26 Jul 2020 11:59:59
I see the Ole PR team getting the excuses in early in the event results don't go our way. Cherry picking silly stats to show the narrative that we're doing great. The permutations are quite simply.
3rd or 4th place finish = success.
5th place finish = failure.

Competitive sports is littered with nearly men. People who have lost by mere milliseconds, by centimetres, by goal difference.

John Terry would have lifted the Champions League was it not for him missing a penalty. A whole campaign that meant nothing all because of that one moment.

Gerrard miss placing a 5 yard pass was the difference for him ending his career as a player that won everything. Now there's a huge Premier League shape hole in his trophy cabinet.

We were top of the league with seconds left just before Aguero scored in 2012. All for nothing.

Every sport, every year has situations like this.

You can slice it up anyway you want. Pull stats out to prove that we're on the way up. All this means absolutely nothing unless at 6:00pm tonight we have booked ourselves a place at the top table of European football.

Last game of the season, in our hands. Nothing but qualification is acceptable.

{Ed047's Note - it’s music to my ears to hear that the 4th place trophy was success after all and making up the numbers is actually acceptable too.

Such a weight off my mind Mumbles after United fans saying for so long it meant nothing. Thank you. 😉

1.) 26 Jul 2020
26 Jul 2020 12:09:02
I thought me and you were friends Ken?

It's simply the next step in our progression ed. Nothing wrong with going in the right direction.

If I'm on here writing the same rubbish because we're battling for 4th in 5 years time then it will have been a rough 5 years.

2.) 26 Jul 2020
26 Jul 2020 12:47:45
If we finish 4th and the players are taking team photos like they just won the league like the Arsenal lot were a few years I'll be horrified Ed.

3.) 26 Jul 2020
26 Jul 2020 12:18:56
We have been battling for 5, 6 and 7 for most of the last 7 years. If we qualify today, that will be top 4 in 2 of the last 3 years, progression.

4.) 26 Jul 2020
26 Jul 2020 12:41:48
To be clear, 3rd or 4th place is not success. It does show progress though.

5.) 26 Jul 2020
26 Jul 2020 13:05:08
Its progress and a step in the right direction.

6.) 26 Jul 2020
26 Jul 2020 13:14:40
Tbh fourth is not a given. If Leicester beat Man U and Wolves beat Chelsea, Man Utd will finish fourth and Chelsea fifth. If Chelsea then go win the champions league and Man Utd fail to win the Europa League, then Man Utd will not get in to champions league via fourth spot. Season Is a failure, It’s just they will get lucky other teams have dropped off.

7.) 26 Jul 2020
26 Jul 2020 13:50:23
It’s a 3rd place trophy today, not that old 4th place one.

8.) 26 Jul 2020
26 Jul 2020 13:57:05
Although Chelsea overturning a 3-0 deficit against Bayern is very unlikely.

9.) 26 Jul 2020
26 Jul 2020 14:03:02
Il be pretty happy if we get top 4 we've had a mixed bag season. Its progress in the sense of going from europa to champs league. But next season we have to get it again for it to be real progress for me. The team and ole still have questions they need to answer. Its a step in the right direction the last few months.

10.) 26 Jul 2020
26 Jul 2020 14:25:22
Chelsea are 3-0 down with an away leg at Bayern. They aren’t going to win the champions league.