03 Apr 2019 10:01:40
ken as regards posts lower down i asked about a new manager and players a few month ago and your words were any half decent manager would get rid of players not needed yet the players most wanted rid of have been given new contracts yet players better being allowed to leave on a free yes paper talk so to me ole is just a yes man and we are no better off than with jose.

1.) 03 Apr 2019
03 Apr 2019 12:43:05
Hi Daz. Managers can only control so much as per ed002. Jose was not backed with his squad choice. Not just on signings but on players he wanted out. We can all debate whether that was the right thing to do.
Will ole be allowed to do his job the way he wants? I hope he gets the guidance from a top DOF.
I hope he is not made to keep players he doesn't want to.
Im looking forward to seeing how he does.
Imo our squad is in awful shape.
This is compounded by contracts that need sorting.

2.) 03 Apr 2019
03 Apr 2019 13:03:31
Even if we get a dof will woody listen?

3.) 03 Apr 2019
03 Apr 2019 13:49:25
dazw, it's just unfair to term Ole as an "yes man" when he hasn't even had the chance in the transfer market as of yet. And why do people always need to bring Jose in every time - he's gone now.

And I agree with Ken, we need to get a top DOF and need to sort out a lot with players contracts.

As long as giving contracts to some players that need get rid of, we need to be careful and make sure of having backup players in place in case if we don't get our summer targets. Imagine a situation where we don't get our targets and our backup players just running down their contracts - maybe they don't perform when called upon (could cause a lot of instability) .

A lot of issues for Ole and especially Woodie to take care of. And if woodie messes up things, then god help Ole.

4.) 03 Apr 2019
03 Apr 2019 14:18:16
lets play, molde is a lot different to united. to me ole as not done mutch to justify the united job. he has had a relativley easy run of games and is now struggling. we should have wated till the summer to see were we are. ken as regards squad i totally agree. as regards woodward as long as he is there every manager is going to struggle. ole talks the talk now we will see if he can deliver as long as he is manager he gets my backing.

5.) 03 Apr 2019
03 Apr 2019 15:49:23
dazw, it was a difficult situation for the club for 3 reasons:

1. Delaying the appointment till the summer would really hamper our transfer dealings. What would we say to our potential new recruits and agents on who's going to be the manager?

2. Who's available at the moment? I wouldn't advocate anyone from another league with no premier league experience. Only option might have been Poch, but we know how difficult Levy would make it for us. He would drag the situation to the extreme and waste our precious time. Also, there is no guarantee Poch would join us.

3. Ole deserves the chance for what he has achieved, simple as that. I see some people saying that Ole has had a easy run of games, but would the same people have guaranteed the same results he got, with another manager in his place - there are no easy games in the league, especially with the team he inherited and we had no chance of a top 4 finish when he took over. Look where we are now.

Also, except for the FA cup against Wolves, we have played pretty well in the last 2 games in the league - we created chances but did not take them and factor in the individual mistakes by some players in those matches on the defensive side.