02 Oct 2020 13:48:58
Smalling deal on the rocks now according to Di marzio. looked like he was gone but now not so sure. not only is that a blow to us as it will probably affect incomings but it must be hard on Smalling also especially at this late stage in the window. unlike others who appear to be happy collecting a pay cheque and not playing he seems eager to play and enjoy his career, sad if he isn't afforded that opportunity elsewhere especially as he isn't in ole's plans.

1.) 02 Oct 2020
02 Oct 2020 14:09:13
I think he'll still go an hour ago Di Marzio was reporting all was good and the deal was going ahead.

Hopefully we can sell/ loan Jones or rojo to Fulham or Newcastle who seem to be struggling for centre back signings I might be a bit hopeful.

2.) 02 Oct 2020
02 Oct 2020 15:23:23
Its hard on the player. If he wants to move the club should be doing all they can to facilitate that.

3.) 02 Oct 2020
02 Oct 2020 16:28:25
To be honest for me the bigger incompetence is not allowing or being able to move players out of the club rather than failing to bring them in.

When attempting to sign a player there are a lot of factors that could derail attempts. Cost, availability, injury, other clubs competing for the player, transfer fees, agents fees, player demands, taxes etc. All things that can hinder bringing a player in.

Yet when the club has at least 10 players who either want to leave or would be open to leaving. Players the club doesn't use from a playing perspective. Then the club should be doing all they can to move those players on. They take up a significant proportion of the wage bill, thus hindering bringing other players in. They block talented youth players from playing and developing. While their value only decreases.

I think this is where the bankers mentality differs from a Director of Football's mentality. In any other form of business, you don't sell your assets below what the business values them at. If you have a property that is worth £2m then you don't sell it for less than that. Yet footballers decrease in value whereas property tends to increase. So there is no point keeping them, besides their value cannot be ascertained by a simple equation.

They are worth only what another club will pay for them. End of.

While if they aren't playing then you have an asset that costs a huge amount in wages not actually performing any function.

Romero, Joel Pereira, TFM, Rojo, Jones, Smalling, Dalot, Andreas Pereira, Lingard, Ighalo all need to go. Bailly as well long term as he just can't stay fit. Can Tuanzebe stay fit? If so will he prove good enough? Grant, Matic and Mata have only 1-2 more years left in them. Pogba doesn't want to be here, there handling means we are either going to have to give him a huge wage rise, or left an £89m asset leave for free.

Forget failing to sign Sancho, not clearing the decks and moving on these players is a bigger financial drain and upper management balls up than anything else.

This messing around over the Smalling deal.

4.) 02 Oct 2020
02 Oct 2020 17:30:46
You don't half go on Shappy jesus.

5.) 02 Oct 2020
02 Oct 2020 18:33:49
That's because he thinks he's the CEO, CFO, DOF, coach, manager and dinner lady all rolled into one.

Shappy knows everything and everything he says is gospel. All hail the all seeing all knowing king of bs.

6.) 02 Oct 2020
02 Oct 2020 18:55:29
Jamal, more like a God than a King.

7.) 02 Oct 2020
02 Oct 2020 19:04:52
If you’re not going to reply constructively, then just ignore it.
What value do your posts add to this site DanJames and JamalSanchez?

8.) 02 Oct 2020
02 Oct 2020 19:14:43
Nice one Shappy 😂.

9.) 02 Oct 2020
02 Oct 2020 19:35:13
good post shappy.

10.) 02 Oct 2020
02 Oct 2020 19:51:43
Good well thought out post as always Shappy, ignore the lovely lads replying.

11.) 02 Oct 2020
02 Oct 2020 20:02:40
Much harder to compose a decent post, Shaps, than snipe from the sidelines.

12.) 02 Oct 2020
02 Oct 2020 20:26:02
So, if we value Sancho at 100mil, Dortmund should just sell him to us, because "player is worth what another club will pay for him"?

13.) 02 Oct 2020
02 Oct 2020 21:14:11
Trololo, if Dortmund want to sell then yes. But Sancho is a key member of their team and they would prefer to keep him.

Phil Jones and Jadon Sancho are very different players, in very different positions at their club's.

Yet the idea that a player is only worth what someone will pay for them holds true. Sancho will be worth what he gets sold for, either this summer or next.

14.) 02 Oct 2020
02 Oct 2020 21:24:19
The point shappy made Trololo is that if the player is surplus to requirements and you want to shift them then they are only worth what people will pay so its better to accept and move on.
The difference with sancho is that BD are not that pushed on shifting him so if their price is not meet they get to keep a high performing player.
I think that's what shappy is saying and i agree.
Redman writes well considered posts and gets instant snipes also. They have thick skin as do i and many others. When you are opinionated there will always be snipes its a banter site. Some jokes don't come across and can look snide without any tone of voice.
I know shappy well enough to know he laughs at most of the negative snipes he gets. I also know he has great passion and puts a lot of thought and effort into his posts even though he is more flip flip than Gandhi's sandals😂.

15.) 02 Oct 2020
02 Oct 2020 22:49:34
Fair play to you Shaps. Considering the amount of snide comments you get on your posts, I don't think I've ever seen you respond in kind.

{Ed025's Note - hes above that noucamp, and fair play to him mate..

16.) 03 Oct 2020
03 Oct 2020 11:34:05
I do understand what you wanted to say, but it isn't that simple. Maybe we should take Telles as an example then? On his way out, less contract time than Smalling, close to his age. If we should let Smalling go for, let's say 15 mil, should Porto lower their price as well? Since we don't value Telles at 20 either? Smalling had a very good season, his price is fair, I don't agree we should lower it. I do agree that we should somehow give Rojo, Jones and Lingard, for free even, but not Smalling.

17.) 03 Oct 2020
03 Oct 2020 17:50:31
No Trololo, because again, Porto don't really want to sell him.

Porto have a choice, they can sell for less than they value him for, or they can hold out for their valuation and risk losing him on a free in a year.

They may feel that they can afford to replace him better in a years time, even without getting a fee for him. Or they may think we'll sign someone else instead, and that he'll then be willing to sign a new contract.

Either way, it's still a different situation to Smalling, who we actually want to get rid of.

18.) 04 Oct 2020
04 Oct 2020 07:53:30
Thorne, well, Porgo does want to sell him, the reason is irrelevant. They want to earn some money, rather than letting him go for free next season. No one wants to pay what they ask, so is he worth only what we offer?
Sure, we want to get rid of him, but not for any price given. Do you see difference between Jones and Smalling? No one wants Jones, and Smalling has several takers. that's why we are selling Smalling instead of Jones, because someone actually wants him.
Anyway, my point is that "player is worth what a club is willing to pay" isn't all that simple.