30 Mar 2021 23:51:13
Hi guys, barely post but love reading the discussions on here! I've got an old fashioned rumour here that I'm not even sure is true or not but it's come from a friend. He is a huge Spurs fan and did tell me about Bale and Mourhino coming to spurs before news really broke of it.

So here goes. Firstly he said that Kane wants to leave, but it'll be after the Euros apparently. He said that if he were to come to United spurs will do everything in their power to make dean Henderson part of the deal. He said Spurs believe we won't be able to get rid of De Gea and that they will be able to get Henderson plus cash for Kane. Wondering if the Ed's have heard anything to that nature and what would you guys make of it?
Please don't shoot the messenger. It was just a text I got that I found interesting and thought I'd share.

{Ed077's Note - well Spurs are interested in Dean Henderson, irrespective of any Man Utd interest in Kane. DH is first choice for Spurs to replace Lloris.

1.) 31 Mar 2021
31 Mar 2021 07:31:17
Thanks for sharing Hopper, great rumour.

2.) 31 Mar 2021
31 Mar 2021 08:56:47
The thing with Dean Henderson is Chelsea wanted him last summer, Spurs and Arsenal have an interest this summer.

If we don't make him our number 1 this season then he will push to leave in the summer. He himself and his agent have made that clear. He feels he's good enough to be first choice, several other top four teams are/ have been interested in making him their No.1, which will only further enhance his belief that he should be first choice.

Which leaves us with a dilemma this summer, either stick with DDG which will likely mean we lose Henderson (probably to someone like Spurs, which means he won't be coming back), or we make the decision to make Henderson our No.1 and see if we can move DDG on.

3.) 31 Mar 2021
31 Mar 2021 09:18:53
Good old fashioned rumour.

If it happens I'd be delighted. I want Henderson to succeed, ideally it'd be as United's number one but if he is going to be second choice again we'd be holding him back in his career so letting him go would be the right choice.

Kane would be an incredible signing, possibly akin to Van Persie, transformative to the frontline with a genuine top class striker there who guarantees 25-30 goals a season when fit.

4.) 31 Mar 2021
31 Mar 2021 09:40:15
Kane would cost far too much. DdG would still be liability in goal.

5.) 31 Mar 2021
31 Mar 2021 10:12:28
From what I've seen Henderson hasn't put a foot wrong in his run of games. OK maybe one goal I seem to remember he could have done better on a cross he flapped at. He's taken his chance and I don't see why he should now lose his place. There's clearly no chance of both of them staying next season to fight it out. I was dubious at first that I'd prefer Henderson but having seen him play more he is now first choice. The problem is that all the top players now 'hang around' while their contracts run down. Sanchez, Pogba, Bale did/ are doing the same and whereas a deal to sell Henderson I imagine would be straightforward, de Gea will be another pain in the arse and state repeatedly that he intends to stay and fight for his place regardless of what he really wants. Predictable but it's what any of us would do in a business situation to get what we want. Or maybe I'm completely wrong and it will just be a quick and easy £30m to PSG.
I can't see Kane going whatever is offered. That chairman is ruthless. Saying that we've had our fair share of players from them over the years and they got rid of Bale. But there are certainly no bargains from Levy.

6.) 31 Mar 2021
31 Mar 2021 13:37:07
Spenno, currently I don't think there is a huge amount between DDG and Henderson. Both make the occasional mistake, while both have different strengths. DDG is still a better shot stopper than Henderson. While Henderson is better at coming off his line, commanding his area, and his distribution is better.

For me the difference is Henderson is young and learns from his mistakes, Whereas, DDG keeps making the same ones.

That's why if it was me, I'd make Henderson our No.1 and thank DDG for his many years of great service and sort a move out for him.

7.) 31 Mar 2021
31 Mar 2021 15:48:12
I would snap Spurs hand off if they wanted Henderson as part of a Kane deal. Decent goalies are ten a penny at the moment, world class strikers are not.