28 Aug 2020 12:19:22
After seeing the official statement from the board.

Will be interesting to see how many want ole out come January,

The recruitment is so poor, leaving it late again.

Club are putting ole in the same position they did with jose, and when the results are no good because the squad is knackered and we don't have many options from the bench everyone will turn on Ole,

The real problem is the amateurs running the club.

1.) 28 Aug 2020
28 Aug 2020 12:42:03
I guess we should get Chelsea's chief Marina lol.

They are recruiting and filling all the gaps in the squad.
This is called Proper backing of the manager.

2.) 28 Aug 2020
28 Aug 2020 12:56:30
What was in this statement? can't seem to find it on the tinterweb.

3.) 28 Aug 2020
28 Aug 2020 13:14:10
Malachians has it on Twitter, he did a lot of work to get the official statement, I cannot copy and paste it on here for some reason,

4.) 28 Aug 2020
28 Aug 2020 13:48:55
I'm not on Twitter but I'm not sure if it would be common practice for the club to email a host of radio show outlining our summer plans?

The tweet apparently says:
The club will continue to support the manager.
This summer is not "Business as usual" due to the financial uncertainty due to C.V.
The club must be cautious during these times.

There's still a lot of time left in the window but it's not ideal for Ole since we're back in training on Wednesday.

5.) 28 Aug 2020
28 Aug 2020 14:01:09
It says United will be cautious in the transfer market because of C.V. and the long term economic impact on revenue. This summer will not see business as usual.

6.) 28 Aug 2020
28 Aug 2020 14:06:04
Thanks for clarifying, i get its not fashionable to sympathise with the hierarchy at the club but on this one i do get where they are coming from to be honest.

7.) 28 Aug 2020
28 Aug 2020 14:38:28
Roughly translated. we'll most likely be signing no one.

8.) 28 Aug 2020
28 Aug 2020 15:30:08
Yes that’s exactly what it means, no signings, this place is worse than the United Facebook comments section at times.

9.) 28 Aug 2020
28 Aug 2020 17:31:17
You can see where they are coming from DSG? Enlighten me. So you're behind the boards decisions are you GDS2?

10.) 28 Aug 2020
28 Aug 2020 19:42:41
Maybe it's just a tactic so we don't pay the united premium. I'm sure there is money to spend we maybe are just trying to spend more wisely this summer. I'd bet anyone on here that we do make atleast 1 decent signing.

11.) 28 Aug 2020
28 Aug 2020 20:16:17
Of all summers that club is not going to “overspend” i can understand it being this summer post lockdown.

12.) 29 Aug 2020
29 Aug 2020 00:21:47

I like you have no idea what the boards decisions are for this summer so neither of us can be for or against, let’s judge at the end of the window as usual.

13.) 29 Aug 2020
29 Aug 2020 10:51:04
I said weeks ago that the financial hit from C.V. is something all business will take into account. Right now we don’t know when full stadiums will return, so that income stream is limited. It would be financially reckless to splurge too much in the present uncertainty, the judgement is going to depend on the attitude of the financial decision makers and how they see the hit. The statement does fit that narrative, but it also gets a message out that we won’t overpay.

I think we will spend but not as much as people want. Chelsea look ambitious in their spending but their owner is not worried about dividends.

{Ed047's Note - Chelsea obviously had this money due to their transfer ban and previous player sales so they had a big pot of money which they appear to be spending very well.

Their goalkeeper obviously remains an issue.

I didn’t think it was wise of Ollie to say that they would be spending big money when the Pandemic first started as United would be one of the few clubs that had money.

14.) 30 Aug 2020
30 Aug 2020 12:00:00
Hi Ed

Yes sweeping statements like that are not helpful, yet Woodward has also made them as well in the past.

Chelsea look determined to improve and challenge at the top, I don’t see that determination in our club as much.

{Ed047's Note - it’s difficult to get a true grasp of the clubs want Red as they have made some very good buys but sadly more terrible ones and one buy doesn’t seem to fall in line with the next or what need prioritising.

The purchasing of players is an absolute mine field and getting them right is a nightmare.

Defensively you still look weak, as in very vulnerable when teams attack you, but equally stats seem to show a different picture.

I can’t honestly imagine the pressure people like Woodward must be operating under and I wouldn’t want his job for love nor money.

15.) 31 Aug 2020
31 Aug 2020 14:14:16
Hi Ed

Yes said a number of times and for some time on here, we need a centre back partnership, someone alongside Maguire with some recovery pace, a Rio. SAF always built his teams on a solid CB pair, we haven’t.

We need to decide on our plan because the full backs don’t lend to be too attacking. Shaw is ok going forward, but is injured too much, I like young Williams but not sure he can use his left foot enough to be a left back. AWB is a good tackler but is wanting going forward. Maybe they can coach him.

As to Woodward. Pressure is making ends meet to pay the rent or mortgage and feeding your family, and how you do it if you lose your job. Woodward has different pressure, yet at £5m a year he is made for life.

{Ed047's Note - your back line is a concern Red, AWB is the best of them but again lacks the attacking side of his game but hopefully it will come with some good coaching.

I think like you say, Maguire would be fine with real quality next to him and rather than spend a fortune on Sancho those in power should be digging out blind to get Upamecano.

Not convinced with Shaw or Williams as of yet, Williams looks to have the appetite and fire in his belly but not sure that’s enough.

DVB looks like a good buy if you get him and it’s a shame circumstances won’t mean you see the back of Pogba.

Pressure wise I was talking more in the football world than us at the lower end where pressure is a whole different ball game.

Woodward has to get it right for the massive fan base and a billion dollar company and not everyone is made out for doing that.

16.) 31 Aug 2020
31 Aug 2020 16:11:08
Hi Ed

Agree there is pressure on Woodward but it would lessen if the club appointed a DOF that reported directly to the Board and not to Woodward.

The football side would put pressure on Woodward because that is not his area of expertise. He is an accomplished Financier, who seems to think he knows football.

You only need to watch the video of him saying how other teams would shake when they saw Schweinsteiger on the pitch to know he is clueless on the football front.

{Ed047's Note - OMG did he really say that! 🤦‍♂️ and yep that would be the ideal and sensible idea.