06 Dec 2021 12:04:28
I wonder if the ed's can give us some insight to interest in Dusan Vlahovic?
thanks in advance.

{Ed002's Note - Dusan Vlahovic (S) Fiorentina eventually managed to hang on to the player regardless of the interest of Manchester City and Atletico Madrid and now want a new contract. However, Milan see the player as an Ibrahimovic back up and possible replacement - Spurs have the same view in respect of Kane. Dortmund see him as a Haaland replacement. Roma, Bayern Munich, Juventus and Atletico Madrid offer options which would see him as a starter. The most attractive of these is Juventus. Chelsea are still a striker short and may put a proposal to Fiorentina. PSG cannot be discounted as an Icardi replacement. Inter want the future of Lautaro Martinez resolved else they will also look to him and Manchester City should still not be discounted. Manchester City approached Fiorentina and were told that the asking price will be set above €50M which came as a surprise and it would need to be a single cash payment but I rather doubt that would tempt them to sell now as they will look toi €70M or €80M. Manchester United have had him watched but are a far from attractive option. The player is happy to stay this year and Fiorentina want a lengthy contract extension. There is a compelling case for him to stay where he is for at least this year and perhaps sees what happens in Munich or Turin - and don't rule out a bid from Spurs.}

1.) 06 Dec 2021
06 Dec 2021 12:41:16
Thanks very much Ed, detailed as ever
You see so many players hyped I don't take much notice but I've watched him online a few times and he seems to be a strong, top notch striker with an eye for goal and pace that would suit the epl. With Cavani potentially going, Martial hit and miss and an aging Ronaldo, he seems a much better value prospect than Haaland and Kane.

{Ed002's Note - But he has better options than MU.}

2.) 06 Dec 2021
06 Dec 2021 15:32:45
Thanks Ed for all the detail. Are there any midfielders United are looking at over the next windows?

{Ed002's Note - It depends on departures.}

3.) 06 Dec 2021
06 Dec 2021 16:05:06
Thank you, the usual names still suspected to leave? Lingard, Pogba, Mata? (By summer anyway) .

{Ed002's Note - Yes.}

4.) 06 Dec 2021
06 Dec 2021 18:54:45
Hopefully add AWB to the outs although doubt that we find anyone stupid enough to get our 50mil back, be lucky to get 20m.

5.) 06 Dec 2021
06 Dec 2021 22:31:09
Fail to see how Juventus is the most attractive option but we are the worst option he's got ??.

6.) 07 Dec 2021
07 Dec 2021 00:53:40

Your obsession with AWB is bordering on strange, let’s give him a chance under a new manager and see what happens. Think I’ve read the pages and seen you slagging him 4 times now.

7.) 07 Dec 2021
07 Dec 2021 11:05:23
Can see in hindsight why United have been such an unattractive destination for players:

1. Senior management structure that doesn’t really understand football, only balance sheets and giving out rediculous contracts and trying to control players for value’s sake

2. Amateur, though approachable, manager who lacks coaching skills and has no philosophy or structure, only trying to emulate the past practices of his mentor

3. Lacking of coaching only leading to players regressing rather than improving

4. Lack of skilled coaches to help

5. Lack of clear progression path for youngsters other than for one or two exceptional players

6. Lack of sophisticated analytical structures

7. Falling behind the rest of football who are embracing the high pressing of the German philosophy

8. Scattergun recruitment policy trying to fill gaps without any forward thinking or planning for the long term


I’ve never felt more optimistic than I do at the moment regarding the future of the club.

Really hoping we have started to address the above issues in the short term and long term with Ragnick and his support team - and the apparent willingness Arnold and Murtough are showing to let him make the right changes.

Hopefully we are starting to become a more attractive destination already.

8.) 07 Dec 2021
07 Dec 2021 14:38:16
I think United not being an attractive option is usually referring to minutes and starting XI security. We will have next season Ronaldo, Greenwood, Rashford, Maybe even Martial still - all likely competing for those 2 inside forward/ St positions even under rangnick. If we go back to 1 striker there is still Ronaldo and Greenwood at minimum. I imagine Vlahovic wants to go somewhere as clear first fiddle.

9.) 13 Dec 2021
13 Dec 2021 11:29:35
Martial and competing in the same sentence. That's a good one.