04 May 2020 11:58:02
What do people think of the news this morning that the club are apparently no longer looking for a Director of Football?

{Ed002's Note - It was expected once it became clear none of the options previously identified and willing to work with Mr Mourinho were interested now, and that the in house promation would never happed.}

1.) 04 May 2020
04 May 2020 13:47:11
Is it now a case of none of them wanting to work with OGS then ed?

{Ed002's Note - They are not interested in the job at Manchester United.}

2.) 04 May 2020
04 May 2020 13:57:51
Ed002, How important do you see the role as being for Manchester United moving forward? Is it something the club needs, or is it something that wouldn't make a huge impact?

{Ed002's Note - The club needs a complete sort out at that level and responsibilities need to be sorted out. It is a shambles run by amateurs nowadays.}

3.) 04 May 2020
04 May 2020 14:08:56
Ed002, is it just a case of no clear structure/ job role? Or is the issue that there are people there not good enough/ knowledgeable enough for a role at a top club?

{Ed002's Note - It is everything I have explained for a long time - and just re-iterated. It is a shamples run by amateurs.}

4.) 04 May 2020
04 May 2020 14:38:12
Ed002, fair enough. Thanks as always for your input.

5.) 04 May 2020
04 May 2020 17:01:43
The future of our club looks quite bleak. We have owners that aren't ambitious. Granted we've spent enough money on transfers and wages to be challenging higher up the table. We can't sort our own internal structure out which is incredibly alarming.

We've employed a man in our most important position at our club who wouldn't get a job with any team in the top 5 European leagues. Mediocrity has become the norm and we will soon be a decade without a league win. The highlight of our seasons has become beating teams that go on to win trophies.

We're not the only club around now with money. If the Newcastle takeover happens we'll fall further down the league table because our club is a corporation that plays some football on the weekend.

I appreciate the replies further down the page and I do hope I'm wrong about Ole. But I think with this current ownership/ hierarchy in place, we won't be more than a cup team going forward.

6.) 04 May 2020
04 May 2020 19:10:30
Everybody's a critique. Give it a rest already. If Ole delivers he stays if he doesn't he goes. Then the club will hire a next manager with credentials as long as the Mariana Trench is deep. Then the debate about whether the new manager is right for the club after a few draws/ loses will continue as per protocol already established. As for new owners wish upon a star just might be granted. Amazon Arena sounds nice. What do you think.

7.) 04 May 2020
04 May 2020 19:21:07
Clubs work under a certain criteria when it comes to money. Its not like Newcastle owners will be putting money just for the sake of it. There is rules and regulations to follow.

How united is run, we have been told many times how shambolic is, hopefully time will come when everthing will be sorted.

8.) 04 May 2020
04 May 2020 19:22:59
Mumbles - People see what they to see mate. Some can't get over Ole's lack of experience or credentials but I implore everyone to examine our team and even our Club and honestly evaluate in which direction we're heading.

At the moment I actually feel the Club is emitting a sense of professionalism and strength. So far there has been no panic to the pandemic, no knee jerk reaction, no furloughing staff, no threat of pay cuts, deferrals, redundancies or job losses. As you would expect of such an illustrious institution we have stood strong and united in the face of great uncertainty. For the first time in a long time I have actually felt a sense of true leadership, clarity and understanding demonstrated during these unprecedented times.

On the pitch I see an exciting team finally emerging.

In Rashford I see a superstar in the making. I'm absolutely convinced our patience in him will be rewarded over the next couple of years.

Fernandes has brought creativity and an authority to our attacking play.

Martial on his day has that touch of genius and individual brilliance capable of winning any game.

Greenwood has the world at his feet. I have rarely seen such a natural and composed finisher. He strikes the ball so cleanly off both feet I love watching him play. He has the raw ability and potential to take him to the very top of the game.

Maguire and AWB have added a steel, resilience and composure in defence.

The Pogba situation needs resolving, we lack strength in depth and the next couple of additions will be critical but I feel an air of excitement and anticipation that I haven't experienced in a long time.

I genuinely can't wait to see Pogba, Fernandes, Rashford, Greenwood and Martial all line up in the same team together. We finally have a team that I actually want to go and watch rather than just going through the motions and attending matches because of habit rather than actually looking forward to the football on offer.

Give Ole a chance he might just surprise us!

9.) 04 May 2020
04 May 2020 20:12:38
DlIB don't forget shaw and awb, Williams looks the part and I think we will had 1 or 2 . Maybe sancho.

10.) 04 May 2020
04 May 2020 22:19:46
But imagine what a proper coach with a track record of improving players could do?

You are right DLIB, people so see what they want to see. You and Jred have named most of the first 11, but that first 11 and the manager that plays "exciting" football was on course to finish 5th.

5th behind a Chelsea team that could not recruit and lost their best player. Leicester City who have shown what a team can achieve with a decent coach. No harm in trailing City and Liverpool.

I have a lot of patience but I don't have patience for Ole to learn on the job at one of the biggest football clubs in the world, going from 6th to 6th to 5th.

11.) 05 May 2020
05 May 2020 01:52:27
The season hasn't been completed so we are in no position to say the club would have finished in its current position under normal circumstances. Plain and simple truth.

12.) 05 May 2020
05 May 2020 08:38:57
Mumbles, firstly the season hasn't finished and there is every chance that when/ if the season is completed we could get into the top four, win the Europa league and win the FA cup.

If the season is completed and we win two trophies should Ole be sacked?

Secondly, I feel the injuries to key players this season have somewhat derailed the side from performing to the level they are capable of. While rebuilding the squad we lack depth, that I don't think is something we can solely lay at the feet of the manager.

13.) 05 May 2020
05 May 2020 09:19:01
Mumbles what position was jose " a proper coach" when he got sacked. Nothing is a sure thing.

14.) 05 May 2020
05 May 2020 10:04:36
Jred, Jose is undoubtedly a great coach. But he is a divisive personality, he splits opinion everywhere he goes. Fans of Porto, Chelsea, Inter, Real Madrid and United both love and loathe him.

Unfortunately he splits the dressing room as much as he does the fan base. Which makes him a great coach to parachute into a club and get a reaction from the players. Yet long term it doesn't seem sustainable and it seems to always fall apart in his third season at a club.

Conte seems like he might be following a similar path with players mentality drained after a few seasons with him.

Undoubtedly great managers, but better placed as the guys you bring in when you have a great group of players who are starting to stagnate and need a kick up the backside rather than the managers you bring in to rebuild a team from the bottom up. Managers like Klopp and Simeone although very different in tactical approach seem better at building something from very little, getting the maximum out of their players but balanced with a more long term and sustainable view.

15.) 05 May 2020
05 May 2020 10:32:12
We will be in this same position this time next season with or without Ole, we have 0 ambition.