25 May 2018 01:42:17
Reading some of the posts on this longstanding forum in the last few years is hard. In a forum your going to get different views and debate which can sometimes get heated which is fine and also a good read and helps see other fellow fans views. It's the "Toxic" side that is hard to read. I see as more spoilt than toxic the way some posts are so dismissive of potential targets but more so of "deadwood" players that have given us pivotal moments in Utd shirts that contributed to success for our club. So to just say get rid of the deadwood is harsh. To demand Jose buys to build for a future and then say if he doesn't win something this season he's finished is daft. The whole he buys elder players n shoves youth out reteric is nonsense rash Jesse mctom haven't been pushed out. Rom pog Bailey linderloff miki are all young so that can't b used against him. Give him until his contract runs out. The eds have done that good job from the days b4 individual club sites to the vast informative broad beast it is now that it's got way more traffic but it's definitely not as fun knowing one of the eds is not enjoying contributing there knowledge to his/ her (all the eds) site because a few spoilt 21st century goons decide to use this site like they do Twitter and just abuse the eds but more so to just be "toxic" with there views. So just chat debate n post rumours no matter how vague or far fetched they are. It's this time of year we need all the eds on board.

1.) 25 May 2018
25 May 2018 12:20:15
I don't buy the 'spoilt' line. We have spent a fortune, have immense resources yet deliver turgid football.

We all want the team to do well and to be entertained, just because we provided a great service previously it doesn't mean we should accept anything now - especially as there is no logical reason for the performances to be so poor to watch.

Nobody expects us to win every game playing incredible football, but consistently being awful to watch is going to grind gears. You go for a nice meal, you will go back there again, if the service slips you will give it a while then maybe you will start asking questions if there is no sign of improvement or simply stop going! Unlike restaurants we only have one team (or should have), so we are held over a barrel with our support - that support is abused because the manager should have 'entertaining/ attacking football' as a key KPI as a manager of our club. He clearly doesn't have that remit so it's all about money, which is not what people support Utd for.

This is a website to discuss the good, bad, ugly and whenever we do actually play well you see nothing but praise on this website - it's just you can count on one hand how many times we performed to the level expected, (or even close to it) last season.

So not spoilt - disappointed is more appropriate and constructively critical for the most part! And justifiably to, any other team wasting the talent and money we have had would have their fans getting angry as well, a lot sooner than ours have started to turn I feel - despite the stark contrast between now and before.

2.) 25 May 2018
25 May 2018 12:57:38
That’s a really good post beast. Perhaps I am a glass half full sort of person so I think the new signings will really take us up a level.

3.) 25 May 2018
25 May 2018 15:56:47
Utd the toxic side you mention doesn't per se exist, there are fans on both sides of the mourinho argument that have issues with certain players and there is nothing wrong with it, calling someone deadwood might be a bit unfair but if you are not doing well given what you earn you are going to get backlash.

Also in what world are 24, 25 and 27 yr olds young. Lukaku, Pogba, jesse and especially mkhi can not be considered young. Rashford, mctominay and martial are young and just google when was the last time either of those started 2 consecutive games and then tell me mourinho doesn't like kids is a fallacy.

4.) 25 May 2018
25 May 2018 19:27:21
United99. You're fully entitled to your views. But to call anyone who disagrees with the way the club is run and Mourinho's tactics and treatment of players as "toxic" is really pathetic and you're trying to be so PC. what's wrong with critisizing someone if you can see major fault in their systems? Or shall we all shut up and just go along with the flow even though we've won no trophies, performed shambolically in matches against the lesser teams, lost out to a below average Seville team, lost without a fight against Chelsea in the FA cup, seen our manager berate and demean players publically and create a terrible atmosphere within the club. Oh yeah, we're the "toxic" ones, but mourinho is all nice.
And your post mentioned 21st century supporters, that made me laugh at the shear deluded nature of your post. Many of us have been supporting United for over 50 years, which is long enough to know right from wrong.

5.) 26 May 2018
26 May 2018 00:53:11
Excellent post Beast.

6.) 26 May 2018
26 May 2018 02:00:52
To be fair, I've read this page for years and this is the first time I've been on for weeks because of the toxic bull that's spouted daily. Sadly think it'll be the last too, so unfortunately I don't disagree with you 99

Was a nice few years but I believe in getting behind my club and team regardless of who's in the shirt. This constant, and if you read back the last few months it is constant, more and more do nothing but complain. We've turned into the scousers on here.

Will miss the reports Ed's and thanks for putting up with this lot for all this time. This page has been bookmarked on my last 4 phones, no more. Sad day.

7.) 26 May 2018
26 May 2018 05:52:42
Mike - It's constructive critiques - often after the disappointing matches/ performances. Every single one of us gets behind the team and wants us to do well, you need to step off your pedestal mate.

This snowflake culture needs to be snapped out of, there's a real world out there with differing views - a forum discussing Man Utd is not meant to be your personal echo chamber, especially if things aren't looking as good as they should be more often than not.

So my advice is be brave, keep the page bookmarked and open your mind to alternative views. Even if those views are wrong or contrary to your own, you will evolve. Good luck.

P. S - 'Turning into the Scousers' isn't exactly the best cuss you can use at the moment. Our boys are on the beach, Liverpool are doing something different today!