20 May 2020 17:37:25
Looks like deeneys decision to not go back to training was the right one. 2 staff and mariappa all tested positive at Watford. Only 6 overall for the premier league, however for deeney it looks like the choice he made was a wise one, especially with a child with respiratory issues.

1.) 21 May 2020
21 May 2020 16:09:54
He wouldn’t have to spend any time with the people who tested positive until they are negative though so not exactly.

2.) 21 May 2020
21 May 2020 19:49:23
Better to be safe than sorry. Especially if he has a vulnerable child.

3.) 21 May 2020
21 May 2020 22:12:45
Would you risk it? Rather lose my job than risk losing my child.

With an challenge with so little known about it or its long-term effects I can understand why people are being cautious.

No one should be forced to work in an environment they feel uncomfortable in. And asking footballers to play a contact sport when people aren't allowed within 2 metres of eachother is a little unfair to say the least.

If they are happy to do so then fine, but they should not be demonised for wanting to protect the lives and wellbeing of their loved ones.

4.) 22 May 2020
22 May 2020 07:12:15
He has a young child with respiratory issues so whatever choice he makes is the right choice for him and his family right now.

5.) 22 May 2020
22 May 2020 11:11:06

Agreed if that is how he feels and he can afford to not work, he's lucky to have that option so it is up to him. The positive tests mentioned in the OP don't affect that decision IMO as he will never be forced to go near anyone with the virus.

6.) 22 May 2020
22 May 2020 13:31:40
Anybody with a vulnerable person in the household is being told not to work.