16 Mar 2018 20:46:57
Long post here so apologies. Read this site multiple times a day every day like most, though so rarely post, but all I hear about lately is that we are awful and nowhere near a title winning team.

So I just wanted to put a little context onto our 'terrible season'. I am not talking style, enjoyment or opinion on who needs to stay or go. This is simply pointing out a statistic I worked out when bored.

Here are the last 10 seasons of the premier league with points and GD:

2017 - Chelsea 93 points +52
2016 - Leicester 81 points +32
2015 - Chelsea 87 points +41
2014 - Man City 86 points +65
2013 - Man Utd 89 points +43
2012 - Man City 89 points +64
2011 - Man Utd 80 points +41
2010 - Chelsea 86 points +71
2009 - Man Utd 90 points +46
2008 - Man Utd 87 points +58

Man Utd this season, assuming we get no better or worse:

30 games, 65 points which will equal just over 82 points by seasons end (65/ 30*38=82.33)

The average points scored for the premier league winners over the last decade is 86.8.

Without a strong finish, and keeping the same 'terrible' form we have had all year, we would be around 4 points off the average title winning tally of the last decade.

Goal difference for the last 10 years averages at 51.3 and ours this season is averaging to be 44.33. Not fantastic but still a higher good than 4 of the last 10 premier league winning hauls.

I know this doesn't highlight style or opinion, and certainly does not compare things to the current city season, but it does show we're not far off where every other winner has been if you discount the anomaly that is Man City's season.

Not that it'll stop the doom and gloomers or whingers from coming up with something else I guess!

1.) 16 Mar 2018
16 Mar 2018 21:02:48
Mike - I think most of us are acknowledging that the points haul is decent. We are expecting better though, as City are raising the bar and it doesn't look like a fluke. Our points tally does look like a fluke though, considering how poor we have played.

I think your post sums up exactly why Jose was granted a contract extension. Based on history and statistics the points paint a decent picture.

For me you have to factor in budgets, entertainment value/ style, talent optimisiation and success.

Finishing a long 2nd (or worse) is not success for Man Utd, getting knocked out of the CL by a mediocre Sevilla is not success, damaging the brand/ pedigree of the club is not success, disrespecting the fans with post match comments and general lethargic performances is not success.

So on paper Jose is doing ok. But the problem is 'paper pushers' are making the decisions and our manager is doing everything he can to box tick. Sponsorship's rely on it, targets/ bonuses rely on it - it's supreme selfishness by the money men and the manager.

Where is the box to excite and thrill your loyal fans, to have world class talent performing to a world class standard? Where is the box for continuing the fine traditions that Man Utd stand for all over the world.

My eyes tell me that everything is a grind, grinding isn't permitted on the dance floor anymore, it shouldn't be permitted for our club!

2.) 16 Mar 2018
16 Mar 2018 21:31:33
Spot on beast you’ve hit the nail on the head. People are saying it’s only one defeat but it is the manner of the defeat and the style of play which is the issue. As the season has gone on it’s been harder to watch. So much attacking talent at our disposal so we should not be this inept in attack. Yes on paper and statistically we have improved there is no doubt. But I’m reality the football is still very poor. Like I’ve said many times I would like a new manager to come in but it won’t happen till next year I think, if it gets to that stage. So all we can do is support the team and hope reinforcements in the summer improve us. But unfortunately I don’t think we will see the swashbuckling gung ho football we all crave so dearly.

3.) 16 Mar 2018
16 Mar 2018 22:14:15
I do not disagree whatsoever on the style and entertainment issues, and I've been as frustrated and and bored at times as the rest of you. I have zero issues with people hating the way we play, Jose's tactics or our general approach as that is opinion and I too have been spoiled for the last 2 decades.

My problem is that people assume that this season is the new average bar. I had the same conversation during the Invincibles season, and when Chelsea set the +71 goal difference. Everyone said that this is the new level yet history shows that it can't be sustained year on year.

I'm simply saying, all is not lost and there's every chance that City end on 75-80 points next year and we walk the title. The style however, well Jose will not change so that we are stuck with!

4.) 16 Mar 2018
16 Mar 2018 22:19:16
Said all season Jose is doing what he does . City have raised the bar so it doesn't look that good but it's about par for Jose, any other year we of challenged for title .

People call the squad etc but we are about par for a Jose team .

5.) 16 Mar 2018
16 Mar 2018 23:05:02

Very good post mate you should post more often, informative and clearly knowledgable. Some very good posters on here at the moment posting some very good things at a pretty interesting time for the club.

6.) 17 Mar 2018
16 Mar 2018 23:57:10
This is optimum Jose as Jred says - it's not good enough anymore I'm afraid and the spectacle is getting worse as a result. Here's an analogy for you GDS2 (I know you love them) . Jose is playing on a PS2, he is a master at the PS2 - but the world has moved on to newer models, no matter how many new games he buys, the system is flawed compared to newer models and the graphics look even worse the further time goes on.

Maybe City won't amass as many points next season, but there standards need to drop substantially for our current style to compete and then it's a coin toss as we rely on keeping teams out and nicking goals, dodgy strategy against attacking teams. Time to take the PS2 to the charity shop and get a PS5, we have the games to play on it already - just the system is obsolete!

7.) 17 Mar 2018
17 Mar 2018 08:00:55
The way I see it, there are two types of fans in football. Those who inherit allegiance from their parents or their hometown, and those who choose to support a club based on the playing style of that club.

I had lived in Middlesbrough for several years (mother is from there), I met many a United fan who was a United fan because of parents and grandparents. On the flipside, I've a cousin who supports Liverpool because when he developed a taste for football, he enjoyed their style, much to the disappointment of his Boro supporting father.

Anyway, my point is. I understand that winning trophies is good for business. United must finish top four for financial gain (although qualifying for the CL to drop out the way we did seems counterproductive) . But if the club simply is no longer entertaining, we run the risk of losing a large number of potential future supporters. Sure we'll continue to have fans who inherit the club from a parent, or geography, but what about those who go into the game neutral and discover a team by watching them.

With the idea of us being a global brand at the forefront of our finances, it seems shortsighted (in terms of conquering new markets and amassing new fans) for our board to embrace the dull and boring football of Mourinho. All the trophies in the world will mean nothing if no one wants to watch us and our reputation becomes that of boring unattractive football.

Something has to change, or we risk being knocked of our financial perch, regardless of points, trophies and José's previous wins.

PS: Concerning José's speech, surely "football heritage" goes beyond eight years. He seems to have selected a period of time where the stats suit him. What about the century prior to that? What about "football philosophy"?