30 May 2019 17:15:54
The number of fans fawning Pogba is a little sad to say the least.

Forget how talented he might be.

Forget about his stats.

There really is only one thing that counts. Which is he doesn't want to be here. He doesn't love our club, he doesn't respect us, the club or his team mates. If he did he wouldn't be stoking the fires pandering for a move and strolling around the pitch like he's on a lazy Sunday afternoon walk.

He doesn't want to be here, and if we make him captain and the highest paid player, and we build our team around him then we will look like the biggest bunch of numpties in world football. Why would you reward a player who doesn't want to play for your club, it's madness.

As for fans defending him, and saying we need to build our team around him. It's a bit like moving to the same town as your ex-girlfriend, and planning your life around her. She doesn't want to be with you and you look a bloody fool. Plus you are going nowhere and you never will until you move on from her.

Our big girls blouse wants to leave, he has no interest in being a United legend, he has no interest in making history with our club, he doesn't care about us and he wants to live the Mediterranean life style in the sun, with a bevvy of women chasing after him while he picks up honours that are fought for by his teammates while he showboats, flaunts his fashion label on Instagram and bothers his barber every other day for a new haircut.

He might be talented enough to be a United player, but he lacks every other characteristic needed. He will never be a success here, further more and most importantly he doesn't want to be.

Sell him and move on. Or keep him and continue the same circus act we have seen for the last 6 years.

1.) 30 May 2019
30 May 2019 17:30:59
It is sooner or later going to come to a head. If we're having to bribe players with things like the captaincy, higher wages or so on its just going to cause problems.

2.) 30 May 2019
30 May 2019 17:49:10
Shappy - I loved Pogba but I'm now ambivalent. I have the same feelings about Martial. Neither have the desire or work ethic to succeed at our Club. Both like to strut around the pitch and will only play the game on their own terms. If their asked to fight or be disciplined or do a job for the team it's often met with disdain and contempt. Lukaku is another that for some reason doesn't feel he has to run or work hard. People complain about a lack of service but how often do you see him running the channels or pressing from the front, making angles for his teammates or even attacking the ball in the box.

If OGS thinks a pre season of shuttle runs and physical training will help whip these boys into shape he's already destined to go the same way as those before him.

The fact that all we want is 11 players that will just run and fight for the badge regardless of talent only demonstrates what we have become. A playground for the self indulged, over hyped and over paid.

I wouldn't be sad if we sold the entire squad and picked 11 random people from the crowd each week. I'm completely fed up with the lot of them.

3.) 30 May 2019
30 May 2019 18:01:43
You’ve hit the nail on the head shappy. I’ve got nothing more to add.

4.) 30 May 2019
30 May 2019 18:55:20
I would not mind us letting Lukaku, Pogba, Martial and De Gea (if he wants to) leave in the same window.
After their departures, United will have a squad with no massive egos and a squad that ole controls.

5.) 30 May 2019
30 May 2019 19:16:07
He doesn't want to be here? You don't actually know that.
People change there mind all the time circumstances change .
But it's another example of drawing g a line in sand, you have been banging the same drum since before xmas .
Trying to liken it to when you coached grassroots or having a new girlfriend .
It is nothing like either but how ridiculous the site has become of late.

6.) 30 May 2019
30 May 2019 19:39:26
The Mediterranean life style with women chasing him? Shappy, you’re not much better than the media with nonsense like that. From where I’m sitting he looks like a devout Muslim who has just started a family with his wife. He has been posting pictures of himself, wife, child and mum from Mecca recently. Not on a yacht or anything fancy. Yes he posts on Instagram and has a new hairstyle every other day but your criticism of him is ridiculous.
Just to add, I wouldn’t be sad to see him leave and I don’t think he should be made captain. I just don’t think he deserves that much stick.

7.) 30 May 2019
30 May 2019 20:30:04
Here we go again, more personal and character attacks on one of our players. Its getting tiresome,

most fans are not fawning over him but simply suggesting he's our best player and we should be signing more players of his quality not to fit the team around him but to play alongside him and we become a better side. It really is that simple.

De gea doesn't want to be here also but doesn't get any of the same character attacks even though he clearly let something get to him to make all those errors he did last season.

I guarantee 90% of our future signings will not sign for us because they love the club, football doesn't work like that anymore and i doubt it really ever did. The best players go to the richest clubs who pay them the most money and have the best chance of winning trophies.

If a player can get more money or a better chance of winning trophies from another club, chances are they would want to join them whethers that's pogba, kdb, salah, kane, hazard or any other player.

8.) 30 May 2019
30 May 2019 20:59:38
Shappy just because you think something doesn't make it true or right. everybody knows that you a very prone to hyberbole but. Really?
I agree with the fact he has shown very few of the characteristics required to play for United

Really good post 2 toms

There is no doubt in my mind that if we had better quality around him and were competing to win trophies pogba would be more focused and we would see less of the crap and more team play.

That said i also think he should be ashamed of himself with the way he played this and most of last season. Totally unprofessional at times. i'm making no excuses for him. Disgusting at times imo.

If he wants to leave i'd sell him simple as that for me.

9.) 30 May 2019
30 May 2019 21:28:16
We know pogba has an interest in leaving because ed 2 has told us and this was backed up when pep mentioned he had been mentioned to him presumably by pogbas agent, the info while no doubt true isn't really coming from pogba, he isn't openly stating he wants away even tho he does but ddg Salah and hazzard are in a similar boat, all open to moving to Madrid and yet all judged different to pogba .
Being open to a move isn't really a reason to get rid of a player, who really knows in the past who this would apply to and I suspect Chelsea fans would be very happy to keep hazzard, same goes for Salah with Liverpool fans as we were with ddg even tho we are well aware Madrid interested him .
There's no doubt on the pitch these players look like they show more commitment to the cause than pogba and ideally u want a player very gifted who tries hard, but what if the player not trying hard yields you far better results and stats than the guy trying his best but just hasn't got it.
Personally I'm open to an acceptable bid for pogba which would be steep if a player with equal ability who tries harder is attainable.

10.) 30 May 2019
30 May 2019 21:32:02
Maybe you guys are right, let's sign some world class players such as Di Maria to play alongside Pogba.

11.) 30 May 2019
30 May 2019 21:42:19
He is in the spot light he deserves all the critics, was it a world record fee at the time, top wages every week, goes missing for most of a game,
As I said earlier he isn't even in the same ball park of them legends that played the other day, he should be embarrassed the way he plays, know nothing about his personal life, I'm not interested, that his own business.
I was very excited the time we signed him, this is what we need couldn't wait to watch him play for united, boy was I disappointed, I knew after about 10 games, this boy is far from the player I thought he was, I word for me, disappointed.

12.) 30 May 2019
30 May 2019 22:48:21
Again shappy hyberbole.
Who said anything about galatico type signings.
He has great attributes and poor attributes.
I the whole he has been disappointing and decisive.

13.) 31 May 2019
31 May 2019 07:47:09
Best player or not, he doesn't want to be here. It has been confirmed by the Ed's on here, although it is pretty obvious.

I mentioned Di Maria as he was a world class player who we signed for a lot of money but he didn't want to be here either. Yet no one says we shouldn't have sold him. Hypocrisy.

Also saying he wants to live a Mediterranean lifestyle or that he wants women to chase him isn't a personal attack or character assassination. There is nothing wrong with either of those things. I was merely highlighting that he wants a different type of lifestyle to the one he has in Manchester, and that he might never fullfil his potential as he is too distracted by off field interests rather than honing his skills.

14.) 31 May 2019
31 May 2019 08:11:44
Why buy di Maria?
Pogba has played his best football playing in a team that is playing well . The funny thing is most players play there best football in a team that is playing well.
Very few players look great in an underperforming team .
On the contrary people watch a good team and think all the players are amazing with out looking at the individual qualities of the player.

Site really has gone mad, dsg makes a very good point tho as does 2toms.

15.) 31 May 2019
31 May 2019 10:09:57
When you see the lifestyle the lad has I think it is a personal attack .
Again who you coach at grassroots, who your girlfriend is or di Maria situation has nothing to do with pogba.
It's just a stick to bang your drum,

16.) 31 May 2019
31 May 2019 13:32:50
Tbf jred everyone has a drum they bang. You have your drums shappy his his i have mine so i wouldn't be critical of that.

17.) 31 May 2019
31 May 2019 16:09:43
Jred, when did Pogba play great football? Which team was it? At Juventus he was overshadowed first by Pirlo and Vidal in midfield and in his final season he was overshadowed by Dybala.

He was average at best for France as they won the world cup. He certainly didn't play well in a team that was full of talent and playing well.

Pogba at the age of 26 has only ever managed small purple patches in a season, and has never played consistently well for more than a month at a time at most.

Now I accept that it's easier to play well in a team that's playing well. But players have to take responsibility for their own performances. The first and most important step in performing well is working hard. It's impossible to have a great game without trying. Does he try hard enough in every game to give himself the platform to be consistently good?

I don't think so, which is why he will never fulfill his potential regardless of how many great players you put around him.

As for you seeing it as a personal attack, that's your perspective. I was merely pointing out that he has many off the field distractions that might explain the lack of effort he puts in on the field. Its his life and he can do what he wants with it. However, I am a supporter of Manchester United not Paul Pogba, while he is here I will support him. I cheer him on every game and I hope he plays well every game.

Yet I still have a right to have an opinion about why he is or isn't performing and I can speculate why that might be. I don't judge him for his actions on a personal level, but on a professional level he is employed by the club and on the whole his performances haven't been good enough.

I know some people will point to other players and say they aren't doing well enough either. On the whole I agree with them. But that doesn't excuse Pogba's lack of effort.

If you got caught speeding or breaking the law you don't get away with it by merely pointing out others have done it.

Just like Pogba doesn't get away with not performing well enough just because his teammates haven't performed well enough. Especially as the reason Pogba hasn't played well enough is a lack of effort more so than a lack of talent.

Also if we can't attempt to bring in context by comparing situations to others then we might as well shut down half of the site as we will have nothing to discuss.

18.) 31 May 2019
31 May 2019 19:20:40
Shappy, he was named in Euro team of the year with 8 goals and 12 assists in his final season prompting United to pay £89 million for him. He played well in a midfield 3 with Pirlo and Vidal. He was very very good. I think your original post just shows the divided opinion on Paul Pogba.
In a decent team he will look good. In a 3 man midfield with Fred and Matic he looks average at best. He will never be the Vieira, Keane or Gerrard type who pull his team to a victory, in all honesty I can’t think of any modern day CM’s who would.

19.) 31 May 2019
31 May 2019 22:25:26
I must be watching a different pogba to Jared?

20.) 01 Jun 2019
01 Jun 2019 01:43:13
Just looking at this thread shows how devisive a player Pogba is. You look at him being 6 foot 3' and think he should be a commanding midfielder like a Viera. He is far from it however. What he is is a luxury player. If the team is set up around him with hard working talented players like at Juve and France then he is a fantastic luxury player. Brilliant touch, dribbling, shooting and passing. Manchester United however are not in a position to have luxury players. 10 years ago for sure but not now. He is fantastically talented but a luxury player and not a leader we need right now to pull up this struggling team. It's a pity because I was so excited when he came first but it hasn't worked out and won't unless we pull these hard working talented players out of somewhere.