02 Feb 2020 08:42:03
I don't always agree with Jamie Redknapp but I do on both Martial and Solskjaer.

Martial was awful yesterday, virtually no movement, he is only any good with the ball at his feet facing goal about 18 yards out. I watched Raul, the Wolves centre forward and how he and several of his team ran at us with the ball, unafraid to commit our players. Then I watched our team that got the ball out to full backs yet then passed it inside, whilst Martial stood around waiting for the Hollywood pass. I grew up watching our great wide players, who didn't love Georgie Best, then Coppell and Hill. Now we rely on fast breaks using pace Through the middle and without Rashfords pace we look toothless, tactically bankrupt.

Redknapp says Ole looks a beaten man, doesn't have any spark, his win numbers are terrible. I think Ole and those nodding donkeys that sit alongside him are not just beaten, they are in fear of losing and set their team up not to lose, not to get caught. It is a negative, Cardiff, Hull mindset. Yesterday we contained Wolves at home, great performance according to Ole. I don't think I have been as bored watching United since I was stood on the Stretford End watching Sextons team.

Yes I am at it again, it's because this hurts, the drivel about how Ole is a legend so should be given more time whilst the club withers to insignificance is thoroughly annoying, frustrating and downright stupid. That negative safety first set up yesterday, the don't concede at all costs because once we do we are stuffed, that counter attack at home tactic, is unacceptable as are Solskjaers numbers as a manager. This is far worse than anything under any manager since Sexton.

After 25 games we are below Sheffield United, sat with the also rans, playing to do not lose tactics. We look up and an awful Chelsea team are easily ahead, look further up and Liverpool have more than double our points. Look around us and we have Newcastle, Everton, Southampton not far behind. It's disgraceful and I weep at the lack of leadership, the folly, the hubris coming out of my club. We have to start the comeback, you all must know Ole isn't up to it by now. Yes we need new owners, yes we need new decision makers, a DOF but at least let us watch some decent football, actually looking to attack the opponents goal, not this safety first where shape, shape, shape has replaced Attack, Attack, Attack.

{Ed047's Note - it’s like me trying to believe Unai Emery was taking Arsenal places, he was but it wasn’t upwards.

Some duped by that 22 game unbeaten run at the beginning of his tenure, even gave him the start of this season after the abject failure at the end of last season.

Two managers clearly way, way, way out of their depths. I don’t imagine their is a single fan of any other team in the league that doesn’t want OGS to stay at United.

1.) 02 Feb 2020
02 Feb 2020 09:18:16
We are not a ruthless club.
We let lingard, Jones, pereira keep playing for us again and again and again.
We let Pogba take the piss out of our club.
And we do not sign a striker because we fear it will halt the development of martial.
if Martial is good enough he will grow with the competition of places, if he wants to sulk the door is always open to leave the club.

Then there are angel Gomes and tahith Chong who have shown little flashes and we have been unable to sign them up.

Maybe they won't ever be united players, but I don't really think they have had a proper chance.

If half the game time afforded to pereira and Lingard were given to either of them we would have been better performances.

James Garner is suddenly not training with us for a month.

I'd rather have a coach like hassenhuttl or nagelsmann.

2.) 02 Feb 2020
02 Feb 2020 10:17:08
Top post red man. Can’t argue with any of that. The one positive for me is I think Bruno can be a real player for us. Some really nice passes. Haven’t been this excited for a player for a while. Imagine him under a proper manager.

3.) 02 Feb 2020
02 Feb 2020 10:21:29
No doubt you will get the usual bashing from the usual suspects Red Man, but in all honesty I genuinely fail to understand how anyone can disagree.

4.) 02 Feb 2020
02 Feb 2020 10:37:40
Redman i think we will have to wait until the summer.
Most of the usual suspects have taken a break betty. Funny that.

5.) 02 Feb 2020
02 Feb 2020 10:42:58
Completely right.

Martial looks like a winger playing up front in a training game. No movement, no dragging defenders out of position, no ability to hold up the ball, and no willingness to get on the end of crosses.

Shappy said that he is great at linkup play. Really? When he’s not being muscled off the ball, he’s misplacing one-twos at the edge of the box.

The most damning thing from yesterday was Fernandes. He started the game trying to occupy the space between the defence and mid. Slowly he started dropping deeper when he started to realise that no one was capable of getting the ball to him in those positions. By the end of the game he was often our deepest lying mid because that’s the only way he could influence the game.

6.) 02 Feb 2020
02 Feb 2020 11:13:19

I maybe wrong, but recall I read Ole said he tactically changed Fernandes position at half time, dropped him back to be deep so he could “get more time on the ball” . Our best chance of a goal from midfield pushed back away from goal.

Ken, You May sadly be right. Although I think it may be like with Moyes, just waiting to see if we make top four. It really breaks my heart to see us regress to early seventies standard and accept it.

7.) 02 Feb 2020
02 Feb 2020 11:14:01
Hard to disagree Red Man.
I was just wondering if we had 3 of the Wolves players.

Raul Jiminez as Striker, Adama Troare in RW and Ruben Neves as the holding midfielder.
For the past couple of months, teams have been ganging up on Adama.

8.) 02 Feb 2020
02 Feb 2020 11:37:32
I thought we were awful yesterday, devoid of ideas, passion, energy, pace. James looks massively out of his depth and has done for some time, Pereira was dreadful as he has been regularly, and Martial was, well Martial. I also noticed the comparison with Raul who never stopped running and attacking.

Lots of huffing and puffing but no bite up front and apparently no desire. I even started playing on the iPad I was so bored. Woodward isn’t a fool despite the grief he gets. If we continue post break like this when we have players back then Ole will be gone. Whatever the master pan might be, displays like yesterday are not acceptable, maybe once a season but not as regularly as we are seeing them. Having see off Spurs and a City we should have pressed on but sadly we are sliding backwards.

9.) 02 Feb 2020
02 Feb 2020 11:51:37

There is a real fear of losing in the management, you can see and feel it. It transmits into the tactics.

10.) 02 Feb 2020
02 Feb 2020 12:05:23
Attack Attack Attack, is unfortunately a mantra that has been ignored by ALL the post-Fergie managers.

11.) 02 Feb 2020
02 Feb 2020 12:12:33
I really like Martial so maybe I am being too easy on him but I think Ole is draining the life out of our players. The Wolves players are playing with a confidence that comes from having a Manager that knows what he's doing and having top-level coaches like Ian Cathro.

We are relying on players to basically win games by themselves because those in the dugout have no clue. I don't want to use the cliche that has become too familiar with us since Fergie left but maybe with a good manager players like Martial would have the confidence and freedom to perform more consistently.

12.) 02 Feb 2020
02 Feb 2020 12:21:12
Moyes, LVG, and Jose are all defence first managers. The club knew that when they hired them.

Ole, I still don’t know what type of manager he is, other than a mediocre one. His best performances came before he had time to properly coach the team - just go out and have fun. The more time he has had in charge, the less attacking we have become. There were points yesterday when our forwards were surprised that Fernandes was passing the ball forward in the final third.

At present we play like a midtable side - maintain the shape, keep it tight at the back, and try to nick a goal on the break. I don’t think that this is all down to nerves or lack of quality players, it’s also a coaching team with no real ideas for playing on the front foot.

13.) 02 Feb 2020
02 Feb 2020 12:23:58

This is the worst since Sexton.

14.) 02 Feb 2020
02 Feb 2020 12:29:58
Red Man, as you know, I'm not a fan of Solskjaer at the wheel. And no one can disagree or put up half an argument in his favour.
I have been saying for some time that the problem lies with our forwards being too static. This makes it difficult for any midfielder to thread a pass to them. Watch Raul, or Aguero or any of the top attackers and they never stop making diagonal runs across the defence, trying to pull them out of shape. Martial does non of that.
So my annoyance is with Solskjaer and the coaching team for not picking this up. They play football that has been outdated 10 years ago.
I said from day one that Carrick and Phelan are useless. Carrick is a dour character and he was a holding midfielder (and very good at it) . Phelan as a player was a lingard equivalent but worse (if that's possible! ) . He used to run around like a headless chicken with no idea what he's trying to achieve. So, why did the club allow them to make a team, and how did they think that the three will suddenly turn into passionate, in your ear, managers? We need to see passion, arrogance and fight, but we have three people in charge who are so dour and the team is playing in the same way as the management characters, boring and dour.
Unfortunately, as Ken rightly says, we will not see a change anytime soon.

15.) 02 Feb 2020
02 Feb 2020 13:01:16
I agree AJH, James should not be a starter he is a plan B, he would be better appreciated coming off the bench. He is probably on a par with Pereira, who again should only be considered for the bench with mounting injuries. As for Lingard, he should have gone at least 3 years back, nowhere near good enough for any Premier League team.

We are far too light weight up front and have been for some time. If the hollywood ball doesn't work we struggle to pull defences apart.

16.) 02 Feb 2020
02 Feb 2020 14:20:11
Red Man, I think people forget how bad it was at times under all the previous managers. I stopped watching at half time under LVG. My son, a Utd fanatic, kept finding other things to be at when they were playing. As for Jose, the games against Seville and Liverpool, were two of the most negative games I've ever seen us involved in. And they were just the two that stood out in a pile of steaming poo. He had a full compliment of strikers to choose from, too. The football now, is no different. Too slow, too predictable.

17.) 02 Feb 2020
02 Feb 2020 18:25:57
Sorry lads the usual suspects are here but maybe do not have as much free time as you guys.

We've beaten wolves once since they came up yeah? You're right Ole is to blame for all of those times we didn't beat wolves under jose aswell.

We are down to the bare bones, the players are goosed for energy. So many games. Most will laugh but I really think we will kick on after this 16 day break. Chelsea when we come back, if we win that I believe we will go on finish in the top 4 with relative ease.

In Ole I trust. Believe!

{Ed047's Note - well done for sticking to your guns mate, how much have you bet on it? 😉

18.) 03 Feb 2020
02 Feb 2020 23:34:47
Bet my life on it Ed 😂.

{Ed047's Note - 🤣👍🏼