10 Jun 2019 13:45:38
What are your thoughts on right wing?

A balance is needed as we've been so one dimensional for a long time - the left side. It's generally Lingard or Mata who drift into the middle or are tracking back. We need someone to hold that side and attack. Not many are jumping out that are plausible. Sancho isn't coming, Pepe looks like he's Bayern bound and not many outside of that excite. I know he has his injury problems and we have enough overpaid underperforming players but a loan move for Bale could be very beneficial for all parties. The figures quoted atm is £30m plus pay all his wages. If a deal could be struck for literally half that then I think it's a risk worth taking. He's a big game player, someone who has stood up to criticism and can take the flak and scoring burden off our young and underperforming forwards. A front 3 of Martial, Rashford and Bale would excite me for one. If Bale has Bruno in midfield and Wan-Bissaka behind him putting in the defensive work. Bale can be left to wreck havoc from the right hand side. Would like to know everyone's thoughts on this because every other position that needs to be filled has clear candidates. The right side of our attack, not so much.

1.) 10 Jun 2019
10 Jun 2019 14:13:42
Bale would be a disaster.

Despite not being in his manager’s plans, he wants to stay in Madrid for lifestyle reasons.
Despite his form being terrible for the last two seasons, he still expects massive wages.
Despite his appalling injury record, he still disobeys doctor’s orders and continues playing golf when he’s out.

We would be spending millions on a player who doesn’t want to be here, and hasn’t played consistently well for years. And if he did have a great season for us, we’d have to pay a huge amount of money to sign him. It’d be like we learned nothing from the Sanchez debacle.

2.) 10 Jun 2019
10 Jun 2019 14:32:40
I think there are differing views on who we should sign. i think it does depend on which formation we choose. it seems 4-2-2-2 is a favourite of ole, as shappy has alluded to before. I think sancho is the main option, but as you've said, he isn't coming this season. so the question is do we go for an experienced short-term fix, or do we look further down our list of options to see who is a good fit.

Lets start at the experienced options. The obvious one is Bale. The man divides fans completely on this site. I can see arguments for both sides. The negatives being the guy has hardly managed to stay fit for the last few years, he is likely to cost a bomb and there are worries that he may end up another sanchez esque signing. The positives are that if he stays fit he is a genuine world class talent. That is a big if though. I think if it is a loan for a year or two, like James at Bayern, or a small fee (unlikely), then i would most certainly take a punt on him. He could even play centrally or as a striker if Lukaku leaves. If he can stay fit he would transform us. I don't recall Ed saying we have any interest though.

The next option is Zaha. I am actually a big fan of his, I love his directness and trickery. He has also added goals and assists to him game, and he loves to beat a man. If we are to sign Wan Bissaka then he would be an obvious signing imo. They have a chemistry and understanding already and could slot in seamlessly on our right flank. I think he is ready for the step back up. It did not work out the first time, but he is more mature and developed than when he joined. The fee will likely be very big but he is premier league proven. He is my pick.

The younger or potential options now. Kluivert seems to be a favourite of ole. Thought he was great at Ajax and the move to Roma has been a bit of a disaster for him. Mind you, a lot of Monchi's buys there have not worked out. I think he is a talented player but is not ready to hold down the RW position. It would be a risk and I would only bring him in if we signed say Bale.

Pepe is the next one. Price is extortionate and Ed has said there are doubts over his attitude and whether he can step up. I like him and think he would be a good buy. Lozano is an interesting one. Everytime I have watched him i have been very impressed. He is quick, skilful and has an end product. I know he usually plays on the left but i am sure i have seen him operate on the right before. Seems Napoli have him all but tied up. Seems Insigne may be on his way. Finally, could we see James there? He has already signed and although he can play on the left, could we see him used on the right? Interested to see what happens.

I would most likely go for Zaha. I think he can make an instant impact, premier league proven and has just come off his best season goals wise (I believe) . If not, I would take a punt on a loan for Bale. If it works out, then he propels us up the table. If it does not, we shake hands at the end of the deal and part ways. Hopefully Sancho comes in after that.

3.) 10 Jun 2019
10 Jun 2019 14:34:22
With the fees being quoted along with his wages and his worrying injury record recently, I would stay clear of him. Also, there was a rumour that we rejected a cash plus Perisic for Lukaku, if that's true it establishes the fact we are going after young hungry players and building for the future rather than any quick short term fixes.

4.) 10 Jun 2019
10 Jun 2019 14:46:03
I would love us to get Sancho but as per the Eds it's not happening. Bale is following a path I think Olly wants to get away from so would sooner the place be split between Lingard and Chong if we can't get the right person in. Or switch to 2 up front with attack midfielder behind avoiding need for RW.
I am not averse to a Zaha if the manager sees it as who he wants. But as per Liverpool recently. If Sancho is your man long term and no one else then work the rest of the team, get top 4 and come in for him again next year.

5.) 10 Jun 2019
10 Jun 2019 15:47:37
If we can't get Zaha I'd just put Lukaku on the Right Wing. In my opinion he's better than anyone else in the squad currently for the right hand side (apart from James who we are yet to see on the right) as he can bully most fullbacks, actually has the space on the wing to get up to speed, can put in a surprisingly good cross and will actually win headers on the wing that the striker can run on. I'd then have martial in his position upfront as martial's hold up play, finishing and heading accuracy is better. Then I'd have rashford on the left as he can cut in and shoot, as well as beat a man. I'm actually surprised Lukaku hasn't been utilised more on the right, I remember him ruining kolasinac in the FA cup, providing two very nice assists and working hard with his tracking back. Bale should be avoided, we need to continue with the philosophy of buying young talent and building rather than short term fixes like Zlatan, Matic, Sanchez, who haven't really worked out. If lukaku can be sold I'd invest in zaha rather than striker and just chuck martial upfront as I don't think there are many strikers much better than martial out there for the money. Can anyone give me their two cents on Sebastien Haller?

6.) 10 Jun 2019
10 Jun 2019 16:24:37
Personally I'm torn. In my opinion we don't have any wingers in our squad, left or right wing. Martial and Rashford are strikers. Mata Sanchez, Lingard are all No.10's. Valencia, Young and Dalot are full backs.

We have just signed Daniel James who is an out and out winger, although he is better on the left.

We could do with a true RW, but then that depends on whether we intend to play a system that uses wingers. The fact we only have one and a young unproven one at this level might suggest we aren't going to play with traditional wingers as a first choice plan.

7.) 10 Jun 2019
10 Jun 2019 16:27:49
I'm more centre-left to be honest.

8.) 10 Jun 2019
10 Jun 2019 19:14:06
Maybe we go more with split strikers and Jessesillio Lingardinho through the middle.

9.) 10 Jun 2019
10 Jun 2019 19:15:05
Please OGS, stay clear of Bale. Our scouts must have tracked a right winger other than Bale! Sancho is the obvious one, but if he's not coming, then we need to find an alternative that will do the job other than Bale. Also, it depends if we want to play with two wingers.
Failing finding a right winger, we can try something radical and give Chong a run. He's better than Lingard, Mata in that position.

10.) 10 Jun 2019
10 Jun 2019 22:20:24
Sancho ain't happening so was just wondering if a cheapish one year loan deal for Bale could be struck would be people be excited. Most say no! I can see why for sure. Not sure what tactic Ole will play this year but liked the way he used a variety last season. Mason Greenwood would be a wicked wildcard out on the right. Had a fantastic game there on the last day of the season versus Cardiff. He's so unpredictable with being ambidextrous and agile. Would like to see him given plenty of chances out there if someone isn't brought in. If no one steps up this year then go all out for Sancho next summer. IF we qualify for the Champions League!