06 Sep 2020 18:44:29
Interesting article in the Guardian by Daniel Harris on Ole and his management at United.

Well worth a read. Balanced.

1.) 07 Sep 2020
07 Sep 2020 08:23:48

I read it this morning, not sure it was balanced as you put it. It did give him credit, however, whilst it referred to the issues dealing with the pressing game, it didn’t mention the very obvious problems/ shortfalls of his in game management.

2.) 07 Sep 2020
07 Sep 2020 09:12:48
On one hand they said Ole has improved many aspects around the club. Yet the whole article is based around Ole's focus on having the right players both in terms of mentality and talent. It states that Ole isn't a tactical manager such as Pep, but that actually just having better players working together will win you most of your games without having to be a tactical genius.

To that end Pep hasn't made it to a UCL semi final without Messi, Xavi and Iniesta in his side. Pep has always had the best players and his side's have struggled when he hasn't been able to buy the players he needs to make his system work. At City his second 11 is as good or better than any side in the league's first 11. No doubt he reads the game better than Ole and he has won more than Ole ever will.

We slate Ole for his lack of in game management, yet if you were the manager and you looked over your shoulder at your bench and saw Andreas Pereira, Lingard, Mata, James and Ighalo as your options to turn the tide of a game which would you bring on?

The article states that Ole probably won't be the manager to win our next title, but that he might be the manager who lays the foundations for out next title winning side.

3.) 07 Sep 2020
07 Sep 2020 12:18:22

Sorry but not making substitutions because of what is on the bench is lame excuse for his poor in game management. Anyway didn’t you tell us all these players were great and it was Mourinho’s fault not winning the league with them? A manager who leaves tired players on the pitch giving less than 100% because they are tired is foolish. A fit tryer is better than someone who is too knackered. When we needed a goal he left Ighalo on the bench until was it 93rd minute? What was the logic of paying millions for the loan.
Ole’s tactics and more important his in game management is an issue, his tactics for the FA cup semi were awful. If he isn’t going to win the league, at some point soon, that means another manager who may not fancy the players Ole has bought, so it has to be ripped up. How far down the line do we go with Ole on that basis. He starts next season but sticking with a manager who we believe can’t win the league is not acceptable for long at Manchester United. The question is when will he have done what he can?

4.) 07 Sep 2020
07 Sep 2020 13:29:15
Red man, City have Pep and a phenomenal squad. To think people are questioning us signing DvdB when we have Pogba and Bruno in the first team. Look over at City who have Sterling, Mahrez, Bernardo Silva, Aguero, Gabriel Jesus, Foden and just signed Ferran Torres to replace Sane. Seven players good enough to be first choice for pretty much every side in the league while City only have 3 spaces in the team for them meaning 3 or 4 will sit out every game.
Liverpool have Klopp who had built a fantastic team that probably play the best football in the league.

Be fair and name one manager who could come into United and with the players we have finish above those two?

Simply put the two best managers in the world are at our two closest rivals. We have a good first 11, albeit several players are a few years away from their peak. The issue is the quality on the bench is shocking. The fact is that the players on our bench wouldn't start for Everton, Leicester, Wolves or Sheffield United let alone Spurs or Arsenal who are the traditional challengers for top four.

You always need to bring up your school girl crush Jose Mourinho. Well firstly Mourinho had a better squad than Ole has currently, he bought players like Lukaku, Zlatan and Sanchez for big money then either couldn't get the best out of them or they have since left.
Jose lost his job because he did what everyone knew would happen. He picked fights with everyone, sulked, bullied and created an awful atmosphere which put the club in a steep downward spiral.

Ole has since changed that atmosphere, created a more together dressing room, he has shipped out several of José's failed signings. On the whole the players that have been brought in under Ole have improved the team and he is giving young players a chance to reach their potential. While he has the club in an upward trajectory then their is no reason to fire him.

5.) 07 Sep 2020
07 Sep 2020 13:31:45
Thank you Shappy, I thought the article was a good read and fairly well balanced.

Red Man, I'm not going to get into whether the in game management is good enough or not, I would just like to know who would you have as a manager to replace Ole?

We tried LVG and JM but neither were able to alter the dire football that was being produced, plus some poor signings as well.

6.) 07 Sep 2020
07 Sep 2020 13:45:20
Did he not get to 3 ucl semi finals with bayern I'm pretty sure he did.

7.) 07 Sep 2020
07 Sep 2020 15:28:23

This has been done to death. LvG was a mistake, should have been to restructure the club, with Pep lined up to take over. However they didn’t buy him the players he wanted and asked for. Looked to me like they bought commercially viable ones.

Mourinho miraculously won two cups, got us to second with a rabble, despite everyone saying they were good enough to be Champions, now they referred to as terrible. He asked for certain players, a central defender was one if I remember and they didn’t buy them. He should have resigned on 1st Sept but stayed for the pay off. I didn’t want LvG, I said on here I wanted Klopp.

Quoting LvG or Mourinho in no way justifies the appointment of Ole with almost zero experience based upon an emotional ride. He achieved the bare minimum of top four so will be manager for the start of next season. Therefore we have a manager. However, there are hundreds of coaches/ managers with more experience and relevance than Ole.

Personally I think Simeone would put a fire in us, something we need to have when up against Klopp and Pep, we need to break back in. There are plenty of others, the manager at Ajax, Allegri but the club need a DOF who defines the direction and not the amateurs we have running it now.

The DOF should make the appointment next but it means someone who has power now will lose it and that likely means more of the same. So when choosing the next manager I don’t trust that we won’t make another mess. Whoever it is next, sentiment and emotion shouldn’t be part of the decision.

8.) 07 Sep 2020
07 Sep 2020 15:43:55

“bring up your school girl crush Jose Mourinho”. You write like a child when challenged, hitting out because you don’t like anyone disagreeing.

1) “Mourinho had a better squad than Ole has currently, he bought players like Lukaku, Zlatan and Sanchez for big money”. Lukaku and Sanchez were available to Ole. Ole has splurged how much on Maguire, AWB, James and Bruno and how many points did we get this last season?

2) José's failed signings. As with LvG, it doesn’t appear the club bought the players either manager asked for. So they weren’t Jose’s failed signings, probably no more than Ole’s failed or successful ones.

3) “On the whole the players that have been brought in under Ole have improved the team”. You yourself wrote another long post days ago indicating only one of three of Ole’s signings were good enough. So which is it?

You are supposedly an adult, try communicating like one or you may find it difficult when leaving the cosseted world of student, even mature student life.

9.) 07 Sep 2020
07 Sep 2020 15:50:40
Red Man, I wouldn't go for Simeone. One Europa League win in 6 years. He did well at Atletico when they had a good team and Barcelona and Madrid had an off season. But he has since taken the club backwards. Similar to Pochettino in that he took over a decent team, improved them for a couple of years then they have stagnated or even regressed. The difference is Someone has taken the next step and actually won things.

Erik Ten Hag would probably be my top choice if we were looking for another manager. Others I'd consider would be Marco Rose and Jesse Marsch. As a club I think we do better giving chances to younger talented players and managers rather than the tried and tested out of the box options.

10.) 07 Sep 2020
07 Sep 2020 16:17:32
Simeone is a poor choice imo Red Man.
The football is dire and his team should have done much better considering Real's and Barcelona's rebuild.

And Jose's United finished 6th in EPL in his first season.

11.) 07 Sep 2020
07 Sep 2020 17:50:09

Simeone has had to deal with Real and Barcelona when they had Messi and Ronaldo. My thoughts are the club needs to appoint a DOF reporting directly to the board, not to Woodward and go from there. I think anything other than being close behind City and Liverpool will see Ole under increasing pressure. I hope we get the reinforcements we need but in marginal situations I remain concerned, as with the semi finals, we won’t get over the line. We shall see but I hope the amateurs buy players and do it based on the team not the bank balance.

12.) 07 Sep 2020
07 Sep 2020 18:08:51
Absolutely Red Man, DoF should be the highest priority.

We also need to get players signed up early, so that they can quickly form an understanding on and off the pitch.

13.) 07 Sep 2020
07 Sep 2020 18:17:29
TBF Jamal with the squads and money he has had he should be winning the CL at least one of them 3 times, and with the amount of money he spent at City he should have come closer than he has. Look at Liverpool, a fraction and won it.

14.) 07 Sep 2020
07 Sep 2020 19:57:28

It is key for me that a DOF reports to the board and not to Woodward, leaving him or her free to make decisions. Reporting line is really important for me.

Agree with you, we need to get players in as soon as, to assimilate them more effectively.