19 Aug 2020 13:20:17
Don't get the Brooks love inl. Spent most of the season out injured. Or are Manchester United obsessed with British players.
Why can't we just go after a real player like Saul.

1.) 19 Aug 2020
19 Aug 2020 13:33:37
Because they won’t sell Pogba, and Saul would be a direct replacement.

I think the club have a very confused transfer strategy, and thought they would get their targets for cheaper because of C.V. Now they’re looking at cheaper options in the hope that this will enable them to get one big name.

2.) 19 Aug 2020
19 Aug 2020 13:50:09
Where’s the love in?

Think people are saying he’s a good player who would be a better squad player than Pereira and lingard, he has been out injured which is the main worry as to whether he has come back the same, but before the injury he was a really good player and Bournemouth really missed him this season.

Does a ‘real player’ mean a big name? We can’t just sign all the big names as you well know.

3.) 19 Aug 2020
19 Aug 2020 16:32:52
No a real player is the likes of Saul who is a world class player.
No good having a big name if you can't play.
Brooks might have potential like David james.

4.) 19 Aug 2020
19 Aug 2020 18:01:55
So you mean an experienced world class player rather than someone with potential like the ex Liverpool and England keeper?

Like I said, you know we can’t just sign loads of world class players, I’ve always enjoyed is signing players from lower down who have done well for us, Saha, Berba, Carrick, Rio etc.

5.) 19 Aug 2020
19 Aug 2020 18:48:52
Who's the loads of world class players we have.

6.) 19 Aug 2020
19 Aug 2020 22:45:17
Weren't berbatov and ferdinand record, or close to being record, fees at the time?

7.) 19 Aug 2020
19 Aug 2020 23:18:39
Yes Sepp, does that change my point? Signed good players from lower levels teams, Keane was also a ‘big money signing’ at the time, he had just been relegated, whatever happened to him?

8.) 19 Aug 2020
19 Aug 2020 23:29:32
That's a fair question leahy.

And back to the original point, brooks is a good player but we need great players right now.

9.) 20 Aug 2020
20 Aug 2020 08:46:27
We don't need new squad players on the wing, we have perfectly good backup players there. We need a new first choice RW so we don't have to use players who should be promising backups as first choice!