20 Feb 2022 19:53:38
Ed, has the club made a decision on the next permanent manager yet?

{Ed002's Note - No, not yet. They have options they are considering but some are contracted to other clubs.}

1.) 20 Feb 2022
20 Feb 2022 20:33:46
Thanks. Will signings for the Summer be negotiated over the coming weeks even if the new manager has not been identified?

{Ed002's Note - There are targets who are irrelevant in respect of the manager. But space needs to be made.

2.) 20 Feb 2022
20 Feb 2022 21:30:29
QQ Ed - is Rangnick on the shortlist list or will he definitely be taking his consulting role at the club?

{Ed002's Note - He may be an option.}

3.) 20 Feb 2022
20 Feb 2022 21:45:33
I think the fact we haven't made any offers to anyone yet indicates its poch and ten hag as 1st and 2nd.

Would rather stick with ragnick if none of those are availble say for anpther 12 months.

4.) 20 Feb 2022
20 Feb 2022 21:54:11
Thanks Ed for the update. Let’s see how it pans out in the summer.

5.) 21 Feb 2022
21 Feb 2022 07:17:14
Thanks Ed!

6.) 21 Feb 2022
21 Feb 2022 11:56:31
My interview is next week, I'll keep you informed ?.

7.) 21 Feb 2022
21 Feb 2022 11:57:25
There were reports today that Graham Potter had been added to the shortlist which I hope is true.

I'd expect it's unlikely he will actually be the next manager but he should definitely be under consideration from the club.

8.) 21 Feb 2022
21 Feb 2022 13:11:54

He is a very good manager and doesn't get the credit he deserves. If he had a German name, he would have be offered a top job a while back.

9.) 21 Feb 2022
21 Feb 2022 23:41:04
Nein danke Herr. Potter.

10.) 22 Feb 2022
22 Feb 2022 08:35:57
Rumour is ancelotti is now a candidate.

11.) 22 Feb 2022
22 Feb 2022 11:56:42
If the club want to go backwards tom.

12.) 22 Feb 2022
22 Feb 2022 13:29:04
Ed, is Nagelsmann a viable option?

{Ed002's Note - No chance.}

13.) 22 Feb 2022
22 Feb 2022 13:32:42
Thanks for getting back to me Ed.
Are you aware of any sort of finite list of names that are being considered yet?

{Ed002's Note - The names are unchanged from that previously explained.}

14.) 22 Feb 2022
22 Feb 2022 14:53:08
Still seems as though Pochettino is where we likely end up. I wonder if the rumor about him asking us to get Kane if he joins us true.

15.) 22 Feb 2022
22 Feb 2022 18:41:30
Ed had previously mentioned Poch, Amorim and Lopetegui.

{Ed002's Note - Mauricio Pochettino (C) First choice - and PSG have no problem with him talking with other sides as they have a replacement in mind. Would be the smart choice.
Erik ten Hag (C) His representative has made clear the only recent approach for ten Hag was from another side and Manchester United has not spoken with him. He is contracted to Ajax and the club could not make a formal approach without their permission. May be recommended by Rangnick but needs the infrastructure the club don't have available. Would not work out well - but cannot be ruled out.
Ruben Amorim (C) Option to Pochettino for Manchester United but he has a huge €30M release clause at Sporting as they know that he is likely to be a target for many leading clubs moving forward. The up and coming coach. Would be a really good move by the club, but are they are bold enough - but I doubt they are.
Ralph Hasenhuttl (C) May seek a better option in the summer. A wildcard option for Manchester United at best - very unlikely the club would look to him.
Julen Lopetegui (C) another wildcard option - but seems very unlikely.
Gareth Southgate (C) Seen by some as the club as the ideal choice but it would need Rangnick to stay at least another six months - not out of the question. May be the sensible approach in the summer of 2023.}

16.) 22 Feb 2022
22 Feb 2022 19:26:47
Thanks loads for detailed info Ed, great insights!

17.) 22 Feb 2022
22 Feb 2022 21:11:19
Thanks Ed!

18.) 22 Feb 2022
22 Feb 2022 22:03:07
Love it thanks Ed.

19.) 22 Feb 2022
22 Feb 2022 22:24:35
Ancelotti would be going backwards? Great manager in his own right, more to him than poch.

20.) 22 Feb 2022
22 Feb 2022 23:06:16
Well now it really sounds like Poch! PSG letting people talk to him is big, probably means they'll let him out of contract too. No payoff is enticing for United surely.

{Ed0666's Note - Zidane is surely the Poch replacement @ PSG

21.) 23 Feb 2022
23 Feb 2022 00:12:26
Makes sense. Let him go free, they save on a payout and have a preferred replacement. We get a free manager after all our coaches walked away, and our current ones run out of contract in summer. It’s the lowest cost option and not a bad one.

22.) 23 Feb 2022
23 Feb 2022 07:38:36
Not sure why we are concerned by the finances of any deal. We just need the best manager there is to come into the structure we have. That looks like Poch from the above list.

I like the presence of Ralf and Poch together though.

23.) 23 Feb 2022
23 Feb 2022 13:12:40
Not concerned about finances but it’s United, so the finances are certainly a factor in the reality of a deal.

24.) 23 Feb 2022
23 Feb 2022 21:04:29
Seeing negativity about Poch and really don't understand it. He's ideal for us to bring through our younger players and push on from what RR is doing. It's unfair to just count trophies if not resources correctly. By any fair standard he exceeded expectations at Espanyol, Southampton and, certainly, Spurs. As for PSG, he has had serious egos there and has them in seriously strong shape this year.

25.) 24 Feb 2022
24 Feb 2022 10:49:49
If Gareth Southgate seriously features anywhere in the discusion i give up.

26.) 24 Feb 2022
24 Feb 2022 15:59:08
Really worrying if some at the club see Southgate as the answer. I would go as far as saying that if Southgate is appointed, that may be the trigger for my retirement from watching the club. I am getting too old to watch the club destroying itself again.