08 Aug 2019 20:17:15
001, now the manic period is over, on to bigger and better things.

I've been wondering, based off your statement recently regarding waking up in 3 hours to compile the report of the day.

Is running this website now your full time gig?

I remember when this used to be just one page, footballrumours. co. uk, and if it is now your full time gig i'm mighty impressed mate. Come a long way.

{Ed001's Note - yes mate it is, and it is very full time. It certainly keeps me busy! Cheers mate, it is always amazes me how far it has come.}

1.) 08 Aug 2019
08 Aug 2019 20:47:58
To think everyone was going wow when Ian Wallace and Trevor Francis were sold for £1m, the transfer fees have just gone mad now ed, it's a changed game these days.

2.) 09 Aug 2019
08 Aug 2019 22:52:04
Respect. I remember many a moon ago being sat in ICT in school with a mate of mine on this site every day (single site at that stage) in little old Northern Ireland, and now i’m a pig in even littler Gibraltar.

Live moves fast mate.

{Ed001's Note - I remember when we got excited over 100 people having visited the site in total!}