06 Aug 2020 17:14:52
Something I haven't seen mentioned here was the reaction after the Martial goal last night and he everyone was smiling.

Ole said Tony was begging him to come on and told him if he did he would get the winner. I don't know about you but that feels a huge change in attitude and confidence from him. He was the best player on the pitch by a mile when he came on, suddenly lifting us to a level above. He's taken a lot of stick on here and some of it definitely warranted but he seems to be loving playing under Ole and absolutely thriving at the minute, hope he keeps it up.

1.) 06 Aug 2020
06 Aug 2020 17:43:01
He has been a beast in second half of the season.
Huge change in attitude and work ethic.
Credit to all Ole.

23 goals and counting this season.

2.) 06 Aug 2020
06 Aug 2020 18:00:35
To think jose wanted rid of him aswell.

What a difference a postive manager makes.

3.) 06 Aug 2020
06 Aug 2020 19:19:58
Ole is GOD himself. Jose is DEMON. Helps? What are Barcelona thinking going for Pochettino, haven't they seen Ole?

4.) 06 Aug 2020
06 Aug 2020 19:26:52
Oh Shan, bless you.

5.) 06 Aug 2020
06 Aug 2020 19:27:58

6.) 06 Aug 2020
06 Aug 2020 19:36:35
🎣 from GDS, let's check the net, oh look a Shan 😂.

On a serious note Martial looks a player reborn. He's found his hunger, he's making runs and off the ball movement that he just wasn't making 2 years ago. If he keeps this up and steers clear of injuries he will be a top player for us.

7.) 06 Aug 2020
06 Aug 2020 19:38:39
May be Barcelona don't want to pay to get Ole😁😃hence going for Pochettino.

8.) 06 Aug 2020
06 Aug 2020 19:41:54
You can't pleas everyone and shan is the proof of this. We get you don't like ole getting boring now. Do you actually support united?

9.) 06 Aug 2020
06 Aug 2020 20:16:00

You can support United and not the Manager. The Manager is a transient employee. Questioning someone’s support for the club because they don’t think the manager is good enough is extremely poor. This is not North Korea.

10.) 06 Aug 2020
06 Aug 2020 20:46:04
I don't understand why few are bitter towards Ole.
Credit where it's due.

11.) 06 Aug 2020
06 Aug 2020 20:46:27
Possibly Red Man - but we’ve been awful since 2013, played turgid football for years.

OGS has flogged loads of players we wanted out, replaced them with younger and better players, and has us playing decent football and got us to 3rd and within reach of the Europa League. The rebuild that we all wanted is actually taking place finally.

Congrats would not go amiss.

12.) 06 Aug 2020
06 Aug 2020 20:52:48
Who would have thought that people could get so upset when we are doing ok 🤣🤣🤣.

13.) 06 Aug 2020
06 Aug 2020 21:14:10
I am not bitter towards Ole, how could I, he scored that goal but I am objective about him as a manager. I don’t follow the emotional sentimental course that some do. Yes we got top four and that was welcome, I said well done. However, I also see the same in game management and tactical errors, perhaps others overlook because of who he is. Ed001 and 2 say it, but because Ole has the sentimental choice no one will listen.

There is still no reason for danny to question someone’s loyalty to the club, because they don’t believe the manager is good enough.

14.) 06 Aug 2020
06 Aug 2020 21:48:50
In the last 6 months there have been many positives no matter whether you believe ole is a good manager or not.
Up to Christmas we were awful we finished the previous season awful. During those periods we played some of the worst football since dave sexton was manager.
As a result of the results and performances up to xmas this season we finished closer to relegation than top points wise.
But since bruno signed the results since got us to 3rd place our points total over that period only bettered by city and liverpool. With spurs 2 points behind.
Over that period players like shaw awb martial greenwood bruno matic and rashford all were playing very well imo.
I think for most of this season ole was probably only 2 bad results from the sack. Throughout that time he had conducted himself very well and mature and improved in his dealings with the media.
He has the job he has done just enough to hang on to it.
If he starts hot next season he has a great opportunity to build on the momentum he built in the 2nd half of this season.
If he has a poor start he will come under pressure quickly.
Lots of reasons to be doubtful of his ability but in the past 6 months in a results business he is beginning to give doubters cause to think and hope.
It would be absolute folly to think ole has cracked it but its also absolute folly not to recognise the improvement in some key players and results since bruno came in Jan.

15.) 06 Aug 2020
06 Aug 2020 21:59:14
I think after the Lord Mayors Show we are all experts. OGS has made some tactical errors, but no ore than the tactical and managerial superstars that were LVG, Moyes and Jose.

Personally, I don’t think OGS is the ultimate answer either to be fair, but compared to the three names above, he’s a breath of fresh air, and is finally doing the rebuild job everyone on these pages craved - and we are playing much eye pleasing football. For that, I say well done, keep it up.

Perhaps with the right structure, ie a good DoF and I think a stronger coaching set up to replace Phelan’s influence, we might be in good shape.

16.) 06 Aug 2020
06 Aug 2020 22:13:18
Redman I agree to an extent but if you support a team you get behind the players and staff, don't look for an excuse to have a pop at the manager at every opportunity. We finished 3rd which many of us thought was impossible at one stage and also into the qf of europa league, ole deserve some credit or respect. My point aimed at shan was simply every time I come on here win, draw or lose he bashing ole or a player in some way that's why I questioned him, surely there are some positives he can take at times.

17.) 06 Aug 2020
06 Aug 2020 22:29:09
Danny I've been a super for 45 years.
There is many a player or manager i didn't like over that time.
I don't like martial i didn't like rvp i didn't like ince or sexton but i jump as high as any supporter when they score or do well.
Critisism is fine its ok for antibody to express their opinion just because it differs from your way or thought doesn't mean they like the club any less than you. People who don't see fault and defend what others see as indefensible are just as odd in my book.
If redman was in charge ole would be first out the door
If shappy was in charge we would sign 78 players and all be happy chaps
If shane was in charge rash is a goner
If i was in charge martial would be gone
If noucamp was in charge he would bring Gordon hill back to play lw
Some would make pogna captain others want him burnt at the stake.
But we all follow united.

18.) 06 Aug 2020
06 Aug 2020 23:27:09

Out of couriosity I wanted to ask why didn't you like RVP?

19.) 07 Aug 2020
06 Aug 2020 23:49:25
Hi Singh,
Hard to say exactly just never took to him. Sometimes i don't connect with a player.
Always respected him just didn't appeal to me as an individual.

20.) 07 Aug 2020
07 Aug 2020 00:04:26
Ken we all critise at time and have things we dislike at times I get that. We will never all agree on a player or manager but while they are here you get behind them that is the point I was making. I never said I support the club more than others I just made my observation and asked a question.

21.) 07 Aug 2020
07 Aug 2020 00:47:52
I hear you Danny i support the club some of its employees i admire some i dont. When they go out on the pitch i want them all to do well. Just like you or shan or anyone else on here. Except mighty reds of course😂.

22.) 07 Aug 2020
07 Aug 2020 07:49:44
I don't get how people get so upset or don't like players they don't know .
Its all lines in the sand on here and people not wanting to be wrong .
This season has been a full on rebuild, we have seen that but the direction has been there from the start . and some are finally starting to see that . Others still don't want to.

23.) 07 Aug 2020
07 Aug 2020 07:51:16
should also say criticising is fine but it needs to be justified, some of the criticism on herr is a joke.

24.) 07 Aug 2020
07 Aug 2020 09:34:01
Who is upset?
Who does peoples critisism need to be justified to? You jred?
People are entitled to critisise if they feel its justified. If you don't agree that's fine but nobody needs to justify anything to anybody else if that's how they feel they are entitled to say it.

25.) 07 Aug 2020
07 Aug 2020 10:12:03
My OP was a post about how Martial has improved and his attitude has improve which it has quite obviously true. It wasn’t a wind up or anything like that, every post on here these days turns into somebody slagging one of our players off or mainly the manager if they don’t like that someone has said that actually he might be doing ok.

I don’t think ‘people won’t listen because Ole is the sentimental choice’ Red Man, I think people are bored of being told how bad he is when he’s done a decent job. Obviously the majority like him because of how good he was as a player, but that also means he ‘gets the club’ and is a fan which means he can make decisions that a fan would make. We wanted Fellaini out, Ole did it almost immediately even though previous managers were using him as an important part of the tactics. Sanchez, Smalling, Jones, Rojo all players the majority on here wanted rid of that previous managers have used regularly, Ole doesn’t want them. There are others too. You can’t deny he is doing some things very right.

I said when Ole came in that I think he might end up being the fall guy and not quite be up to the standard tactically that we require, but will improve so many aspects of the club that the squad and club he leaves will be a much much better one than the one he joined, I still stand by that, I just don’t post it every day on every post to get my point across as people would get bored very quickly.

26.) 07 Aug 2020
07 Aug 2020 10:15:44
I would be disappointed if I couldn't get this starting 11 into 3rd place never mind Ole.

You think because we played well against a few sides we will do it all season? You remember the AMAZING run when Ole was appointed we resorted back. Now the honeymoon is over again after lockdown he will resort back when he can't go for it. He was playing for his job again, now he's got another full season to get his feet under the table.

27.) 07 Aug 2020
07 Aug 2020 12:00:25
DanJames, What are you on about? Deluded if you genuinely think you are a better manager than anyone currently employed as a football manager anywhere in the football league.

We all think we know best, yet as Ed002 will attest we actually know very little of the inner working of a professional football club. So how could any of us genuinely manage one.

While I agree on paper our current starting 11 looks strong enough for third place, the reality is that for large parts of the season we haven't been able to name anything close to our strongest 11. Pogba injured for 8 months, Rashford, Martial, Shaw and Matic inured for 2-3 months each, McTominay out injured for 2 months over the busy Christmas period, Bruno not part of the squad until the start of February, while Greenwood was doing well, he didn't really kick on until after the restart, where it was clear he had filled out during the break.

So context is needed to understand the big picture. The issue we have is that we don't have quality in depth to offer a challenge to our first team players to keep them on their toes, nor is there a rotation option to give them a break and stop them getting injured due to fatigue. Rashford had to play for nearly a month with a stress fracture in his back, before he got a second fracture and was out for 2-3 months.

28.) 07 Aug 2020
07 Aug 2020 12:06:52
Come on Shappy you're better than that.

If you want me to feed you: I think the point was I could manage this side with the starting 11 on show.

29.) 07 Aug 2020
07 Aug 2020 12:37:08
DanJames, really? Pogba and co will listen to you why? What experience do you have?

We are all backseat managers at times. But the truth is we don't have the ability or the knowledge to actually manager a top football club.

30.) 07 Aug 2020
07 Aug 2020 13:22:07
DJ, This is not play station that anyone can come in and manage.
You would need the respect of the squad, manage egoistic figures and much much more.