion.

Mumbles, you are wrong on so many levels.

First of all, Sancho is a very good player, potentially one of the best in coming years. He will pay off, both on and off the pitch.

On the pitch, he is adding a whole new dimension, one more threat, we don't need to depend only on Bruno. Plus, he will bring depth to the squad (of course, James and Greenwood will be subs) .
Off the pitch, he is already popular, and as a big signing, he should make a commercial impact.

About the price - you can't be looking at agent fees like that. Every club pays them. If you add it for United, add it for every transfer out there. Is 50 mil agent fee too much? Yes it is, but in the end, it won't be that much. Even the transfer fee should be lowered at least a bit.

I posted earlier that Grealish price of 80 mil is too much, and as I read today, United won't be going for Grealish. My personal opinion is that we shouldn't go for him even if the price was lower, Van de Beek could be a better choice, and would bring more depth (which you asked for), since he could cover more positions in the midfield.

We can survive without buying a striker, especially since Greenwood seems to develop quite fine. LB and RB positions are covered, forwards and wings will be fully covered if we add Sancho to the mix, we do need one midfielder, and we need a CB as well.

That been said, you can't buy everything in one summer (not to mention that we need to offload players as well) . I was quite pleased with last two transfer windows, where we bought what we needed, and every player was an improvement to the team (though Maguire was overpriced, he still did improve our defence) .

In the end, its better to bring in a quality product, rather then few questionable players, or you would disagree?

{Ed047's Note - so from this thread I’m taking it Mumbles can’t have an opinion or am I wrong? 🤷‍♂️

33.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 19:32:54
Ed047, precisely. Apparently for some it's okay to have opinions for others it isn't. The hypocrisy from some on here is unreal. What mumbles is saying is completely rational IMO, especially given the way we have handled transfers in recent years, we've been a shambles.

But God no, you can't say that on here or have a differing opinion to some.

{Ed047's Note - my thoughts too angel

34.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 19:39:08
Of course mumbles can have an opinion Ed047.

{Ed047's Note - which is the one he can have ken? 😉

35.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 20:04:41
Doesn't look like it Ed. All I said was for the money Sancho and Grealish would cost we could do a lot more to improve the team if we actually looked at alternatives.

Hypothetically if we did sign those two, that would put Ole close to spending £500 million in 12 months. He won't get away with a 66 point finish.

{Ed047's Note - that’s exactly how I read it mate 🤷‍♂️

36.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 20:40:31
Its about arguments, not just the opinion.

The way you commented it Ed, sounds like we can't have our opinions either.

The point is Mumble is clinging on Grealish signing, which won't happen and which we are all against (at least as I have noticed) .

I merely gave my opinion, half disagreeing (about Sancho) and half agreeing (about Grealish) with Mumbles, and in the end just asked a simple question:
"In the end, its better to bring in a quality product, rather then few questionable players, or you would disagree? "

So, Ed, it isn't that simple as you put it.

I apologize to Mumbles if my sentence offended him that much ("Mumbles, you are wrong on so many levels"), but other than that, I don't see my how my post is not letting Mumbles having his opinion.

{Ed047's Note - you started the post by telling Mumbles he was wrong on so many levels as you’ve identified, what’s wrong with saying ok I get your thought process but in my opinion....🤷‍♂️

At no point did I question your right to an opinion or anyone else’s and if that’s what you got from that one sentence I’m afraid there’s not a lot I can do to help you, its a little ridiculous.

37.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 20:46:21
Ed047 we think quite alike its almost as if we're 1 person😂

Although its pissing rain here in ireland while you have the hottest day of the year over there. i'd say you were out with the knotted hanky on the head today with your crappy JVC sponsored gooners replica kit😂

Best of luck in the cup final i hope you get 1 over fat frank and the Russian mob.

{Ed047's Note - you know it was thinking the same, people will start thinking we are one and the same!🤦‍♂️

I might also add there was no knotted hanky because as soon as I left work it started bloody raining here too!

Never had the JVC that was proper bad!

And thanks for the good luck, I think we may need it! 🤣

38.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 21:13:49
Seriously Ed? Of course he can have an opinion, but if he posts it here, other people here are going to respond with their own opinions, same as they do when anyone else posts an opinion.

I've posted opinions here in the past and had 9 out of every ten posts following mine strongly disagree (many of them a lot less politely than most of the responses to Mumbles have been), that's the nature of the beast. Everyone has opinions, and the moment you post yours, everyone else shares how their opinion agrees/ differs from yours.

{Ed047's Note - it’s not so much he can’t have an opinion Thorne but as I’ve just replied to Trololo, there’s no requirement to tell Mumbles he is wrong on so many levels when he was making such a valid and simple point. 🤷‍♂️

The point is just to accept opinions as you yourself have just said.

39.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 22:34:19
It's alright lads. Iv never taken offence to anything posted against me. It's all coming from a good place and we all want to see United do well again.

Well except ed47 of course.

{Ed001's Note - oh he loves United at least twice a season mate.}

40.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 23:40:11
Sure Ed, my bad in that one sentence, it could have been more polite, but in the end, that still counts just as my opinion (thinking that Mumbles is wrong), and certainly doesn't mean Mumbles can't have his (which I didn't say anyway) .

I would just leave it at that, since I don't see the point in arguing about that any further.

41.) 01 Aug 2020
01 Aug 2020 09:58:22
Its a discussing on a banter site .
There is nothing personal in there no insults etc.