18 Feb 2020 14:10:07
SON out for a while, possibly for the rest of the season. big blow for spurs with kane already out, but good news for us. quick question for ed002 could spurs make an emergency signing due to these injuries? similar to barcelona currently, or is it a special dispensation in their case?

{Ed002's Note - No and no.}

1.) 18 Feb 2020
18 Feb 2020 17:38:41
From what I read that is a rule of la liga. Love how Barcelona are taking a striker from a side threatened with relegation yet thaf side can't sign a replacement, strange in my opinion.

{Ed002's Note - It is up to individual FAs how transfers are organised to deal with specific issues. It is fine.}

2.) 18 Feb 2020
18 Feb 2020 18:19:45
Yeah no I get the rule Ed and know Barcelona aren't doing anything untoward it just seems a little bit unjust for the smaller side or could some say in a way stupid of them. If I understand correctly, because he had a release clause the club have to accept barcas bid, which just to me seems stupid because they can't get anyone to replace him and their fighting relegation.
Thanks for you answer also as always and sorry know its not United related, just interesting.

{Ed002's Note - He would have a buy out clause rather than a release clause in Spain. The rules in Spain have no provision for what happens in these circumstances and there will again be pressure on the authorities to remove the compulsory nature of the clauses if within 5 days of the transfer deadline or under the emergency provisions.}

3.) 18 Feb 2020
18 Feb 2020 18:51:03
Thanks ed002.

{Ed002's Note - You are welcome.}