07 Aug 2020 16:03:09
Low key I think the salary caps that League 1 and 2 are introducing could be a pivotal moment. If it's a success then we might see salary caps introduced further up the football pyramid.

Something needs to be done, as the increase between the have and the have nots, are forcing sides that can't afford it to pay higher and higher salaries until these clubs go bust.

1.) 07 Aug 2020
07 Aug 2020 16:22:05
Capitulating to wage demands you can't afford is weak management.
How would you feel if your earnings were capped.
I wouldn't be at all happy.
Which club has had the highest wage bill in England for the last 7 years? How many titles have they won?

2.) 07 Aug 2020
07 Aug 2020 16:31:44
Not convinced by salary caps.

1. They do nothing about the obscene amounts of money involved in football. They simply make the top teams even more attractive business prospects as the money saved on salaries will go into the pockets of those who already have the most. In addition, it will lead to a reduction in tax income from football as wages yield higher tax revenues than corporate profits.

2. Any hint of a level playing field will lead to a big push for a breakaway super league where the best players will earn far higher wages. Perhaps this is what is needed, an elite European league without salary caps and domestic, capped, leagues. But I’m not sure that the clubs left behind will be in any better position with the majority of sponsors and tv money inevitably following the super league.

3.) 07 Aug 2020
07 Aug 2020 16:56:26
When you think that Sanchez was earning more in a year than most teams in the Championship have ever spent on a transfer fee you realise the huge gap between those aspiring to get into the EPL and those near the top of the EPL.

I'm not sure its fair to call paying a little more than you can afford weak management. If you are a chairman for a club near the top of the Championship signing that player could be the difference between promotion or not. While promotion to the EPL is worth more than that club will earn in total probably in two years in the Championship.

It's a very fine line between ambition and stupidity, and sometimes the bounce of a ball or the rub of the green can be the difference between a gamble paying off or blowing up in your face.

The options are simple, we either need to cull a significant number of clubs from the professional game or we need to make sure that the gap between the top and the bottom does not grow any further.

4.) 07 Aug 2020
07 Aug 2020 17:03:47
Its not forcing sides to pay higher and higher wages, they are doing this out of their own volition.

If they are acting recklessly with their finances, they should be allowed to go bust as bury did.

If the players agree to this cap then fine but i think the PFA have a strong case if this was all agreed without input from the players association.

5.) 07 Aug 2020
07 Aug 2020 17:32:26
DSG, the issue is these clubs have been about for as long as 100 years or more.

Yet someone can come in buy a club, gamble on making it to the EPL and bankrupt a that club. Imagine if the Glazers did that with us? Would you be happy to see our club go out of existence due to someone else's gamble?

6.) 07 Aug 2020
07 Aug 2020 17:38:38
The salary cap is a good idea imo. Footballers are paid way too much money. Put it into perspective angel gomes wanted 30k a week it would take the average worker in England a lifetime to earn what he gets a year. I know people will say its a short career, but say he averages 100k a week over this career that is enough money to last several generations. You have football clubs in league 1 and 2 going bust all the time and this yearly wage for 1 player is what these clubs can pay a whole year for the entire playing staff.

7.) 07 Aug 2020
07 Aug 2020 17:47:58
Shappy you have gone from the OP of paying too much and forcing clubs to go bust -to- paying a little mite than you can afford.
Paying so much that you go bust is weak management and reckless.
Taking a calculated risk by paying a little more is fine as long as post the risk the club is sustainable if the risk doesn't pay.
Live within in your means.
If you can't make the club sustainable then that club should become semi pro until they can support themselves. Personally i'd like to see the div1 and div 2 clubs be allowed become feeder and partner clubs with wealthier clubs having maybe up to 6 loanees under a certain age whilst they operate in leagues lower than championship.
United could supply 2 clubs with 6 players from the academy same with Liverpool and Chelsea etc. Scrap the u23 league's.
The snr clubs cover the wages and they get to see how players develop. Standards would rise in those league's. Most clubs have 6 elite young players for free reducing their wage costs substantially.
Creative solutions can be found.

8.) 07 Aug 2020
07 Aug 2020 18:30:17
Imagine a salary cap that's not worldwide the premium league would never risk it. The players will just move elsewhere.

9.) 07 Aug 2020
07 Aug 2020 18:31:19
So what Danny. Do snooker players earn too much? Does head of tesco earn to much? Actors? Rock stars? Owner of Amazon? Dart players.
Thankfully we live in the free world where we can express our opinions and earn what we can.
A lot of epl footballers pay more income tax in 10 years than the average man will earn in a lifetime.
I agree its savage money but if 30k is the going rate for an epl player great if he can get a contract at 250k a week then fair play. If your average plumber banker baker is upset by that why didn't they become footballers?

10.) 07 Aug 2020
07 Aug 2020 18:58:15
Obscene or not, all that money comes from us mugs that continue to pay Murdoch whatever he decides to put sky premiums up to.

11.) 07 Aug 2020
07 Aug 2020 18:51:43
Football across the world would have to unite for a salary cap to work. i'd say mayne a basic wage cap would be better say 30k a week then its if u make the squad play a game etc u make your money that way. Would maybe also make footballers look after themselves better as there would be a incentive to be playing and fit. Its all just a pipe dream. Win or lose they get paid n a lot give no f***s.

12.) 07 Aug 2020
07 Aug 2020 18:54:59
Salary caps may or may not be the answer, I think they could form part of the answer. But either way football under its current guise cannot support 100+ professional club's with the money being so disproportionately shared.

When a professional footballer in League 2 is on 2-3k per week, but that club is three good years away from a league where players are earning 300k plus per week then the system is broken. Clubs are going out of existence, and something needs to be done.

Be that a salary cap, spending limits, a reduction of professional club's or much stricter restrictions on who can buy/ own a club. Something needs to change.

13.) 07 Aug 2020
07 Aug 2020 18:55:24
Bit perverse to cap the salaries of league 1&2 players if the motive is to cap exorbitant player salaries danny.

The average league one player earns £70K a year and the average league two player earns £48K a year. I admit that is from a quick google search so not sure about the validity of these figures.

But if you take them at face value is that a lot of money for what is a 10 year career at best?

14.) 07 Aug 2020
07 Aug 2020 19:05:42
Im not a mug for buying sky sports i get good value out of it.
Ive pairs of shoes and suits i paid more for that i wear maybe once a month that are worse value than what i pay for cable tv. Some
People take trains 5 miles to work instead of cycling now that's a waste of money imo.

15.) 07 Aug 2020
07 Aug 2020 19:18:15
Ken were talking about men that kick a ball around for a few hours a day, fair enough they are very talented at it but no way do they deserve all that money, that's my opinion. Fair enough they do pay the tax and a lot of it at that but the wages should be capped. I'm not saying give them 100 quid a week they can still have a handsome wage, but 250k a week is stupid, when you have nurses and soldiers earning 20 odd k a year, now that is a hard job that deserves good money.

16.) 07 Aug 2020
07 Aug 2020 20:04:34
I don't dispute that lots of people are underpaid and undervalued Danny like nurses but that's not the point.
I also don't dispute that some footballers earn outrageous money.
But so do lots of others. I would never want to live in a world where my earnings are capped.
Who should dictate another person's earning limits.

17.) 07 Aug 2020
07 Aug 2020 21:16:39
Ken I hear you 100% and respect what your saying, that's the pijt I was making they can still have a handsome wage just not to the extent it is at the moment. If they capped it in tiers for instance 100k a week for elite players, they can still earn millions a year, but could maybe make the merchandise and tickets cheaper or sky and bt cheaper so everyone can enjoy it more. Why does 1 player need 20 mill a year? It would also maybe make players appreciate what they have instead of looking for that next big payday. I know I've used him as an example before but gomes at 19 looking for 30 k a week when he hasn't done anything yet is an example.

18.) 07 Aug 2020
07 Aug 2020 21:57:07
Danny gomes turned down 30k a week and signed for lille for less as it happens.
If the players don't get it there is no way merchandise or tv will become cheaper. The owners get it so what then? cap how much their company or club can earn. Why should footballers be victimised or would it be baseball and basketball players and boxers then actors and rock stars.
Its just not right to control anybodies ability to maximise their earnings and to limit them imo.

19.) 07 Aug 2020
07 Aug 2020 22:05:01
Just because ‘something’ needs to change or because someone’s personal opinion is that footballers earn too much are probably not reasons that are enough to introduce salary caps. Football club is a business in this regard and a rules like FFP have the ideology in making sure that the business can run and reduce the risk or bankruptcy. Capping salaries - an expense - without any relation to the topline of the business is likely to have many unintended consequences. It’s not just morally questionable, it’s also that logically. How exactly will capping salaries distribute wealth more? What’s taken out of a club or bad investments made by a club will remain. Most likely, the transfer fees will go up as affordability increases to maintain a player.

20.) 08 Aug 2020
08 Aug 2020 07:41:26
A salary cap on elite athletes will never happen in the UK. There’s some debate as to whether it’s even legal to restrict what a person can potentially earn in this way, but I doubt we will ever find out as the top clubs would do everything they could to block it and pretty much all top flight players would be against it. Whilst other clubs might be keen on the idea in principle as it could help to bridge the game between the haves and have nots, they would also be very weary of the risk of a salary cap pushing the bigger clubs into a breakaway league - which would ultimately hurt the smaller clubs a hell of a lot more than salaries remaining uncapped ever could.

21.) 08 Aug 2020
08 Aug 2020 09:43:10
Should sainsbury reduce the price of are groceries because they are earning too much money