14 Jun 2019 20:19:21
If, as per media reports, we lose De Gea, Pogba and Lukaku as well as Herrera and possibly others we face a huge overhaul of playing staff this summer. Whether you agree with his appointment or not we have to back Ole and hope he is given scope to make the changes he deems necessary. We see the players once or twice a week but he sees them on the training pitch every day and should be able to make judgment calls about their ability and attitude after his few months in the job. As fans we have to trust his judgment and back his calls.
The signing of D James and the links to AWB and Longstaff hint at signing young, hungry British players with potential. If he can blend these with a couple of academy graduates such as Mason G and add a couple of more experienced signings we have to hope that he can eventually build a side capable of challenging for honours. This rebuild will take time and requires patience from the fans. It may get worse before it gets better as the new players settle in but we have to hope and believe (despite all evidence to the contrary) that there is a plan and that it will eventually bear fruit.
If we lose the aforementioned 'big' names then a signing like Saul Niguez, Rabiot, or Bruno Fernandes will be needed to signal intent and placate restless fans but I think he has to sign the right player at centre back to make the rest of the team come together. That will be the toughest task. I don't think maguire is the man to take on this mantle but maybe he could do well. Who knows? Koulibaly would inspire more confidence. Dias looks promising too. It'll be an interesting and probably frustrating summer but let's try to keep the faith. for a few months at least.

1.) 14 Jun 2019
14 Jun 2019 21:29:01
Ole Gonner.