17 Aug 2014 10:24:07
Edd just wondering because you seem to have a lot of knowledge around this. why do mufc seem to be very poor at closing deals on signing players? I hope and believe we will add to the team but it looks like we are terrible at closing deals. I know have said before deals can be complicated but would appreciate your take on this.

{Ed002's Note - Most fans think if you simply offer the money the players will come running. It is never that easy, but many football fans are impatient and would rather see the club spending money on players regardless of who they are - this seems to be most prevalent amongst the fans of both Liverpool and Manchester United. Manchester united are looking to do some significant business in the coming two weeks and then that will continue for a further two windows until the transition is complete. Would you rather the club spend money regardless or wait to spend money on the right players? Best not to answer that.

In the meantime I can only advise the so called supporters to keep up the hate campaign against the owners and members of staff, or perhaps find another club to support whilst Manchester United rebuilds.}

1.) 17 Aug 2014
I said this yesterday, fans are desperate for united to sign a player, it doesn't matter who as long as it's somebody. People say we need a world class cb but who is available in this category? We lost yesterday fair enough but wot happens if we go on a 10 game win streak now? U never know wots going to happen in football, this site went into meltdown yesterday all over a silly result

2.) 17 Aug 2014
Great post ed we sometimes could be a little impatient but we all love the club and want success like anyone else.

3.) 17 Aug 2014
17 Aug 2014 11:01:27
That buy a player , any player mentality meant we spent 37m on Mata last January when we were well stocked in his position and badly lacking elsewhere .

4.) 17 Aug 2014
Mata cost considerably more than £37m mate. Mata will be a success, but he needs better players around him. Swansea's tactics yesterday was to kick chunks out of Fletcher, Herrera and Mata. What a difference a bit of speed in the attack, some solidity in defence and some menace in midfield could make. Hummels, Vidal & Di Maria would have been excellent, but let's hope LvG can get the other two of the three after missing out on Hummels.

5.) 17 Aug 2014
Im not a massive fan of mata

6.) 17 Aug 2014
If you say it would take 3 windows for the transition to be over. By then I think van gaal has 1year left on his contract,
So what's happens next,
another transition.
That would be painful again

7.) 17 Aug 2014
Cheers edd I know very little about how transfers are done so thought i'd ask the question. I agree I don't want the club just throwing around money for the sake of it but it was just worrying seeing players move to other clubs that could have done a great job for us ie. Midfielders. but I hope your right and hope the right players do arrive in the coming weeks.

{Ed002's Note - The club are certainly trying to do the right thing. I expect there to be a lot of movement in the next two weeks with several high profile players subject to offers from various clubs. Manchester United are looking to do some business.}

8.) 17 Aug 2014
Ed, I'm really glad that you posted that. Hopefully people will take more notice when yourself ir any other Eds share their views on the topic. When "ordinary", mere mortals sat it we usually get slated.
It is clear that money has been made available, but spending it badly and failing to secure deals is not the fault of the managers or the owners. I'm not for one minute saying I like the Glazers, because I don't, but I personally feel they are prepared to spend the money. But like you say, getting the RIGHT players is not easy.

9.) 17 Aug 2014
17 Aug 2014 11:46:24
Ed002, can you give us any info on the players we are trying to sign? I know you have done, but is there any recent updates? In your opinion is it feasible for MU to sign four players in the next two weeks? Especially when two of them are huge signings like Vidal & Di Maria? I know you say it will be over three windows, but you have to admit at least with Vidal & Di Maria, it's now or never. We will not get a better time to sign these two and if we cannot agree deals now, then why would we in January or next summer?

{Ed002's Note - Don't get drawn in to numbers Syd - I can tell you where interest is but I am not going to get drawn in to "will four or five players be joining" questions. Cuadrado, Di Maria and Vidal are of interest to more than one club and both are at clubs who may not be willing to listen to offers. There remains Manchester United interest in Benatia (and there is interest from elsewhere), Rojo (which should be surmountable), Daley Blind (which is a case of making a suitable offer and something can be done - although there is interest from elsewhere) and in Memphis Depay.}

10.) 17 Aug 2014
I think the fans understand its a two to three season plan , it's the fact it could have been a one season plan if we had bought previously when we needed to and last pre season window when we could have been in a better position than we are now and got more money for the obvious dead wood that was plain to see to everyone but those at the club. It evens goes back to the season before Sir Alex retired, we should have started the rebuild then. That is what people find frustrating and its got to point some fans sound as desperate as Moyes did buying Felanni. Yes it will take time but it should never have got to this point.

11.) 17 Aug 2014
What's the bet we end up with all the cheap alternatives? Rojo, Blind & Depay?

12.) 17 Aug 2014
17 Aug 2014 14:10:12
Ed002, Thanks for all the info. We get a lot of detail and insight here which we don't anywhere else.

I hope Bayern haven't stolen Benatia from under our noses though. He would be a perfect replacement for Vidic.