05 Jan 2020 08:25:41
Tony, you replied to one of my posts on the match posts page saying that it was boring and repetitive and same old same old. I respect that and kind of agree with what you are saying.

It infact is same old same old. Now when Ole and his team are performing same old same old and boring stuff week in week out, i don't see you commenting on that.

I am entitled to criticizing Ole's performance as boring similar to what he is providing on field. I am getting bored by this and i come on here to vent out my frustration. The day i start enjoying this nonsense i won't post same old stuff on here.

By agreeing to and not criticizing these performances, we the fans are allowing the higher ups to sit on their hands and not make the required changes. They are happy amd satisfied because the fans aren't making any noises. Us being silent is enabling them to keep making mistakes. I am not ready for that.

1.) 05 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 10:20:30
Shan ignore the bully boys and hypocrites. They have very very short memories.

2.) 05 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 10:26:14
You mean like how the fans spoke up with LvG and caused the club to scrap the Allegri plan? That sort of "helping" the club by the fans making demands.

The difference with Ole is it will take a hell of a lot for the Old Trafford faithful to turn on a club legend. There are always murmurs of discontent online, keyboard warriors venting frustration at every loss as they have no idea how to deal with disappointment and lack the ability to be even minded step back and assess the situation. They live on emotion and are irrational, and it is far easier to vent and shout mutiny and treason behind the vale of anonymity.

The match going fans are the ones who tend to be heard and listened to. While those fans still appreciate what Ole has done and what he is trying to do, while having a slightly better understanding of what is happening behind the scenes at the club back the manager then the board will feel no pressure at all.

3.) 05 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 10:35:31
Shappy I think the craziest thing is you sit here saying all this when you were doing exactly the same when Jose was in charge. I don’t think what anyone is saying about Ole boring or an agenda, but is a reaction to what we are seeing on the pitch, which is simply not good enough. Everyone is aware what is going on behind the scenes, and that we are going nowhere with Ole as manager. Why can’t Shan or others vent that they believe he’s not the right man for the job without being called toxic or having an agenda? It so hypocritical considering how you acted during the end of Jose’s era. Let’s not try and pretend like you didn’t say things which were personal against him. Does Shan sometimes go a bit overboard with his sarcasm? Perhaps, but this is a platform for him to vent and he’s entitled to do so.

4.) 05 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 10:47:56

Amusing that you say keyboard warriors live on emotion, emotion being the only reason Ole is still in a job.

Actually you have described the very problem which is ruining the club, the inability to deal with the Ole issue because of who he is rather than judging his managerial ability.

Apparently if what I read is true there are many unsold tickets for the City game and I bet after last night the Wolves replay won’t be over subscribed. Ole’s management is starting to put us in a world of apathy, where supporters won’t turn up, won’t pay to watch, won’t pay subscriptions, can’t be bothered tuning in, we will get less TV time and money so eventually the money men will hear the fans.

You also conveniently forget that the club loves its 600 million fan base, uses the number in pitches to the stock market, yet now its just the match going fans that matter and that number is starting to drift.

No pressure on the board, dream on. Whilst Ole is there it is an emotional rollercoaster and when it stops the weeping won’t just be for Ole but for what used to be a relevant institution called Manchester United.

5.) 05 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 11:06:37
You are a hypocrite shappy of the highest order.
Your posts 18 months ago on jose mirror those of shans on ole.

6.) 05 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 11:06:56
Shappy is in denial and continues to live in 1999. Whilst the world has moved on 21 years, Shappy just can't let go. You my friend can live at your pace but don't call anyone who has moved on a toxic. Ole the player is a legend but Ole the manager is thd worst thing that has happened to this club in the last quarter of a century. Yes i am a keyboard warrior but don't kid yourselves that the voices aren't being heard.

7.) 05 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 11:12:21
He was a legend as a player, mostly for one sole goal. In contrast as a manager he is legendary, already, as hapless, naive and destructive force. He has used all of his brand equity, and must go now. Others should too. One of them is Ferguson who has anointed him, and is in part responsible for the cycle of decline that he have spiralled into. This swamp will only be drained if we appoint a sensible manager and support infrastructure, and work out a coherent strategy.

8.) 05 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 11:32:52

Spot on and let’s not forget SAF anointed Moyes and told us to support him too.

We have to get a better manager Immediately, whilst we still have a chance of top four and build around him.

9.) 05 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 11:56:55
Why we rowing and banging on about Ole and the past, the club will look to make a change if Ole does not make CL football and tbh, any manager would struggle at OT with the clown up above them running things. Before we can say this or that manager needs staying or bringing in we need to restructure above then look at putting an identity into recruitment.
Ole may not be the right man or good enough but there's no need to bash him as the club is ran like a joke atm anyway.

10.) 05 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 12:01:06
So no more sitting on the fence, what do you think of ole redman . I couldn't see the game so recorded it, has anyone ever done this and tried desperately to avoid the score and warned people over and over not to tell you the score, then when you've watched it berate people for not telling you it's an awful nil nil.

11.) 05 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 12:08:57
Shan, I posted a long reply earlier but it hasn't appeared. I'm out and about today so will send it on later.

12.) 05 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 12:57:11
😂😂😂slate you must have known 1 side would be nil at least.

13.) 05 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 13:10:20
Shan, I am not accepting of what I see, I just find the same posts after every poor display boring and frustrating. I agree with a lot of what you say, I just don’t need to read it again and again. My view right now:

1. There is a lack of leadership and strategy (copyright Red Man) and this is the root cause of most of our woes.

2. When SAF retired he was allowed to decide on his successor. Hmm, we need someone who has European experience, won a few things, handled big players, plays entertaining football, I know, we’ll appoint that dour Scotsman from Everton even though he doesn’t tick any of the boxes. Naive, foolish, and incompetent.

3. Then we get LVG who should have been here for 3 years but Ed sacked him because the fans weren’t happy. If that’s true then it’s incredibly sad that Woody didn’t have the backbone to back his decision and see through his plan, to bring Allegri in the following year.

4. Then we move to Jose, a winner but pragmatic, moody, grumpy, and never a good fit for us. He won the Europa and then finished runners up and it seems that’s where the falling out started. He wanted players, he didn’t get them. What is most startling is we gave him a new bumper contract and then sacked him within a year having to pay him off.

5. And so to Ole, no top level experience other than relegating Cardiff (copyright Red Man) and it seems a sentimental choice. However, after that incredible initial run there weren’t many not wanting him appointed. Appoint in haste, regret at leisure.

6. Since SAF retired our dealings have been amateurish, paying well over the odds and recruiting players who were not good enough. The money we have wasted is obscene, in any other industry the top man would have been sacked by now for the millions and millions wasted.

I don’t think anyone thinks Ole is the long term answer any more but just changing the Manager won’t fix all of the above. 6 weeks ago people were taking about relegation, and suggesting Ole would be sacked if we lost to Spurs and City. We beat them both, limped up to 5th, people cheered up, but since then it has been pretty dire again.

Pogba has to be sold as soon as possible, he doesn’t want to be here and rumours are his team mates know that so he will just become an unsettling presence. The reshaping is taking too long, we need more out and mor win, but given our transfer record over the last 6 years is anyone confident we will buy well?

I have no answer, I share your frustrations but mine are more with the club and it’s structure as opposed to what I am seeing on the pitch. I’ve loved seeing Williams and Greenwood getting game time, AWB was a great buy, James has real potential, there is a superstar in Rashford struggling to get out. Unfortunately we are being left behind both on and off the pitch by a number of teams and for the ‘biggest club in the world’, that really isn’t acceptable.

14.) 05 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 13:22:47
Fair point ken by the time I'd finished watching it I'd mastered the Michael Carrick is it next week the mother in law is visiting expression.

15.) 05 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 13:45:16
I hold my hands up, I was a toxic fan when I called for Jose to be sacked.

There is no denying that, and I won't pretend to.

Jose was/ is a far better manager than Ole. But the fact remains he didn't want to be at the club and never had the club's best interests at heart.

Yet, for the first 18 months I supported him. Yet when it started going down hill, when he started tearing apart the dressing room, and results started to go down hill I saw no reason to support someone who held our club in utter contempt.

I wanted him gone, and I said so regularly. That was toxic. What sort of supporter actively undermines the leader of their club? Quite simply a toxic one. I was, if you are now then you are a toxic fan.

16.) 05 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 14:00:23
Ole is not the leader of the club he is 1st team coach no more no less.

17.) 05 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 14:08:30
I think this is where the big issue is.

Shappy says that Jose didn’t have the best interests of the club at heart.

We think that because he was a former player, Ole has the best interests of the club at heart.

Both these positions are simplistic.

The best interests of the club are to recognise that massive investment and modernisation are needed. When SAF retired he left the club with an ageing squad with limited quality coming through. This has never been properly addressed.

Jose was pushing for reforms - a DoF, investment in the core of the squad, and zero tolerance for lazy unmotivated players. The club didn’t back him, and things fell apart last season. They backed the likes of Pogba and Martial, and the dressing room was lost.

Ole, in contrast, has continually stated that no major reforms are needed - he doesn’t need a DoF, he is fully backed in the transfer market, and the club is heading in the right direction.

Given the performances on the pitch, the lack of quality in the squad, and the persistently amateur recruitment, is Ole acting in the best interests of the club?

My own take is that Ole is in a very weak position. He is not in the job on merit, and is unlikely to ever get a job at this level again. Therefore, he is pliable. He won’t complain like Jose, he’ll keep smiling and telling us that everything will be peachy in a few years. In other words, he enables the club to put reforms on the back burner, and will be a convenient fall guy at the end of this season.

This isn’t putting the club first. It’s allowing us to stagnate in the name of his own career.

18.) 05 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 14:15:05
Interesting points, but the FACTS are that United are in a worse position than a year ago. The football is still as dire as ever, we're not winning against the weaker teams, our defence is leaking goals at an alarming rate despite over £135m being spent, the manager is too scared to make the big calls re poor form of DDG, Lingard, Mata, but keeps on insisting on playing them in a system that is clearly not working.
I also agree with Ed002 that the club is in tatters and run by amateurs. So, until we get proper owners who will put the right measures in place and identify the manager and his team to enforce a long term plan, we are going to continue this laughable situation.

19.) 05 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 15:15:15
Good post Danny and AAA.

20.) 05 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 15:19:11
Very good post Danny. Agree will all of that.

21.) 05 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 15:29:52
Suit yourself Shappy. Quite literally you are like Ole losing your credibility mate.

22.) 05 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 15:24:52
Good post ajh too.
I think everyone is frustrated apart from a handful who think ole has us heading in the right direction.
Sometimes reading a view time and time again under various guises can be frustrating particularly when you know the view is right but you just don't want it to be right.
Nobody on here likes the situation we are in but there is no point ignoring it. It does good to debate views on here and get your frustration out. If you don't want to read it dont. Lots of people do like reading it and debating it.
3 or 4 days in a row people post pogba must be sold i don't get how that is any different to saying ole must go?

23.) 05 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 15:28:04
So shappy it was ok for you to call for jose to be sacked and write essay after essay on the topic but you think its ok to critisise redman for thing likewise with ole who has a far worse record? How do you draw the conclusion that that is a reasonable way to act?

{Ed047's Note - you may need a super computer to work that out

24.) 05 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 16:44:51
😂 ed047. I just don't understand why redman is being slammed by a few who did the same thing. The double standards are very obvious.

{Ed047's Note - I don’t either, for me he hits the nail on the head 99% of the time.

The truth of the matter is OGS failed at Cardiff and how that merited him getting the massive job of managing United is beyond me.

I wouldn’t want TH14 as manager at Arsenal because he clearly doesn’t have what it takes albeit he is a genuine Arsenal legend, not a 1 goal wonder.

25.) 05 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 17:14:07
That's the craziest thing. They know he is right. They don't even disagree. But don't want him to write it down. That way its not really happening😂😂😂.

{Ed047's Note - ahh the old stick your fingers in your ears and go lalalalala 🤣

I still can’t believe they made it a permanent role when waiting until the end of the season was 100% the most sensible thing to do.

26.) 05 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 17:17:37
spot on Ed and Ken.

27.) 05 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 17:47:47
Shappy, your posts are so hypocritical. Have a bit of humility and remember exactly what you were posting while Jose was in charge. I don't remember Redman ever giving you grief the way you do to him for RIGHTFULLY calling out what an embarrassment Ole is as a coach.

28.) 05 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 17:54:39
I think Woodward was bamboozled into Ole’s appointment after the results as a temp, then became completely carried away by what happened in Paris, the emotion of the night, not able to recognise it was a freak result.

He was also goaded on by people like Rio and Ole’s mates, previously so vocal against Mourinho, getting behind Ole. Woodward went in the opposite direction as a type of manager from Mourinho, so much so it seemed a reaction and certainly wasn’t a well thought out strategy. If I recall correctly the perm decision was actually made after two poor results but instead of saying woah, Utd just ploughed ahead.

Reacting, going in the totally opposite direction with the next appointment might be a natural reaction to a junior manager new to recruitment, however, it should never ever happen at senior level executive level. The fact it did tells us all the decision process is an utter and complete mess. The fact they haven’t had the leadership to correct the utter mess tells us even more how shocking the situation is.

Ole is not the only one needing removal but we have to try to get top four to give us something to build on, to attract players.

However, top four seems to be used as a driver for the timing of a managers sacking, the reason to lower the payout, rather than doing whatever it takes to get to it. That in itself highlights the muddied thinking.

First step is try to get something out of the season whilst we are still in touch and that means sacking OGS and getting someone who knows what they are doing. It really isn’t rocket science.

29.) 05 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 18:05:26
Of course it's happening, it just doesn't need to be written down every bloody day.

30.) 05 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 18:16:12
More to the point I’m a grown adult and don’t require anybody on this site, editor or not, to tell me how to support my team.
If I back the manager and see what he’s trying to achieve he gets my support. Likewise if the football is rubbish, alongside tactics, transfers and other essential aspects, then I don’t back him and want a change.

The toxic rubbish is just that as every football fan up and down the country are either happy with the manager, undecided or want him out.
It’s the same at every club at and at every level so don’t let anybody tell you any different despite what they “appear” to know.

31.) 05 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 18:58:52
Good thread folks. A lot more entertaining than the football on show!

32.) 05 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 18:56:28
Redman feels the need to write it. Don't read it AJH. That way you'll both be happy.
Censorship is up to the editors not posters.

33.) 05 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 20:40:34
Danny what a post that was. Well done and i hope that shooshes up all the Ole supporters.

The issue here is that there is no point in name calling and saying someone is boring.

I find majority of the stuff on here very repetitive and only reply when i n33d to.

Quite frankly this page is not what it used to be.

We used to talk about tactics, players and new formations but now its just about calling each other out.

We are ufcourse going to disagree with each other as we are all different so just chill out and enjoy the ride because there's lots more bumpy rides on the way and we will see a lot more of Watford type results until the change happens.

Another point is if we just sit here and not complain then the change will never happen and us as fans have the right to voice our opinion.

34.) 05 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 20:47:00

Only match going fans should be listened to?

Only they understand what is going on and see clearly and want Ole?

That is some serious bull testicles.

I go to the match, I have no idea what goes on behind the scenes or understand the structure of the club whatsoever. so there.