24 Aug 2019 19:50:28
I went on the chat halfway through the first half and decided not to bother, the negativity was suffocating. I fully expect a meltdown this week after the Palace game as people highlight every player, Manager, owner who is to blame for the loss.

Ole is going for a young line up, there will be us and downs. For what it’s worth I think we should have 7 points. Chelsea deserved a draw, we should have beaten Wolves and Palace. I’m happy to be patient, I think we will do well against the better teams but struggle when teams have 10 behind the ball. I have no idea if Ole is the answer but I’m happy wait and see. I love that James is playing and that Greenwood is involved. I like that Matic is on the bench and that Scott is first choice.

City and Liverpool are well ahead of everyone else, Spurs are probably sat on their own in 3rd but beyond that take your pick. The over reactions to wins and losses are a sight to behold. This year is a transition year, there will be more new arrivals, hopefully like Maguire and AWB and we will see the continued high press. We will see 4-0s but we will also see surprising losses, get over it.

1.) 24 Aug 2019
24 Aug 2019 20:12:21
You think we should have 7 points😂😂.

2.) 24 Aug 2019
24 Aug 2019 20:19:12
It's the old judging everyone and everything on a game by game basis again, mate. Some of the stuff on there is laughable. Over a football match.

3.) 24 Aug 2019
24 Aug 2019 20:35:20
Were you surprised by that loss then AJH?

4.) 24 Aug 2019
24 Aug 2019 20:58:46
Yes I was. We had played well for 2 games and had something like 70% possession in the first half but we didn’t create great chances. They scored with their first opportunity and then it was huffing and puffing and missing a penalty. It’s a long season there will be plenty of ups and downs.

5.) 24 Aug 2019
24 Aug 2019 21:01:48
He's gonner go. Useless and manifestly out of his depth. Better the reason lady.

6.) 24 Aug 2019
24 Aug 2019 21:05:04
Oh okay. I'm wasnt surprised at all. We have been quite poor for some time now. It's nice to see some of the younger lads get time. But it is a squad that lacks in depth and a team managed by a great man who is way out of his depth too.

Might be a season of ups and downs but boy are the downs going to be bad and could be often enough too.

7.) 24 Aug 2019
24 Aug 2019 21:19:26
AJH. I don't think the immediate future looks good at all.
The club really did screw up the window and we are going to suffer for that. The young players are going to suffer for that.
Not selling pogba was a huge mistake and it will cost us.
The 3 new signings all look like our best players.
Martial has improved a lot and Rashford has been better.
I agree we did not get the breaks and a slice of luck here or there and we could have a couple more points but its boring insipid uninspiring football punctuated with the odd moment of really good play.
Rome was not built in a day that's for sure.
But it was built on solid foundations with a great leader.
Our leader ole has chosen to build ours on quicksand.
I just think we are nothing short of a car crash at the moment from the boardroom to the pitch.
Ole does seem to have a happy camp but the fact is it shouldn't be a happy camp because its producing nothing to be happy about.

8.) 24 Aug 2019
24 Aug 2019 21:28:42
oles talks when he took over are simply that all talk.

9.) 24 Aug 2019
24 Aug 2019 22:35:32
We should have had 2 penalties. Martial was clearly pulled down as he was shooting but because the referee regarded that as advantage given, it was not awarded. Wrong decision initially that could and should have been overturned. Of course, we would probably have missed it.

Nobody in their right mind would consider United close to being ready to compete at the top level yet given the youth of the squad and its lack of depth, however I've been fairly impressed with everything but the results. We rode our luck against Chelsea and deserved the win. Against Wolves and Palace we have been profligate from the spot, hopeless at free kicks and set pieces, but overall by far the better side. It's very frustrating.

10.) 25 Aug 2019
25 Aug 2019 08:30:50
AJH re the chat I did the very same and had to leave before feeling obliged to perform an act self-annihilation in the manner of harakiri. Dear me it was a toxic pit of pity and hate. Not for a moment suggesting I enjoyed the match or the outcome but dear me the wailing and hatred in there. I have to wonder what it will be like when facing the inevitable future hiding coming our way.