08 Jan 2021 22:33:41
Hi everyone, Happy New year, love this site.
Interesting season so far.

If Pogba was that good Alex Ferguson would not have let him go in the first place, I trusted his judge of character back then and still would today.

Ole (loved him as a player) unfortunately looks lost when the camera pans across to him. Its like when you were young and would have these crazy dreams of playing alongside Ryan Giggs but then you wake up. Ole looks like he is in this dream and will wake up at any moment.

As for the rest of the team, for me, Martial hasn't got the heart. Someone needs to tell Rashford he is not Maradona or Ronaldo. Pass the ball and play for the team.

Football for me is played with the head first. We have a lot of athletes but not enough football brains.

1.) 08 Jan 2021
08 Jan 2021 22:46:24
Hi JB, lots of good points i assure with most, yet we can go top on Wed. Go figure.
I can't be criticle of our league results, we have been on a great run for the last 10 games. We c an be 6 pints ahead of Liverpool next wkend.
Id have fired ole months ago. But we can be top at the half way stage. Let's hope so.

2.) 09 Jan 2021
08 Jan 2021 23:48:17
the only thing keeping him here is certan players that prouce a bit of magic. it ceatanly is not because he is tactaly asstute.

3.) 09 Jan 2021
09 Jan 2021 02:11:07
JB i have beating that drum about Rashford lacking footballing intelligence for some time now 😂😂 and him being selfish at times but i have been told that he is still "young".

4.) 09 Jan 2021
09 Jan 2021 02:12:51
I don't understand the beating on rashford at the moment. He is good. Damn good. He looks dangerous constantly, and has the stats to prove it in terms of goals, remember he is not taking any pens.

Suggest a few of you go and watch rashford's 50 goals for man utd. He stacks up with pretty much any wide forward in world football, I wouldn't swap him out for anyone.

5.) 09 Jan 2021
09 Jan 2021 04:18:54
dazw true that and Bruno has been a big part of that. Not to forget our incompetent board but probably they are also confused with the inconsistent results.

6.) 09 Jan 2021
09 Jan 2021 04:39:52
Rashford's criticism is warranted to a certain extent. He is talented for sure but he is not yet the finished article. His decision making in the final third has been poor and although he has improved with his goals tally and finishing, he still is not clinical in front of goal.

Him being overplayed and playing with an injury towards the end of last season hasn't helped him either. However his overall games still warrants a lot of improvement.

7.) 09 Jan 2021
09 Jan 2021 05:43:19
Yes dodgy, it only took him 5 years playing virtually every game in that period to rake up 50 goals. Marvellous achievement.

8.) 09 Jan 2021
09 Jan 2021 09:00:56
Dodgy I’ll have some of what your smoking.

9.) 09 Jan 2021
09 Jan 2021 09:49:34
Fergy said united offered pogba a record contract at the time and the player turned it down .

10.) 09 Jan 2021
09 Jan 2021 10:44:18
He also said the cub withdrew the offer when his agent starting making unreasonable demands.
So when pogba left there was no option for him to stay. The club had withdrawn their offer.
On rash. Shan we differ slightly on this one.
I like rash. But as a young player he has faults some of them glaring.
But to be honest Shan that comes down to coaching. He is a tainted and very determined character. He has been moved from his best position so that ole can get his golden boy midfielder into the team on the left wing. I belive if rash played for a better coach he would improve his decision making he would have better options as the team would bee playing with a cohesive plan.
I think a better coach would iron out his flaws and maximise his strengths.
I see your frustration with him i understand it to a degree. But under a proper coach he imprinted dramatically imo.

11.) 09 Jan 2021
09 Jan 2021 11:20:51
So in short fergy must of rated the player?

12.) 09 Jan 2021
09 Jan 2021 11:33:07
You can tell we are playing better when people start with the hypothetical arguments.
X player would be playing even better with a different coach
We would have even more points with a different coach
We would of won every game with a different coach.

At the present moment in time cavani is banned and greenwood is way out of form . We have been as most would admit a rw short for a while now .
Greenwood stepped in last season but has struggled this season.
Rash definitely looks better on the left but at the moment it may be better for the team he starts on the right .
Another option would be mata on the rw, I think mata has played well this season when he has played .
But at the moment taking every thing in to account I think our strongest front 3 is either pogba martial rash, or rash martial mata .
But we have cavani coming back greenwood will find some form i'm sure things will change .
I also rash form has dipped a bit regardless of position he could do with a rest imo.

13.) 09 Jan 2021
09 Jan 2021 11:57:11
Jred i'd just like to try and establish something.
Do you think klopp is a better coach / manager than ole.
Do you think pep is?
I think both of those guys would improve rashford. I think they are better coaches than ole.
Of course they are not the only ones.
If you are stupid enough to believe that the best coaches don't or can't improve players you really need to think again imo.

I look for the best schools for my kids because they have the best teachers in the main and those teachers get better results than other teachers.
I go to have my car serviced at the best garage in the area as they have the best mechanics in the main. They know the best techniques and are better trained and have better experience.

On pogba of course fergie rated him he was a prestigious talent at youth level. But he / the club obviously put a value on that talent and didn't rate him highly enough to pay what was demanded. He rated Beckham but sold him he rated rvn but sold him. Pogba had no option to stay because fergie / the club did not rate him enough to pay what he was demanding.

14.) 09 Jan 2021
09 Jan 2021 12:43:05
I completely agree Ken. I think Rashford is very talented, probably the most talented academy graduate to come through after Giggs/ Scholes. But his decision making on the pitch at 23 years of age is average at best. He lacks that footballing intelligence and he isn't being imparted any from the coaches. If anything, Ole should be able to do that best given that he was a striker himself. With Rashford you can almost tell 9 times out of 10 what his next ball is going to be or whether he would beat the goal keeper one on one. Its not that he is bad, but he needs to know a little better. Ole needs to work better with him but i doubt he is capable of it.

15.) 09 Jan 2021
09 Jan 2021 13:21:16
On the subject of coaching I read what Lukaku said about Conte. : "For the first three months at Inter, Conte did nothing but train me with my back to the goal. At each training, he would put Ranocchia (1.95 meters, 82 kg) behind me and asked him to go hard against me. Every time I lost the ball, we had to start the drill again. "

Conte is a top level coach, do people really think Ole is at that level?

16.) 09 Jan 2021
09 Jan 2021 13:48:58
Exactly redman the best coaches will improve players a lot of the time. Of course its not a given as the are so many variables. But in the main you will find that really good coaching will improve players.
Unless you live in a parallel universe.

{Ed047's Note - some in that parallel universe have been peddling the same, things are getting better since 2013.

They’ll keep saying it until there finally is a turnaround and things actually change for the better.

In the mean time they’re head down ploughing on regardless. 🤷‍♂️

17.) 09 Jan 2021
09 Jan 2021 13:56:47
Shan i think ole does a lot of work with the strikers in terms of finishing and movement tbf.
Ole does have great knowledge in that area. But just because he was a pretty good back up striker himself and a very good goal scorer, does not mean he can impart his knowledge well. It does not mean he can coach it. In the same way as a guy who never played at a high level can coach the best players and improve them.
Some coaches are great at youth level but can't coach seniors and vice versa.

18.) 09 Jan 2021
09 Jan 2021 14:43:31
Yes I think pep and klopp are better managers.
The above few and let's be honest its the usually suspects are just looking for a stick in the make belive world .
We sit joint top of the league on points so can't complain about that better move on to rash could be doing better?

Comparing things to schools and garage's 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Even shan who has spent the past few year saying rash isn't that good?

19.) 09 Jan 2021
09 Jan 2021 14:53:15
So in short fergy rated the player .
Like I said above 🤦‍♂️.

20.) 09 Jan 2021
09 Jan 2021 15:09:12
Do you think rash can improve as a player jred?

21.) 09 Jan 2021
09 Jan 2021 15:27:41
It’s not just Pep and Klopp who are better than Ole, let’s just nail that now. There is a long list.

22.) 09 Jan 2021
09 Jan 2021 15:31:23
Nobody bashing rash but at all imo. You seem very touchy or defencive.
Everything ok with you?

23.) 09 Jan 2021
09 Jan 2021 15:49:21
School and garages jred. Where did you do your schooling. Garage?

24.) 09 Jan 2021
09 Jan 2021 16:11:28
Shan 🤦‍♂️ that's shocking, I can't take you seriously although Ken is sadly starting to catch you up .
Ken I will again answer your question, even tho you never answer anyones just keep throwing you opinion around .
Yes I think rashford can improve as a player, most if not all players can .
Thd last couple of days have been hilarious really cheered me up . Apart from shan nothing personal I just have no idea what your going on about half yhd time .

{Ed047's Note - now you know why I let you keep posting, comedy gold!🤣🤣🤣

25.) 09 Jan 2021
09 Jan 2021 16:21:18
47 yawn have you started watching your team again now you have won a couple.

{Ed047's Note - 🤣🤣🤣 legendary!

26.) 09 Jan 2021
09 Jan 2021 16:41:20
So you think rash can improve. So do i. Now we have some common ground.
What do you think he needs to imorove most or where do you think his deficiencies are?
Do you think good coaching will improve him?

27.) 09 Jan 2021
09 Jan 2021 17:31:13
Oh i didn't know you knew the word "seriously" jred because all you have been posting is comic to say the least. And ofcourse everyone that disagrees with you is posting "rubbish" or "drivel". Let me know when you reach puberty and then we can have a meaningful discussion with you.

28.) 09 Jan 2021
09 Jan 2021 17:56:42
My god I'm genuinely shocked, no wind up no BS this is the first time I think you have asked for someone else opinion .
Its in danger of being banter and a discussing on football .

The right coaching will improve any player, why wouldn't it .
What he needs to improve on is difficult to say with out working with the player, and probably more importantly knowing what he is being asked to do .
Physically he looks great, quick strong doesn't pick niggling injuries up so I would say he looks after himself .
Talent wise I think he is improving all the time a lot more 2 footed but still doesn't set him self well with his right-foot which hampers his shooting/ passing with his left.
But the lad looks good on and with the ball
Doesnt step off his right foot great imo either which limits his options makes it easier to read him.
Mentally he looks strong appears to have a senior role at a young age bounces back from mistake, steps up for penalties etc, when things are tight he looks for the ball . Its hard to tell from afar but I would guess his Mentally is a strong part of his build up .
Thats pretty basic but I think the above means he will continue to improve but its hard to say from my arm chair.
I'm not sure if for example ronaldo was a product of coaching as much as hard work and desire of the player .
Prob a bit of both but I would say heavily player lead.

What he needs to improve is game knowledge but I think that's hard to touch on with out fully knowing what's asked of him
. he isn't a winger he isn't a 9 he isn't a 10 so its hard to say he should be doing this that or the other, with out knowing what's asked of him .
You could say he runs to many straight lines, needs better movement but that's the same for most players, its something your always working on.
He is at an age now where I think he needs to nail down a role . Left-side is the easy answer . But he can be 2 direct run to many straight lines . I think he needs to be involved in different areas of play for the second and third phase more so his starting position is better . He still trys to make things happen from the wrong areas of the pitch and leaves to much to do, wrong possible isn't the right word but a bit more patience in build up would get him into better starting positions.
He tries to make something happen to much imo but that approach is being heavily coached and to be fair to him, I would guess that's what's being asked of him .
He doesn't look a natural in the box imo movement and in particular anticipating / reading aren't great.

But to be honest I think you build a team round him because he looks a match winner . He has the right mental approach, Physical attributes and talent that if you get the ball to him in the right areas he will win you games.
He could be better with his back to goal but do you do a lot of work on that? Because if he is receiving the ball with his back to goal a lot the plan isn't working.
Every player needs to improve and work on the basics.
But if rash could become a bit more single minded, belive it or not a bit more selfish, base his game around goals and nothing more he could be devastating. Its what helped ronaldo make a step up .

And if you do that you maybe want him to do a lot of the things I've said above he shouldn't above.
Just do them better .
He will continue to improve imo because he is that type of player.

29.) 09 Jan 2021
09 Jan 2021 22:28:41
I said in the past and get pelters but i will say it again. He doesn't play for the team more often than not. He only cares about his image, to seem good, score the winner, make the dribble for highlight's-rather playing for the team.
He tries to dribble like he is Neymar but he is nowhere near hiny and as a result make us laugh because he usually crashes to opponents (yeah they don't disappear! ) and he is playing like Ronaldo in front of goal but he has a conversion rate of about 12% only.
He should only focus playing for his team and i think he did it until Bruno arrived and took all the lights . Rashford can't stand to be second best to Bruno.

30.) 09 Jan 2021
09 Jan 2021 23:30:26
Herera i don't think thts true as i genuinely think Rash is a nice guy what he lacks is making the right decisions and his shooting is pretty poor! .

31.) 10 Jan 2021
10 Jan 2021 01:08:59
Jred i agree with a lot of your assessment. I too think he has a terrific attitude. He also has an appetite to imorove and learn.
A lot of what frustrates shan and herrera as i read their posts, i can understand. He often plays with his head down and makes poor decisions.
Going back top my statement which you are taking was a real negative up above is i believe that is down to coaching. I think he would be making greater strides with better coaching.
You say he needs to nail down a position i agree, but i think that's up to the manager not up to him .
How can he nail somewhere down if he is being played all over the front line.?
You and i view him very much the same. But what way do his coaches view him?
Its impossible to tell you have to acknowledge that surely?
Petsonally i think he is best coming from the left. He could possibly lead the line just as well. But is he being coached to do that? not from what i can see.
Now for the for the last 3 games he is from the right.
We agree he can be the match winner. 99% of match winners play nearly every game.
99% of match winners play in the same position every week.
They become expert and the elite in their position. Sure they can be flexible but I'm sure you know what i mean. They can pop up anywhere in any game but they play from the same position in every game.
So what is the plan for our match winner? What are the coaches and manager doing with him?
Its down to coaching and managers decisions.
Rashford would benifit from better coaching and better planning imo.
Is he being afforded the opportunity to be as good as he can be under this coaching set up?
I don't believe so. Reading your assessment do you not ask the same question?
Id play him as often as possible just like salah just like mane just like kane just like aguero, bruno, kdb, vardy, vvd who all play if fit and play from their best position every week. Rashfords not getting that opportunity. The best coaches don't shunt their match winners around to facilitate others. They are the match winners that the plans and team should be playing around. At united that's not rashford.
I belive the match winners in our team are bruno rashford and potentially cavani. Those 3 should imo play from their best position every week within reason. Its what all the best teams and coaches do. But that's not oles way.
It chops and changes every week no consistency in our play, players not playing in their best positions with no coherent plan. But they have been getting results in the league but have been found out in all the big pressure games this season.
In the league sometimes we play really well sometimes scraping through because they are good players but its not built around a real plan imo because it chops and changes how can it be.
Which 2 should play behind bruno every week to allow bruno to be as good as he can be?
Mctom and fred? Do we want our full backs high in the final 3rd. Yes if you play telles no of you play shaw . Do we play a high line yes with bailly no with lindelof. The whole thing changes every other week.
The best teams and all the best coaches play the same way every week within reason. They play to a system. No matter who comes in or out. But our team and players are not being coached that way.

32.) 10 Jan 2021
10 Jan 2021 01:30:09

Sorry but that is absolute nonsense.

33.) 10 Jan 2021
10 Jan 2021 09:04:01
I think its a process and he is improving it doesn't happen over night.
I think he is doing well, and to be honest at his age I don't think there is much better about in world football he is top top prospect.
Sometimes you need to appreciate a player for what he actually is doing at this moment in time.
You can say he could be doing better, and that's down to the player as much as the coaching staff . Which isn't just ole like people think .

Its a big squad how much personal time do you think ole spends with each individual player . Its very much a team effort .

But you also need to recognise how well the lad is actually doing right now, he is one of the best young players about . Imo he is right up there with the best of his generation, he is at the top end of the next set of players coming through.
And that's also down to the player and coaching staff, there needs to be credit there. The next step is a big one.

34.) 10 Jan 2021
10 Jan 2021 09:50:23
Couple of things rashford has played 3 games out of position on the rw?
Thsts it, this week henderson played cb, KDB the best player in the league for me is currently playing 9 for City.
If you look at rashfords development over thd past couple of years he plays the vast majority from the left.
So I don't think he gets shutted around like you say, I think your basing that on the last couple of week. its a reactionary comment imo to try and prove a point of view .

I see how we want to play, you don't that's fine .
I said last year I though we had a plan I though we where improving and moving in the right direction. You and a couple of others have give me pelters for a period of time .
But I haven't changed my opinion or stance .
We improved over the season last year, to finishe 3rd we have continued to improve to be sat at the top now .
We are definitely a work in progress, but prob only a player or 2 off now . We have picked up a lot of points now during a difficult time for football over a period of 12 month . that's not by luck.

35.) 10 Jan 2021
10 Jan 2021 11:36:31
I think a couple of points here, firstly, I can’t see any plan or a set method how we want to play, we set up differently and change players week to week. I watched Wolves and Villa get beaten yet they both looked better organised and coached, you could see what they were trying to do. We seem to ignore width and want to get through the middle all the time. That means any wide player isn’t looking to get past their full back, it’s all about cutting in on your natural foot, that is why Rashford is better on the left. There is no tactical or coaching desire to beat a full back or get a cross in. We rely heavily on space to use our pace or Bruno to magic something up.

As for Rashford, blows hot and cold, can look sensational then ordinary. Very one footed, where is the coaching to improve his other foot. What about his heading? Where is the coaching to improve that? He missed that simple header recently as an example. There are two areas to look at and ask why they weren’t identified and worked on. The decision making is more difficult, but they should be sitting with him, watching games and what he did well or poorly to see how he can think about the options he chooses, maybe they are doing that maybe not. In terms of his finishing, it looks like he has one method, hit it hard close either side of the keeper. His coach should be able to help, he could finish, yet in two years I haven’t seen the improvement in that yet, certainly not at the level you would expect.

Playing on the left limits us as a team, he can’t cross with his left, defenders will know he is going to cut in, that limits him and us as a team.

36.) 10 Jan 2021
10 Jan 2021 12:03:08
Crossing and headers your so out of date its unreal.