29 Aug 2020 18:06:27
Lots of noise again about van de beek. he's not in the starting line up or bench for Ajax today and according to de telegraaf his exclusion was very sudden. All the talk is of an imminent transfer to us or Barcelona, the next few days could be interesting I hope 🤞🙏.

1.) 29 Aug 2020
29 Aug 2020 18:26:14
Fingers crossed. My no.1 wish for this window.

2.) 29 Aug 2020
29 Aug 2020 18:39:19
I'm sure ed002 said RK has asked the club to sign VDB and he's probably only a target for us if pogba leaves so I wouldn't get your hopes up.

3.) 29 Aug 2020
29 Aug 2020 18:43:44
My guess is Barcelona as koeman wants him (I think Ed said that on one of the sites) . Good player and covers a few spots in the midfield. Would be a sensible signing imo- but can’t see it.

4.) 29 Aug 2020
29 Aug 2020 19:28:39
Someone good for Barce news says it's not Barce.

5.) 29 Aug 2020
29 Aug 2020 19:30:26
Ten Hagg said there has been developments that keep him out of the squad. Gerrard Romero said that Barcelona are not interested in him yesterday. Fingers crossed he is coming to us.

6.) 29 Aug 2020
29 Aug 2020 19:34:19
Let me dream lads before you bring me back Down to earth 🤣.

7.) 29 Aug 2020
29 Aug 2020 19:45:17
Based on what ed002 has said we were talking to grealish but the value would be high. perhaps too high, the alternate was James Rodriguez looks almost done to Everton with a manager he knows.

You then look at van de beek who ed said wasn't quite what we were after (not left sided) but we might look to him anyway or ed also said we had been speaking with paratici recently perhaps somethings happened with pogba? . or Donny's off to Barcelona at the request of koeman.

8.) 29 Aug 2020
29 Aug 2020 20:30:56
Ed002 has said on the Liverpool page that Koeman will be allowed to bring in one or two if his own choices, so presumably VfBeek. Guessing he’s on his way to Barcelona.

9.) 29 Aug 2020
29 Aug 2020 20:31:26
Mino was the one talking to Fabio, if i remember correctly what the editor said. VDB is one among the alternatives for Grealish but doesn't offer more.

Ed01 what's your view on Van de beek
As a player?

{Ed001's Note - excellent player, much better than Grealish. He would slot in nicely in the United midfield but I expect he will no doubt go to Barca as Koeman has asked for him.}

10.) 29 Aug 2020
29 Aug 2020 19:31:41
Ed002 clearly something is happening with Van Der Beek. Because you are the one i (trust) could you please inform us if we made a bid for him?

{Ed002's Note - Van de Beek is available to move this summer as an agreement was reached with four Ajax players that would be the case. And there has been interest in him from several sides. Koeman has asked for van de Beek at Barcelona and Manchester United were very keen when the expectation was that Pogba would leave - right now it is hard to see how a midfield of Pogba, Van de Beek and Fernandes would work without a change of tactics. I am not sure if anything specific has happened and there are a couple of other sides keen - but Barcelona are still sorting themselves out and I would think it unlikely that they have made any approach at this time.}

11.) 29 Aug 2020
29 Aug 2020 20:34:51
Someone who’s close to Barcelona said Barcelona are not looking at him and their priority will be wijnaldum. With the Ajax coach confirming there’s been developments, I’m assuming we have picked up the pace after Grealish costing far too much. Either us or spurs but fingers crossed I am actually thinking it will be us. Would be a great signing.

12.) 29 Aug 2020
29 Aug 2020 20:39:37
Thanks Ed for the update!

13.) 29 Aug 2020
29 Aug 2020 20:44:14
Thanks as always Ed002. TRUMOURS they want Gini but maybe its not a case of one or the other. Maybe they want both.

14.) 29 Aug 2020
29 Aug 2020 20:54:49
Aw well at least the rumour has sparked us fans into life if nothing else. Been a bad week with all that’s happened so it’s nice that there could be something positive on the horizon.

15.) 29 Aug 2020
29 Aug 2020 21:06:18
I've made no secret that I'd love to see us sign DvdB. I'm not going to get my hopes up until I see him holding the shirt up as the club announce him.

For me this is one of two things.

Option 1, we have decided to move away from Grealish and have moved to sign DvdB. (This is what I hope) .

Or option 2, Ajax want to accelerate his departure so they can sign the players they want and start planning for next season. So have engineered a situation where they are trying to flush out a few teams into making a bid. (Sadly this is what I think is happening) .

Think about it logically, they have dropped a player who is almost certain to leave for a pre-season friendly. He doesn't need to play in this game, and would actually be taking minutes away from a player who Ajax will actually need to use next season.

We wouldn't expect Ole to play players the club expect to leave during pre-season.

Then supposedly the info comes from Marc Overmars. The current Director of Football at Ajax. You don't often get people in those positions gossiping with the media about their players leaving.

That's why I think this is a ruse to lure out other clubs. Which is fair enough. They have an agreement with the player that he can leave. Real Madrid have renaged on a deal for him to leave. The other main options are us and Barcelona. For us he seems like a fall back option meaning we aren't likely to move for him until later in the window. Then Barcelona have the whole Messi situation that needs sorting, while they would also need to raise funds to sort the deal unless Ajax are prepared to take Suarez in part exchange.

Either way for Ajax they will be messed around for much of the window with either us or Barcelona moving for DvdB probably in the last week or so of the window. Leaving them in limbo until then, and giving them very little time to spend the money they receive.

So I think this is a media push to try and get someone to move for him now. Rather than someone actually making a move.

16.) 29 Aug 2020
29 Aug 2020 21:36:38
Thought Real were still in pole position for VDB.

{Ed002's Note - No, they are dealing with financial issues.}

17.) 29 Aug 2020
29 Aug 2020 21:46:51
Whilst he’s no Ed002, whose word I would trust above any football insider, Fabrizio Romano is now tweeting that a United seem genuinely interested, and are “monitoring’ the situation.

Presumably like we’ve been “monitoring’ Sancho .

{Ed002's Note - You have known for the past year that MU are interested.}

18.) 29 Aug 2020
29 Aug 2020 23:07:16
Thanks to you Ed002 we hear about things months before other media sources get hold of them. How you get such intimate details on all the deals and movements is astounding. Like most people on here, am very curious about how you know so much about what is going on! Thanks for all you do.

19.) 30 Aug 2020
29 Aug 2020 23:56:08
i would listen to ed02 not the clickbait tossers.

20.) 30 Aug 2020
30 Aug 2020 02:01:12
if true, VDB is probably an acceptance from Man Utd that they need to pay Borussia Dortmund's asking price for Sancho. I have a feeling Grealish and Sancho were the primary targets this window but they could not finance both deals unless the prices were lowered. VDB to take the no.4 from Phil Jones and sign on the 4th! :D.